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Thread: D/P monotype challenge v2.0

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    Default D/P/PT monotype challenge v2.0

    Welcome all to the D/P/PT Monotype Challenge V.2.0. there was one 4th gen but that one died and i know a lot of people liked it

    The aim of the monotype challenge is for you to try and complete the game using only one type. More detail is provided in the rules.


    1. The pokemon may be double-typed, e.g. Butterfree would be acceptable on both a flying team and a bug team.

    2. All the pokemon must be based around one type. Here's an example of a ground type team:

    HM slave (or insert pokemon you want here)

    3. No ubers. This was changed from legends because it just makes a bit more sense. A list of ubers can be found here

    4. Your challenge ends, either when you arrive in the battle area, or when you defeat/capture heatran, although you are allowed to go further.

    5. You may not have two of the same pokemon or two in the same evolution line (e.g buizel+floatzel)

    6. If you pick a starter that is not of your type, then it may not be used after you have obtained one pokemon of your chosen type.

    7. The pokemon may learn moves through TMs, but you are not allowed to use two of the same TM (e.g. teaching two pokemon solarbeam) or use a HM twice.

    8. You may have pokemon of another type in your team, but only as HM slaves, NOT to be used in battle.

    9. Post only on this thread to either state which type you are doing, your current progress or to ask for suggestions on which pokemon to use.

    10. Have fun!!!

    Please PM me any suggestions on how I could improve.

    I shall be partisipating in a ground monotype.


    P.S i want to thanks holy lucario for the awesome idea and i wanted to continue it.
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