Yay! ^^

It's back and with a new lease of life! This is the Deck Contest thread, a place where I will intially set a theme, then you build a deck based on that theme.

The winner of the current contest is decided every seven days.

The theme can be anything! From Types, to Attributes, to even changes in the ban-list, (like a previous ban-list or your own custom made one).


Here are the rules:

• 1: Only 1 entry per person.
• 2: To enter, all you need to do is post a deck, in the "Rate my Deck" section, with this in the title "YGO Deck Contest: ", instead of "YGO Adv:", "YGO Trad:" etc...
• 3: Follow the current YGO Adv Ban-list.
• 4: If otherwise stated, we are using the current Advanced list and you can use any card, even ones the TCG may not have access to.

This contest's theme is...


• The deck's monsters all must be the same type.
• Your deck must use 2 to 3 copies of Solidarity.
• No one else is allowed to post a deck that is the same type as someone else who has already posted their entry.
• Maximum of 4 "staple" cards.

Also when a contestant posts their deck, the person must stat the goal/aim of the deck.