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Thread: Connected Worlds 2: The Rise Of The Demon Lord (Luckyshipping, Mangaquest, Commoner)

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    Default Connected Worlds 2: The Rise Of The Demon Lord (Luckyshipping, Mangaquest, Commoner)

    Due to the lack of space in the Title, this fic will feature the ships that were mentioned above (mostly) but, however as time goes on I might think about adding a little viridianshipping, twinleafshipping, scarshipping, frantic, oldrival, and the love traingel between RedxGreenxBlue.

    Oh, and there is my OC shipping between Josh and Katie.

    In this fic Green is the GIRL. I repeat. Green is the GIRL.

    I do not own any of the characters or any of the places mentioned in this story, or any of the places or characters and musicians that will be mentioned in the future.

    And this story is rated T for teen right now, but I will notify if there are going to be any "R" rated chapters coming up.

    Eat your heart out folks!

    Chapter 1

    A year ago, the 15 chosen heroes defeated the three dark lords who sought to destroy the universe with the power of

    dark crystals. But the 15 heroes were resilient and defeated the dark lords by the use of special keyblades forged by

    Arceus. Many months have passed, and there was joy and peace among the universe. But there was something still lurking

    in Sinnoh of Poketopia. Cyrus was thought to be dead but he had a special jewel that was inside his body that made him

    to have a great amount of energy in him. He didn’t even know that he had this special jewel stuck inside his body. He

    survived and managed to find a way back to Sinnoh. One day he stumbled upon the place where he encountered Dialga

    and Palkia, which was the peak of Mt. Coronet. There he happened to find a tombstone and suddenly the jewel on his

    chest shone brightly and it projected its light upon the tombstone and the tombstone’s inscriptions said:

    Upon the sounds of Darkness and evil

    Minions of the dark lord shall rise from dead

    And the greed of power and wealth will bring

    Injustice to the world, thus bringing

    Violent storms of fire and lightning creating

    The rebirth of the dark lord

    Who will bring wrath for the next millennia.

    But beware, the power of two equal beings

    Will resurrect the two-headed dragon by using

    The power of courage and love.

    Cyrus observed the inscription carefully and thought: “Maybe I can use this tombstone’s inscription to bring revenge to

    those kids who ruined my and my masters’ plans…..”

    This tombstone was no ordinary tombstone. It was a tombstone of the ancient demon lord Luciroth. Believe it or not, this

    Demon Lord actually before Arceus. It was said that this demon lord had an equal amount of power as Arceus did. Some

    said that Arceus defeated him in a battle to bring the world to justice. It was also said that two people who shared a

    bountiful amount of courage and love with each other were able to bring Arceus into a new mode; Ryohenzu, The two-

    headed dragon was Luciroth’s only and the feared nemesis of the demon lord. In a local legend of Solaceon town it was

    said only in the form of Ryohenzu, Arceus is able to beat the Demon Lord, Luciroth. Although now, no one ever talks about

    it, because the legend is still feared to this day in Poketopia. It is said that when one talks about this legend, it brings bad

    luck, so no one talks to dare speak his name.

    And now Cyrus has taken the tombstone of this great Demon Lord and he is going to do everything to bring the world in

    Chaos and bring back Luciroth in the peak of Mt. Coronet. Time can only wait as our story begins………


    It was a beautiful sunny day in Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh. It was a day of the 15 heroes reunion.

    The event was going to be held at Diamond’s house and Pearl and Platina were already there helping out to prepare for the

    celebration. Platina said to Diamond, “Hey Dia, I heard that some of people can’t make it today, because they have other

    busy things to do….” Dia exclaimed, “But what could be more important this?! I mean there’s FREE FOOD!” Then Platina

    replied, “Oh Dia, you and your food…(sighs) Well, Ruby’s got a really big Job Interview for American Eagle, Sapphire is

    having a gym leader test for the Petalburg City…” Pearl interrupted, “Wait, I thought Norman was the Gym Leader!” Dia

    smacked him on the head and said, “Idiot! He retired last week! Don’t u watch the news?” (Gets into a brawl) Dia’s mom

    yelled, “Will you stop it boys?!?!” Diamond and Pearl instantly reacted and said, “Yes ma’am.” (Platina sweatdrops) Platina

    continued on and said, “Green has also a gym leader test that determines his spot for this year, Yellow and silver have a

    important guest coming over to the day care center today…, and Emerald is apparently trying out to become one of the

    heads in the battle frontier.” Diamond said, “So everyone else is coming?” Platina replied, “Yeah! And Josh and Katie are

    coming too!” Diamond said, “Awesome! (Kisses Platina)” Platina blushed and said, “Dia! Not in front of your mom……”

    Diamond’s mom chuckled and Diamond said, “See you outside in a bit!” Diamond, Platina and Pearl were thirteen years old.

    They were in their 7th year in the Pokemon Acadmey in Sandgem Town. Because of their deeds that were known in last

    year, the trio became really popular among their peers. Diamond was the food fanatic and the mischievous one. Platina

    was the proud girl, whose mother passed away from a disease and her father was killed by a one of Cyrus’ monsters. Pearl

    was the obnoxious and impatient guy. He always acted before he thought of anything. A year ago, Diamond promised

    Platina that her father’s death won’t be in vain and he swore that he would protect her till the end. Platina was very

    moved by his promise and as time went on the two eventually became a couple. And, obviously Pearl pretty became

    jealous of that as time went on. The party was going to be held in the front yard of the house where the big party of

    reunion was going to be held. It was going to be a momentous occasion. The day of the party was when all the 15 heroes

    had met in the first place.

    Back in Earth, Josh was studying music in college and he finished his first year and was taking the 3 and a half month

    summer break back in his home. He called up Katie on his cell phone,

    …… …… ……

    “Hey Katie, It’s me Josh.”

    “Hey baby, what’s up?”

    “You want to meet at Baja before we go to Dia’s?”

    “Sure! Meet me there in about in 15 minutes.”

    “Ok! See you there!”

    Katie also finished with her first year in college for her undergraduate in modern dance in UCLA and she bought a summer

    home that was near Josh’s house in Orange County. Josh packed his stuff to go to Dia’s house. He wore a black beanie

    with a Red pokeball mark that was on the front. He wore a red and white striped polo shirt, black shorts, and a gray

    hooded jacket. He drove his black Chevy Camaro to the Baja Fresh in Ocean Ranch to meet Katie. A year ago, Josh didn’t

    know who Katie was until he founded a injured girl in the middle of a Sinnoh forest. Apparently at that time, Katie was one

    of the many female “experiments” for the evil dark lords at the time. They got to know each other very well, and it

    happened that Josh and Katie were both Koreans and from the same state: California. Josh on the other hand was still

    recovering from the tragic death of his girlfriend at the time. And when he saw Katie, he pledged himself that he needed to

    protect her from the dangers that were coming after her. As time went on they made a very good couple and to this

    moment their relationship still went on strong. While Josh was waiting anxiously at the restaurant, After a couple of

    minutes she showed up in purple spaghetti straps, white shorts and white tennis shoes. She ran up to hug Josh, and

    said, “How’ve you been? I missed you so much!” Josh replied, “I’ve been good thanks to you, and I missed my boo (kisses

    her on the cheek)!”

    Josh said, “Come to think of it, I don’t think we should eat yet, we’re gonna eat at Dia’s house,” Katie replied, “It’s ok,

    we’ll just hang out in there until we go ok?” Josh said, “Ok!” So they went inside the restraint and took a seat. Josh

    said, “Katie, you want to order some chips anyway? Because we’re gonna hang out for a while…” Katie said, “Sure!”

    (front of the counter)

    “Can I have some chips ready please miss?”

    “Sure.” (Hands out nahos)

    (grabs some hot sauce and sits on table)

    “So, Katie, how’s your year been?”

    “It’s been good. A lot of busy work…(frowns) How about you?”

    “Busy work, but at the same time, a lot of fun and good music was all around.”

    “Wow, this hot sauce is really hot.”

    “Yes you are…”

    “Josh! Stop it! (Blushes)”

    “I’m just playing with you.”

    “I know, but anyways, I have a curious question.”

    “Go ahead. Shoot.”

    “How many times did you get drunk this year?”

    “Uhh… to tell you the truth, I can’t remember, because I got so drunk a lot of times.”

    “WOW…… Jeez, you party animal. Your parents don’t care?”


    “(takes her phone out) Well, I guess if you don’t mind if I actually……”

    “AH HELL NO!!”

    “Relax!! I was only joking. (Sticks her tongue out)

    “Katie, you’re such a clown. Well, how many times did u get drunk?”

    “You know…… I don’t remember either. Countless of times… hehe”

    “Well, what do you know…… PARTY ANIMAL……!”

    “(blushes) Don’t tell my parents…”

    “Well, I guess for the time being I can hold off.”

    “Thanks Josh, by the way, you should take care of yourself.”

    “You’re the one to talk for a dancer.”

    “Well…… yeah. (blushes again)

    “Katie, you should come to Calarts, you would have so much more fun.”

    “You know that I can’t leave my bruins behind.”

    “You do know that it’s all about the Trojans right?”

    “SHUT UP! (gets angry)”

    “By the way, U Clowns Lost Again to us in football.”

    “Yeah, but we’re a better school than USC. Wait why are you even cheering for USC?! You don’t go there!”

    “Yeah, but when it comes to college sports, they’re my favorite team. Oh, and we managed to beat you guys in Basketball

    as well.”

    “I know, that was quite disappointing.”

    “Hahahaha (makes fun of her)

    “Josh Stop It!”

    “Aww, is my little baby upset?”


    “Ok ok… I’ll stop.”

    “Let’s get goin to Dia’s ok?”

    (outside the restaurant)

    “By the way Katie, you actually do really look good today.”

    “…… Aww, thanks Josh. (Kisses him on the lips)

    “Ok! Let’s go, we’re gonna be late.”

    “Is it ok if we take your car to the station?”

    “With pleasure, after all, (opens the car door) my ride is fit for a queen like you.”

    “Josh…… stop it! (blushes heavily)

    “That reminds me, did you bring your reunion clothing? I mean we’re gonna be dressed up you know… and we’re gonna be

    sleeping over along with everybody else who are coming.”

    “I did, let me get it in my car. Where’s yours?”

    “In the car, haha”

    As Josh and Katie headed for the Interplanetary Metro Station, in Pallet Town of Kanto, Poketopia, Red and Green were

    getting ready at Red’s house for the reunion at Dia’s house. It’s been a year since they had this couple relationship. Their

    relationship became official when Red saved Green from Ansem’s attack in K-Heartomia when they were on their mission to

    revive the universe along with 13 other dex holders. Green was really moved when Red confessed his feelings to her on

    that day, and she immediately confessed her feelings right away, and their relationship has been going strong ever since.

    Green was dressed in a blue short dress, her usual hat, and black high heels. Red was dressed in a dark green suit, black

    pants and black shoes. And all he needed was his sky blue tie, and he couldn’t find it all of a sudden.

    “Green, have you seen my tie?”

    “(downstairs)No, honey! Look around you carefully.”

    “I swear it was on my bed! ARGH!”

    “(thinking) uf fu fu…… I have it right here. (holding the sky blue tie in her hands)

    “Gah, whatever, I need to get going now though. (puts on his suit)

    (Red rushes downstairs and Green pulls Red by his neck with his tie)

    “Gotcha! Where do you think you’re going?”

    “Blue! So it was you who had my tie!”

    “Well, what’cha gonna do huh?”

    “I can always start by…… (tickles green) tickling you!”

    “(laughs uncontrollably) ha HA HA! Stop it Red!”

    (Red drags green to a nearby sofa)

    “Oh Green, you’re such a sly girl.”

    “hohoho, yes I am~!”

    “You know, (staring at the tie) my dad wore that on his first date with my mom.”

    “And it surely feels good too. (Pulls Red closer to her with the tie)

    “(smelling her discretely) You sure know how to use a perfume. (makes out with her)

    “By the way, when are Gold and Crystal coming?”

    All of a sudden Gold and Crystal through the front door, and Red and Green were caught off guard by surprise. Red and

    Green Sweatdropped. He asked Green, “You didn’t lock the door?”

    Green replied, “Hehe, (sweatdrops) oops.) Gold mischievously looked at them and said, “My, my my… what have we goin

    on here? Geez Red! It’s not even mating season yet!”

    Blue immediately horse-kicked Gold’s balls with her high heel. Gold groaned in pain.

    “Ow! Green! Why is it always me? (Crystal facepalms)”

    “Don’t talk about my man like that! Or else…… (lifts her shining high heel) Hi Crystal!! (smiles with joy)”

    Red thought: “Man… for a second she was a total angel to me, and just a second she nailed Gold’s balls, and now she’s an

    angel again?!(Sweatdrops)

    Crystal said, “hehe, Hi Green. What’s up?”

    “Nothin. We were just waiting for you guys.”

    Red said to Gold, “Lookin sharp brotha!”

    Gold was still limping from the shock and said, “Yeah, well now I’m gonna have erectile dysfunction…… ow ow OW!”

    Blue patted Gold on the back and said, “Come on! Be a man! You’ll be ok. Let’s go go go!”

    “Gold replied, “Easy for you to say…… ow! ICE ICE ICE!!!!”

    Red sighed and said, “Ice pack coming up!”

    Crystal said, “Come on Gold! You can lean on me on the way to the car.”

    Gold and Crystal’s relationship has also been a year since Gold’s confession to Crystal on night before the great war. Both

    of them had the same feelings for each other and Gold couldn’t keep his emotions bottled up until he just gave in and

    confessed first before he lost his chance. And she had the same feelings for him also, so the match happened right away.

    And like other characters’ relationships, theirs was still strong as ever.

    Gold was dressed in all white, a white gentlman’s hat, white tux, white pants, all white except a black tie. Crystal herself

    was dressed in a white dress gown and a red high heels. Those two probably were going to be the most flashy guests

    today out of the 6 guests that were coming to Dia’s house. While everybody packed their stuff and drove to Dia’s house,

    Josh and Katie already got changed into their party clothes and brought their stuff along with them to the Interplanetary

    Metro Station. They got on the train that leads to Twinleaf town and found a seat.

    “Hey Katie, I’m glad you’re here with me.”

    “Thanks. I feel the same way.”

    “It’s been such a long time since we’ve all met together.”

    “Yeah, (leans on him) do you remember when we first met?”

    “Of course! How could I forget? When I saw you stranded in a middle of a forest, I knew I had to do something.”

    “And when you picked me up that moment, I felt instantly safe and warm. Did you know that?”

    “(blushes) Aww, shucks Katie, thanks.”

    “And Dia’s house was the first place we officialy introduced to ourselves to each other.”

    “It sure was. And now to think that we’re going back there again……”

    “yeah, sure is nostalgic.”

    “Hey, Katie.”


    “I really was scared when you were dead at that moment. And I’m never gonna make you go through that again.”

    “And I’m gonna protect you too. Don’t think that you’re gonna be the only one gets all the heroic action!”

    “You know I get worried about you when you say that.”

    “(covers his mouth) We’re gonna be fine. (Pecks him on his cheek)”

    “Katie! We’re in public.”

    “I thought that was my line. You bad boy…”

    “Katie, you are such a tease. (makes out with her)

    Some minutes after that, the train arrived at the Twinleaf Town. Josh and Katie packed their stuff, and along with

    everybody else were going to meet up very soon. And that reunion was going to spark the next chapter of the

    adventurous story.
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    Here is Chapter 2. The story is going to pick up bit by bit, but this chapter has more

    shippy moments to compensate for the lack of rising drama. I wrote a big one for


    Please R&R!

    Ch 2

    Josh and Katie were dressed in their reunion clothes. Josh wore a dark green tuxedo with a dark green/black striped tie,

    and black dress pants. Katie was dressed in a purple dress and white high heels along with sapphire earrings and a gold

    necklace. They were just coming up in front of the town, until a car stopped next to them. The car window rolled down

    and Crystal exclaimed.

    “Katie! What’s up?”

    Katie replied, “We’re going to Dia’s house! Are you guys going to the same place?”

    Crystal said, “Yeah! Hop on! We have room in the back!”

    Gold popped his head on the side and groaned, “Hey Josh……”

    “Josh said, “What happened to you?”

    Gold said, “It’s a long story.”

    Josh and Katie got back in the Expedition 2008 and Red and Green were also here. Who were just chatting away with

    everyone else in the car.

    Katie said to Green, “Still have the handkerchief?”

    Green showed her handkerchief that was tied on her hat and said, “Yeah I do.”

    Josh said to Red, “How’s everything going?”

    Red replied, “Eh, nothing much. Just training for the hoenn league, that’s all.”

    Gold still had the ice pack on his balls and was groaning in pain.

    Josh asked him, “By the way, what the hell happened to you?!”

    Gold said, “Uhh… it’s a long story. (Green snickers maliciously)

    Josh facepalmed and said, “Why do I get the feeling that I know what exactly happened?”

    Red said, “You see…… what happened was, Green and I were making out in my house, until Gold and Crystal suddenly

    barged in because the door was unlocked…(glares at Green)

    Green retorted, “Geez RED! Ok! I’m sorry! Can we get over it?!”

    Katie remarked, “Aww, lover’s quarrel… What a sight.”

    Red continued on, “And Gold saw us in a awkward moment and said his usual sexual remark.”

    Green imitated Gold and said, “Geez Red! It’s not mating season yet! (Sticks out tongue at Gold)

    Josh remarked at Gold, “I see you haven’t lost your touch yet…”

    Gold yelled, “Hey **** you! Besides, you don’t know what it’s like to get horse-kicked on your balls by pointy high heels,


    Crystal sweatdropped and thought: I hope his performance doesn’t go down…(sighs)”

    Red said, “You guys! We’re here! It’s Dia’s house!”

    Crystal found a place to park her car and everyone got out. Outside the Sinnoh trio ran to their older seniors and

    welcomed them. The boys were really glad to see Red, and Platina was ecstatic to see Green again. Diamond was dressed

    in a black suit with a red tie, and black pants. Pearl was also dressed the same way but except the tie was apple green.

    And Platina wore a long white dress, and she put flowers in her hair to top it off.

    Diamond and Pearl said to Red, “Boy, are we glad to see you!”

    Red patted them on their heads and said, “Behaving well boys? (Smiles)”

    Platina hugged Green and exclaimed, “I missed you sooo much!”

    Green lifted her up and hugged her in circles and said, “How’s my princess doing? (pecks her on the cheek)

    Green lowered her down and Platina said, “Geez Green! You don’t need to call me that anymore! Look how tall I am now!

    (Sprouts herself up proudly)”

    Green chuckled and said, “Nope, Still got a long way to go. Little princess! (pats her head)”

    Diamond’s mother was just outside the door and she called him to get the food outside. Diamond immediately went to help

    his mother carry out all the food in the house. The whole gang decided to help him along carrying the food. And at no time

    at all the food was laid outside the table in the front yard. There were all kinds of delectable munchies on the tables:

    ranging from chicken wings to rice to pizza. And the best part was that all of this was homemade. Just as the gang was

    about to eat the food, Diamond’s mother suddenly interrupted.

    “Stop! Since this is a special occasion, we have to make a prayer to Arceus.”

    Diamond complained, “But mom! I’m starving!”

    His mother got infuriated and said, “DIA!!!! (Clenches fists while having burning eyes)

    Diamond pleaded, “Ok! Ok. I’m sorry mom…… (Platina sweatdrops)

    As everyone stayed silent, Diamond’s mother began to say the prayer:

    Oh, Arceus, thank you for letting us gather here today.

    Our friends have traveled us a long way for this joyous day.

    Oh, let your inner spirit Ryohenzu guide these people to you.

    May your sounds of light lighten their hearts and wash away the devil.

    And may your inner spirit protect these children like you protected us

    From Luciroth many eons ago.

    Dia’s mother said, “Let’s Eat!”

    Everyone began to dine in on the food, and as usual, Diamond began to hog out on the food. Platina was freaking out and

    she scolded Diamond.

    “DIA! You’re gonna choke again like you did last time!! Slow down!”

    Diamond had a mouthful of food in his mouth and said, “Vi’ll bee Frine.”

    Pearl remarked, “You know, when you always have a mouthful, you speak a completely different language. (Sweatdrops)”

    Josh said to Diamond as he was eating his bowl of rice and chicken. “I didn’t know you guys had a religion.”

    Then Diamond finally swallowed the food in his mouth and said, “Well…… it’s not really a religion, or should I say… it was a


    Katie asked, “What do you mean by it was a religion?”

    Diamond continued on, “Well, according to pokemon history, about 5000 years ago, the world was at a brink of destruction

    by this evil dark being named Luciroth. But there were 2 people a man and a woman who shared courage and love with

    each other woke up the inner spirit of Arceus, named Ryohenzu.”

    Katie asked, “How did they wake up the inner spirit of Arceus?”

    Platina added, “They said that the spirit was awoken by a kiss between the two people at a time of their utmost moment

    of destruction.”

    Green added, “And no one ever saw those two again right? I remember this story! When I was a little kid, my mom used to

    tell it to me all the time, and I always imagined that I was the main heroine of the story and I imagined this knight in

    shining armor kissing me (stares at Red) as we walked up the stairway to heaven. (sighs) So romantic, yet tragic.”

    Crystal added “Oh Green, you and your morbid thoughts. (Sweatdrops)”

    Green retorted, “Hey shut up! You…… you egghead!”

    Crystal added, “WHAT?! (Fights green “anime style”)

    Gold said, “AHEM! Now where were we?(Drags Crystal away)”

    Red said, “Come on Green! Enough is enough!(Drags Green away)”

    Diamond then continued on, “The Dark Lord was sealed away in a tombstone inside the peak of Mt. Coronet, and was

    never to be seen again.”

    Pearl added, “But Ryozenhu not only saved Poketopia, but he also saved the other worlds from the Grasps of Luciroth.”

    Josh remarked, “To come to think of it, I think I did hear about the story of a legend of the two-headed dragon saving the

    world a long time ago. But it was only a legend. Do you remember Katie?”

    Katie said, “Yeah, I did hear that story from my parents too.”

    Diamond said, “After that huge incident, the people started to worship Arceus more thoroughly with the heart. But as time

    went on for centuries, the people started to forget about how we were saved from the clutches of evil. Pollution was

    getting heavier, the balance between rich and the poor was getting worse, people were committing more sins, and they

    started to become more superficial and chased after the illusion of the materialistic life.

    Josh remarked, “Sounds like I heard that somewhere before.”

    Red added, “Tell me about it, I mean I swear, the kids don’t know how to treat pokemon properly now these days! I took

    on a challenger last week, and he spat at his pokemon for losing the battle against me. They don’t know the meaning of

    hard work and having a good heart for pokemon.”

    Platina added, “Yes, there are people who don’t remain faithful to Arceus, but fortunately Diamond’s mother is one of the

    few people who still hasn’t forgot about the light of Arceus.”

    Gold said, “Well, as long as we stick to each other, we’ll be fine!”

    Crystal added, “For sure! Just remain dedicated to yourself and never change!”

    Soon, they ate all the food and they didn’t say anything for a long time because the food was so fulfilling.

    Platina told Diamond, “Dia, your mom is a really good cook.”

    Diamond replied, “Yeah, she is. And she’s a really good mother as well.”

    Platina said, “I wish I could cook like her someday. (Pouts)”

    Diamond said, “Well, you’re taking lessons from her right now, so you’ll get better as time goes on.”

    Platina said, “Thanks Dia! You’re the best. (Kisses him)”

    Blue remarked, “Aww, how adorable… such cute kids.”

    Diamond and Platina retorted, “WE”RE NOT KIDS!”

    Blue sweatdropped and said, “OK! Ok. Calm down you two.”

    Then Katie said, “Josh, why don’t you serenade for us?”

    Gold added, “Yeah man, I really miss that great clarinet playing of yours.”

    Josh said, “I don’t feel like it though…”

    Then everybody started begging for Josh to play, and Katie and Green said at the same time,

    “Josh, do it for me! (Both of them pout)

    Katie then glared at Green and said, “Lay off *****! He’s mine!”

    Green retorted once again and said, “Hmph! Who said I was going to lay my hands on him? I have Red on my side!”

    Red facepalmed and thought: “Not again. Sheesh she’s hard to control.”

    Gold nudged Josh and said, “I think this is a good time to get your instrument out.”

    Josh went to get out his Clarinet from his bag pack assembled it, and drew everyone’s attention.

    Josh said, “This tune is called My One And Only Love composed by Guy Wood and Robert Mellin. And I dedicate this song

    to Katie and all my friends present in front of me.”

    Josh started to play the slow ballad tune. And he started to catch the mood of the music, by adding colorful notes to the

    tune as he got to the improv section. And occasionally he put up fast flurries of notes and sometimes slow patterns of

    color tones.

    Gold remarked, “Man, he’s improved quite a bit.”

    Katie added, “Well, that’s what you get when you go to one of the best music colleges in U.S.”

    Crystal said, “Gold, you have to serenade me like this one day…… ok?”

    Gold replied, “Sure thing babe. (Pecks her on cheek)

    After Josh finished playing the piece, everyone started to clap. Then Platina said to Diamond, “Can we talk for a second?”

    Diamond replied, “Uhh… ok!”

    Both of them got up and went to inside Diamond’s room. And for some reason, Platina looked really worried. Diamond was

    worried about her, and he said,

    “What’s wrong?”

    Platina asked him, “The prophecy… Luciroth won’t come back again right?”

    Diamond said, “Baby, it’ll be alright. It’s just a story. It won’t happen again.”

    Platina said, “It’s just that I’ve been having the same dream lately.”

    Diamond said, “what was it about?”

    Platina said, “Cyrus was still alive, and he went to Mt. Coronet. There, he found the tombstone of Luciroth, and he took it

    with him… and I think he was going to do something to waken up the Dark Lord again. Dia! What if this is just more than a


    Diamond started to comfort her and said, “It’ll be fine. It’s just a dream. And if it turns out to be the real deal, you know

    that I got your back. I’ll always be here for you.”

    Platina blushed and kissed him softly on the lips. She said, “I love you Dia.”

    Diamond replied, “I love you too Platina.”

    Diamond laid on his bed and Platina lay right next to him on the same bed.

    Platina said, “Hey Dia.”

    Diamond said, “Hmm?”

    Platina said, “Tomorrow’s Dad’s birthday. It’s been a year since he’s passed away.”

    Diamond said, “Yeah. I still can’t believe that you lost your only family member.”

    Platina showed a tear on her left her eye and said, “Well, it’s too late now.”

    Diamond said, “Hey Platina, have I done a good job of protecting you so far?”

    Platina replied, “Sure! Why do you ask that?”

    Diamond replied, “Because I almost lost you went you went to the other world. If it wasn’t for Josh…, you would’ve been…

    Platina coverd his mouth with her finger and said, “It’s ok. You tried your best and that’s what matters.”

    Diamond said, “Hey, do you remember the whole bodyguard thing that Pearl and I did for you?”

    Platina replied, “Haha, that time when you guys were “assigned” as bodyguards? Heck yes!”

    Diamond said, “I fell in love at first sight when I saw you for the first time.”

    Platina giggled and said, “Diamond! Stop it! (Blushes)

    Diamond said, “And I used the pokemon statue to lure away the bidoofs…”

    Platina said, “That was really clever of you.”

    Diamond said, “And that one time-“

    Platina quieted him down and said, “hush. It’s just us two. We can relax now.”

    Diamond blushed and said, “Hehe… ok.”

    Platina just lay there still right next to Diamond and said, “Ah… I just wish I could stay like this with you the whole time. I

    feel so secure.”

    Diamond said, “I know how you feel. I feel the same way. (kisses her on her forehead.”

    Pearl, who was just listening to the whole conversation outside Diamond’s room, thought: “Why can’t it be me who

    comforts her? Why?!” He went downstairs to go to his home without saying good bye to anyone. As he was leaving he

    shed a couple of tears as he was going to his house.


    Now, on the depths of Eterna Forest, Cyrus had met his subordinates in secret in the old Chateau. It’s been exactly two

    years since Cyrus had met up with his subordinates do plan the destruction of the world. Saturn was the male subordinate

    who had the crescent moon-shaped hair, Mars was the one with the short Red hair with short spike on the top and the

    sides. Jupiter was the another female subordinate who had the sort of a pony tail with weird buns on the side.

    Cyrus said, “It’s been a long time everyone.”

    Mars replied, “Where have you been all this time master?”

    Cyrus said, “Trying to make my goals happen. But it never worked.”

    Saturn added, “What do we do now? Is Team Galactic gone for good?”

    Cyrus said, “Not quite. (Shows the tombstone)”

    Jupiter asked, “Sir. Just what is it?”

    Cyrus said, “Our only ticket for Galactic Domination.”

    Saturn said, “Well, Just what is it?!”

    Cyrus said, “Quiet, Fool!! This is a tombstone that tells the prophecy of the long lost dark lord, Luciroth.”

    Mars remarked, “You’re kidding! That was supposed to be like a complete myth now! But it’s still here?! How’d you find it?”

    Then Cyrus revealed his chest and said, “This special jewel inside my chest lead me to it.”

    Jupiter said, “Master! Tell us! What is that you wish us to do?”

    Cyrus said, “I know what to do. I have researched the last 5000 years of pokemon history and have found out that there

    is a special mineral we need to do complete this task. And to do that we need to go to the mines in the Oreburgh City.

    There should be huge deposits of these minerals in the mines.”

    Saturn asked, “Shall we head to Oreburgh City then?”

    Cyrus replied, “Yes. Rally the grunts and go to Oreburgh City discretely to complete your mission. Try not to get noticed.”

    The three Commanders Replied, “Yes, sir!”
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    Hey everybody, the next chapter might take longer than expected thanks to writer's block. T_T
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    Ok, new chapter is here, and this is where my creative and the "soul" side comes out of me. This might be a little controversial for some of you, but hey, I love controversies.

    side note: I found out that PearlXPlatina is Haughtyshipping. So yeah.... not twinleaf, but Haughty will be included in this fic also.

    Oh and warning: a bit of sexual comedy in the beginning.

    Please Read & Review!

    Ch 3

    It was the next morning, the sun was shining brightly and all the dex holders were soundly asleep in their respective rooms.

    All of a sudden Gold woke up and was screaming in pure happiness. “IT’S ALIVE!!!!”

    Crystal who was sleeping in the other room woke up suddenly and rushed to the boys’ bed, and said, “What? What’s up


    Then Gold immediately turned around to Crystal and said, “MORNING GLORY!!!!”

    Then Crystal looked at the upper part of the pants which was sticking out with the Giant Rooster. (Still clothed) She

    blushed and fainted, “Uhhh…(faints)” She fell backwards.

    Gold freaked out and said, “CRYSTAL!” He immediately rushed over to her side and asked her, “You ok?”

    Gold noticed that she was smiling and thought: “I wonder why she fainted and, why is she smiling? Wait a minute…OH. Ok.

    Now I see why. Oh, Kris. (Kisses her on forehead)

    The male dex holders started to wake up and they were shocked to see Crystal in the room.

    Red said to gold, “You know, I have to agree with Josh. You really haven’t lost your touch.”

    Gold said, “Shut up! It wasn’t my idea to bring her in.”

    Then Josh said, “Oh yeah? Then what’s with the Giant schlong?”

    Gold said, “That’s what I’m talking about! It’s all good now!”

    Josh said, “Of course, it’s ok! What, did you think you were gonna have wilting cactus for the rest of your life?”

    Then Red joked, “You know, maybe Kris gave him a BJ to bring his penis back to normal function while we were asleep.”

    Gold was fuming but Josh didn’t stop there and added, “Or maybe he really wanted to stick the dough in the grill while we

    were asleep, however he got rejected and because of that rejection, he magically got a boner and supermanned her!”

    Gold finally blew up and said, “ALRIGHT! THAT”S IT! One more insult on Crystal, and you’re definitely gonna get a good

    dose of Blast Burn from my Typholosion!”

    Josh sweatdropped and said, “Ok! Ok! Geez we were just kidding.”

    Gold said, “Don’t make fun of my baby and DO NOT insult my babymaker!! (Fists clinching)”

    Red said, “OK OK! But seriously Gold, does it hurt right now in you know where?”

    Gold thought for a second and said, “No, not at all.”

    Josh said, “Then, you’re fine!! As long you don’t feel any weird pains, you’re all good.”

    Gold finally relaxed and said, “Ok. You’re off the hook for now.”

    All the dex holders started to wake up slowly and got together at the kitchen for a breakfast. Because of Gold’s chaotic

    ruckus in the morning, all the dex holders didn’t look they had good sleep at all.

    Katie yawned and said, “Who was causing making all the noise in the morning?”

    Platina said, “I’m still sleepy! Who made all of the chaos? It definitely wasn’t from our room! (Glaring at Diamond)”

    Diamond said, “It wasn’t me! I was sleeping the whole time!”

    Josh said, “Yeah, it was Gold! And we all woke up and we were woah! And Gold was like, woah! And we were all like


    Gold sweatdropped and said sarcastically, “thanks for covering my back yo.”

    Then all the girls saw Crystal coming out of the boys’ room and all the girls were shocked.

    Katie said, “Why is she in the guys’ room? (Smirks) Oh… I know what happened. Geez Crys! You could’ve just told us about


    Crystal blushed tomato red and said, “Look, you guys! It’s not what you think!”

    Then Green remarked, “I know what exactly happened: You see what happened was (draws picture in her mind) When

    Gold woke up, he was crying with joy because his penis has returned to normal and then Crystal rushed to his side in the

    boys’ room, but fainted when she saw his morning glory.”

    Immediately Gold and Crystal were shuddering and their faces turned purple. They were so shocked that she knew

    everything from right off the bat.

    Platina sweatdropped and said, “Wow, you really haven’t changed at all.”

    Red also sweatdropped and said, “Well, that’s my baby girl for ya!”

    Diamond remarked, “Red, I give serious props to ya.”

    Red replied, “Thanks little bro.”

    Diamond’s mother got out of the bed and said, “Good morning everyone!”

    Everyone said, “Good morning ma’am!”

    As soon as Diamond’s mother was going to work in the kitchen, Green said, “Oh, it’s ok! We’ll make the breakfast today!

    Right, Katie?”

    Katie replied, “Sure!”

    Diamond’s mother smiled, “Well, that’s nice of you girls. The bread and the cereal is in the cupboards and the egg and the

    milk is in the fridge.”

    Katie and Green replied, “Ok!”

    While Katie and Green were working in the kitchen, Josh turned the TV on and went Jubilife TV Station Channel, and found

    something peculiar.

    Josh said, “Hey everyone! Check this out!”

    Then everyone started to pay attention to the news and the reporter was talking about a strange occurrence that was

    happening in Oreburgh City.

    The male reporter said, “Here we have a special mineral that is known as Cochilophite. It is said that future music CD’s will

    be made with this special mineral. There are tons of Cochilophite in the Oreburgh Mines, and the future production of the

    music is going to become much more easier. And here we have the owner of the Oreburgh Mining Co. and the Oreburgh

    City’s Gym leader Roark.”

    Diamond commented, “What’s up with Roark’s face? It doesn’t look like him at all.”

    Roark who was being interviewed live on TV said, “We have been asked by top recording companies to dig out these

    minerals. And according to them, they said that these minerals are going be the new paradigm of the CD making, because

    these materials are going to stop music editing for eternity. However, only the top artists’ CD’s will be made with these

    materials, because we want to make more and more CD’s for the fans out there but with a cheap price, right?”

    The male reporter replied, “Sounds like a great market strategy from the recording companies. Well, Roark, good luck to

    you. This is Trevor Stenson reporting live from Oreburgh City. Back to you Jubilife City.”

    Josh sighed and said, “Again, we’re settling for the easy way to make music. What is this world coming to?!”

    Katie sighed and said, “Not again……”

    Green asked her, “What?”

    Katie said, “It’s nothing. It just that Josh wants to fight for artistic justice and he thinks that the way the music is these

    days is just a bunch of trash. And he thinks that we’re all gonna be destroyed by this ‘sounds of the devil’ he calls.”

    Green replied. “Oh. Such as?”

    Katie replied, “Well, for instance, he despises women being portrayed as bunch of who*es in most of today’s hip-hop and pop

    music and such.”

    Green said, “Well, that’s interesting. Coming from a pervert like himself.”

    Katie said, “Well, you can’t blame him for having hormones……”

    Green laughed and said, “Yeah, I guess you’re right about that.”

    Katie said, “But as far as his music goes, he says that he’s always going to be creative keep the words and lyrics always


    Green replied, “What a guy……”

    Katie said, “And that’s why I love him, because he’s not trying to be someone else. He’s just trying to be him.”

    As Green and Katie were making their breakfast meal for everybody, Pearl walked in Diamond’s house and everyone greeted

    him. His eyes were puffy because he actually spent the whole entire night crying out of jealousy.

    Josh said, “You didn’t get enough sleep?”

    Red said, “You feeling alright?”

    Then Platina went up to him and asked, “Seriously, why are your eyes all puffy? (giggles) Did you get beat up by a bully?”

    Pearl blushed and said, “Shut up! It’s none of your business! I’m gonna get some more sleep.”

    Pearl went to sleep on his bed and although Platina pretended to not to worry about him, she was deeply worried about

    him and thought: “He’s been kind of not himself lately these days. I hope he’s ok.”

    Green called to Platina, “Hey darling, can you help me with these dishes?”

    Platina’s train of thought was interrupted and said, “Oh, sure thing green.”

    Platina handed out the meals to the hungry dex holders and everyone gathered at the table. The meal consisted of

    sausages, French toast, fried eggs, and cereals. Green’s cooking improved over some time, thanks to Katie’s cooking tips

    that she left to Green some time ago after the Great War was over. The meal was mostly prepared by Green this time, but

    Katie still had to mentor her from time to time.

    The dex holders started eating and Red tried a bit of a French toast with eggs. And he commented, “Wow! These are

    really good. Who prepared the meal?”

    Katie said, “It was mostly Green’s work, and I just checked on her from time to time.”

    Red replied, “Green, your cooking skills have improved a lot.”

    Green replied, “Aww, thanks Red. (Kisses him)”

    Josh added, “Yeah, These are really tasty. They almost match Katie’s cooking!”

    Then Katie fumed and said, “OF COURSE! I taught her myself personally! What’d you expect? A regular ‘B’ quality food

    court food?!”

    Josh said, “Do I detect a flavor of jealousy?”

    Katie blushed and said, “Wh-who said I was Jealous?!”

    Then Green sweatdropped and said, “Come on come on! Let’s get along now.”

    Red said to Gold, “So you feel fine now?”

    Gold replied, “You betcha! Feel so much better now. I can actually WALK now.”

    Then Green glared at him and said, “Just don’t talk about my man like that again.”

    Gold said, “Come on! It was only a joke.”

    Then Green raised her bread knife and said, “I can do something much worse…(clutches the knife)

    Then Gold got on his knees and said, “Ok OK! Please have mercy Green-Sama~!”

    Then Green smiled, patted his forehead and said, “That’s a good boy. And I like that name… Green-Sama…… it’s has a nice

    ring to it.”

    Crystal sweatdropped and said, “Oh boy, he’s getting really disciplined.”

    Diamond asked Pearl, “So, why didn’t you say goodbye yesterday when you were leaving?”

    Pearl hesitated for a second and said, “It was nothing, I was just really tired.”

    Diamond replied, “You sure it’s nothing?”

    Pearl said, “It’s nothing.”

    Katie asked Josh who had a dark expression on his face. “What’s wrong baby?”

    Then Josh, who had finished his meal, stood up and said, “I need to go to Oreburgh City.”

    Katie replied, “Josh! Are you serious?! Look! Those recording companies just provide entertainment! They’re not out here

    to destroy us!”

    Josh replied, “I don’t like this feeling. Something doesn’t sound right. Not only Roark said he was going to make these new

    materials for CD’s, but Dia also mentioned that Roark didn’t look like Roark.”

    Katie replied, “Then I’m going with you.”

    Josh replied, “Ok. Anybody else want to come with me?”

    Red replied, “I’ll go with you. You’ll need my battle skills to get through this.”

    Green added, “And, Red’s not going anywhere without me. (Clings on to him)”

    Diamond added, “Wait, is it just me or do you think that some of us should stay behind and report any strange things


    Red replied, “That’s why I want you three to stay behind along with Gold and Crystal. Is that cool?”

    The 5 dex holders replied, “Yeah!”

    Dia’s mother replied, “Children, please be careful.”

    Josh replied, “You can count on us!”

    So Josh, Katie, Red, and Green packed their stuff and went to check out the situation in the Oreburgh City, the others

    stayed behind to report if anything weird was going on around their neighborhood.

    Green said to Josh, “So, Katie told me about your quest for artistic justice. What’s all the big deal?”

    Josh replied, “Well, you see. I just felt like I’ve been stuck with the same kind of music for the last ten years. Especially

    the music in the mainstream in the media started digressing in my opinion. There has been a huge influence of hip-hop

    influence in the last ten years.”

    Red remarked, “I thought you loved hip-hop.”

    Josh retorted, “Yeah, but what these gangsta rappers and pop-idol groups are white-washing it. It’s not even same


    Josh took a deep breath and continued on, “And I know that sex sells, but that’s what we’re singing and rapping about

    these days! The music industry these days is pretty much running a who*ehouse if you ask me.”

    Green added, “You know, I do like a lot of party music, and a lot of mainstream stuff, but (looks at Josh) I feel ya. The

    music has been pretty been static these days. And it has been really slu*ty.”

    Josh continued on, “And the scary thing is that I was majorly affected by it during high school, and I’m still minorly

    affected by it.”

    Red added, “Well, you did mention the superman joke this morning. (Katie sweatdrops)”

    Josh replied, “See?! That’s what I mean!! It’s so scary that I don’t even realize it from time to time. And also, I feel really

    sad and pitiful those video models who appear in the rap videos. When hip-hop first appeared, in the 1970’s the message

    was meant to be positive, and over time it got popular. And when the music became popular, these music corporate slowly

    started cashing in hip-hop and started controlling it. But here’s the catch: Who knows hip-hop better? The artists or the

    businessmen? Of course it’s the artists who know that music better, because they grew up with it. But in today’s hip-hop

    and music in general is not about the soul but about the cash. And it’s all about getting the bling-bling, getting laid as

    much as possible, and thanks to the corporate, now we have a shallow image of hip-hop. I pretty much see this act as

    corporatization of art: And to put it simply, the corporate are killing hip-hop.”

    Red replied, “Wow. That is DEEP!”

    Josh wasn’t done at and still said, “And I really feel that we are searching for the easiest way to make music, and not the

    best way to make music. Like, the thing at Oreburgh Mines thing right here: Now the mining industry is getting a mining

    company involved into digging CHEAP minerals for CD making. They didn’t even fu*king consider the quality of the


    Katie replied, “Josh, you’re really taking this seriously aren’t you?”

    Josh then looked at Katie endearingly and replied, “Baby, the reason I love you is that not only you are such a beautiful

    girl, but at the same time you appreciate me for who I am. You have a good heart, you’re funny, charming, sweet and

    many of these attributes make your attraction at a cosmic level. I don’t love you just because you’re just sexy. There’s a

    lot more reasons that I love you. It’s hard to find women like you these days, because they’re all brainwashed by greed

    and materialism. Baby, you’re something special.”

    Katie said, “Josh… I’m really flattered.”

    Josh said, “You’re a dancer right? I bet all the guys think that you are a some kind of a di*k-sucking who*e. Katie tell me,

    how many of your dance mates girls are seen as sex toys?”

    Katie replied, “Actually quite a lot of them.”

    Josh replied, “A lot of sexy females like dancers also have become part of the stereotype due to the media who*e-ification

    of the female body. And that’s one of things that I want to change! I want to change the stereotypes of women who look

    really sexy and stuff. (Holds Katie’s hands) I don’t want the guys to see you as a di*k-sucking whoe*e. I want them to see

    you as a more than a sexy woman. I want them to see you as a special being.”

    Red remarked, “You know, I think I just came to appreciate Josh through what Josh said about Katie.”

    Green said to him, “Well, I’ll guess I have to stop wearing slu*ty clothes now…”

    Red said, “Green, I could care less about what you wear. I love you because you are you.”

    Green hugged Red and said, “Well, I guess I won’t change my ways then.”

    Red kissed her on the lips and said, “That’s my girl.”

    Green replied, “But, I’ll try to work on my integrity more. Ok?”

    Red replied, “You got it!”

    Soon, they arrived at Oreburgh City. At the first glance, there wasn’t anything wrong with it, but that didn’t stop Josh and

    the gang from investigating the scene. They started to walk in downtown and there seemed nothing wrong.

    Katie said, “See?! You’re overreacting Josh! There’s nothing wrong here!”

    Josh replied, “Well, then let’s check in street corners and more sleazy areas of the city. And let’s get closer to the mines.

    Maybe we’ll find something.”

    Red added, “There might be like a secret hideout that we’re not aware of.”

    So the gang kept on moving towards closer to the mining area, and they saw suspicious figures. There were members of

    Team Galactic patrolling a warehouse by the entrance of the mine. The problem was becoming a much harder piece of

    puzzle to solve.

    Red remarked, “I knew it! I knew Team Galactic was behind this!”

    Green said, “These guys just don’t go away huh?”

    Josh said, “But why are they here?”

    Katie replied, “Do you think they have anything to do with the Cochilophite?”

    Josh said, “But why would they dig those minerals out? They’re a pokemon harming goons! Not a CD butchering

    organization! What is going on here?”

    Josh was getting ready to unleash his keyblade and Katie told him not to be reckless. All the pokedex holders had their

    keyblades with them along with Josh and Katie. Their keyblades were specially made by Arceus a year ago. These were

    keyblades that were able to cut through the darkness of the enemies, and they were able to defeat the three dark

    masters of the Great War. Over time, the dex holders learned to make their keyblades go into “Beltform” which the

    keyblades turned to a belt with their respective pokemon attached inside their pokeballs.

    Josh said, “But, something is not right, and I want to check!!”

    Red said, “Haven’t changed at all huh? Still reckless as usual.”

    Josh said, “Nope. ‘Cause that’s how I roll.”

    Green said, “LOOK!”

    Out of the mine Roark was coming out. But then something happened: Roark’s face was slowly morphing into a ditto and

    revealed his true face: Commander Saturn.

    Red said, “So it was Team Galactic all along.”

    Josh said, “Ok, this makes it even more confusing. Then where’s the real Roark?”

    Katie pointed at the warehouse and said, “Go figure.”

    Green asked, “Are we gonna smash the party now?”

    Red said, “Yeah. But our main objective shall be getting out the real Roark.”

    Everyone turned their keyblades to their Beltforms, and Josh got out a pokeball from his belt and released his typholosion,

    Katie released her Gardevoir, Red released his Venusaur, and Green released her Blastoise.

    The grunts and the commander were startled that the heroes had come to the rescue. Commander Saturn gave a order to

    one of the grunts.

    “Get the deposit off as soon as possible now!!”

    Josh was going after the grunt, but then Saturn blocked his way. He said, “Gotta go through me first kid.”

    Josh said, “You’re messing with a wrong person. Typholosion, Flamethrower!!”

    Saturn released his Toxicroak and said, “Block the flame with Poision Jab!”

    The Toxicroak was released from the pokeball and was blocking off the flame with karate-chop like purple punches. And

    while Josh was fighting, Katie finished fighting off the grunts and joined Josh’s side.

    Katie ordered her Gardevoir, “Use Psychic!”

    The human-shape pokemon attacked the monster frog with a pink psychic blast that hit the pokemon square in the chest.

    Katie said, “Double damage! Thanks to it’s poison/fighting type.”

    While Josh and Katie were buys fighting off Commander Sautrn, Red ordered Green to get Roark in the warehouse, while

    Red was fighting off the grunts.

    Red ordered his Venusaur, “Use Solarbeam on those enemy pokemon!”

    Saur gathered the sunlight into the core of his flower and sent out the beam of energy light to the enemy pokemon who

    were all knocked out at one shot. While Red was taking care of business, Blue went inside the warehouse and immediately

    there were three grunts guarding Roark.

    She ordered her Blastoise, “Blasty! Hydro Pump!”

    The cannons on the tortoise’s back shot powerful water cannons and blasted the grunts out of the warehouse.

    Roark weakly replied, “How… how did you know I was here?”

    Green replied, “No time for chit-chat! We’ll explain later.”

    While that was going on the grunt came back and said to Commander Saturn, sir. Everything is ready.”

    Saturn commanded everyone, “Retreat!”

    Soon, the Team Galactic and Commander Saturn retreated far away into a nearby forest.

    Green, who was getting out Roark from the warehouse said to Red, “Red, what’s going on?”

    Red replied, “I don’t know. But it looks like this just might be more than a music industry issue we have ourselves in hand.”

    A/N:I will be busy next week, because I will be playing in shows and therefore I might not have enough time to write ch4 in time. But I really really want to write it, So I'll try to post up ch4 as soon as possible.

    Oh and to all the people who are reading this, thanks for the support.
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    Just in case you didn't know, the dex holders have been in their "normal clothes" since they left for their journey to Oreburgh City. And Please Read And Review!

    Ch 4

    After they rescued Roark from the warehouse, they went to his house and decided to find out what was going on with the

    cochilophite issue. His house was located right beneath his gym. His house was earthquake resistant house covered with

    platinum walls. His personal room was filled with many books and documentation of rocks and minerals that were thousands

    of years old.

    Roark got some tea and biscotti for the dex holders. They sat on the sofa around the table and Red started to ask Roark.

    “So, what happened? And what’s up with that whole rock issue?”

    Roark said, “Well, I was training in my gym one day. It was during a mid-day. I was just about to get outside from the gym

    to get a coffee from a local store and then suddenly someone knocked me out from behind by using a shovel on my head.”

    Josh asked, “Then what happened?”

    Roark continued, “After that, I woke up a few minutes later and I realized that I was all tied up in the warehouse by Team

    Galactic. And they started to ask me questions about the mineral, Cochilophite.”

    Green asked, “And they forced you to spill out the facts right?”

    Roark said, “Yes. At first I pretended to not know anything, but they threatened me by threatening to kill all my employees

    in my company. And the worst part was that the employees didn’t know they were being threatened because I was alone

    in the room.”

    Katie remarked, “Damn…… So they employees are being tricked by the fake Roark?”

    Roark replied, “Yeah.”

    Red asked, “Then shouldn’t you go and ask them to stop production of these rocks?”

    Roark replied, “The fake Roark already signed a contract with Warner Bros., Universal Records, and Searchlight Records. If

    I stop production now, then not only is my business in jeopardy, but the financial status of my employees are also in


    Josh asked Roark, “So, is there anything special about this rock?”

    Then Roark started shaking his legs and shuddered really bad. The Dex holders were wondering what was happening and

    why Roark was so scared about a simple rock.

    Roark said, “That rock…… its not an ordinary rock. When…… when people come in auditory contact with that mineral in any

    sort of manner, the addiction is so great that people even sell their souls for that mineral. And slowly the addiction of the

    mineral turns them into soulless living beings that are made to do the dark lord’s bidding.”

    Green asked, “So you mean that they’re going to use those minerals to make dangerous CD’s?”

    Roark said, “Yes. And here is another catch: You know that not everyone’s going to buy the CD’s, right?”

    Josh nodded heavily and said, “Why do I have a bad feeling about this?”

    Roark said, “Every song is going to be affected by the mineral’s addiction, so even if you don’t get the album and buy just

    one song from internet from that same album, you are going to be affected.”

    Red reacted furiously, “And you’re telling me that the recording companies actually agreed to this?!”

    Josh replied to Red, “Hey, those corporate heads will do anything for wealth. More addiction to the music equals more

    sales and mo money.”

    Green added, “And I don’t think Cyrus would tell those companies about the whole world destruction and **** like that.”

    Roark said, “Yeah. He probably just told them that it’ll make more money…… damn those *******s!!”

    Josh added, “I knew this was happening!! Hunger for greed and power is blinding us right now! And now we don’t even

    know how we’re going to stop this plan!”

    Red asked Roark, “How does that work? The addiction of the music and all that stuff.”

    Roark said, “Long time ago, when Luciroth’s men were gathering more livingless souls, used these rocks to bring in more

    minions. And during parties and public gatherings, his men would place these rocks in a strategically defined location which

    was right next to where the music was coming from. And the stone would absorb the sounds from the music and the stone

    would spread the soundwaves to the partying public and they would be affected by the addiction of the sounds from the


    Josh added, “And to think what would happen if they actually made those CD’s with the minerals…… the effect would be…”

    Roark finished the sentence, “It would be doubled.”

    Katie said, “That’s terrible! Isn’t there anything we can do?”

    Then Josh got out his poketech and started dialing a number.

    Katie yelled at him, “Josh! This isn’t time for booking a gig!”

    Josh retorted, “I’m not ****ing booking a gig! I’m calling Crystal to tell her to do some research!”

    Roark commented, “Ooh, a couple’s dilemma?”

    Josh and Katie blushed and said, “Shut up!”



    “Hey Crystal, it’s Josh.”

    “How are things there?”

    “Well, I have a issue that needs to be dealt with. How are things there?”

    “(sighs) Nothing much going on really. Dia’s mom went to work. The kids are playing video games and Gold is sleeping and

    snoring like a Shrek on the couch. God I feel like a babysitter!! Isn’t there anything that I should be doing right now?!”

    “Aww, what a family scene, anyways, that’s why I called you. I need you to do some research.”

    “(Blushes)Ok, About what?”

    “Go on the computer and research about Cochilophites.”

    “You got it! (Smiles with relief)”

    Suddenly Roark interrupted the conversation and said, “Hey Josh! If you’re gonna tell her to do some research on the

    stone, tell her to do research on my website.”

    Josh asked, “Ok…… why?”

    Roark replied, “Because when it comes to stones, I have the most diverse library.”

    Red remarked, “Oh yeah, you are the rock expert after all.”

    Roark said, “However there is a catch.”

    Josh said, “Ok, OK! Can you hurry it up? Just what is it?”

    Roark said, “She has to apply to my fan club. (everyone sweatdrops)”

    Josh sighed and talked to Crystal on the phone, “You heard that right?”

    Crystal sweatdropped and said, “Yeah… What a corny guy, Roark.”

    (At Twinleaf Town)

    Crystal went on her laptop and used Google to find Roark’s website, and registered to be part of the Roark’s fan club.

    When she finished registering there was a picture of Roark being “fantarded” by girls that looked like 12-year olds.

    Crystal sweatdropped again and though to herself: “Do I really have to go through this?”

    Crystal then clicked on the “libraries” section and it said, “This page has been permanently removed.”

    Crystal replied on her pokegear, “Josh, it’s permanently removed.”

    Josh said, “What?! Roark! What’d you do with it?”

    Roark then remembered something and said, “Oh yeah, I forgot that I felt really paranoid about my fans going through my

    personal stuff, so I blocked it.”

    Crystal fumed and said, “THAT’S IT! (Takes out her golden flash drive) I’m going to restricted websites to search for this

    cochiphane or whatever the fu*k it is!”

    Josh asked, “How are you gonna do that?!”

    Crystal replied, “I put a special virus in the flash drive that lets me go to all the restricted websites I want. MUAHAHAHA!!!

    (Maniacally laughs)”

    Gold who was slowly awaking up from his sleep sweatdropped and went immediately back into his sleep and thought: “Oh

    boy, there goes her maniac mode.”

    Crystal then typed in the website address:

    Crystal replied gleefully: “This will take only 5 seconds, ok… (types in cochilophite)co-chil-o-phite.”

    Josh asked nervously over the pokegear, “Well?”

    Then Crystal replied, “It says that Cochilophite was used to bring the dark minions to do the Luciroth’s bidding. The stone

    would absorb the music and release the soundwave to the listeners and they would slowly become livngless souls called

    Shadow Puppets.”

    Josh asked Crystal, “Shadow puppets? Can you search that?”

    Crystal clicked on the “Shadow Puppets” in the sentence and found something very terrible.

    Crystal replied, “Josh, is everyone there right now?”

    Josh replied, “Yeah, you got something to say to the crew?(Raises the pokegear volume up)

    Crystal said, “Yeah, everybody listen: A Shadow Puppet who is eventually becomes powerless to the power of

    Cochilophite. When a person is even affected by the stone’s sound wave for a second the addiction of the stone’s sound

    waves are greatly enhanced and it is impossible for a person to escape the addiction. And the sad part is this: A person is

    fully aware when he or she is turning into a shadow puppet, but can’t escape because of the stone’s sound wave effects.

    It usually takes he or she a week to become a shadow puppet. And a person who is affected by the stone’s sound waves

    is more likely to share the source of stone’s sound waves with their peers. The symptoms of people who have been

    affected by the stone are signs of weary eyes, lack of energy, lack of concentration, and loss of appetite. A Shadow

    Puppet looks like a regular person accept that person has a sign of a black cross on his or her forehead, and usually they

    have a dead expression on their faces.”

    Red remarked, “Man, this thing is like a self spreading virus!”

    Green replied, “And they are fully aware when they’re losing themselves…(shudders)

    Katie added, “This is terrible…”

    Josh said, “What’s worse is that it’s damn near impossible to find the main source when other people share the stone’s

    sound waves.”

    Crystal replied, “Well, what do we do now?”

    Red replied, “Well, we gotta look for a way to stop these recording companies to sell these poisonous records.”

    Josh replied, “Dude!! Do you know how much power those corporate have?! They’re the law when it comes to music

    industry! And they know a lot of people in high places!”

    Red replied, “Hey smartass. I thought this was your idea.”

    Josh said, “Yeah…… but.”

    Red said, “No turning back my friend.”

    Josh had a dark expression for a while then started to smile. He said, “All right! We’re gonna go home and do some


    Then Platina suddenly replied over the pokegear, “Or… we can always go to Sandgem and do some research at the

    professor’s lab.”

    Then Diamond and Pearl replied over the pokegear, “We’re all here with ya.”

    Then Gold replied, “Never Give Up!”

    Josh said, “So, we’re all meeting in Sandgem?”

    The remaining dex holders in the twinleaf nodded with determination. However outside the gym, Cyrus and his Magnezone

    was intercepting the conversation on the pokegear. He had heard the full conversation and called commander mars up on

    his phone and said, “The rest of the pests are in Twinleaf town. Ambush them when they leave for the Sandgem Town.

    And I’ll take care of the rest.”

    So in Twinleaf Town, the remaining Dex Holders started packing their stuff and prepared to head for Sandgem Town.

    Gold said, “Hey Crystal, so what was this stone about? Is it really that dangerous?”

    Crystal replied, “Yeah. Because this stone absorbs music, and releases sound waves that turn people to zombies.”

    Gold said, “Woah! So this new stone that is going to be made for new CD’s are……”

    Crystal replied, “Yeah. It’s Cochilophite.”

    Gold said, “Man… never liked those recording companies anyway…”

    Crystal replied, “Who would’ve known that they would go this far?”

    Gold said, “Looks like I’m gonna have to change the type of music that I’m listening for now.”

    Crystal replied, “I think we all have to for now. (smiles at him)”

    Pearl, who was packing his stuff for the upcoming journey, packed some snacks, his Nintendo DS, some clothes and he got

    his keyblade that was in his closet and turned it into a belt mode and was about to head off to Diamond’s house for the

    trip. Then he saw the picture that he took with Diamond and Platina. Along with it, there was a picture of Pearl and Platina


    Pearl thought: “If only this can happen... Maybe I’ll bring this to cherish my memories.(Takes the picture)”

    Diamond and Platina who were also getting ready packed up their gears for the trip.

    Platina asked Diamond, “Hey Dia, is it just me or has Pearl been kinda acting weird lately?”

    Diamond replied, “I know. He’s been acting weird since we became a couple.”

    Platina asked, “Do you think he’s jealous of us?”

    Diamond replied, “No! Are you kidding me? Pearl and I’ve been over this beef since we were in first grade!”

    Platina asked, “What beef? Wait……… so Pearl had a crush on me?!”

    Diamond replied, “Yeah… well, that was like long time ago.”

    Platina replied, “Maybe he still… no! (shakes head) he’s just being a fool!”

    Diamond thought: “She’s right. He’s just acting a fool. He knows that we’ve already been over this.”

    They packed their stuff and met up with Gold and Crystal downstairs. They also packed their gear were ready to meet up

    with everyone in Sandgem Town.

    Gold asked, “Ready to go?”

    Diamond replied, “Yeah. Pearl should be coming soon. Then we can go.”

    Then Pearl was came running over to Diamond’s house with his stuff all packed up.

    Platina asked him, “What took you so long?! We were waiting forever for you all this time!(Smiles at him)”

    Pearl said, “Heh, sorry about it, just had to pack my stuff you know?”

    Then Diamond wrapped his arms around Platina and Pearl and said, “You know Pearl, maybe all three of us need to spend

    more time together.

    Then Pearl smiled and said, “Thanks you guys. You are the best.”

    Then Platina thought: “Pearl and I are just friends. Nothing more.”

    Diamond’s thought mirrored Platina’s thoughts: “We’ve already been over this.”

    Platina’s thoughts mirrored Diamond’s thoughts: “But if he still has feelings for me…”

    Diamond’s thought’s mirrored Platina’s thoughts again, “But if he still has feelings for her,”

    They both thought at the same time: “What am I gonna do?”

    They went inside Route 201 which led to Sandgem Town. As they were going through the woods, a Golbat flew by and

    attacked the Dex Holders by using its Air Cutter.

    Gold yelled, “What’s up with that Golbat?!”

    Crystal replied, “I don’t know! Someone’s trying to attack us!”

    Then the Golbat used its agility to quickly move right to Platina and had its sharp wings across her neck.

    Diamond and Pearl yelled, “Platina!”

    Then a shadowy figure started to approach the Dex Holders and said “Ooh, we got a cute girl for ourselves.”

    Then Diamond saw the figure and angrily said, “Mars!”

    Commander Mars replied, “Woah! Woah! I’m not here to start a fight! All I’m asking you to do is not to interfere with Team

    Galactic’s plans and I’ll let your girlfriend go!”

    Platina yelled, “Don’t listen to her!!”

    Then Commander Mars walked over to Platina and softly said to her ears, “You know, if you don’t shut up, I might have to

    hurt you. (licks her face)”

    Platina retorted, “Stop it, you creep!”

    Commander Mars said, “You know, if you budge an inch, that Golbat might just give your last breath.”

    Then Platina saw the Golbat and started whimpering.

    Mars said, “If any of you guys move, this girl dies.”

    Diamond thought: “God damn it, we can’t do anything! Isn’t there anybody who can help us?!”

    In Oreburgh City, Josh and the gang were ready to leave Roark’s gym and go to Sandgem Town.

    What'd you think of the cliffhanger? And in the future chapters the story is seriously going to climb up really soon, so look foward to it.
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    Hey people, I'm sorry I have a bad news. I will be discontinuing this fic because I am running out of ideas and I start school very soon. I might try to get this fic back up in track in the future, but that's the news. So yeah....
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    sorry for the late review, I was kinda busy. Anyway all in all great fic, though it sucks having to disconntinue it. The only thing I have to say is that you say Green is a girl, but when she talk you sometimes call her Blue
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