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Thread: What happened to Mewtwo?

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    I don't think anyone knows where Mewtwo went besides the author (Hidenori Kusaka) and illustrator (Satoshi Yamamoto), lol. The "disappearance" of Mewtwo and petrification of the Pokedex holders are left as cliffhangers, probably going to be resolved in the Diamond and Pearl chapter.

    The Pokeball was made by Team Rocket, so it definitely is a "special ball," lol. That Pokeball, used by Sird in order to disable Deoxys, unleashed a powerful energy beam, which the Pokedex holders (and Mewtwo?) blocked with their bodies, and therefore, were turned to stone.

    I don't know why the energy caused the Pokedex holders to turn to stone, but the energy must have been powerful, since the Pokeball, like I said before, was made by Team Rocket. The Pokeball was probably manufactured with the idea of capturing Deoxys or another powerful Pokemon in mind; and since Pokemon have a stronger will to survive than humans, the energy must have overwhelmed the Pokedex holders' bodies. And of course, every cliffhanger is supposed to make the plot interesting. XD
    What are you talking about?

    The Diamond and Pearl chapter finished almost two years ago.

    We know what happened to Mewtwo. He chased after Sird, but she managed to escape.

    His current whereabouts are unknown.
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