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Hmm, I'm not sure if I am allowed to translate here? But *SPOILER ALERTS* LOL. Initially, TR took out the bottle right, they call it suitable for someone who just lost a battle like Satoshi did. Then Musashi said something about believing or not believing, but that those who believe will be saved. Actually what she's doing is she is emphasizing on the word "believe" because in Japanese, it contains the word SHINJI (which is what she is saying when her head popped out huge). Basically trying to rub it in Satoshi's face.

As for Nyarth, he's saying something like, "because of that, we'll take Pikachu... blah blah...", but when his head popped out, it actually emphasize the word O-MAKE, which means losing.

Apparently Satoshi is too oblivious too notice that they're insulting him though =P

Hope that helped!

P.S. I really wonder how the dub is going to be like for this part?
Jessie: blablablabla championship sports drink for losers
(head turns big) U STINK
(head turns small then big quickly) U STINK
(head goes small again)o did i forget something
o yes
(head turns big again)STINK U STINK
(head goes small again) n dat means loser
......James n Meowth: (heads turn big) THAT WOULD BE OUR LOSER JESSIE!!
Ash must have really forgot about his Epic Fail in just one episode!!