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    A Pokemon - Milotic, for they are the most beautiful pokémon
    Gym Leader - A Water Gym in the middle of a rainy forest, with no roof so it would rain inside the gym. Pokémon: Kingdra, Ludicolo, Feraligatr, Castform and Milotic.
    A Ranger - Milotic... or Glaceon
    A Trainer -
    a calm Milotic who doesn't like battling but when enraged it would become one of the most dangerous beings.
    a sweet Glaceon that would walk by my side everywhere I go and people would like to touch it.
    a layed back Salamence that would only attack if attacked first or if it predicted an attack. it would get out of its pokéball and use Protect to protect me if something were to hit me.
    a cute Togekiss that would fly to find people/stuff for me and tell me where they are.
    and I would be happy with these four. Other 2 would be Feraligatr and Metagross.
    If you had any Pokemon Ability - Marvel Scale to help me if someone harmed me.
    If your pet was a Pokemon, what would it be? - I would have both a Milotic and a Glaceon
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