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    Default Your favourite music.

    New topic time for this, the last one kind of got old. I think the whole no posting more than once rule didn't go down well either... so against my better judgement this thread is basically for people to list and discuss their favourite music.

    Everything I listen to is infinitely better than what you listen to. This is a fact and science.

    Here are some samples of my favourite ****.

    Zombie Girl - We are the ones (Rooting Corpse Remix)

    I guess this is Industrial or something idk basically just listen to Zombie Girl she's cool as hell.

    Captain Ahab - I don't have a ****

    Captain Ahab is like, I don't know. Imagine if Weird Al wasn't absolutely terrible and wrote his own songs instead of parodies? That's Captain Ahab.

    Sigma ft. Jenna G - Baltimore

    Here is some Drum & Bass. It is awesome.

    Example - Kickstarts

    Catchiest song of 2010.
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