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Thread: If You Could Be ..[ANYTHING]

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    If I could be a pokemon I'd be a jirachi *uses doom desire*

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    POKEMON: id be granbull duh or aipom cuz hese my second fav
    GYM LEADER: id be a normal type gym leader my team would be granbull ambipom snorlax wigglytuff clefable and BlissyRANGER:my partner would be a granbullTRAINER:My Team granbull ambipom blastoise pichu roserade and magmotarABILITY: Levatate
    granbull or a snubble but id get them as snubbles they would latter evolve into granbulls
    You know what? I'm gone, I really don't even like Pokemon that much anymore (At all, it's getting kind of boring.) And I'm sad to say I'll miss my bestie Mawile412 and GPT and MM and T&T and Fango, because you were all great friend ;_;
    I wont come back ever and I know about the rule change for the game section, and it saddens me; it used to be so much fun, Degrassi, Pokecity, Pokeplace, all of them that I've participated in....
    GG has now graduated from Serebii, I love you all.
    (P.S :: I swear, leave Lilly alone, don't be mean to her or I'll eat you, she's my bestie after all~)

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    A Pokemon - Manectric, with flamethrower or overheat.
    Gym Leader - I don't know what kind of type I would use, I always change my mind about which type I like the most. But I'd want to run either the 1st or the 7th gym, yeah I should explain. I would either want to screw with the trainers in the first gym by beating their *** so they can't go further. OR I'd want to beat them in the 7th so they feel really ****** about not being able to continue to the E4. I'm so nice c':
    A Ranger - Houndoom
    A Trainer - I would raise different kinds of pokemon and they would specialize in different things. I'd ev-train them and then battle against trainers and gym leaders etc.
    If you had any Pokemon Ability - Maybe cute charm, haha no seriously not. I guess thick fat would be cool, resistance to both heat and cold.
    If your pet was a Pokemon, what would it be? Bahaha, well I have a guinepig so I guess she'd be like a bidoof or something jk. But I also have a dog and I guess he could pass as any canine pokemon. It would be cool with a Houndoom as my pet.
    Anything Other: If I could I'd be TUCKER, your dome ace!

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    Pokemon - Weavile cause I would be super quick
    Gym Leader - An Ice/Water Gym Weavile, Glaceon, Lapras, Milotic, Froslass and Golduck
    Ranger - Frosslass cause they are cute and scary as well as graceful
    Trainer - I would look after my pokemon and play and groom them regulary
    Ability - Serene Grace, Water veil or Water Absorb
    Pet - All eeveelutions and eevee
    My Team

    Credit goes to JUnpearl63

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    - i would like to be a Gliscor. He can freely fly around

    - i would like to be a steel gym leader : shieldon, magneton, skarmory, steelix, scizor and lucario.

    - My partner will be... riolu !!

    - i would raise piplup, starly, gligar, elekid, roselia, magmar

    - emm........... hypercut?

    - pet : Bunery

    p.s. : if u notice, i really like steel type pokemon...
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    If I was a Pokémon, I'd be Lucario, because I'd look somewhat like a human still (it'd be annoying walking on four legs) and I could utilize aura, which sounds like the Force from Star Wars xD

    Gym Leader - I'd use fire-type attacks, but not necessarily all fire-type Pokémon. Definitely, I'd use Arcanine and Charizard, and an Espeon with Sunny Day and Morning Sun, so I could switch him/her out and use Sunny Day to not only power up the others' fire attacks but also increase Morning Sun's effect. The Gym would be somewhat like a volcano/tropical layout.

    If I was a ranger, I'd choose Charmander. Who'd become a Charizard eventually. Charizard would make good transportation and is very powerful.

    If I was a normal Pokémon trainer, I'd train vigorously WITH my Pokémon (meaning, training myself physically as well) but treating them like best friends and I wouldn't keep them in their Pokéballs unless I had to. I'd have to have a Charizard, Lucario, and Espeon obviously.

    If I had a pet Pokémon, I'd have Eevee. I might evolve it, I might not. But yeah.

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    Pokemon : hmm, this is a tough one... Probably Ponyta, because they have speed.
    Gym Leader : Fire or Electric...either one of those two, probably fire, using Ninetails, Charizard, Ponyta/Rapidash, and Flareon...
    Ranger : Charmander
    Trainer : Another hard one... Proably train Ponyta and Eevee's...
    Ability : Probabily...Pressure or Flash Fire
    Pet : Absol =3 either that or Eevee and evolve it.

    This is my hatchling, please click it~!

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    • A Pokemon - This is a tough one. I'd probably be a Bulbasaur, or a Snorlax. Bulbasaur just plain rules, and Snorlax gets to eat all day! If neither of those, I'd be a Staraptor.
    • Gym Leader - I'd be a Grass-Type Gym Leader. My Gym would be modeled after the Rainforest, and you'd have to progress through the Forest Floor (Ground level), Understory (second floor), and Canopy (third floor) layers to the Emergent Layer, where I would be waiting. I'd give out either the TM for Energy Ball or the TM for Grass Knot. My Pokemon would be:
    • Ivysaur, level 47 (Energy Ball, Grass Knot, Growth, Sludge Bomb)
    • Carnivine or Ambipom (monkeys live in rainforests!), level 46 (Seed Bomb, Grass Knot, Power Whip, Ingrain) or (Seed Bomb, Grass Knot, Sunny Day, Solarbeam)
    • Breloom, level 50 (Dynamicpunch, Stun Spore, Seed Bomb, Mind Reader)
    • Tropius, level 48 (Air Slash, Growth, Solarbeam, Energy Ball)
    • Torterra, level 51 (Energy Ball, Wood Hammer, Withdraw, Grass Knot)
  9. A Ranger - my Partner Pokemon would be any of the following:
  10. Riolu or Lucario-Would be able to track anybody or anything, could give my Capture Disc power with Aura (I guess...?), could smash, move or climb rocks and trees
  11. Porygon/(2)/(-Z)-Would be able to hack and track enemy databases (useful for breaking into HQs), could materialize in real world and be used for Flight, and I would guess that it's PokeAssist would involve using Conversion...
  12. Monferno-Could smash, move, and climb rocks and trees, a great fighter if need be, very fast and agile
  • A Trainer - I'd raise:
  • Cherrim-My Grass-type. Honestly, I like Cherrim a lot. :P She'd be one of my main fighters.
  • Monferno-My Starter and Fire-type. I wouldn't evolve him past Monferno, however. He'd be one of my main fighters as well.
  • Milotic-My Water-type. Milotic rules and is really powerful--what more is there? Plus, she'd be great for transportation over water.
  • Porygon-Z-As stated above, I'm sure Porygon-Z could configure itself into a type of "Ride Mode" via Sharpen, so it'd be my mode of transportation.
  • B]Butterfree[/B]-Butterfree rules. :P
  • Arcanine-He's just awesome.
  • If your pet was a Pokemon, what would it be? - Arcanine. Huskies are probably closest to Arcanine than any of the other "dog" Pokemon.

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    If i was a pokemans.... i'd be Golem, and then i'd go to the mall and then use rollout down the up escalator :P

    Should i be a gym leader, i would run a rock type gym and use:
    Golem, lvl 50
    Rampardos, lvl 48
    Probobass, lvl 46
    Aggron, lvl 45
    Aggron, lvl 45
    (8th gym btw, i will NOT be a weak rock trainer)
    the layout would be you'd have to slide across freshly wash stone pathways, only, you need to hit something to stop as around the pathway there is a pitt full of rock trainers!

    If you had any Pokemon Ability: Stench

    If ma kitty was a pokemon, it would be a geodude and i would train it to attack things

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    Moved from closed post.

    Here's what I would have if I were Champion.

    L56 Camerupt
    Lava Plume, Rock Slide, Earth Power, Earthquake

    L57 Swampert
    Bide, Take Down, Muddy Water, Earthquake

    L56 Zangoose
    Aerial Ace, Crush Claw, X-Scissor, Close Combat

    L56 Salamence
    Fire Blast, Scary Face, Fly, Crunch

    L59 Rhyperior
    Blizzard, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Megahorn

    L60 Torterra
    Earthquake, Crunch, Iron Tail, Leaf Storm

    Zangoose and Swampert were Ruby Hall of Famers. Torterra was a Pearl Hall of Famer. The other three were post Elite Four Party Pokémon.

    I overlevelled Torterra and no-one else in Pearl, hence it is strongest.

    I seem to have a focus on Ground type.
    by Leyniar

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    Pokemon- I'd be a Shinx.
    Gym Leader- Water type Pokemon
    Ranger- Pichu or Arcanine
    Trainer- between a normal trainer and a coordinator, with Shinx, Togepi, Marill, Arcanine, Venusaur, and Glaceon
    Pokemon Ability- Water Veil!
    Pet- Glameow

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    Pokemon: Flareon. Because it would be awesome to be a giant ball of firey fuzz that's adorable and amazing and absorbs fire.
    Gym Leader: Fire. Flareon/Ninetails/Rapidash/Charizard
    Ranger: Eevee or Skitty. Cute little buggers.
    Trainer: antempt of an eeveelution team with Flareon/Vaporeon/Jolteon/Leafeon/Umbreon/Espeon.
    Ability: Really hard...the most useful outside of battle would be cute charm (lol) or pickup. Inside of battle would be water absorb, volt absorb, flash fire, or thick fat. Can't choose.
    Pokemon Pet: Skitty. A cute little adorable kitten for it's full life? Awesome. And the Eeveelutions. And Vulpix, Meowth, Poochyena. The standards.

    Question: Do most people consider Eeveelutions to be more cat like? Just wondering.

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    Pokemon- Weavile of course
    Gym Leader- Ice Type
    Ranger- Ninetales
    Trainer- Just a regular trainer with Weavile, Politoed, Ninetales, Togekiss, Furret, and Gallade
    Pokemon Ability- Speed Boost!
    Pet- Vulpix

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    Pokemon- I'd be a Gliscor
    Gym Leader- Grass Type: Grovyle, Venusaur, Torterra so on
    Ranger- Swinub
    Trainer- Ace Trainer with Mamoswine, Gliscor, Torterra, Venusaur, Staraptor and Garchomp
    Pokemon Ability- Pickup!
    Pet- Luxray he's awesome!

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    Hmmmm...... If I was a Gym Leader..... I would be a Water type specialist and use these Pokémon

    Gorebyss-lvl 40
    Huntail -lvl 40
    Politoad -lvl 42
    Azumarill -lvl 43
    Golduck -lvl 45
    Feraligatr-lvl 48

    I would be in Violet City after Falkner decides to be a Pokémon ranger and fly around on his flying types aimlessly all day xD I would be the 7th or 8th gym depending on the other gyms.

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    If you could be ....

    * a Pokemon - Golduck - Cool and kind of humanoid.
    * Gym Leader - Ground - Nidoking, Torterra, Swampert, Gliscor, Camerupt, Marowak
    * Champion/Elite 4 Member - For now - Walrein, Blaziken, Manetric, Aerodactyl, Dusknoir, Ariados
    * A Ranger - A Smeargle - It would know anything!
    * A Trainer - Farm-like Pokemon and Dog-like Pokemon
    * If you had any Pokemon Ability Drizzle
    * If you had pet Pokemon? Sheildon, Growlithe, Mareep, Spheal
    Pokemon X Team
    Spike / Carlita / Jackpot / Gildarts / Arya / Pistol

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    I'd be a trainer/ gym leader who can turn into a Mew, cuz Mew rocks and he's adorable, but he can like use any attack. I'd turn into a blue Mew that is a water type cuz water types rock. I'd be a Water/Dragon-type Gym Leader. I'd be the last Gym Leader and my badge would be the Dragonwave Badge.
    Gym Team:
    Dragonite lv. 50- Stomp, Dragon Rage, Bullet Punch, and Dragon Claw
    Kingdra lv. 46- Hydro Pump, Dive, Dragon Rage, and Aqua Tail
    Flygon lv. 46- Sandstorm, Dragon Claw, Dragon Rage, and Fly
    Gyarados lv. 47- Dragon Rage, Chomp, Twister, and Hyper Beam
    Empoleon lv. 50- Drill Peck, Grass Knot, Hydro Cannon, and Metal Claw
    Milotic lv. 47- Dragon Rage, Aqua Tail, Twister, and Hyper Beam
    Notes: Gyarados + Milotic <3
    Trainer Team:
    Gible lv. 50- Sandstorm, Dragon Rage, Earthquake, and Hyper Beam
    Empoleon lv. 50- Drill Peck, Grass Knot, Hydro Cannon, and Metal Claw
    Me lv. ???- Metronome, Hydro Cannon, Blast Burn, and Frenzy Plant
    Infernape lv. 50- Blast Burn, Flare Blitz, Mach Punch, and Close Combat
    Torterra lv. 50- Frenzy Plant, Earthquake, Leaf Storm, and Superpower
    Pikachu lv. 50- Transform, Discharge, Thunderbolt, and Thunder

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    * a Pokemon - Espeon or Absol
    * Gym Leader - I would be a balanced gym leader like gary oak with my silver team and i would be in the middle of viridian forest, you would have to find me.
    * Champion/Elite 4 Member - i'd use my gym team
    * A Ranger - i've never played ranger so i don't know
    * A Trainer - I'd raise them to be thier best even if they have rubbish ivs and i'd treat them good.
    * If you had any Pokemon Ability - swift swim, i live in scotland so i'd be super fast and powerful all the time =P
    * If your pet was a Pokemon, what would it be? Espeon or Houndoom
    * And pretty much anything else. I would befriend Lugia.


    My shiny team. Do not ask for a battle, they're just for personal taste.
    Come and join if you have a love of breeding pokemon, want to share your knowledge or want to start!
    Credit shinydoug for the BC banner.

    Flareon can learn Flare Blitz.

    I have a box and a half full of Adamant Mold Breaker Axew. Some are Jolly. PM/VM if interested in one.

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    I thought butter was a type until I was 6. I could've sworn there's a butter type...

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    if i was a pokemon i would bee a weavile

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    a Pokemon - weavile
    Gym Leader - #1 gym leader : Fly - starly 18 staravia 21 Vespiquen 25
    Champion : Spirittomb lv 62 snesel 63 umbreon 66 tyranytar 69 garchomp 73 weavile 79
    If you had pet Pokemon?l sheldon Gible pikachu Glameow houndar Cranidos Shinx Turtwig or somthing like that

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    a Pokemon - Kingdra, Water, And cause Kingdra is the shiz
    Gym Leader - 4 pokemon gym - Kingdra, Gyarados, Empoleon, Swampert - Water, To complicated to explain.
    Champion/Elite 4 Member - Water - Swampert, Kingdra, Gyarados, Lanturn, Empoleon, Suicune

    A Ranger - Gengar
    A Trainer - I'd be an Ace Trainer, train pokemon by battling just like in game.
    Ability ould be Levitate
    My pet would be Absol or Growlith/Arcanine

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    Gym Leader - Water type.

    Kingdra Lvl 40
    Sharpedo Lvl 40
    Dewgong Lvl 42
    Whiscash Lvl 42
    Gyarados Lvl 42
    Golduck Lvl 45

    And I'd place my Gym... maybe in Pacifidlog Town, make the entrance underwater so they need to dive to find it.

    A Trainer - Travel looking for the Pokemon I like, and treat them as individuals, not math problems. Train them hard so they get to be the best they can be but try to have fun along the way.

    Anything else - I wouldn't mind dating Misty. Not one bit.
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    Gym Leader - what would be your team, your type, and your gym layout, etc:
    Place - Floaroma Town near Fuego Ironworks
    Type - Bug
    Level: 3rd Badge (Branch Badge)
    Layout: A forest maze with trainers that jump down from the trees
    TM Given: TM81: X-scissor (Also allows HM01 Cut to be used outside of battle)
    Pokemon -

    Yanma Lv. 23
    Ability: Speedboost
    Attacks: Quick Attack, Sonicboom, Supersonic, Silver Wind

    Kricketune Lv. 24
    Ability: Swarm
    Attacks: X-scissor, Sword Dance, Double Team, Bug Bite

    Shuckle Lv. 25
    Attacks: Bide, Encore, Power Trick, Ancient Power

    Heracross Lv. 26

    Ability: Guts
    Attacks: Vacuum Wave, Counter, Swagger, Night Slash

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    A pokemon---Seel~I like swimming and people tell me I swim like a seel or shark but sharpedo has no body so...
    A Trainer - Juggler or Swimmer

    Gym Leader---My main team: Starmie, Tentacruel, Walrein, Relicanth
    (Other gym pokemon---goldeen seaking seel dewgong krabby kingler staryu tentacool spheal lapras wailmer

    My gym would be near a beach but would be like Misty's with the pool in the middle and an aqurium type thing but the battles would be held in their or in the ocean :-)
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    a Pokemon - Mudkip or Eevee
    Gym Leader - Fire Type my team would be
    A Ranger - Pichu What else?
    had any Pokemon Ability - most likely Blaziken's jumping power
    pet Pokemon, Eevee or Furret

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