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Thread: Top 5 best battle (or contest) in the anime.

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    Default Top 5 best battle (or contest) in the anime.

    What do you think are the top 5 battles in the anime? mines are..

    1.Drew vs May (Kanto grand festival):just an awesome 5 star battle,i was at the edge of my seat what a great battle to end a rivalry.
    2.Ash vs Gary:even though nor ash or gary used their signature pokemon (umbreon and pikachu) this battle was great and it ended the long rivlary between the two.
    3.Ash vs Paul ( Acuity Lakefront battle):Great battle even though the score was 6-2
    4.Ash vs Harrison:The battle between charizard and blaziken was fired up and intense!
    5.Ash vs Noland:This battle proved that a legendary can be defeated in the anime
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    Satoshi vs Shinji was epic. Ringuma rocks.

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    one of top 5 contest: The wallace cup
    top 5 best battle: Satoshi vs Shinji. Shinji owned Satoshi.
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    1. Ash vs. Fantina. Most of the time I'm not a really fan of Gym battles, but this battle was exciting!
    2. Ash vs. Noland. The first Battle Frontier battle was in my opinion the best.
    3. May vs. Drew Grand Festival Kanto.
    4. Ash vs. Blaine. Not because Blaine had a Magmar, but it was just a very cool battle (the second with Charizard)
    5. Ash vs Tucker .
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    1. Ash vs. Jeanette: Every single league battle in this season was epic, this one wins. (Pokemon)
    2. Ash vs. Brandon: Registeel vs. Torkoal was win. (Battle Frontier)
    3. Ash vs. Katie: Glalie being Destiny Bonded was priceless. (Advanced Battle)
    4. Ash vs. Mandi: Another first season league battle. (Pokemon)
    5. Ash vs. Morrison: Still one my my favourites. (Advanced Battle)

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    1. Ash vs Gary: Their epic final showdown at the Johto League. Each and every battle in this match was great, and the climax Charizard vs Blastoise was flawless. It was really cool to see Ash finally beat his old rival, and really showed us how far he had come as a trainer.

    2. Ash vs Drake: This match is classic. It was kind of cheap, seeing Ash beat Drake's fully evolved Pokemon with his mostly unevolved team, but the battles were awesome nonetheless. My personal favorite matchups were Pikachu vs Ditto, Squirtle vs Onix, Tauros vs Venusaur, and Charizard vs Dragonite.

    3. Ash vs Paul: Their full battle from DP 131 and 132. It was a horrible loss for Ash, and very one-sided in Paul's favor at times, bit still an incredible battle. The matchups were intense, the long awaited Chimchar evolution was epic. Really, in terms of battling, it doesn't get much better than this.

    4. Ash vs Byron: So far, the best Gym battle of Sinnoh. Except for Buizel's somewhat embarrasing loss, each of the battles were great and we really saw Chimchar pushed to it's limits. And, of course, Gliscor vs Bastiodon was epic, and impressive for it's first gym match.

    5. Ash vs Blaine: Their rematch with Charizard vs Magmar. This was easily the best Gym battle of Kanto (that's not saying much, but still). It was cool to see Charizard finally listen to Ash, and it was the first time Charizard used his signature Seismic Toss attack.
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