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Thread: Your favourite music.

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    I've always been someone who has an eclectic taste when it comes to music. It doesn't matter to me what genre it's from, all it needs is to sound good.

    That being said, there are a few bands/artists that I do return to on a regular basis, and I do have personal favourite tracks from said bands and artists.

    Nightwish - I Wish I Had an Angel, Ghost Love Score, Amaranth, Imaginaerium and many other tracks that would take too long to list.
    Tuomas Holopainen* - Glasgow 1877, Into the West and Duel & Cloudscapes
    Enya - Everything. Just everything she's ever done. Enya is that talented in my opinion.
    Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence, Personal Jesus and World in My Eyes.
    Hybrid - True to Form, Know Your Enemy, Out of the Dark and Dogstar.
    Queen - You're My Best Friend, Bohemian Rhapsody and Killer Queen.
    Within Temptation - Aquarius, Paradise and Edge of the World.
    Epica - Obsessive Devotion, Chasing the Dragon, The Phantom Agony and the majority of the album The Classical Conspiracy.

    *Yes, I do realise that Tuomas is the lead songwriter and pianist of Nightwish, but I consider his solo music seperate from his work on Nightwish. You'd be surprised at how different his style can be when he's working on his own!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flo View Post
    I'm pretty partial to female pop singers like Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, but I'll mostly listen to anything, especially the more energetic kind of electronic/pop music.
    I'm kind of the same in terms of music taste cuz I listen to Rihanna, Xtina, Gaga and others like them and I'm open to most genres except I dislike country music. I literally can't stand that stuff. ^^

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    I listen to anything almost, but have a special fondness for pre-2000 music

    I'm listening to a 50s/60s oldies station online now
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    I love to listen to songs! :3
    These are below some of the songs that I have in my IPod right now.
    1. Love story-Taylor swift
    2. Every time we touch(Remix)-Cascada and 7 things-Miley Cyrus
    3.Hall of fame-The script and Baby-Justin Beiber
    4. Stronger and Dark side-Kelly Clarkson
    5.Can't stop Dancing-Becky G and Timber-Pitbull and Kesha
    6.Outside-Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding
    7.Wildest Dreams,Haunted,Blank Space-Taylor Swift
    8.Love Me Like You Do-Ellie Goulding
    9.Cool for the summer and Heart Attack-Demi Lovato
    10.Numb-Linkin Park
    11. Sorry-Justin Beiber
    12.Wreaking Ball-Miley Cyrus
    13 .Bailando-Enrique Iglesias
    14.Fire Stone-Kygo
    15.See You Again-charlie Puth
    16.A Thousand years-Christinna Perri
    17.Lean ON-DJ Snake
    18.Summer-Calvin Harris
    19.Tik Tok-Kesha
    20.Beautiful Now-Zedd
    21.Keep Holding On-Avril Lavigne
    22.Body on Me-Rita Ora
    23.Locked Away-R.CITY
    24.On the floor-Jennifer Lopez
    25.Stitches-Shawn Mendes
    26.Love Myself-Hailee Steinfield
    27.Paradise-Cold Play
    28.When you are Gone-Avril Lavigne
    29.Hotline Bling-Drake
    30.Lost and Found and On my Mind-Ellie Goulding
    31.Diamonds-Rihanna and much more
    32.Work-Rihanna ft.Drake
    33.Eyes Shut-Years and years
    34.Pillowtalk-Zayn Malik
    35.Out Of the Woods-Taylor Swift.New songs keep adding each day..

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        Spoiler:- Favourite Bands:

        Spoiler:- Favourite Solo Singers:

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    Currently, I many songs that I just like. But this one video has my list of favorite songs molded into one GRAND VERY EPIC CINEMATIC! I hope you are ready for a 70 minute music medley. It has cinematic music of grand epic themes

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    Well, I like a variety of genres, but my favorite go something like this (in no particular order):

    When I Grow Up from Matilda the Musical, Fate of the Unknown (re-orchestration) by Baker Ruth, 2015 Christmas Medley by GlitchxCity, Hello by Evanescence, Lost in Thoughts All Alone from guess where, Let it Go, Dialga's Fight to the Finish from PMD2, Dark Matter 2nd Form from PSMD, Defy the Legends from PMD RRT/BRT, Xion's Final Battle from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Song of Storms/Windmill House from Ocarina of Time, Ballad of the Goddess from Skyward Sword, Hotland from Undertale, and whatever song this is:

    Quote Originally Posted by jireh the provider View Post
    Currently, I many songs that I just like. But this one video has my list of favorite songs molded into one GRAND VERY EPIC CINEMATIC! I hope you are ready for a 70 minute music medley. It has cinematic music of grand epic themes
    PS, I love your tastes.
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    Clazziquai Project, but mostly just Love Child of the Century, I haven't kept track of these guys lately.
    Yellow Magic Orchestra, their first album mostly then I'll work forward from there.
    Ryuichi Sakamoto, nowadays he's mostly known for the Debussy-esque piano stuff but I like his debut electronic works too.
    Akiko Yano, just, anything from Akiko Yano because her work is just sunshine.
    Björk, and every genre she's played around with.
    HK119, but just her second album, and the Rusko remixes weren't what I was looking for so I usually just ignore those.
    Kate Bush, Them Heavy People is my f@cking jam but her entire discography just sits pretty well with me.
    La Roux, either album.
    The Knife, yes I enjoyed Shaking the Habitual, even the ambient stuff. I haven't touched Tomorrow in a Year though.
    Fever Ray, she only has the one album and I enjoyed that, so...
    iamamiwhoami, I've only made it through bounty, I'll get to kin sometime later.

    And as fate may have it, I've phased out of listening to Marina and the Diamonds and Lorde; speaking of Lorde really only just the Love Club EP. I find it funny how Royals took off in America since it sounds to me like the weakest song on the EP. And I still need to make it through Santogold (album).
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    My music Tastes vary...
    Here is what I currently listen to when I am in the car...
    - Inna | Seńorita
    - Hermitude | The Buzz
    - Seven Lions | The Great Divide
    - Drake | Jumpman (feat. Future)
    - Chainsmokers | Don't Let Me Down
    - Dawin | Dessert (feat. Silento)
    - Eva Simons | Policeman
    - Tory Lanez | Say It
    - Years and Years | Take Shelter
    - La Banda Sonora de "Lady La Vendedora de Rosas" | Rosa de Barro

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