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    Default Lauzi's Signature & Icon Store~! [Away from the 28th - 5th]


    Hi everyone! I'm Lauzi and this is my Signature & Icon Store. ^^ I decided to make one
    of these since during summer on the days when I have nothing to do, I love to make
    graphics, therefore why not open a shop? (:

    - Follow all SPPF Forum Rules
    - Only one signature or icon per request
    - Fill in the forms so I know exactly what you want
    - I only use up to two images for signatures, one image for icons
    - I only accept up to three requests at a time.
    - Don't give me bad quality images to work with
    - Actually use the images that I make for you, I don't make things for people if they aren't gonna use them, or if they only use them for like, 2 days or something.
    - Give visible credit to me in your signature (I don't mind links to my profile or my store either, as long as there is some form of credit)
    - I am not accepting any other workers here at this time, so please don't ask.

    If you break any of these rules, the following will happen;

    First time rule break :: Banned for three days
    Second time rule break :: Banned for a week
    Third time rule break :: Banned permenantly

    Please read and follow all rules and check over your request before you post. (:

    Request Forms:-
    For Signatures;
    HTML Code:
    [B]Image(s) ::[/B]
    [B]Text ::[/B]
    [B]Style ::[/B]
    [B]Preferred size ::[/B]
    [B]Anything else? ::[/B]

    For icons;
    HTML Code:
    [B]Image ::[/B]
    [B]Text ::[/B]
    [B]Anything else? ::[/B]
    Examples of my graphics:-
    -- -- --
    -- -- --

    [Do not use]

    Ban List:-
    MasterLucario --- Until 9th July '09
    TheLupineOne --- Until 11th July '09
    Shining Glaceon --- Until 16th July '09
    Light Venusaur --- Until 21st July '09
    Jay star --- Until 21st July '09

    Happy Requesting~! And don't forget to rate~~! X3
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