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Thread: BCVM22's Sports Jersey Hut

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    Default BCVM22's Sports Jersey Hut

    Come one, come all, step right up and have your favorite American professional sports team and player immortalized with their jersey, name and number.


    Kosuke Fukudome, Chicago Cubs

    Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears

    Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls

    Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls

    Jonathan Toews, Chicago Blackhawks

    • Any current jersey combination (home, road, alternate) from MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL is available unequivocally
    • NCAA, MLS and various others on a case-to-case basis (contact me to inquire)
    • Many throwback jerseys are available, but you MUST be able to provide me with reference material
    • Reference material consists of the jersey's design and any shoulder graphics; all of the above can usually be found here
    • When providing me with reference material, please provide me with a direct link to an image, either from the site I just posted or a clear, good quality image from another source
    • Available upon request are custom pieces unconnected to any sports franchise: the name and number of your choice, most fonts, any colors
    • Default size is 6 inches by 6 inches; larger or smaller available upon request


    Jersey Era (current, throwback):
    Jersey Type (home, road, away):
    Name + Number:
    Size (if other than default):
    Other Notes:

    When submitting a request, please make sure to spell the requested name properly including any accents or punctuation (apostrophes, hyphens, small letters for "De," "La", etc.). I will make them as you request them and am not responsible for spelling errors originating from the request.

    Please post requests here using the above form.

    Contact me via PM, subject line Jersey for all inquiries and other communcations.
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    Never underestimate the power of stupidity, of the one and of the many.
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    Team: Edmonton oilers
    Jersey Era: Current
    Jersey Type: Home
    Name + Number: Trottier 95
    Size (if other than default): 252x242
    Reference(s): Sorry, not sure....
    Other Notes: Have fun, and... IM FIRST!!!!!

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    The Oilers have apparently done some re-designating of their jerseys and swapped their homes and alternates. I wasn't sure which you wanted, so here are both.



    Never underestimate the power of stupidity, of the one and of the many.
    Words to|live by

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