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    Hooray! Finally, a fanfic that I'll most likely NOT give up on! I've decided not to be picky with this one since it's supposed to be fluffy when it comes to the shippings. There's a bit of drama, but not too much. I won't tell the other shippings in here- don't want it ruined! Anyway, please read and review! Btw, I'm busy this summer, so I'm not going to have the chapters posted very often throughtout the weekdays. Anyway, I'll stop talking so you can read! ^-^
    __________________________________________________ _______
    Chapter One

    Arriving to LaRouse City, Dawn and May are about to compete in one of the biggest contests of the year. The contest only takes place every five years in LaRouse and is led by the world’s number one

    Pokémon coordinator champion. With Brock and Ash deciding to take the Mt. Battle challenge in Orre, they are both separate as they make their way to the city from their previous locations.

    May, a chocolate haired and blue eyed twelve-year-old, was on her way from Johto. She has been here before with Ash, Brock, and her brother, Max.

    Dawn, a girl with navy blue hair and eyes, is arriving from the Sinnoh region. Although she’s never been in LaRouse or the Hoenn region, she knows May. May visited Ash and Brock in Sinnoh the day she met Dawn.

    May mentioned her two main rivals, Drew and Harley. Drew lives in LaRouse, but Harley might show up for the big contest as well as Solidad, Zoey, and Kenny.

    Solidad is an acquaintance of May’s and an old rival of Drew’s. She has pink hair and dark, yet warm eyes. Zoey and Kenny are Dawn’s contest rivals. Zoey has short, orange hair and orange eyes. Kenny has brown

    hair and black eyes and is an old friend of Dawn’s. May and Dawn knew each of those people were coming, and maybe even more familiar faces will be there for them to see.

    Drew arrived home around ten o’clock the previous night. He spent two hours tending to his and his Pokémon’s needs and unpacked his things before going to bed. May was already on the cable-train and trying to

    reach Drew through her Poke’Nav. Little did she know, he was still asleep.

    Guess I’ll have to wait until I get there… She thought. May sighed. Drew had asked her to contact him so he could take her and Dawn to stay with his family. She remember how he said it, being cheerful until he

    said ‘family’ and only muttered it loud enough to try to hide his feelings. He had an older brother who lived in another country, but decided to visit because of how much he cares about Drew. Drew also had an older

    and a younger sister. He’s the younger of the middle children in his family. His father, although busy with work, was home when May had talked to Drew on the visual web-phone. Why was he upset?

    “I’m fine, just a little nervous that my godmother is the person who’s hosting the whole event,” is what he said. It turns out that Drew’s godmother was who introduced his parents to each other. She was there for

    Drew’s mother all the time and even traveled with her at one point. That’s how Drew’s parents met. His father had a crush on Drew’s godmother at first, but after meeting her best friend, it was more than a crush

    that Drew’s father felt for his mother. Drew blushed a bit as he told May this, as if he were embarrassed. She let it go, but May was curious as to why he would be embarrassed about how his parents met.

    Shouldn’t he be happy about it?

    The train’s arrival at the station interrupted her thoughts. She got off, got an I.D. card from a block-bot, then went over to the visual web-phones. She dialed Drew’s number and checked the time as she waited for

    a reply. It was 7:30am. May wasn’t surprised. She slept at the Pokémon Center nearby so she could board the train early. The person to answer the call was Drew’s older sister, Leah. She had the same green hair

    as her brothers and father, but she also had her mother’s hazel eyes. Seeing May, she smiled as May grinned back.

    “Hello May, are you at the station?”

    “Yeah. Leah, I tried calling Drew on my Poke’Nav, but he wouldn’t pick up. Is he busy?”

    “No, he’s still asleep. I forgot to tell you that we have a two-year-old little brother too, didn’t I?” May nodded. “I’m sorry about that. Gregory is very fussy and was loud last night. Drew couldn’t go to sleep until

    midnight last night and kept getting woken up like everyone else.”

    “Oh… Your mom calmed him down though, right?”

    Leah frowned, “Drew didn’t tell you..? My mom’s been fighting cancer for a few months now…”

    “Oh! I’m so sorry! No wonder Drew looked upset when he said ‘family’.”

    “Don’t worry about it. Do you know where Drew got his Roserade?” When May shook her head, Leah continued, “It was the offspring of my mom’s Roselia and my father’s Ditto.”

    “Awww! Was it a Budew?”

    Leah nodded, “Drew and that Budew bonded when he was only a toddler. He spent a lot of time taking care of it while we all helped him. Well, mostly my mom and me helped. My dad was really busy with work and

    Tyson was just starting out as a trainer.”

    “That’s really nice of you to help Drew with his Roserade. No wonder it’s so beautiful!”

    “My mom told us how to make it healthy, happy, beautiful, and strong. Along with the help of my godmother, of course.”

    May giggled, “Your godmother sounds like an amazing person.”

    “She is,” Leah agreed. “Well, when Drew wakes up, I’ll let him know you’re here. Do you know where the professor’s lab is?”

    “Yeah, why?”

    “Their son is my cousin. He’s attending the contest too. Just go to the lab and ask if you can talk to Torrey. He knows where we live.”

    “Torrey..? I met him the last time I was here!” May exclaimed.

    “Seriously? When were you last here?”

    May hesitated. “Do you know about when a Rayquasa attacked a Deoxys..?”

    Leah’s eyes widened. “It usually isn’t that bad here. It didn’t scar you for life, did it?”

    “No,” May laughed, “I just didn’t know if you knew about it!”

    “Oh, ok,” Leah said, relieved.

    “Well, I’m going to go to the lab now. I’ll see you soon, okay?”

    “Okay, May. I bet Drew will be really happy to see you!” Leah winked as she said ‘happy’.

    “I can’t disagree with that, we’re pretty much best friends now!” May smiled, not getting what Leah meant. Leah decided to ignore her inability to pick up on it and waved before hanging up.
    __________________________________________________ ____________________________
    That's good for the first chapter, neh? I'll tell the names of the rest of the characters that were already introduced and who else is entering the contest as the story goes on. Anyway, please R&R!
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