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Thread: A Beautiful guide on Double Battling.

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    Default A Beautiful guide on Double Battling.


    Team Strategies:

    Usually in any type of metagame, there is a dominating strategy. Something that is broken, but not enough to be banned. A 2+ Pokémon combination that is used coherently. Well, in Double Battles, that exists, and here I will list some of the most popular and controlling strategies by chronological order:

    Explosion + Protect / Resistant / Immune Pokémon:

    Explanation On How Explosion Teams Function:

    A very successful strategy indeed; it usually uses a Pokémon that can successfully pull an Explosion, and said Pokémon’s partner is either resistant or immune to Explosion, or knows the move Protect. This strategy is very dominating in today’s Double Battling metagame; and you should always expect its use. In addition, Metagross and Gengar can pull off a “Double Explosion” tactic.

    Countering Explosion Teams:

    Leading off with a Ghost-type Pokémon will be beneficial if you’re scared of Explosion. Additionally, Protect users will destroy the Explosion strategy; while fast sweepers can also be effective at stopping slower Explosion users by outspeeding and KOing them.

    Rain Teams:

    Explanation On How Rain Teams Function:

    With the absence of walls in the Double Battling metagame, Kingdra + Toxicroak can make a pretty formidable combination. Generally, Kingdra will set up Rain. After that, Kingdra will fire Surfs which will hurt everything pretty hard. Additionally, Rain will aid Toxicroak recover 12% Health every turn; while Kingdra’s Surfs will further increase the Health recovered by Toxicroak.

    Countering Rain Teams:

    Carrying Grass-types that can survive Ice Beams is a great way of stopping Rain teams. A fast Dragon-type can easily dispose of Kingdra before it sets up Rain Dance. Once Kingdra is gone, Rain teams will lose a lot of effectiveness. Psychic-types holding a Choice Item and carrying the move Trick can possibly lock a Rain sweeper on a certain move. This would make walls’ job much easier.

    Trick Room Teams:

    Explanation On How Trick Room Teams Function:

    Trick Room teams usually start off with 2 slow Pokémon. One of them can set up Trick Room, while the other can stop Pokémon that can stop Trick Room. The rest of the team is composed of slow but powerful sweepers. These kinds of teams are very dangerous; and a Bronzong lead generally shows that your opponent’s team is a Trick Room team.

    Countering Trick Room Teams:

    Taunt can easily shut down any attempt at setting up Trick Room. In addition, fast sweepers with a way of killing the most common slow Pokémon will give Trick Room teams a hard time.

    Hail Teams:
    Explanation On How Hail Teams Function:

    Usually, these teams lead with Abomasnow + Froslass. A STAB Blizzard coming from their high Special Attack will hurt everything badly. Bronzong, a Defensive Pokémon resistant to Ice, will take 50% damage from both Abomasnow’s and Froslass’ Blizzard. This just shows how destructive Hail teams can be.

    Countering Hail Teams:

    Fire-types can easily dispose of Hail teams. Prime examples of this are Choice Scarf Arcanine and Choice Scarf Heatran. A Tyranitar slower than Abomasnow will change the weather in its favor. It will then damage the Ice-types present on Hail teams severely with Stone Edge. In addition, Tyranitar’s Sandstorm will make Blizzard revert to its low accuracy.

    Knowing The Standard Pokémon:

    In every metagame, there are Pokémon that perform better than others. Thus, they are more used; and called “Standard”. Here, I will outline some Pokémon that are commonly seen in the Double Battling metagame; and I will explain why they are so common.


    Bronzong is a pretty prevalent Pokémon due to his ability to easily set up Trick Room. Trick Room can aid a lot of slow Pokémon have a chance at sweeping.


    Dusknoir is usually paired with Bronzong. Dusknoir can possibly stop Taunters from Taunting through Imprisoning Taunt. This will help Bronzong set up Trick Room easily, making Dusknoir a necessary Pokémon for Trick Room teams.


    Smeargle learns almost every move, making it able to fit into any team. That flabbergasting movepool also contains the move Dark Void, which can potentially sleep two Pokémon at the same time; making you able to easily defeat your opponent’s Pokémon.


    Due to Gengar’s immunity to Explosion, an extremely common move in the Double Battling metagame, Gengar can become a pretty formidable sweeper. Additionally, his immunity to the prevalent Earthquake, among other moves, aids him at becoming an even better sweeper.


    With Choice Scarf and Air Slash, Togekiss will outspeed and possibly flinch every single one of its opponents. This makes it a pretty terrifying sweeper.


    A STAB Surf which can get further boosted by Rain Dance will make this Pokémon a horrifying beast.


    With its ability to recover 12% Health when Rain Dance is present, Toxicroak can make a beastly sweeper that can survive a lot of turns. In addition, a Surf from Kingdra will aid it regain 25% Health, which is just excellent if you’re using Life Orb.


    A Choice Band Explosion coming from this monster will OHKO anything that isn’t resistant / immune to it. Even the Pokémon that resist it will lose a huge chunk of their HP from this mammoth powered Explosion. Also, due to Metagross’ huge movepool, any Pokémon immune to Explosion should not dare switch in; as it will probably die from Metagross’s Choice Band boosted Ice Punch / Thunder Punch.


    Under Rain, Ludicolo will become a beast. With Leftovers, Leech Seed, and Rain Dish, Ludicolo will be regaining over 25% Health every turn. This just adds to its survivability; making it a terrifying monster that won’t be taken down by any normal attack. In addition, you might find some Special sweeping Ludicolo; running a set of Hydro Pump / Ice Beam / Grass Knot / Hidden Power Electric.


    Casually, Snorlax is run as a Choice Band Self Destructer. Self Destruct ensures at least 1 kill, as it will deal 75% damage to Skarmory; which is a great accomplishment for something like Snorlax. Also, you can find Snorlax on Trick Room teams, using the Belly Drum set. Under Trick Room, a Belly Drum Snorlax will absolutely destroy your opponent’s team.


    One of the best Trick Room sweepers you will ever find. Once Marowak sets up Swords Dance, its Earthquake will annihilate anything that isn’t immune to it. Stone Edge can help against those who are immune to Earthquake; and with the move, Marowak will be able to hit everything for at least neutral damage.


    Clamperl is one of the slowest Pokémon on earth, and slowness translates into quickness under Trick Room. In addition, Clamperl’s unique Item, DeapSeaTooth, puts its Special Attack stat at 540; meaning it will have no trouble sweeping the opponent’s team under Trick Room.


    Another powerful Explosion user. A Choice Band boosted Explosion from this beast will OHKO almost everything. Let’s not forget that Azelf can also set up Reflect and Light Screen, both of which will greatly help Gengar sweep easier.


    With Choice Specs, a STAB 100% accurate Blizzard is something to look out for. Additionally, Abomasnow’s ability to set up a permanent Hail storm makes it a great Pokémon to use.


    Froslass is usually used as a partner for Abomasnow. With Choice Specs, Froslass’ Blizzard will damage a lot of Pokémon; and its high Speed grants it the ability to outspeed a lot of threatening Pokémon.


    Weavile can serve as a decent Physical attacker. Being able to take down Gengar makes Weavile a pretty potent sweeper; and its ability to destroy opposing Pokémon with its high Speed and Choice Band is also great.

    This is the full Over Used list. There’s probably more, like the uncommon Sunny Day teams; which include Pokémon like Typhlosion, Entei, Heatran, Cherrim etc. However, I didn’t bother to mention them because of their rarity.

    Pokémon Strategies:

    Doubles is a metagame where 2 Pokémon are sent out at once; and said 2 Pokémon will have to face 2 other Pokémon. To win a Double Battle, you have to create synergy with your Pokémon; and make sure that the pair of Pokémon you send out have perfect synergy together. Here, I will outline some common 2 Pokémon combinations that have excellent synergy.

    Smeargle with No Guard:

    How To Effectively Employ This Strategy:

    The battle begins with Machamp and Smeargle. Smeargle is holding a Focus Sash, knows the moves Sheer Cold, Dark Void, Role Play, and Sketch (Sketch is just a filler move). Machamp is your standard Choice Band Machamp, and it should know Dynamic Punch; while you pick the other moves based on personal preference.

    Smeargle uses Dark Void, hopefully Sleeping 2 Pokémon. After that, Machamp Dynamic Punches the most threatening Pokémon; leaving your opponent with 2 Pokémon asleep, and one Confused. Then, Smeargle Role Plays Machamp’s Ability (which should be No Guard; make sure it isn’t Guts). Once Smeargle gains the No Guard Ability, his Sheer Cold will never miss. Have fun with a 100% OHKO move.

    How Can It Be Countered:

    To beat this strategy, both of your Pokémon should be faster than Smeargle. If both of your Pokémon are faster than Smeargle, then you simply attack Smeargle with one of your Pokémon; and kill it with the other (if it’s not holding Focus Sash, then this task becomes much easier). Once Smeargle is taken down, Machamp will be your only concern; and it can easily be taken down by a strong Special move.

    Trick Room:

    How To Effectively Employ This Strategy:

    The battle starts with Bronzong and Dusknoir as leads. Bronzong sets up Trick Room, while Dusknoir tries to hurt the opponent’s Pokémon. After that, Bronzong uses Explosion, hopefully fainting at least one of the opponent’s Pokémon. Then, either Marowak, Rhyperior, or Clamperl are switched in to replace Bronzong; and from there they’ll start sweeping the opponent’s team until Trick Room ends.

    Another variation of Trick Room teams is one leading with a Level 1 Smeargle and Dusknoir. Level 1 Smeargle usually distracts the opponent; and they will not attempt to hit it, so they try to hurt Dusknoir instead. However, said Level 1 Smeargle can Fake Out one threatening Pokémon on the opponent’s team, and then Dusknoir will be able to set up Trick Room with much more ease. After Trick Room is set up, Smeargle can Dark Void the opponents, while Dusknoir is switched out for a powerful Trick Room sweeper.

    How Can It Be Countered:

    Usually, Taunters completely shut down Trick Room teams. Smeargle + Dusknoir is easily beaten by targeting your attacks on Smeargle; or simply having 2 Pokémon out that are capable of defeating Dusknoir.

    Super Slaking:

    How To Effectively Employ This Strategy:

    The battle starts with Slowbro and Slaking. Slowbro knows the move Skill Swap, and Slaking is holding a Choice Band as his Item. Slaking uses a random move on the first turn (the most suitable), and Slowbro switches his Ability with Slaking’s through the use of Skill Swap. Once Slaking has Own Tempo, Slowbro will use Swagger to double Slaking’s Attack stat. Now Slaking is at 900+ Attack stat, and it can attack consecutively due to it losing Truant.

    How Can It Be Countered:

    If Slowbro is killed, Slaking will also lose a lot of its power. Faint Slowbro, and Slaking will follow it.

    Now, I will outline some uncommon Double Battle strategies.

    Explosion teams, Rain teams, Hail teams, Sunny Day teams, Perish Doom, Dual Screen Teams, Baton Pass + Stat up move + Follow Me, Belly Drum + Follow Me, Blast Burn / Hydro Cannon / Frenzy Plant / Rock Hammer / Hyper Beam / Giga Impact / Roar of Time + Roar, Dark Void + Follow Me, Gravity, Imprison, Seed Flare + Special attack move, Teeter Dance, Tail Wind, Claydol + Aerodactyl, Surf (Lapras + Vaporeon), Zapdos + Electivire, Salamence + Gyarados, Typhlosion + Vaporeon, Gyarados + Marowak / Rhyperior, Groudon + Ho-oh, Kyogre + Wailord, Wobbuffet + Darkrai, Ditto + Darkrai, Honchkrow + Tauros, Rayquaza + Shedinja.

    The Damage Power:

    Multi-target moves have a different Damage formula. The Damage formula for Multi-target moves aids you at figuring out the Speed of your opponent’s Pokémon. Here’s what I mean: Suppose your opponent sends out a Salamence and a Pinsir, while you send out an Ampibom and a Magnezone. Salamence’ Intimidate will hit Ampibom, then it’ll hit Magnezone. This will tell our opponent that our Ampibom is faster than Magnezone. No shock here. Now, assuming Pinsir will Close Combat Ampibom, and Gyarados will Earthquake; we decide to buy ourselves time and use Fake Out. In addition, knowing Salamence can destroy Magnezone, we decide to switch it out for Scizor.

    Pinsir is hit by Ampibom’s Fake Out, while Salamence Earthquakes. Its Earthquake hits Pinsir, then Ampibom, then Scizor. It hit Pinsir first; this tells us Pinsir is faster than Ampibom; meaning Pinsir is Choice Scarfed. With this newly gained information, we can switch out Ampibom in fear of Pinsir Close Combating it before it can attack it with Aerial Ace.

    Basically, you should keep your eyes open for every detail of the match. Multi-target moves can aid you and your opponent at determining the opposing Pokémon’s Speed.


    In Single Battles, you can easily go with the standard 252/252/6 EV spread and be just fine. However, in Double Battles, EV spreads are a little different. Let’s say, for example, you have a Skarmory. In Single Battles, you’re fine with just putting 252 HP / 252 Def / 6 Spe EVs. In Double Battles, let’s say you’re up against a Special sweeper and a Physical sweeper. Your Skarmory can easily wall the Physical sweeper, but the Physical sweeper’s partner, the Special sweeper, might kill your Skarmory before it can act; and your stuck between switching your Skarmory out, or leaving it to die. Since switching should be avoided in Double Battles, then you’re forced to keep Skarmory in to die. This is why running an EV distribution of 252 HP / 178 Def / 80 SpD is recommended on Skarmory; just to avoid situations like these. This was just an example; situations like these aren’t rare.

    Adding HP EVs to Primeape and Hitmonchan might allow them to survive a powerful Earthquake. However, things as frail as Dugtrio and Sharpedo should be given Items such as Focus Sash; instead of putting useless HP EVs in their HP stat.

    Analysis on the Double Battling Metagame:

    Double Battles is a metagame in which you send out 2 Pokémon at once; and your opponent does the same. To become a good Double Battle player, you should think of new Pokémon combinations; or old Pokémon combinations no one is prepared for. Synergy is what Double Battles is based on, and you need to make sure your Pokémon have near perfect synergy together. Abusing combinations of Steel-types + Explosion users is a great way to defeat some common Double Battle strategies. In addition, a Pokémon with Imprison and other common moves can be a great way to stop common Double Battle strategies. A Dusknoir with Imprison and other common moves such as Trick Room is a certainly viable threat to Trick Room teams.

    Happy Battling!

    Took about 2 days to make this. More Guides to come.

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