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Thread: Why Disney shut down 2D Hand Drawn Animation

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    Exclamation Why Disney shut down 2D Hand Drawn Animation

    Rumors aside, there's the truth to the whole charade.
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    TLV: They didn't want to turn Pixar in the "3D"-animation and DAS into the "2D"-animation, but wanted them to make their own artistic choices about it. All artists basically wanted 3D after Princess and the Frog bombed in 2009 ("Okay" is being gentle about it), even though in their eyes it likely had little to do with the animation style, but the marketing-scheme and the release close to Avatar (Cameron, 2009).

    In all honesty, I can't blame them.. In my country, Princess and the Frog was marketed pretty badly. Primarily marking it as finally being a new handdrawn movie by Disney, while being released close to the advent of what's now pretty much known as the start of the 3D-revolution. In basic principles: "Hey, we've got this cute story you probably already know, but we did it in the quaint Disney-style you grew up with!" vs. "Yeah, I've been working on this new cinematographic technology for the past 15 years and it's finally done and the cinematic movie world won't be the same after this. Are you seriously going to miss this?"

    Basically, the animators at Disney were given the right to follow their artistic desire and due to this dichotomy between movie releases in the same week, were given a clear choice: "Do we stay stuck in the past, or are we going to keep ourselves relevant in the coming years as the focus in animation shifts towards 3D-cinematography?"

    And to be fair, I'd rather rewatch an old Disney film that I watched when I was younger, and feel nostalgic about it - and be impressed with their 3D animation skills today, rather than seeing Big Hero 6 be a handdrawn 2D-movie in order for the artform to remain alive.
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