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Thread: The Sea Never Says I'm Sorry (Contest/SapphirePearl/TensionShipping one-shot, PG)

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    Default The Sea Never Says I'm Sorry (Contest/SapphirePearl/TensionShipping one-shot, PG)

    Hi everybody! Well, I got this issued as a dare. This was eons ago, so pardon my slowness. I try to write when I can. It is way out of my regular range, but hey, whatever. Enjoy guys, please~

    Disclaimer: Pokémon, all names & everything in relation, is the property of Satoshi Tajiri and his underlings affiliates.

    Title: The Sea Never Says I'm Sorry
    Author: Tadashi
    Archive: you're looking at it
    Rating: PG

    From early on in May's Hoenn journey, she had always suspected that a green-haired boy named Drew would end up playing some type of important role in her life. True, he annoyed the hell out of her when they met… at first. She couldn't understand why he would mock and belittle her achievements one day, but hand her a rose the next day. She didn't even understand the symbolism of a rose. 'What's it even for?' she wondered to herself the first time she had received one. Eventually, she caught on, and despite that outstanding embarrassing factor, they continued to stay on good terms.

    After all of her travels with Ash, Max and Brock, through Hoenn and Kanto, actively participating in the Contest circuit in both, and watching Gym and Battle Frontier matches on the side, she began to wonder what would become of her life next. Where could she go to participate in Contests that she hadn’t already been in? She had met so many established Coordinators, so she was hesitant about what do with herself.

    So when Drew had mentioned going to Johto, May had thought that his comment had been more of a veiled invitation for her to go along. How could she refuse?

    Suddenly, things started happening in a rush. She felt like she was spiraling into a strange new world, a world where she and Drew were constantly together, competing in Contests against all sorts of new and unusual characters. (Not to mention the… uniqueness of Harley's presence in the background as well.)

    As time elapsed, she and Drew got comfortable with each other. Very comfortable, much to Harley’s chagrin. She could see herself with him, going places and doing things with him, but as a newly formed couple, not just friends. They settled into a comfortable routine where, although they continued to bicker occasionally, it was settled with a kiss instead of a grudging and childish apology.

    They went on a few dates, then committed to staying together. When they announced their newly formed coupling at a party soon after, not a soul seemed surprised as they uttered 'finally.' For years afterward, that's how they stayed.

    And then the storm came.

    The bickering became more frequent, louder, and more intense than it had ever been before. Though they would fight over the silliest things sometimes, it often became very heated. And soon they discovered that not even the charm of Drew's trademark roses could set things right again. Finally, one night, after a particularly tempestuous argument, climaxing in thrown projectiles and particularly derogatory name-calling, the two decided to grab their bags and leave for good. The pair of them huffed indignantly as they stormed off in opposite directions, muttering insults about the other.

    Even though it was pitch black outside, they both wanted to get away. It didn’t matter to where. Just… far away.


    They each sat in their own taxi, stewing in their anger. The sprawling city skylines were washed away among the dark and rainy clouds. The stormy midnight blue clouds matched both of their moods perfectly.

    "The nerve of that man! He's such a stubborn old goat!" snapped May.

    "Rotten old hag… she's always getting on my nerves!" growled Drew.

    As the rain fell harder in the stormy night’s blackness, their bitterness settled into a firm resolve, forever darkening their hearts to each other.


    It was a drizzly Sunday morning when the phone rang. She placed her breakfast plate in the sink before absent-mindedly picking up the caller ID. She had forgotten to look at it.


    "May… it’s been a while."

    The brunette paused for a moment, taking a moment to glance sideways at her partner. "Drew? Is that you?"

    "Yeah, yeah it's me," the voice conceded. May stared straight ahead for a few moments, completely silent. To hear Drew's voice again, after all these years… it was an intoxicating nostalgia.

    After a moment's silence, Drew continued. "I got your number from an old friend of ours. He told me you were doing well."

    "Uh… yeah, I'm doing okay. I'm living in New York, now… Well, uh, what about you? What are you doing?" she asked after an awkward silence.

    "I, uh… I still live in Hoenn. Yeah."

    "Oh, that's… great," May lied. By now, May was receiving weird looks from her partner, so she wandered into the living room. "Well, what's up?"

    "Well, I wanted to see how you're doing –"

    "Not that, Drew. I mean, why now? Why today, after 4 years apart, after 4 years of silence, are you calling me? Our relationship ended on that stormy night, as far as I'm concerned. I literally hopped on a plane not knowing where I'd end up. I literally had to start my life all over again. I couldn't stay in Japan. There were just too many memories of us. Too many memories of… you."

    On the other line, Drew was stunned into silence.

    "I've moved on now, Drew. I've got a job, I've got a house, I've got a life here. Why don’t you do me a favor and… get yourself one too." With that, she slammed the phone back on its receiver.

    Dawn was at her side instantly, consoling her longtime partner. "You did the right thing," she reassured May, rubbing small circles on her back.


    Back in Hoenn, Drew hung his head in shame, the dial tone mocked him, resounding in the very corners of his brain. Next to him, Harley's horrific snoring called him back to reality. Drew hung up the phone grudgingly. Damn him and his stupid pride. It was difficult for him to admit to an apology. He was too stubborn, too proud, for that. Unfortunately for him, he realized it only after it was too late.


    God, I am sorry at how long that took. I still have other fics to tend to, but at least I got this one done, right? Another classically morose work from the great Tadashi. Heh, oh well, the theme called for depressing. Later days!
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    aaaw that was so sad! D:

    It was written very well, though. In such a way that gave enough details, but still let time pass quickly in the beginning. The transition from that to the present was very smooth and not confusing at all. :3

    With the phone, though, it took me awhile to understand that May had the kind of phone where you have something you hold to your ear and mouth but there's still a screen. That was a bit confusing, as there are many kind of phones in the pokemon world. :\

    But other than that, it was great. Sad, but great!


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    ahem. that was great ^^

    That was a prologue or Chap 1, btw?

    You did really let the time pass so quickly, yet so nicely. It didn't make me confused, though... Great job, keep it up!

    a Question (or an answer for riolulu):
    By now, May was receiving weird looks from her partner, so she wandered into the living room. "Well, what's up?"
    her partner was Dawn, right?

    a question again: is Hoenn in Japan? XPP

    Rafe from Destiny Deoxys is my hot bishie, YOOHOO!

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