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Thread: If You Could Be ..[ANYTHING]

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    In your head.


    pokemon- charmander. id b all cute and innocent, but if someone ticked me off, i could just flamethrower em ;^)
    gym leader- fire type, 7th gym
    ranger- either a charmander :^D or a raichu(use the recharge attack whenever u needed it...)
    trainer- id go on the road with my best friend and train so that we could b 2gether in double battles. id also love 2 become a gym leader.
    ability- no guard. itd make fighting much more fun
    pokepet- my cats remind me of persian(sassy cat!) and girafferig(she gets spooked so easily). my dog reminds me of slowpoke
    any others- volkner would b mine! we'd b the amazing emo trainer couple of the world! plus, he lieks fire type trainers, i mean, his best friend is flint...
    "Trainer: We would like to invite you to try your hand at a new kind of challenge. The League of Heroes is a league of world-class battlers, with its own set of leaders and elite four members. If you are interested, please mail your invitation to the location listed below with your RSVP and we will send you a map with the locations of our gyms.
    Yours truly, the Elite Four of the NCTH
    Tower of the Ancients, Unova"

    If you challenge our league and are lucky enough to get to me, you have a shot at winning the Mountain Heights Symbol. Credit to Northern Lights for the badge.

    Name- Becca
    Diamond friend code-
    Black friend code-

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    E4 Member
    Speciality: Dark type

    Umbreon lv. 55
    Absol lv. 57
    Honchcrow lv. 55
    Drapion lv. 57
    Tyranitar lv. 59


    Confuse Ray
    Sand Attack


    Night Slash
    Aerial Ace
    Swords Dance
    Stone Edge


    Night Slash
    Drill Peck
    Heat Wave
    Thunder Wave


    Night Slash
    Ice Fang
    Aqua Tail


    Dragon Dance
    Formerly, Chariking

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    If I could be a pokemon id be lucario

    Current SS team:
    Normal: And 2 HM slaves
    Future legend team
    Credit to 9dragonbreed for the awsome SS sig

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    Not here anymore


    if i could be a leader, id be the electric-type 8th gym leader with Pichu,Raichu,Electabuzz,Lanturn,Aggron and Raikou(aggron knows thunder)

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    I'd be a skilled battler like in the BF but specializing in Attack moves/Pokes
    And i was like "thats what she said" XD

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    Id be elite 4 member, specialising in water (last, or maybe champ) or Flying (either second or third):

    L45 Milotic - Aqua Tail, Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Safegaurd
    L53 Quagsire - Earthquake, Rain Dance, Muddy Water, Surf
    L48 Poliwrath - Hydro Pump, Rock Smash, Focus Punch, Blizzard
    L50 Vapoureon - Last Resort, Aurora Beam, Hyper Beam, Waterfall
    L50 Floatzel - Razor Wind, Crunch, Surf, Blizzard
    L54 Azumarill - Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail, Rain Dance, Dig(to deal with any electrics)

    L38 Gliscor - Earthquake, U-Turn, Night Slash, Ice Fang
    L42 Charizard - Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Hyper beam, Overheat
    L41 Scyther - X-Scissor, Razor Wind, Wing Attack, Defog
    L42 Xatu - Future Sight, Fly, Psycho Shift, Giga Impact
    L45 Murkrow - Mean Look, Sucker Punch, Fly, Psychic
    L47 Gyrados - Hyper Beam, Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail, Surf

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    a Pokemon - what kind, what type, etc. GENGAR!
    Gym Leader - what would be your team, your type, and your gym layout, etc. A ghost gym. There would be spots where you would fall to the floor below and have to start the whole floor over again.
    Champion/Elite 4 Member - what would be your team/type, etc? Porbably the same as above
    A Ranger - what would be your partner Pokemon? Gengar
    A Trainer - what would you raise, how do you raise your pokemon, etc. By training them. I wouldn't be a bad trainer like Ash either since all he does to win is give his pokemon pep talks and thats like steroids to them.
    If you had any Pokemon Ability Levitate or Scrappy so i could beat up ghosts hehe
    If your pet was a Pokemon, what would it be? Vulpix, Absol, Growlith, Gengar or Torkoal

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    * a Pokemon - what kind, what type, etc.
    This is a tough question. I could be a Mew (I love it, so cute and playful and it's a cat), a Charmander, Eevee, Jigglypuff, or a Torchic. If I'm going for similarities in personality, then probably an Abra or a Smeargle. The Abra would be because (currently) I'm sleeping a lot but when I'm awake I do a lot of work. The Smeargle would be because I love to draw (but I can't paint to save my butt).

    * Gym Leader - what would be your team, your type, and your gym layout, etc.
    If I was a Gym Leader, I would be a Normal type leader as a nod to the gym in Second Gen. I don't know right now what team I would have, but I'd a full team with a Jigglypuff and a Chansey. Not sure what the others would be.
    There are two possibilities for my Gym. The first would be a sort of maze with the lights turned off so the visitor would be forced to walk around blindly and hit against the wall for my amusement. There would be one true path, meaning that there would be no way for them to face me without any other fights.
    The second would be that the Gym would be a nod to Sabrina's. There would be same-size rooms all over with four teleporters in each. However, unlike her gym, the the teleporters would be set up against the walls (not the corners) and every room would have a Trainer.
    I know neither idea has anything to do with Normal types, but it'd be fun to mess with visitors' heads.

    * Champion/Elite 4 Member - what would be your team/type, etc?
    Uh... I'd probably decide to mess with the player's heads and have a team consisting of Psychic, Ghost, Dark, and Fire types.

    * A Ranger - what would be your partner Pokemon?
    I don't know, a Ditto? Raichu? Meowth? Team Rocket's Meowth just for laughs?

    * A Trainer - what would you raise, how do you raise your pokemon, etc.
    Anything I catch except Zubats and Bidoof. Those guys can go jump into a volcano for all I care. I would raise them to the best of my ability, attempting to balance Training with just simply playing with them. There might be a couple I'd tend to specifically for Contests, but I'd tend to them in the same loving manner.

    * If you had any Pokemon Ability
    Teleport. Oh, wait, ability. Own Tempo, Cute Charm, or Oblivious.

    * If your pet was a Pokemon, what would it be?
    Since we'd be in the house with all my books and electronics, a lot of Types would be out of the question due to potential damage to my stuff (let alone myself or my home). The types I would consider then would be Normal, Psychic, Ghost, Flying, and Dark.
    More specifically, I'd probably have a Gastly, Clefairy (if I managed to get one), Jigglypuff, Persian (evolved from Meowth), blah blah or blah... You get the picture.

    * And pretty much anything else. :c
    I would reconstruct the Ruins of Alph and let Unown run free inside.
    That, or Pokemon Mansion (complete with copies of the Mewtwo Journals).
    Pokemon Platinum Melissa 4941 4127 5418
    Pokemon HeartGold Melissa 5414 2126 7056

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    A Pokemon - Gengar/Ghost
    Gym Leader - Typhlosion,Blaziken/Arcanine/Magmar/Monferno/Magcargo (Volcano)
    Champion/Elite 4 Member - Tyranitar/Mighteyana/Weavile/Umbreon/Crawdaunt/Shrifty
    A Ranger - EEVEE
    A Trainer - I would treat them fairly let them express their opinion
    Pokemon Ability- Damp
    pet Pokemon-Growlithe
    These are my top 8 pokemon:

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    I would be like Brock is in the anime. A well-knowlegded trainer and breeder and also has nursing skills.

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    I'd be a laid-back Sceptile with an additide, a short temper, and a dense forest to play in.

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    Definetely Dragonite/Blaziken/Gallade/Gengar/Lucario
    Diamond FC:0302 7379 6988

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    If i was a pokemon i would be Arceus. I'm the god of all pokemon and i would rule the universe!

    or if that was taken id be Ho-Oh
    Silver is overrated. But Gold is the colour of CHAMPIONS! If you're gonna be purchasing Heart Gold as opposed to Soul Silver put this in your signature (started by HO-oh,)

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    *cant find map*


    a Pokemon - Swampert
    Gym Leader - Swampert, Ludicolo, Gyarados, Kindra, Milotic, Empoleon
    Champion/Elite 4 Member - (see Above)
    A Ranger - Swampert
    A Trainer - I would raise a team of my Plat Team (Swampert, Umbreon, Arcanine, Glaceon, Gengar, Salamence)
    If you had any Pokemon Ability: Cute Charm =P, No woman could resist me with this ability.
    Ally P is Confused, Ally P hurt himself in Confusion!

    A good Trainer doesn't force their favorite on anyone. A good one keeps with their favorite without drama or fanfare. That is how I see it, at least.- Argenta FTW

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    a Pokemon - Zapdos
    Gym Leader - Either Dark, Dragon or Water type, with a hell of a puzzle.
    Champion/Elite 4 Member - Lots of different types.
    A Ranger - Eevee would be cool
    A Trainer - Lots of different types, probably 6 sweepers. I like Sp. Atk and Speed.
    If your pet was a Pokemon, what would it be? Eevee again. But in case of a pet, anything would do.
    Favorite job: Professor or Ranger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Competitive5910 View Post
    Would you guess who i would be?
    Pokes downward

    He EATS arceuses
    Dont you mean Arcei?

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    If I were a pokemon, I'd be a.. Dragonite because he's been my favorite ever since I got red version o_o

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    Message me if you'd like to have a battle.

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    a Pokemon - Totodile, they're just awesome, was one in blue rescue team, or ludicolo, how great would it be to be carefree!
    Gym Leader - Metronome-3rd gym, 2 togetics Snorlax and Poliwrath,( migrated from LG, move tutored)
    A Ranger - Lucario- loving pokemon, would be extremely helpful or Gardevoir, protects its partners and friends from harm, even sacrificing itself if necessary.
    A Trainer - Strong pokemon, shinies if caught.
    If you had any Pokemon Ability - Water absorb, just imagine how funny it would be jumping into a swimming pool.
    If your pet was a Pokemon, what would it be? - Totodile-just awesome, piplup-cute.
    And pretty much anything else. - Frontier Brain - battle factory.

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    im with ash


    If you had any Pokemon Ability - i choose cloraphil and swift swim and levenate those 2 ability so i can get home if need and levenate to float around in the air

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    If I were a Pokemon I would be a Charizard.

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    i would be mew. so i can learn any move. or clefable, so i cant take anything from curse, poison, burn, spikes, or stealth rock. and if i were clefable, i would be one that could learn softboiled, to be a pain in the butt to everyone.
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    a Pokemon - A Charizard so I can breathe fire and fly. Any other Dragon/Flying-Type Pokémon is alright too.
    Gym Leader - A team of Dragons (i.e. Flygon, Salamence, etc.)! My gym would have 4 completely dark rooms (the only light being at the door to the next room). Each room would have trainers (increasing in number as one goes further). In each room your goal is to use the Item Finder to find a key and proceed, while blindly confronting trainers. The last (fifth) room would be lighted with me there waiting for your challenge!
    Champion/Elite 4 Member - As the Pokémon Champion I would use anything from the Dragon Egg-Group (such as Charizard, Sceptile, Gyarados, etc.). Hopefully I get a better cape than Lance.
    A Ranger - My favourite Pokémon, Charizard!
    A Trainer - I would be raising a team of IV-bred Dragons that would be first EV-trained then would face rigorous training in icy caves where we would battle against Ice-type Pokémon. Of course, I would reward my Pokémon every now and then with Poffin, massages, etc.
    If you had any Pokemon Ability- Levitation is pretty cool, in my opinion.
    If your pet was a Pokemon, what would it be?- Probably a Charmander. I would have to be careful to keep its tail away from the carpet though.
    “In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.”

    Michael Jackson

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    in my room


    I would be the last gym leader.
    My team (Magmotar,Oven Rotom, Supreime pokemon would be a Groundon.)
    My gym would be full of Magma and there would be a path with about 4 trainers and you had to battle them so the magma would go away.
    Platium friend code: 4554 8857 5235

    Credit goes to: Dark Valley Shop.
    ^^ Fav. pokemon

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    Kingdom Hearts


    I would be a randomonious shiny umbreon.I would be a cool ninja umbreon. Umbreons are so freakin cool. I would be the Champion and i would be the first ever dark champion. I already have a dark team that are so wicked cool that it is insane. Even their nicknames are randomadacious. Anything you say.... I made this thing called ninjachu. An electric/dark type pikachu that knew it's very own move, Shadow Voltage.
    Signature By: Sworn Metalhead

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    * a Pokemon - Kricketot
    * Gym Leader - Bug / Rock Type
    * Elite 4 Member - Bug Type, Tree's and Mini Hill tops would be a nice layout.
    * A Ranger - Kricketot as a side kick
    * A Trainer - Catching things i like.
    * If you had any Pokemon Ability - Shed Skin / No Guard
    * If your pet was a Pokemon, what would it be? Kricketot
    * Any thing else - I'd be a Pokemon Bounty Hunter
    FC - G2A - 4270-3336-2191
    Friend Safari : Normal - Aipom|Audino|Chansey
    Team Zero Link

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