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Thread: The Spyro Club V.2

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    Default The Spyro Club V.2

    Appproved by Ceecee-typhlosion

    This club is for all you Spyro lovers! Come here or else

    You may talk about the new trilogy or the old games. You may also talk about the Spyro movie. (Don't talk about crash bandicoot please)

    If you want to join please make a post stating why.

    Owner: Shaymin_girl

    Members List:

    1. No double posting
    2. Do not spam
    3. Do not use swear words or say anything that other people may find offensive
    4. Discuss Spyro only
    5. Obey the Rules
    6. All Serebii Rules also apply
    7. Do not discuss cheats that help you in the game in any way
    8. Do not join and then go inactive, if you join make sure you contribute as much as possible
    9. Do not pretend to be owner
    10. If you take pictures or Art from this club please give it credit

    If you break the rules 3 times you shall be banned for a week and get a pm about it.

    Photobucket- for the images of Spyro
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    Hey can we get the joining started?

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    Hey shaymin_girl! I'd love to be the first member! I've been searching for a Spyro club for quite a while...

    I never saw the movie about Spyro, but I have 3 Spyro games, with Dawn of Dragons in 2 consoles... I really love those games, and even try to finish the games to see the story of Spyro... well I'm wondering about the story of Cynder since I never completed that but... Well let's just say that I want to join

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    Accepted and the movie has not come out yet i think Wiki said December of 09. I never thought of that though Cynder's story hmmmm i beat the game

    New topic!
    In Dawn of the Dragon who do you prefer being?
    I have acctually quite ajusted to Cynder i prefer her over Spyro for 3 reasons
    1 She looks cool
    2 She has awesome brethes
    3 Shes a girl XD

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