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Thread: The Official SPPf Alternate TCG Recent Pulls Thread

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    my brother bought me a couple of m12 packs for christmas, and i got a primeval titan and sunpetal grove. my first titan finally. >_>

    edit: bought three innistrad boosters today, pulled foil liliana <3, 2x nevermore and a mindshrieker to add to my mindshrieker collection.

    edit again: had a solomon draft with my friend, i managed just a kessig cagebreakers while he got sulfur falls, devil's play and falkenrath marauders. i also bought another booster which i pulled a hinterland harbour from.

    another edit: another solomon draft (or two), one m12 and one eventide. pulled fetid heath, redirect, inferno titan, rune-scarred demon, monomania, inundate, and bloom tender. i'll take 7 rares, especially since i got most of the good ones (my friend got the legend from eventide which is a 4/4 for 2bb and makes people sac dudes).
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