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Thread: If You Could Be ..[ANYTHING]

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    Me as a Gym Leader:

    Dark Type Gym (has there ever been one? Don't think so)

    Pokemon used:

    You ever see a totem pole? Well, my picture is on the bottom....

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    If I could be a pokemon, I would be Yanmega in a heartbeat.

    If I could be a gym leader. My gym type would be Bug Type. My badge would be the Buzz Badge. The gym setting would be a dusky forest. My team would be Butterfree, Ariados, Heracross, Venomoth, Armaldo, and Yanmega. Last Resort would have to be Yanmega.
    my mvp is a yanmega

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    If I could be a pokemon I would definently be politoed.
    They're so carefree and they jump high, which could come in handy for basketball...

    As a gym leader I would have ice type pokemon like...

    and a shiny politoed that knows ice beam and other good moves
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    The only move I would possibly want to see used as an HM would be Tickle. No exceptions.

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    That is such a load of .

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    If i was a pokemon id be Charizard, hands down!
    If i was a leader or E4 , i'd be fire, dragon, or Ground
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    lol good one


    If I could be a Gym Leader, I would be a Water Tye Gym Leader.

    1. Kingdra
    2. Gyarados
    3. Lapras
    4. Swampert


    "Big man forgets what he is sometimes."

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    If I were a pokemon I'd probably be a Dragonair, flying and dishing out powerful attacks.
    If I were a gym leader, I would train the dragon type with 3 Dragonite and a Gyrados, Kingdra and then Dragonair just like Clair and Lance combined. My gym would be a maze with fireballs coming at you, and if a fireball hit you your lead pokemon would take 20 damage.

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    a Pokemon - Blaziken, ofcourse. I could jump very high then...
    Gym Leader - Fire: All the fire starters. XD
    Champion/Elite 4 Member - ^_^
    A Ranger - Blaziken. >_>
    A Trainer - I would really take care of them as they would for me.
    If your pet was a Pokemon, what would it be? Torchic!
    They're true friends.

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    a Pokemon - A Cacnea. I'd live peacefully in the desert.

    Gym Leader - I'd be a Grass-type Gym Leader, and my Gym would be a mini-forest maze and you'd have to find your way through. I'd be the 6'th leader.

    Champion/Elite 4 Member - Grass-type: Cacturne, Tropius, Abomasnow, Tangela, Breloom

    A Ranger - A Cacnea or an Aron.
    A Trainer - I'd be a Gym Challenger, and I'd live in Hoenn. Starter= Cacnea.
    If you had any Pokemon Ability- Sand Veil
    If your pet was a Pokemon, what would it be? A Cacnea.

    I like Cacnea.

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    Default if i could be...

    if i was a gym leader or elite 4 would have to go with dark type
    If I was The Champion I would have

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    If I was gym leader or elite 4 member I'd have a light team. "but there is no light type!" stick with me folks. It'd be light themed. Light in the sense of glow, brightness, not say, good or divine.
    Using Attacks like Tail Glow, Flash, Signal Beam
    Cresselia would fit pretty well, with Aurora Beam, Moonlight and it's general theme, but as legendary, it kinda doesn't belong.

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    a Pokemon - what kind, what type, etc.
    I'd be a Blaziken. So I could be a galliant leader
    Gym Leader - what would be your team, your type, and your gym layout, etc.
    Dragon leader
    Layout would be like a mountain kind of
    Champion/Elite 4 Member - what would be your team/type, etc?
    I'd be the last of the Elite four, I'd train Water types with my team like
    Or something like that :P
    A Ranger - what would be your partner Pokemon?
    Delibird, why, dunno
    A Trainer - what would you raise, how do you raise your pokemon, etc.
    I'd be a cool trainer in an average town somewhere. Somewhere like Petalburg or Cherrygrove. I'd be so cool people would go to that city just to battle me. I'd be like the ruler of that small town
    If you had any Pokemon Ability
    Drizzle, I love rain. Be cool for it to follow me.
    If your pet was a Pokemon, what would it be?
    A Dratini
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    Pokemon: I would be an Elekid. Er...not much else to say.

    Gym Leader: I would use the Ground AND Water types. My Gym would contain huge chuncks of dirt, and Waterfalls too. You wouldn't have HM Waterfall yet either. Anyway, basically, you would run over switches, one switch would superheat the gym causing it to solidify into a rocky thing, the other switch would drown it and force you to surf to places. My team would have a Seadra Lv. 34, a Camerupt Lv. 36, a Marshtomp Lv. 36, and a Golem Lv. 38.

    Elite Four: My room would have lots and lots of rocky terrain. I would have a
    Lv. 52 Gliscor and Flygon, a Lv. 54 Torterra, Swampert, and Camerupt, and my ultimate Pokemon, a Lv. 56 Golem.

    Ranger: A Metang.

    Trainer: I would get myself a Geodude as my starter somehow. From there I would travel the region looking for some worthy Pokemon to use in my team. Only after I have completed my team would I begin challenging the gyms. My Pokemon would for the most part be ignored by me, giving them medicine as required.

    A Pet Geodude. It would be awesome. He would be a rock, so he wouldn't need anything, and he would look intimidating should I need to intimidate.
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    if i were a pokemon id be arceus, haha i rule everyone!
    Quote Originally Posted by otaku-dono
    I actually find people who don't like the tiering system don't fully understand it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Drifblim25
    Abomasnow Lv100 @Icy Rock
    ^^Epic Win^^

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    • Gym Leader - I'd be a bug-type gym leader. I'd have a Ninjask, Scyther, and a Crobat that knows U-turn.
    • Champion/Elite 4 Member - I'd be the Champion of the Johto Region with my team below. Typlosion, Crobat, Ninjask, Relicanth, Gallade and Porygon Z.
    • Ranger Partner - Minun & Plusle. They're beasty in doubles.
    • If your pet was a Pokemon, what would it be? - Zubat, he roolz.

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    I would be a Snorlax. All you have to do is eat, sleep, and get angry once in a while. You get to eat all you want and if you get a little chubby it doesn't matter're a Snorlax.

    I wouldn't like to be a new Gym Leader, I just wish I was Blaine cus he lives on an Island and gets to wear a Lab coat all day long and no one thinks twice about it. Saves money on clothes shopping.
    Koga is also really cool too wouldn't mind being him. He's a ninja, who doesn't wanna be a ninja?

    Machamp is one of my favorite Pokemon, so I would like to have him as my Poke-buddy. He could have beet up bullies in grade school, practiced wrestling with me in high school, and he would be my roomate in college.

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    a Pokemon - Ditto, I could do everything any pokemon can do. Fly, swim, breath fire, explode..
    Gym Leader - I would be ground/fire, maybe the 5th or 6th gym. My gym would be in a cave, and I would have:
    Marowak lvl 30
    Flareon lvl 32
    Macgarco lvl 31
    Sandslash lvl 33
    Ninetales lvl36 (He would know Energy Ball)

    A Ranger - Flareon
    A Trainer - I would be a breeder, with 6 of my favorites.
    Ability: Color Change
    My dog would be a poochyena, my cat would be either Skitty or Delcatty. She's a sweet little thing, but such a diva xD
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    I really wish you could drive a car in this game because I would just turn all the bidoofs into roadkill. And play Grand Theft Auto: Sinnoh Edition!

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    Pokemon - Probably Arcanine. Idk why but I have always wanted to see what it was like to be a dog and Arcanine is the coolest one out there.

    Ranger - Partner would be Alakazam or Scyther as they would both help out enormously with alot of stuff.

    Ability - Levitate. I think you no why

    Pet - Growlith. Just look at it xD

    Gym - Ahhh now heres the fun part.

    Gym Name: The Inner Sactum
    Badge Received: The Mind Badge
    TM Received: TM Psychic
    (Leftovers) LV. 49 Moves: Gyro Ball, Hypnosis, Explosion, Stealth Rock
    (Expert Belt) LV. 50 Moves: Swords Dance, Close Combat, Psycho Cut, Ice Punch
    (Leftovers) LV. 48 Moves: Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Recover
    (Life Orb) LV. 51 Moves: Calm Mind, Psychic, Baton Pass, Signal Beam
    (Choice Band) LV. 53 Moves: Meteor Mash, Pursuit, Explosion, Bullet Punch
    (Life Orb) LV. 55 Moves: Psychic, Focus Blast, Signal Beam, Calm Mind

    Obviously the powerhouse of the team is Alakazam.

    The Gym Set Up: In order to get to the leader you must beat every trainer. But there is one more thing you must do. After you ebat a trainer there is a question. If you get it wrong then you must restart the entire thing. There are 5 trainers in all, each one getting more powerful after the next. These trainers along with there questions are...

    Trainer 1:
    Question: What type has the most resistances?
    Answer: Steel

    Trainer 2:
    Question: Which type has the most pokemon in it?
    Answer: Normal

    Trainer 3:
    Question: Which Gym Leader was not only a Gym Leader but a boss of a powerful organization?
    Answer: Giovanni

    Trainer 4:
    Question: What pokemon is known as the big boss pokemon?
    Answer: Honchkrow

    Trainer 5:
    Question: Which pokemon(s) resists the most amount of types?
    Answer: Magnezone/Magneton/Magnemite

    It would so not be easy.
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    I would be a spinda. Its my favorite 3rd gen pkmn with keckleon in a close second.
    My ranger partner would be a spinda. Too cool to resist.
    If I were actualy traveling across the regions, I would have a shiny spinda.
    Levitate. Duh.
    I would have a slowpoke as a pet. It seems like it would be fun to pet

    And if I werent traveling the region my spinda would know:

    Sunny day

    And my traveling spinda doesnt have a pokeball I just keep out all the time. It knows

    Teeter Dance - Dancing Dizzy Panda are just awesome.
    Dizzy Punch - Signature move
    Psychic - To move stuff around and stuff.
    Hypnosis - for a quick getaway.
    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzBlast View Post
    The only move I would possibly want to see used as an HM would be Tickle. No exceptions.

    CREDIT Electric Blue Wolf.
    I claimed Slowpoke!
    Quote Originally Posted by Jigglychu View Post
    That is such a load of .

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    I would be myself. Why would anyone not want to be themselves? Can people really hate themselves that much?
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    If I were a Pokemon, I would want to be a Water-type. Doesn't matter which one, I'd just want to be one of them.

    If I were a gym leader, elite 4 member, champion, or a trainer I would be a Water Pokemon trainer with some of the best Water pokemon around (NOT including legendaries).
    Also known as SulliMike23, SullyMike23, and Sullimon311

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    Pokémon: Wobbuffet would suit me. Wobbuffet don't attack unless attacked first. Likewise, I don't hate people unless they hate me first.

    Gym Leader: Normal (Eeveelutions if not type-restricted), plain gym layout (nothing fancy)
    Normal Team
    Ditto - Transform
    Smeargle - Spore, Block, Perish Song, Protect
    Castform - Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Hail, Weather Ball
    Castform - Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Thunder, Solarbeam
    Porygon2 - Magic Coat, Tri Attack, Recover, Signal Beam
    Porygon-Z - Nasty Plot, Tri Attack, Ice Beam, Dark Pulse

    With my Eeveelution Team, I would simply rotate all my Eeveelutions.
    Eeveelutions rotated team
    Vaporeon - Hydro Pump, Aqua Ring, Ice Beam, Haze
    Jolteon - Thunderbolt, Charge Beam, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam
    Flareon - Flamethrower, Will-o-wisp, Superpower, Fire Fang
    Espeon - Psychic, Shadow Ball, Calm Mind, Morning Sun
    Umbreon - Faint Attack, Curse, Moonlight, Confuse Ray
    Leafeon - Leaf Blade, Sunny Day, Synthesis, Grasswhistle
    Glaceon - Hail, Blizzard, Mirror Coat, Shadow Ball

    Ranger: Partner would obviously be Machop.

    Trainer: I would train Eeveelutions, and probably capture a No Guard Machop and a Chimchar as well. I would train them with love and fun, as well as tutoring them on how to use their powers in unique ways (e.g Machop can use No Guard to grab a cliff edge when falling, even if it can't normally reach, because it's ability means it can't miss that edge; or Vaporeon can use its ability to melt into water to teleport while underwater, as well as change in size.)

    Ability: Wonder Guard would make me nearly invincible!

    Pet: Machop, or an Eeveelution
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    I love my cute little Machop!

    Come on, you know Machop is cute! I mean, who couldn't love those endearing eyes? That adorable face? That loving embrace?

    Just don't call it cuddly or else it will hurt you.

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    i would be a snorelax cause the most i do on the weekends is eat and sleep
    i would be a trainer that gets a starter and trains it a lot and then works on other pokemon
    for a pet i would have a chicorita
    clik and feed my pokemon eggs

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    I would like to start out as a trainer, become the E4 Champion, and then become a Gym Leader of either mixed pokemon or Water Types.

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    Pokemon - Jirachi , small but strong ;-) wonderful combination of two types and a good base stat points total.

    Gym Leader: 6 Pokemon this time :P Type: Normal (I ought to think it was bad, but by battling with Porygon , i changed my mind ) This one would be a part of my team !
    --> see champion

    Champion/Elite four : Metagross, Porygon-Z, Blissey(with boosted stats other then Hp!!!! ),Snorlax, Nidoking , Nidoqueen.

    Ranger - Mudkip

    Trainer - Different types (combined types such as water-ground), and with boosted stats.
    I'd make a lot of comparisons to figure out which stats i need to boost and ofcourse which pokemon I should use.(see sig)

    Pokemon Ability: Download /Adaptability --> 'cause that's what we need in tough situations

    Pet - Mudkip (Because he's so 'tjap tjap' (try to speak it out and take a look at the tcg card where he's playing in the mud)

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    if i had a pet pokemon it would be unbreon. if i could be a gym leader i would be a dark gym leader.
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