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Thread: If You Could Be ..[ANYTHING]

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    Batman. All i need to be is Batman.

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    Pokémon: Probably Meloetta.

    Gym Leader:

    - Type: Steel or Ghost
    - Team: Klinklang, Empoleon, Durant, Scizor and Metagross or Banette, Rotom, Froslass, Gengar and Chandelure.

    Champion/Elite 4 Member:

    - Type: Mainly Steel
    - Team: Lopunny, Volcarona, Empoleon, Chandelure, Scizor, Metagross.

    If you had any Pokemon Ability: Transform or Illusion.

    If you had any Pokemon, which one would you have? Metagross.

    If your pet was a Pokemon, what would it be? ^ Same

    And pretty much anything else. :c Eh. It is a secret.
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    If I could Be...

    Pokemon: I'll be Moltres

    Gym Leader: I'll have a full Dog or Dog(ish) team.
    Arcanine, Houndoom, Mightyena, Luxray, Stoutland, Granbull

    Champion/E4: Mainly Dark and Fire
    Ninetails, Bisharp, Arcanine, Houndoom, Absol, Umbreon

    Ability: Defiant, Moody, or Moxie

    Any Pokemon: Stoutland

    Pet was a Pokemon: Ampharos
    Currently Playing Pokemon Y. If you would like to trade or battle, send me a message.

    3DS Friend Code (For Pokemon Y Purposes): 2509 1258 1794

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    I'd be an Emolga, I can fly around freely and zap people I don't like.

    I'd also have a Shinx for a pet.

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    i would be a dragon, gym leader

    so cool

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    I'd be Arceus, because that would give me free reign to shape the faces of Mt. Rushmore into what I always wanted it to look like from left to right: Slash, Flash Gordon, John Lennon and the lead singer of the Village People.

    And no matter who I'm talking to, I could always break the conversation by saying "I know YOU are, but what is HE?" Out of context or not.

    I'd also have a Snivy for a pet, but he wouldn't directly be my pet, rather my dualistic antagonist figure who lives ten thousand leagues beneath the ground.
    And he would have Sauron eyes.

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    I'd be a gym leader
    Dragon Type
    Garchomp, Dragonite, Hydregion, Dialga, Palkia and Arceus holding a Dragon Plate.
    You have to defuse land mines, lump over pits of spikes and avoid swinging electrical wires. The battle would take place in a randomized arena.
    I play Minecraft under the Same Username

    Credit to Mochi10 for the Team Pose
    Started by jesusfreak94:
    † I am a Christian and proud of it! Copy and paste this if you are too.†

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    A Pokemon-
    Zubat, for 2 reasons: 1. Nobody would want to catch me 2. I can annoy the **** out of every one

    Gym Leader-
    Fire Type, Team: Houndoom, Arcanine, Magmar, Torkoal, Blaziken, Charizard. Gym layout would be some sort of Volcano themed thing

    Mixed typing otherwise getting there would be almost impossible: Scizor, Gyarados, Magnezone, Garchomp, Lapras, Charizard

    A Trainer-
    Raise a Charizard and Arcanine, raise them firmly but kind.

    If you had any Pokemon Ability-
    Magic Guard

    If you had any Pokemon, which one would you have?-
    Arcanine (More pracical than Charizard)

    If your pet was a Pokemon, what would it be?
    If my current pet was a Pokemon it would be a Lillipup
    Created by Mochi10 ^_^

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    If I could be a...
    Pokemon I'd be a Wartortle!
    Gym Leader
    7th Gym leader
    Type: Electric
    Pokemon: Manectric,Pikachu,Luxray,Raichu.
    Champion/Elite 4 Member -
    Type: Electric
    Pokemon: Manectric,Pikachu,Electivire,Luxray,Magnezone,Thun durus(Therian form)
    Ranger My partner'd be Pikachu
    Trainer I would have my team from Black 2.Manectric,Flygon,Wartortle,White Kyurem,Zekrom,and Latios.
    If you had any Pokemon Ability I would have the ability Levitate
    If you had any Pokemon, which one would you have? I'd have a Reshiram!
    If your pet was a Pokemon, what would it be? Pikachu. :P

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    Pokemon:Rotom. It would be so cool <3.
    Gym:Electric. 4th. Pichu Luxio Pikachu and Rotom (Ace, Dunno what form. Probobly Mow to counter thouse ground types.)

    Any Pokemon to have:Cubchoo

    Pokemon as a pet:Cubchoo.

    Simple enough, Am I right?
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    a Siberian husky puppy
    Gotta love Honey Senpai

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    3rd Gym Leader
    Type: Dark
    lv. 26 Scraggy (Shed Skin)
    Drain Punch
    Dragon Dance

    lv. 26 Sableye (Prankster)
    Power Gem

    lv. 26 Mightyena (Intimidate)
    Ice Fang
    Fire Fang
    Thunder Fang

    lv. 28 Sharpedo (Rough Skin) {Sitrus Berry}
    Aqua Jet
    Ice Beam
    Zen Headbutt

    TM 66 Payback
    From Shinx the Spinx:

    "Wild Mantyke Appeared"
    "Omg! My nostalgiagasm, 'tis ruined!"

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    I'm a Pokemon coordinator!

    I'm from the Johto region. I left home with my starter Pokemon Cyndaquil to compete in contests. I plan to only be gone for a couple years, and then continue on my career path. I really enjoy contests and would like to keep competing in them, even when I'm older and no longer travelling. Right now, one of my goals as a travelling coordinator is to enter the Grand Festival. I won't quit until I make it! My other goal is to defeat my boyfriend/best friend, Duy, in an official battle.
    Duy and I travel together, so have lots of practice battles. We give it our all, but still, my goal is to win in an official battle. That's why when we're on the road, we always try to enter local battle tournaments in hopes of being paired up against each other.
    We finally were matched up during the Olivine Battle Tower tournament. The tournament was being held to help promote Olivine's new battle tower, and the two of us were slated to battle each other in the second round. At the time, his Pokemon team was Croconaw, Arcanine, Larvitar, Rhyhorn, and Zigzagoon. Our battle was just 1 vs. 1, so naturally we both used our starters. I had the disadvantage, but Quilava put up a great fight anyway. In the end Duy beat us, but my goal to officially defeat him someday still stands. And since we travel together, there will be plenty of opportunity for that!
    Duy challenges gyms and competes in tournaments, but he isn't aiming to enter the league. He really just likes travelling. Shortly after the Olivine Tournament, Duy told me that he wanted to go to Hoenn.

    We had traveled together up until that point, so the decision was tricky. If I stayed in Johto, I might be able to get the 2 more ribbons I needed to enter the Grand Festival. But then again, the Grand Festival was in just 2 months, and that was really pushing it. In the end I decided to go with Duy to Hoenn, knowing it would help me build a strong foundation in Pokemon Coordinating. Besides, my 3 Johto Ribbons would still be eligible next year!

    When Duy rival and I got to Hoenn, we pulled up in Lillycove City. I immediately raced to the contest hall to register for Hoenn contests. There, I picked up a guidebook of all of the regions contests as well as a regional map. My rival and I picked up some supplies at the Lillycove Department Store, toured the city, and planned our route. We decided to head west and loosely make a counterclockwise loop around the region. Eventually we would find ourselves in Slateport City, where we would take a boat to the eastern Hoenn islands. Once we had ourselves figured out, we embarked on our new journey!

    I arrived in Hoenn with Quilava, Flaaffy, and Girafarig, so the only Pokemon I added to my team during my Hoenn travels was Numel. .From Lilycove we headed west towards Fortree City. Along the way, we arrived in a small town that was having a Pokemon contest. I quickly enrolled with Quilava, and I asked my partner to sit with Numel so he could watch what a contest was like. We were very lucky with this first contest... we won! Maybe it was just because the contest was a smaller one, but regardless, we had our first ribbon! Quilava really shined the entire time. At the next contest, in Fortree City, I decided to use Girafarig. Unfortunately, Girafarig and I became very nervous and blew it in the battle round. The Fortree Contest was a lot larger that the first one, after all. Determined not to give up, I used Girafarig in our next Contest, the Fallarbor contest. We used more combination moves, like hitting a Shadow Ball with Iron Tail, and also used regular moves in more appealing ways, like Psybeam while moving the neck in a circle. That contest was also a large one, but we managed to win it with our new skills.
    After that, we traveled to Lavaridge for my Duy's next gym battle. During the battle, his Croconaw evolved into Feraligatr and he won with ease. Then we traveled through the Fiery Path, where we met a strange Numel. For some reason, Numel followed us through the path, and it became clear that he wanted to come along with us. He was a real sweetheart! We were heading towards Mauville City for the next gym, but we stopped at a city that was having a Pokemon contest. Flaaffy was showing fierce determination to get on stage. I didn't want that energy to die, so I decided to use her in the contest. And we were able to win it!
    Four months had passed since we arrived in Hoenn, and I already had 3 ribbons! The Grand Festival was another four months away, but I didn't want to slack off. My rival won the Dynamo Badge from Watson and then we caught an overnight-train to Rustboro. Unfortunately, Roxanne's trainer school was having final exams when we arrived and the gym was closed until the following week. I did some shopping and watched a few old Pokemon contests on TV. It was pretty dull after a couple days though, so we decided to take a short trip to the cliffs and beaches north of Rusboro City! That happened to be one of our most important training sessions, because Duy's Larvitar evolved into a Pupitar! He was so happy about it that he decided not to challenge Roxanne in the end!
    After that, it was south through the Petalburg Woods. That trip took us nearly a week, but we finally made it to Petalburg. There was going to be a contest there the following week. Finally another chance to appear! The Petalburg Contest was an R1 contest and went by Grand Festival rules. So I'd get to use two Pokemon! I decided to let Numel debut in the appeal round and then use Quilava for the battles.
    At the Petablurg contest, we were met with a fierce opponent that had a Shiftry. We faced him in the final round of the contest, but unfortunately we lost. It was a devastating blow, especially since we only had three and a half months left to get two more ribbons! There was no room for failure. I did some research and found out that there was going to be another contest held on Dewford Island in two weeks. What a lucky break! Dewford was precisely the place my partner needed to go to get his next badge. We hopped aboard a boat and got to Dewford as fast as we could. Duy challenged Brawly... but unfortunately didn't win. It was pretty devastating for both of us to have lost our most recent attempts. But neither of us were about to give up! We trained tirelessly for the next week. I entered the Dewford contest with Flaaffy, and we won! Not only that, but Duy won is rematch with Brawly as well!
    There are only 3 months left until the Grand Festival and I need 1 more Ribbon. And so, we continued our journey through Hoenn!

    My final team for the Grand Festival would be:

    Quilava ♂ - Quilava is the ace of the team. With the ability to focus and work hard, he is very dependable as a friend and in battle. Most of the time he's easy-going and amiable, though. He enjoys lying in the sun and being brushed.
    Smoke Screen
    Flame Wheel
    Quick Attack

    Flaaffy ♀ - Friendly, excitable, and full of energy are good ways to describe her. Flaaffy loves to participate in anything and everything, and she has a particular knack for contests. She is constantly learning from others and from her own mistakes, making her the most well rounded talent on the team. She gets along well with almost everyone, but can sometimes become stubborn or selfish. Flaaffy loves sweets and is probably the most "girly" member on the team.
    Cotton Spore
    Light Screen
    Signal Beam

    Girafarig ♂ - Kind and caring most of the time, Girafarig is a sweetheart. He loves nature and spending time lounging outdoors, so he gets along well with Quilava. The two of them like sleeping under trees together. However, he becomes serious about whatever tasks he is given and trains regularly for contest appeals and battles. Beacuse of this, Girafarig is the strongest battler on the team, and his specialty is combination attacks.
    Shadow Ball
    Iron Tail
    Double Hit
    Calm Mind

    Numel ♂ - Sleepy!

        Spoiler:- Candidates I considered for my team :

        Spoiler:- If I had gone to Sinnoh for contests:

        Spoiler:- If I had gone to Kanto for contests:
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    Gym Leader. Definitely. Now, I know this will be a long post. I'll state that now. My gym will be heavily involved in the storyline of the game. Unlike some that you need to beat just because that's how it works. My gym is actually attacked by the "team" of the game. I'm the 6th gym, and my gym is where the storyline starts cracking down to focus on the "team" of the game. IRL, I'm heavily influenced by storyline so I chose the gym to be heavily influenced by it as well.

    Type: Steel
    Steelix lvl 43
    Aggron lvl 49
    Metagross lvl 47
    Steelix lvl 44
    Excadrill lvl 46

    My gym is in a lighthouse, like the Olivine city lighthouse. It consists of you going up through the floors after waking my team that blocks the staircases. Or the elevator... In case of Aggron. The story just made the gym fall asleep in an attack by the "team" of the game. Whether it was Team Rocket or Team Galactic or whatever. They attacked the gym with large amounts of sleeping powder to steal my pokemon, but they'd need my pokeballs that are on my person for that. Outside, your rival hands you a gas-mask to deal with the gas and traverse the gym.

    First, you'd have to wake up my Metagross that is blocking your path to the stairs heading upwards, waking him up by ringing a large bell above the middle of the room. Metagross is a heavy sleeper and you'll need to ring it 3 times, each time waking up one of the "team" members (caught in the sleeping powder blast) that battle you immediately for waking them up. They disappear after you beat them. No special Challenge or puzzle, simply beat 3 trainers.

    The next floor is pitch black and you would have to reconnect 2 energy sources to the light switches to turn them on and wake up my two steelix's. The lights startle the first one into shaking its head when it wakes up, smacking my single trainer on the head and waking him up, instead of battling you, he asks if you're alright after the attack on the gym. Your rival puts a gas mask on him so he stays awake and then heads downstairs to "protect" the Metagross from floor one. The second steelix bangs his head into the wall on waking up (by accident) and lets enough light in to wake up the second trainer on the floor. This one is from the "team" and the other trainer you woke up takes to fighting him. Little bit of a puzzle, no trainers you have to battle.

    The floor above was fitted for my Excadrill, it's got a thin floor like the ice of the Sootopolis gym in Emerald, but only in some patches. There is a giant boulder blocking your path with Excadrill sleeping next to it. You will need to start cracks on the floor around the boulder to make it fall through the floor and land almost perfectly so that you can walk on it to the floor upstairs. ALMOST. You can't walk on it just yet. You have to wander around the floor, careful not to step on the same place twice and fall down to the floor underneath in places, until you get to the other side of my excadrill and roll him over onto the boulder, then the boulder will flatten out. While Excadrill is still asleep, head over to the other side of him and push him back to where he was, as the side opposite of him has barely enough room for you to walk through. Now, you can calmly walk over the boulder to the floor above. Large puzzle, no trainers.

    On the final floor, my Aggron is sleeping right in front of an... elevator?! That's right, I put an elevator in the gym on like the 4th floor to go to floor 7 so that you can face me directly after dealing with Aggron. And the "team" members are swarming the floor, they're mainly just pissed off because they can't get up the floor, since Aggron is in the way. After first heading up the stairs, 2 grunts battle you back-to-back. Then, you need to walk around a cluster of them using attacks on the Aggron in an attempt to make it move. (Talking to any will tell you that you probably shouldn't do that in an attempt to stay incognito.) After that, you head over to the rest of them and fight a good 3 or 4 more before fighting the leader of the attack. The storyline part in my gym finishes up when you beat the "team" leader/commander/whatever and then he rips off your gas mask. You pass out from the sleep powder spores left from the attack. A few minutes later, you wake up to the sound of Aggron and the rest of my team on a rampage against the invaders. Then I (the gym leader) walk over and help you up, handing you your pokemon and saying that I saw a grunt take them off of you. I thank you for everything you've done and say that the enemy is long gone now. My gym is a mess, though. I welcome a gym challenge and bring you downstairs to the outside of the gym, where your rival is standing there. I say that if you want to gym battle, I'll stand right outside of the gym, as a service to the people who helped save my gym. Your rival starts his battle with me while you go off and do... whatever you have to do. Just enter a building and then come back to us and I'll congratulate your rival on a good match but tell him to watch for my Aggron next time. He walks over to you and tells you to be careful against me, since he just lost. I heal my pokemon and await your match.

    I'd probably talk half-asleep and be wearing loose-fitting and comfy clothes. I'd thank you for your help dealing with the grunts and say thank you to you and you rival for making sure my pokemon didn't get stolen. Afterwards, I'd hand you the *Crash* Badge and *TM__ (insert name of move here)* as the other gym leaders (aside from the almighty #8) walk over and ask if the three of us are alright. I'd yell at them for being late and etc. I'd be pretty pissed against the "team" and want revenge for my gym. The trainer on the second floor would constantly stand in front of my gym from then on, blocking the entrance until after the game was over. For an end-game second match against me, my gym would be back to normal... Sort of...

    During the final battle against the "team's" leader I'd show up with the rest of the gym leaders and I'd be especially pissed off while the gym leaders ravage the "team" along with you. I'll be using my Aggron in the open-world matches, And if you pay attention, you can notice me using a Magneton as well. (for my end-game match I have a Magnezone.

    Magnezone lvl 76
    Skarmory lvl 75
    Aggron lvl 79
    Scizor lvl 74
    Bisharp lvl 77
    Lucario lvl 76

    Just the match, well my single trainer would be on the bottom floor, blocking the path to a newly-put-in elevator leading straight to me. But, security tape is blocking the stairs up for the rest of the gym, so it's just the 2 of us, and the other trainer is pretty weak compared to me. You'd have to fight my single, faithful trainer before heading up to the top where I am standing there, ready for the match.
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    8th Gym Leader:
    Water Type Team

    Samurott (my starter)

    Elite Four Champion:
    Various Type Team (because i don't quite understand the intimidation of a single-type champion):

    Yellow Team [Currently In Progress]:
    () () . . () . () . . () . . ()
    Justin - Wilfred - Xavier - Tank - Raymundo - Dugtrio

    Black 2 Team:
    () () . () . () . () . ()
    Tidas - Hades - Odin - Valdosta - Stark - Oscar

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    If you could be ....

    a Pokemon: Lucario
    Gym Leader: water or dragon type specialist
    Champion/Elite 4 Member: water and dragon types
    A Range: a water type
    A Trainer: a balanced team
    If you had any Pokemon Ability: Intimidate
    If you had any Pokemon, which one would you have? Riolu/Lucario
    If your pet was a Pokemon, what would it be? Buneary

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    Posted here ages ago, but I'm doing it again:

        Spoiler:- Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Gym Leader:

        Spoiler:- Champion/Elite 4 Member:

        Spoiler:- A Ranger:

        Spoiler:- A Trainer:

        Spoiler:- Pokemon Ability:

        Spoiler:- If you had any Pokemon, which one would you have?:

        Spoiler:- If your pet was a Pokemon, what would it be?:

        Spoiler:- anything else:

    I will be on here very, very rarely. The account is not dead, per se, but I will not be on often. This has become a den of hatred, hostility, and anger. It is not the SPPF it was when I joined, and I really dislike coming here. To those of you who were nice to me and were my friend, thank you. Goodbye.
    3DS FC: 1950 7837 2016
    Name: Nicole
    Electric Friend Safari. Pokemon: Dedenne, Pikachu, Manectric
    Before you try to act superior to someone else on here, remember that no matter how much of an "internet cool-guy" you think you are, this is a Pokemon forum.

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    I would be a new trainer class: Treasure Hunter, its what I do in the game anyways. And I would have a mightyena to sniff items out and a feraligatr to surf and move boulders/doors.
    I MM'd a shiny shinx only 39 eggs, no shiny charm/o power! 3/9/2015

    Can breed a lot of pokemon, I have POKERUS, lot of HA pokes, PM me if you are willing to trade.

    "If you love it enough you can have another because the new Pokemon can never take the sentimental value of the original, but can make new memories to add to the good times"
    -My younger brother

    Trade shop, come and browse!

    Friend code-1375 7776 2368-Heather

    I've claimed Beartic!

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    "Thou shalt rue the day thee abhorred me!"
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    Pokemon - togetic, care free fun

    Gym Leader - love water type Pokemon, gym would be an underwater maze

    Champion/Elite 4 Member - as a champion, strong Pokemon for each region along with a great partner

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    If I had any Pokémon, it would probably be Piplup. Penguins FTW! Also, I would be a Steel Type Gym Leader with an Empoleon as my main. Same goes for Elite Four.

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    If I could be a Pokemon, I'd be a Vulpix. Vulpix is hands down my all time favourite Pokemon and I wouldn't be causing any fires unless I wanted to (not like Charmander's tail)

    If I were a Gym Leader, I'd have a fire type team of Ninetales, Magcargo, Houndoom, Lampent, and Magmar. It'd be around badge 6 or 7. The layout would involve crossing a complicated system of bridges over a large lava pool.

    If I were an Elite Four member, I'd have the same team as Gym Leader, but Lampent and Magmar would be evolved.

    If I could be a Ranger, my partner would be a Vulpix. It'd probably evolve into a Ninetales sometime, but I'm okay with that.

    If I were a Trainer, I'd have a Vulpix on my team, and whatever really caught my eye during my travels. I'd train them with an emphasis on strategy and efficiency. I'd teach them a lot of moves that cover a lot of types, and I'd have special training often for their strong points.

    If I had any Pokemon Ability, I'd have Levitate, because walking is boring and slow.

    If I had any Pokemon, I... think we all know the answer to this one. (Hint: It's Vulpix)

    If my Pokemon was a pet, it would be a Vulpix.

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    Wow, I love this thread! Let's get started...

    If I could be a pokemon
    I would want to be Piplup, but it's weak, so I would go Empoleon, or Deoxys.

    If I were a gym leader
    If I were a gym leader I would want to be the 8th one, my gym would be located in Hoenn. It would be at a fairly large town located on top of a mountain. To get to the top of said mountain you would have to go through the cave leading up. My gym layout would be a dive/waterfall/surf challenge using three layers to the gym. To get to the bottom would require Dive and to get up would require waterfall. To get to the end you would need to ride a big waterfall up to the center of the top layer. My type would be water. My team would be (If each gym leader had 4 pokemon): Jellicent, Milotic, Ludicolo and my signature Empoleon. I would give out the TM Rain Dance.

    If I were a elite four member
    I'd be the champion! But personally I'd rather be the 8th gym leader, they can be more creative... Anyways, my type would be Psychic, Dark and Ice. I would only do double battles. If it was possible to have legendaries on your team, my team would look like this: Gallade & Reunclius, Chandelure & Frosslass, and my signatures Articuno & Regice.

    If I were a ranger my partner pokemon would be
    Either Empoleon due to sheer strength or Piplup due to sheer awesomeness.

    If I could have a pokemon
    It would probably be Piplup.

    If I could have a pet pokemon
    It would be a togepi.


    If I could make a city
    It would be in Hoenn and be a fairly large town up top a mountain, and to get there you would need to go through the cave up.
    Or, it would be like Mossdeep city sort of far off but be snowy and to get to it from the island there would be a forest.
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    If I could be...
    a Pokemon - what kind, what type, etc. Lucario or Arcanine
    Gym Leader - what would be your team, your type, and your gym layout, etc. Fire Type, Arcanine, Charizard, Infernape, Houndoom,Magmortar,Dragonite(with Flamethrower)
    Champion/Elite 4 Member - what would be your team/type, etc? Fire Type, Strong Arcanine Charizard, Moltres, Dragonite, Magmortar, Infernape
    A Ranger - what would be your partner Pokemon? Lucario or Arcanine
    A Trainer - what would you raise, how do you raise your pokemon, etc. Lucario, Arcanine, Lanturn,Dragonite or Garchomp, Crobat, Breloom, I will raise them to have courage, determination, who gives their best effort, and with compassion in order that can help each other to develop.
    If you had any Pokemon Ability: Guts, Pokemon that never gives up.
    If you had any Pokemon, which one would you have? Lucario
    If your pet was a Pokemon, what would it be? Riolu
    Anything Else: A Day-Care, I would love to raise Pokemon.
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    If I could be a Pokémon ~ I would be a shiny Eevee, no doubt about it.

    If I could be a Gym Leader ~ I would have the most exquisite Eevee Evolution team in which every Pokémon would have the back of it's allies and my new type of Gym would become popular for it's incredibility and extreme difficulty to beat. The design of the Gym would be high-tech yet easy to navigate through, mostly for looks.

    If I could be the Champion ~ Imagine what I said I'd be like as a Gym leader, now imagine it tenfold.

    If I could be a Ranger ~ I'd have a Shiny Eevee as my partner and it would be clad in high-tech spaceforce armor as I would be.

    If I could be a Trainer ~ I would raise hundreds of the most adorable Eevee with love and care, and they would reside in happiness inside an enormous and beautiful mansion.

    If I could have any Pokémon Ability ~ I would have Levitate. Why? Because that'd be awesome.

    If I could have any Pokémon ~ I'd have a Shiny Eevee and it would be clad in high-tech spaceforce armor as I would be.

    If I could have a Pokémon as a pet ~ I'd have a Shiny Eevee with the most luxurious coat of silver fur.
    +An Eevee's Journey+

    | Successful Trades on Serebii: 23 | 2DS Friend Code (shared DS): 4442-0034-0864 | National Pokédex Status: Complete |

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