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    Arrow .+ crick crack pop rocks [request shop] ;

    Hi there everybody!
    Would you like some yummy graphics?

    my helpers are: zaggy14, & lbsweet96.
    listen to them. they help me keep my shop in order and free from spam.

    Am I Open? - Nopers
    1. dream pray
    2. Rosemary
    3. Mimori Kiryu
    4. Farmermon
    5. Tadashi
    6. Lime Love

    Here's the things I offer;
    banners & icons

    here's some rules.
    - give me credit somewhere in your sig if you use the graphics.
    - one (1) request per person please! I take up to five (5) requests.
    - give links to the images you want. i'll only use up to five (5).
    - if a request takes too much time, it may get canceled.
    - max dimensions are 400x200 for banners, 130x130 for icons.
    - if i make a mistake or you want something changed, don't hesitate to PM/VM me.
    - if you don't use the things you request, forget about coming here again.
    - dont go requesting the same thing from multiple people. it's annoying.
    - the secret phrase is 'i don't want no romance' . put it at the beginning of your post.

    if you break a rule, you get a warning.
    break my rules again, 1 week ban.
    consistent rule breakers are banned forever.

    banners & icons;

    i would like a (banner or icon);

    Crickee's Examples

    banners + icons;
    12346 // 56789
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