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Thread: Should we continue with multiple seperate Regional Pokédexes in Next Region?

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    Default Should we continue with multiple seperate Regional Pokédexes in Next Region?

    With the confirmation of separate Pokédexes for Alola, I felt this might be an interesting topic to discuss.

    The introduction of separate Pokédexes have allowed for wider variety within a region and allowed for massively large regional Pokédexes. However, this idea also disallows encounter with later or earlier stages of a given species, as each Pokédex contains unique species which also translates to non-encounter of that species' family in different stages of the game beyond where it is encountered.

    This also encourages grinding, as it is next to impossible to encounter and capture a later stage or later level version of a species in wild.

    So, what do you think? Should we continue with this idea?

    Or should we return to B2W2 style Pokédexes, where an individual region has a large regional Pokédex but families are repeated throughout the region, including both appearance of different stages of the same family, but also repetition of those stages in different routes?
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    Probably likely since the pokedex seems to be getting bigger each generation. I prefer just a single regional pokedex but it looks like we are going to have multiple for now on.

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    May be for the best, given how many Pokemon are available now
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