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    This was just a 5min drabble idea i decided to write it down. i kept on writeing until i made a oneshot. and i have to warn you guys. this is werid. srsly. the way it ends out. i know there is going to be one bad review on this. i can tell. T_T

    They are not ten. they actually age in this story.


    One thousand words

    It was just like any day. He sat there with the pencil in his hands with a paper in front of him. He softly drew a soft grey line down on his page and soon draw small line outward from the line. Soon showing the shape of his drawing. A soft sound behind grabbed the young man’s attention. He glanced over his shoulder and found a young girl. By the way she looked her age was not even over ten.

    “What is it?” the young man asked.

    “Can you teach me to draw mister?” the young girl asked as she took a few steps towards him and glanced over his shoulder and saw the feint grey shape on his paper. “You’re really good.” She paused and soon added. “Please teach me. I want to draw something special.” She tighten her grip on the rolled paper she was hiding behind her back. “But the best I can draw is this.” She held a drawing of a family. By what the young man could tell was that she drew her family. It was a basic drawing. Green grass, blue sky with a yellow sun and a fluffy cloud and a happy family of three.

    “But that is already good.” The young man replied.

    “But I want to you.” She replied.

    “Just practice every day and you will be great in a few years.” The young man replied.

    “A few years?!” the young girl complained and shifted her eyes away from the young man. “It will be too late for that.”

    “Too late?” the young man asked once again. “What will happen?”

    “This.” The young girl replied as she closed her eyes and water soon fell from her eyelids as she torn the drawing into two and soon fell onto her knees. “Mommy and daddy have been hurting each other. After they separate I won’t be able to draw my family no matter how good I am. That’s why.” She paused and muttered. “Please teach me.”

    The young man looked up toward the sky and notice a green left falling and he reached out his arm to catch it.

    “I can’t. It will take years for you and I’m a traveller. I’ll be gone by tomorrow. And besides.” The young man paused as he closed his palm and caught the leaf in his hand. “Would it be better to have a family then a drawing?”

    “I don’t want to feel so helpless.” The young girl replied as she continued to gazed at the dirt below her.

    “Don’t despair.” The man replied as he picked himself off his feet and gathered his items. The little young girl looked up and into his eyes. “Someone told me that art is about content and not skills and a picture is worth a thousand words.” He soon raised his hand and softly laid it on top of the young girl’s head. “I got an idea.” He began once again. “Why don’t why do a art trade?” the young girl looked up and the young man began again. “Your drawing for a thousand words.”

    “But it’s ripped.” The young girl replied. “And what can I do with a thousand words?” She asked as the man handed over her ripped drawing.

    “Maybe, just maybe.” The young man began once more. “One thousand words will be enough to convince your parents.” He turned around and started to walk away from the young girl. “and by the way.” He added. “Meet me here tomorrow and you’ll see.”


    Soon a day past and the young girl was sitting under the same tree the young traveller was drawing under. The young traveller walked towards her and greeted with a gentle pat on the head.

    The young girl gazed up. “Mister your here!”

    “Of course.” The young man smiled. “And as promised.” He said as he handed the young girl a yellow folder. “One thousand words. But don’t open it. Give it to your parents.”

    The young girl listened to young man’s words and gave the yellow to her parents. What was inside was the ripped drawing she has drawn for them joined with a few pieces of tape. Tears ran down her mother’s face. Both parents turned the drawing over and saw a few words written in a fine black pen in a fancy writing.

    No matter what,
    The sun will always shine,
    Just look for a brighter tomorrow,
    And you will find...


    A few years had passed and the young girl who was now ten was sitting under a tree. The same tree she had met the young traveller. She had a black pen in her hand and on her lap was a small black spiral notebook. Soon a soft gentle pat gained the young girls attention. The young girl looked up and a smile grew on her face.

    “Mister your back!” She greeted as she ran to greet her with a embrace.

    “You’ve grown.” He replied

    The young girl looked looked into the young man’s eyes. After a few years she had grown to the same height as the young traveller. “I want to thank you.” She smiled and soon added. “for helping me.

    “So your family is still together. I’m glad.”

    “They divorced.” She paused and soon continued. “The week after you left.”

    The young traveller’s eyes widen in shock and sadly sighed. “I’m sorry. I failed to make a difference.” He she as he tried to avoid the girl’s eyes.

    “That’s not true.” The young girl replied. The young man turned his attention back on the girl. “You made a difference in me.” She held the notebook near to her chest. “I have decided to become a artist like you. “ She smiled and soon added. “I will make a difference and change the world for the better a thousand words at a time.” Soon she offered the notebook to the young traveller. “Here.” She began once again. “A thousand words of my gratitude.”

    The young man took the book from the young girls hands and opened the notebook and smiled. “A thousand words indeed.” He replied.

    Written on both pages of the book were a thousand words saying ‘thankyou’


    “Ash?” A young voice called. “What are you doing here all by yourself?”

    “Just relaxing.” Ash replied.

    “Well you better get some sleep soon. Brock says we have a fair way to travel tomorrow.”

    “Yeah I will be there soon.” Ash replied.

    As soon the young coordinator left the pokemon trainer alone. He revealed a small item which was hiding under his bag and write a few words onto it.


    “Come on lets go May!” Max called.

    “Coming!” May called back as she was rushing to put all her items into her bag. Soon she heared a thud sound fell from the table. She knelt down and touched the under the table to feel for the item she dropped. When she felt it she dragged it from under the table. What she dragged from under the table was a small black spiral notebook.

    “A notebook?” She asked herself. "This is the notebook that I--" the young coordinator thought in shock and turned to the end of the book. on the single blank page was written in black pen a few words.

    No problem

    __________________________________________________ _____________
    Authors notes

    Yes we know Ash is not an artist and so is May but i cant help but to make them so. so yes one OOC moment there.

    I hope you understand the whole plot. you see im a anime artist as well as a fanfic writer. so as i was writing i thought to add a little of what art means to all of us.

    I hope you enjoy this oneshot.

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    This was interesting. I don't even thing it's weird!

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    This was pretty good.
    The ending was not weird at all midnight.
    Its really nice.
    Keep up the good work!

    C.BZK. Out
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    * faints and sighs *
    it's a dream come true! ^.^
    okay this was very good! I loved the ending too, very cute!
    Well... keep up the good work!
    - XxMays_flowerxX
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    I liked it, kinda cool that Ash is an artist. Maybe I'll go to Ash's gallery when it opens and see if he's really that good lol.
    Funny, when I was thinking about doing a fic(which I can't do thanks to my terrible skills -_-'), part of it was that May had a little sketch book and drew her memories and some fantasy drawings. What can I say great minds, oh wait my minds not great... one great mind and one dumb mind think alike. Ok that was bad.

    Anyways, great oneshot and very cute ^v^
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    People like this oneshot. *tears of joy* i feel so happy. thank goodness you guys reviewed because if you didn't this could of become my last oneshot. thanks god that didn't happen. ^^

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