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Thread: Dimensions of Darkness Book 2: The Explorers of the Core

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    Default Dimensions of Darkness Book 2: The Explorers of the Core

    It's here! It's here! It's here at last!


    (Rated PG-13 for peril, mild fantasy violence, and themes of death)

    A note to all who read this: This is a sequel to Dimensions of Darkness Book 1: The Explorers of Nightmares. If you haven't read the first book, I suggest clicking on the link in my signature and reading it first.

    Well, I know there wasn't much of a break between this book and the last one, but I was too anxious to wait any longer. And first, and most importantly, I'd like to thank everyone who read and critiqued on my last thread. I couldn't have done it without you!

        Spoiler:- Character List-SPOILERS:

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    "Movie Trailer"-Minor Spoilers

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    And now...It begins!


    Deep beneath the earth, the shadows writhed. A dark presence was in their midst, and it upset them to no end. They were drawn to it, following it, curling down the tunnel like wisps of smoke.

    Up ahead, a strange, ruin-like structure stood. The lone figure traversing the tunnels gingerly floated forward above the floor of the ruins until he reached the center of the strange pattern that reached out in every direction, spanning the entire chamber.

    Slowly, surely, his two legs expanded out from within his body until they touched the floor. Now, he was standing right in the middle of the circle at the enormous design's center.

    There was a flash of blue light and three small relics, held inside a small bag draped across the figure's back, began to glow. As they glowed, the pattern glowed, reaching across the floor, walls, and ceiling, showering the entire chamber with blue light. The figure quickly darted for cover as the floor of the chamber split down the middle, yawning open until there was a huge, black, gaping chasm. And from deep within, there was an earth-shattering roar. Chunks of stone fell from the walls and ceiling, forcing the figure to duck back and forth to avoid being crushed.

    "Yes, yes!" the figure smiled to himself. "Come forth, and this Core shall be yours for the taking!"

    And then, with yet another explosive roar, a monster shot out of the gorge in the floor. It's body, enormous and serpentine, coiled and uncoiled as it bellowed centuries worth of rage into the darkness of the earth. Rayquaza was free.

    Hope you all like it!
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