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Thread: Dimensions of Darkness Book 2: The Explorers of the Core

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    MONDAY! MONDAY! MONDAY! (monster truck rally)

    With that out of the way, it was a good chapter. I demand more now.
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    Hey how's it going. I'm new around here and also my first time posting in the Fan Fic section.

    Been lurking around this place for a while, looking for a good story to read. So I decided to start with something PMD related and stumbled upon yours first.

    Anyways, it took me a while to read over your first book. Took me about a month to finish. ^^; Sorry I don't like rushing a good story. I take my time to read it through; read 1 chapter per day. If i rush through it, I won't be able to remember it later.

    Book 1 was an interesting read. I love the PMD story line and your extended version makes it even better. I rather not review the whole book in this one thread. Just gona say that it was great and I loved it. And excited to see that you'll be extending it even more.

    So I finally caught up and finished Chapter 22, on Book 2, about a week ago. I got a little worried on the time date though. It was about a month since you've last posted so I thought something bad happened to you. Few days have passed by and you've returned. ^^

    Again, lots of chapters to review over but going to make this short; You got an interesting plot going on. I'm sill weirded out about Rayquaza being underground. I mean, isn't he suppose to dominate the ozone layer of the world and not the complete opposite? Unless.... he finally gets out of the core and out to the open. But Rayaquaza seems buried very deep into the ground. I don't think his kind of magnitude can break through the massive amount of ground. Eh, I guess we'll find out later.

    Just 9 more chapters to go. Eager to read them all.
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    Sorry for the lateness, but here's the next chapter!

    Chapter 24
    A Trap Within a Trap

    Blast upon blast of fire rained down upon Bidoof and Chimecho. They were forced to duck and weave to avoid being scorched, and this gave them virtually no time in which to fire off an attack of their own. Magmortar laughed evilly, a sound which echoed and rumbled through the entire cavern.

    "This guy's beyond tough!" Chimecho said.

    "Yup yup!" Bidoof agreed. "That's for sure."

    The two wheeled away from yet another Flamethrower. "But why is he attacking us?" Chimecho wondered aloud. "Is he working with Gabite?"

    Bidoof gulped. "Or worse, Darkrai?"

    "Either way," Chimecho shrugged. "It's pretty bad. We should just worry about the fight on hand for now."

    A fireball whizzed over Bidoof's head and exploded a few feet behind him. "What fight? This is a massacre!"

    Chimecho grinned and her eyes glowed blue. Another Flamethrower fired straight at her, but it was suddenly deflected back by the force of Psychic. Magmortar saw the attack returning and jumped sideways just in time to avoid it. He grinned. "Well, you're not as wimpy as you look. But that still doesn't make you ready to face me."

    "Bring it on," Chimecho challenged. "Let's go, Bidoof!"

    "R-right," Bidoof stuttered. He and Chimecho launched themselves into the air, heading straight for Magmortar. He too leapt forward, his arm igniting with Fire Punch. Before either apprentice could do anything, they found the flaming arm slamming down on top of them, slamming them into one of the floating pieces of ground below them. It shattered when they hit it, and they only barely managed to keep from sliding into the boiling lava.

    Magmortar stood over the two and glared down at them. "Ready for more?"

    Chimecho managed to slowly rise into the air, pulling Bidoof to his feet with her. "We'll battle 'till the end."

    "That may just be sooner than you think," Magmortar grinned.


    Dugtrio winced as Croagunk was striken down by the force of a Hyper Beam and a Zap Cannon. "Are you okay over there?"

    Croagunk groaned as he pushed himself back up. "Never better." He jumped up in front of Probopass and was poised to strike with Brick Break, but Claydol's Psybeam hit him and knocked him back down to the rock.

    "Is there anything I can do, anything at all?" Dugtrio asked. "None of my attacks can hit levitating foes, but surely I could help in some way!"

    "I can handle them," Croagunk assured, then ducked as a dual Hyper Beam whistled over his head. "Er, I can remotely make an attempt to appear as if I have a chance. That's good enough, right?"

    "Eh, why not," Dugtrio said, doing the closest thing he could do to a shrug.


    Corphish and Diglett were not faring much better against their opponents, Camerupt and Exploud. Despite their best efforts, they just couldn't break past the solid defenses of the other two.

    "This is just nuts!" Diglett grumbled as his Mud Bomb fell short against Exploud's Hyper Voice. "We can't get in a single attack!"

    "Hey hey, it could be worse," Corphish said. "They could be attacking us back." As he spoke, he fired off a Bubblebeam at Camerupt, but Exploud jumped in the way and blocked it with another Hyper Voice. This time, however, the shockwave didn't simply cancel out the attack. It completely broke through and crashed into Corphish, sending him reeling back into Diglett.

    Diglett grinned smugly. "You were saying?"

    "Hey, what else can we do?" Corphish shrugged.

    "I guess you're right," Diglett agreed. "All we can really do is keep blasting them and try to think of a plan." At that moment, they were slammed by the shockwave created by Camerupt's Earth Power. "And quickly."


    Sunflora screamed endlessly as she attempted to avoid the onslaught of attacks raining down on her. An Air Slash and Power Gem shower exploded directly in front of her, causing her to stumble backwards. However, Loudred was back on his feet and he caught his partner.

    "Hang in there, Sunflora," he urged. He roared as loud as he could, sending a wave of sound at the flying foes, Yanmega and Vespiquen. The two quickly darted out of range, then went into a divebomb straight at Loudred and Sunflora. Yanmega's front claw glowed purple and Vespiquen's glowed white as they struck hard with Night Slash and Slash, sending the apprentices reeling.

    "Those two are just too fast!" Sunflora gasped. She launched her Razor Leaf at the same time as Loudred fired a Shadow Ball. The two attacks made solid contact with their targets, but Yanmega and Vespiquen still seemed unphased. They dove again, ready for another attack.

    Loudred stood firm, placing himself between Sunflora and the attackers. "Stand tall, Sunflora!" he urged. His fist glowed white and he swung it, unleashing his Brick Break in full fury. It hit nothing but empty air. Yanmega and Vespiquen were so swift, they'd even managed to dodge at point-blank range.

    "But if they dodged there, where did they-" Sunflora was cut off as a dual Silver Wind hit her and Loudred from behind, knocking them flat on the floor.

    "That answer your question?" Loudred grunted, heaving himself up. He reached down and helped Sunflora up after him, but the aerial attackers were already making another attack.


    Chimecho and Bidoof took a moment to look around as they dodged even more firey blasts. Sunflora and Loudred were laid out, unable to even rise in between attacks. None of Corphish and Diglett's attacks could break through their foes' defenses. Croagunk was left to face two enemies while Dugtrio was stranded below. All seemed hopeless.

    A Flamethrower blasted a hole in the ground at Bidoof's feet. Boiling lava bubbled up into the hole, causing him to scramble away in a panic. "Yeesh! Chimecho, what are we going to do?"

    "Face it, fools!" Magmortar howled. "There is nothing you can do! You are seperated! You are up against terrible odds, against your greatest weaknesses! You have no hope of victory!"

    "Seperated," Chimecho repeated softly. A new light appeared in her eyes and she glared back at Magmortar. He frowned upon realizing that she was actually smiling.

    "Smiling in the face of death, eh?" Magmortar said. "Finally accepted your fate?"

    Chimecho's smile widened. "You're the one who needs to accept it. I've realized just how you're controlling this battle."

    "Sheer power? Incredible skill? War-like strategy?" Magmortar guessed.

    "You've kept us seperated," Chimecho said. "The one thing our Guild relies on more than anything else is teamwork. By seperating us, you eliminated the real threat."

    Magmortar smirked, but he was clearly shaken. "Well, let's see your so called teamwork, then!"

    "If you say so," Chimecho shrugged. She rung as loudly as she could, managing to catch the attention of all the other apprentices. "Okay, everybody!" she cried. "We've got to work together if we're going to pull this off!"

    "Aye aye!" Sunflora yelled.

    Dugtrio attempted to salute, knocking all of his heads together. "I'm in!" he mumbled woozily.

    "Yup yup!"

    "OH YEAH!"

    "Meh heh heh!"

    "Let's do it!"

    "Hey hey hey!"

    The momentary break didn't last long. Their enemies all came back in force. Sunflora and Loudred were pounded by Air Slash and Power Gem, Dugtrio and Croagunk were smashed by Psybeam and Stone Edge, Corpish and Diglett were slammed by Earth Power and Hyper Voice, and Chimecho and Bidoof were blasted by Overheat. However, Chimecho stayed surprisingly calm and took command. "Diglett and Dugtrio need mobility, and we need cover! Corphish, cool down the lava!"

    "Alright, hey hey!" Corphish nodded. He jumped sideways just in time to avoid Exploud's Focus Blast, then unleashed his own Bubblebeam on the lava. Immediately, steam filled the air, obscuring all from view. Chimecho could hear the sounds of Magmortar growling and his minions launching their attacks at random. She froze as a Flamethrower whizzed by mere inches from her head, then quickly laid herself low to the ground. After a few long minutes, the steam cleared, revealing a stunning sight. Under the cover of the steam, Corphish had made his way all around the cavern, spraying the lava with his Bubblebeam. All of it had now cooled and solidified into a shiny black volcanic rock. Diglett and Dugtrio immediately tunneled away from the islands they'd been stuck on, making their way to Chimecho and Bidoof in the room's center.

    "We're a-okay!" Diglett said, and Dugtrio nodded in agreement.

    The others also joined them in the room's center. "That was AWESOME!" Loudred whooped.

    "We have more important things to worry about," Croagunk said. The other apprentices looked around and realized with horror that they were surrounded.

    Magmortar smiled evilly as he stared down Chimecho. "You wanted to be together so bad? Fine. You can stand together as my minions destroy you. It'd be a fitting way for the famous Wigglytuff Guild to fall."

    "We're not going down that easily!" Chimecho screamed. "Execute Plan Richter!"

    They all leapt into action at once. Sunflora, Loudred, Corphish, and Croagunk leapt into the air, landing on Yanmega, Vespiquen, Claydol, and Probopass's backs, respectively. All four of the floating Pokemon were slammed hard into the ground. At the same time, Chimecho grabbed Bidoof and lifted him into the air, straining to keep from dropping him. Diglett and Dugtrio then acted as one, creating a massive Earthquake throughout the entire chamber. Magmortar saw what was coming just in time and leapt into the air, avoiding the attack. His minions weren't so lucky. They were all thrown backwards from the shockwave. At the same time, the enormous rockfall collapsed, opening the exit to Fogbound Lake once again. Moonlight streamed down into the cavern. But there was no time to worry about going out yet.

    "Finish it!" Chimecho howled. Again, they moved as one, delivering the final blows to their stunned enemies. All of them fell to a different move: Claydol to Sunflora's Razor Leaf, Probopass to Diglett's Mud Bomb, Vespiquen to Croagunk's Sludge Bomb, Yanmega to Corphish's Bubblebeam, Exploud to Loudred's Brick Break, and Camerupt to Dugtrio's Tri Attack.

    Magmortar was clearly taken aback by it all, but he stood firm. "Alright, I'm impressed," he admitted. "But I'm not about to back down." His entire body glowed red as he stored up an Overheat in each arm cannon. "Go ahead, give me all you've got."

    "You heard him, gang!" Chimecho cried. "All or nothing! Let's do it!"

    The attacks seemed to blend into one. Chimecho's Double Edge; Loudred's Brick Break; Corphish's Crabhammer; Croagunk's Poison Jab; Dugtrio's Giga Impact; Diglett's Dig; Sunflora's Pound; Bidoof's Super Fang. All of them met at once as they unleashed their full fury on Magmortar. The massive explosion rocked the cave, causing dozens of boulders to rain down from the ceiling.

    At the same moment, Armaldo burst into the cavern. He stopped by the apprentices and took a moment to eye the unconscious Magmortar, who lay blackened in a crater in the floor. "Wow. Nice work."

    "Armaldo!" Bidoof beamed. "Gosh, what took you so long?"

    "There were some...difficulties," Armaldo said.


    They all whirled around to see Gabite standing before them, her arms crossed. Steelix and Houndoom flanked her, snarling menacingly.

    "Looks like the end of the line for you and your crew, Armaldo," Gabite grinned. "All of you are all tuckered out now. How are you gonna take us on?"

    "With a little help."

    Armaldo grinned. Everyone else looked in surprise to the crater in the floor. Magmortar had risen to his feet. He was smiling. His minions all simultaneously rose from where they had lain and lined up behind him. "What's going on?" Gabite gasped. "What are you doing here?"

    "The same thing as Armaldo," Magmortar said. "Tracking you."

    "Armaldo, exactly what is going on here?" Chimecho asked.

    "Just a minute," Armaldo said. He smiled at Gabite. "I'm sorry, Gabite, but it appears you've been outnumbered."

    Gabite growled fiercly. "I've still got Steelix and Houndoom to fight with me, and they're not to be taken lightly?"

    "Who?" Armaldo inquired, barely holding back a smile. "I don't see anybody."

    Gabite spun around just in time to see Steelix and Houndoom fleeing back into the darkness of the tunnels. "You cowards!" she screamed. She turned slowly back around. Armaldo and Magmortar towered over her. She gulped. "I don't suppose you're just paying me a friendly visit, are you?"

    Armaldo and Magmortar shook their heads at once. "Guys, escort our guest to Sheriff Magnezone, please," Magmortar ordered. Probopass, Claydol, Yanmega, Vespiquen, Camerupt, and Exploud all moved to make a circle around Gabite. She sighed and walked with them as they moved her down the tunnel.

    "I'll get you for this, someday! Both of you, and your little Guild friends, too!"

    "Tell it to the judge!" Armaldo screamed back. He turned to the apprentices. "Now, where were we?"

    Hope you guys all like it! I'm incredibly tired right now, so I'll send the PMs tomorrow. This chapter was going to be longer and include their reunion with Wigglytuff, but that's going to have to wait until tomorrow. It'll be part of the next chapter, I guess, alongside Piplup's Aura training.

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    Whoa, 2 chapters in a row? Hopefully you can end the book by Monday

    So what's up with Magmortar? Why does he have to attack the guild for no reason when turns out he's after Gabite? And Lucario's story sounds good. You're planing to add Mewtwo later?

    Oh, and I think I didn't laugh through the 2 chapters... 'cept when Dusknoir suddenly appeared in the shadows and freaking Chimchar out, probably just a giggle.

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    I'll admit, I do not believe this chapter to be your finest work. It was still good though.

    The battle with Magmortar seemed a little strange. How he would suddenly go from attacking the guild to capturing Gabite confused me a bit. Is he good or bad?

    I did like how you had Chimecho take command. I think she was a good choice, as she seems to be the most intelligent of teh group and it was nice to see development for one of the secondary characters of PMD2.

    All in all, good work and I can't wait for the next one.
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    *is confused about whether Magmortar is good or bad*
    so nearly the end of the apprentice arc... but if Magmortar was good,why did he attack the apprentices?
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    I think Magmortar was testing them. If they didn't pass, they weren't worthy of seeing Wigglytuff.

    Also, I love how you post a chapter LESS THAN A DAY after your last one an apologize for being late.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattman324 View Post
    I think Magmortar was testing them. If they didn't pass, they weren't worthy of seeing Wigglytuff.

    Also, I love how you post a chapter LESS THAN A DAY after your last one an apologize for being late.

    That would make a lot of sense, mattman324. And it does seem like you have a good chance to finish this fic by Monday.
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    Nice fight scene chapter.

    The ending got me confused too. Magmortar good or bad? Could be a test of some sort.

    And Chimecho showed impressive leadership skills. Didn't know she had it in her.

    Cool chapter.

    Also, I'll be surprised if you manage to finish this on Monday.
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    Yay I had two new chapters to read! Both were awesome. Man The Aura heart sounds scary though hope Piplup can manage it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AstralEon View Post
    Also, I'll be surprised if you manage to finish this on Monday.
    You won't be the only one. I planned on getting two chapters done last night, but by the time I got done with the first, I was falling asleep at my computer. Hopefully, I can get two chapters done tonight, but it might be a stretch.

    Chapter 25
    I'll Make a 'Mon Out of You

    Let's get down to business

    To perfect your skills.

    But you must be cautious.

    You can't fight for thrills.

    You're the saddest one I've ever met,

    You don't have the slightest clue.

    But mister I'll make a 'mon

    Out of you.

    "Lucario, is there a specific reason that you're singing?"

    Lucario looked down to find Piplup staring up at him inquiringly. "Eh, sorry. I used to sing to get my students at the dojo ready for training. You know, to get them in the zone."

    "Well it's not working. It just makes you look like a fruitcake. Besides, you only had two students."

    "Not really mincing your words, are you?"

    "You're the one making a moron out of yourself."

    "But I'm making a 'mon out of you at the same time."


    Chimchar and Dusknoir watched the sensei and apprentice with amusement. Grovyle and Mew sat apart from the others. Mew had decided that it might be good for Grovyle's leg if he soaked it in the freshwater spring which was behind the ruins.

    "This is really nice of you to do, Mew," Grovyle said. "You really don't have to waste your time on me."

    "Of course I do," Mew said. "It's my duty as a healer to help any injured Pokemon."

    Grovyle shrugged, knowing that she was right. "Still, thank you. You remind me a lot of an old friend of mine."

    "Celebi?" Mew asked softly.

    Grovyle nodded again. "Yes," he said in a whisper. "Celebi."

    The two sat in silence for a while. Mew watched Grovyle intently, waiting for more, but all he did was stare blankly at the water. Finally, she broke the silence on her own.

    "Don't worry, Grovyle. We're gonna get to the Wheel of Time. We'll save Celebi if it's the last thing we do. I'll do anything to make sure that you can get her back."

    Grovyle looked up slowly. "You sure sound convinced. Why are you so dedicated to doing something for someone you just met?"

    "I can imagine how you feel," Mew said, staring into the pool. "You've lost somebody you really care about. You're bound to be depressed. You'll feel lost, but at the same time, you know that you have to save your friend. I can't just leave somebody in that position to fend for himself." She looked back up. "I promise you that I'll help you save Celebi. But I need you to promise something too."

    Grovyle looked at her inquisitively. "And that would be?"

    "If anything like this ever happens to Lucario, help me get him back." Mew stared into Grovyle's eyes. "You have your Celebi, I have my Lucario."

    "Of course I'd help," Grovyle agreed. "It's the least any Pokemon could do."

    A small grin appeared on Mew's face. "Thank you."

    "Thank you," Grovyle mimicked.

    There was a sudden explosion, causing Grovyle and Mew to both whirl around. Piplup was lying on his back, dazed, while Lucario frowned and put his hands on his hips.

    "What kind of Aura Sphere was that?" Lucario growled.

    "Hey, the Aura Sphere itself was fine!" Piplup argued, rising back to its feet. "It was merely my directional influence that was lackluster."

    Lucario glared down at Piplup. "Like it matters! I thought you were an Aura master!"

    Piplup glared right back up at the 'sensei'. "Me? I just found out yesterday that I could actually utilize my Aura! My only use of it was an accident! It's not like I should just be able to master it in a single day."

    "Alright, fine," Lucario admitted. "But we're still going to work as hard as we can at it."

    "Like I wasn't already."

    "Okay, I'm sorry," Lucario sighed. "Just let me do the teaching and you do the following, okay?"

    "Sounds reasonable," Piplup shrugged.

    Lucario straightened up his shoulders and held his arms forward. "Now, to properly form the Aura Sphere, you must focus all your energy into your fingertips."

    Piplup waved his hand in the air. "Um, I don't have fingertips."

    "Just focus it to the end of your flipper, then!" Lucario growled in exasperation. "Let your energy flow out into the area between your hands. There, the Aura Sphere will form."

    "I got that far before," Piplup said. He closed his eyes and concentrated. Slowly, but surely, a ball of silver energy materialized between his hands. "The next part was the hard part."

    "Don't let it frustrate you," Lucario urged. He held out his hands and a blue Aura Sphere appeared almost instantly. "You must concentrate fully on the Aura Sphere in order to have the best influence over it." He demonstrated by launching his Aura Sphere directly at Piplup. At the last second, however, it changed course and launched upwards, missing Piplup completely. Instead, it crashed into the ceiling, causing a few small rocks to rain down on Chimchar and Dusknoir.

    "Watch it!" Dusknoir yelped.

    "What are you trying to do, kill us?" Chimchar accused.

    Piplup suddenly launched his own Aura Sphere. The silver orb whirled around him, then shot into the ground at Chimchar's feet, creating a small explosion that knocked him backwards. "Trust me," Piplup said, his eyes still closed. "If he'd wanted to kill you, he'd probably have succeeded."

    Everybody stared at Piplup with their mouths hanging open. "How did you do that?" Lucario gasped increduously. "Just a second ago, you couldn't even shoot the Sphere in a straight line! How could you manage that maneuver?"

    Piplup shrugged. "I guess I'm a quick learner."

    "Well," Lucario grinned. "This may not be as tough as I thought."

    You're as tranquil as a Grass type,

    But there's Fire within.

    Once you found your center,

    You were sure to win.

    You were a spineless pale pathetic lot

    But I know before we're through,

    Somehow I'll make a 'mon

    Out of you.

    Lucario reeled back as a tiny Aura Sphere hit him in the chest. "Dude," Piplup snapped. "You're singing again."

    Lucario blinked, staring at Piplup. "Try that again," he urged. "With your Aura Sphere."

    "If you say so," Piplup shrugged. Another Aura Sphere slowly formed between his hands and he launched it at Lucario. It wavered back and forth as it went, but it managed to keep its overall forward trajectory. However, as it came close to Lucario, it suddenly stopped. Lucario's hands were glowing blue and he held them out towards Piplup's Aura Sphere. Slowly, it began to turn blue as well, and without warning, it shot back at Piplup. He had no chance to react before it smashed into him, knocking him to the ground. "Yikes!"

    "That is Aura Redirection," Lucario explained. "By forcing your Aura outwards, it is possible to reverse other Aura related attacks. In the end, the more powerful Aura will prevail."

    Piplup slowly pushed himself back to his feet. "Aura Redirection, eh? What's the trick behind that?"

    "All Aura techniques come from a different source," Lucario said. "Aura Sphere, for example, relies on forcing your Aura into your hands. Aura Shift relies on releasing your own grip on life and allowing it to flow into another. Aura Redirection is focused through the breath." He inhaled deeply, puffing up his chest. "First you breath in!" he continued. Then, he blew it all back out. The electric blue glow of auric energy appeared in the air in front of it. "Then you exhale. When you exhale, your own Aura is pressed against the other, allowing you to block it, deflect it, or even gain control of it."

    "Well, let me try!" Piplup yelled. "Go ahead, hit me with your best shot!"

    "You asked for it!" Lucario grinned. He had his Aura Sphere locked and loaded in an instant and fired it like a bullet. Piplup breathed in, allowing his lungs to fill as far as they could; then, he breathed out and his silver Aura flared. Lucario's Aura Sphere hit the mist around Piplup and completely vanished.

    Lucario smiled. "Very good," he said. "Try reflecting this one."

    They went through the same process, but this time, Piplup tried pushing against the Aura Sphere. When the auric energies collided, Lucario's Sphere changed course and launched backward, smashing into the ground halfway between Lucario and Piplup. "Was that better?" Piplup panted. The effort of Aura Redirection had clearly left him exhausted.

    "A little," Lucario nodded. "But can you stop a barrage?" Without warning, Lucario began firing off a rain of Aura Spheres. Piplup screamed in suprirse, but still managed to flare up his Aura in preparation for the attack. As the endless Aura Sphere onslaught hit the Aura Redirection shield, the orbs of energy were all bounced off in random directions. Aura Spheres exploded all around the cavern, causing the other Pokemon to run for cover.

    "I'm never gonna catch my breath," Piplup moaned as he desperately willed his Aura Redirection to hold.

    "Say good-bye to those who knew me!" Dusknoir howled as three Aura Spheres exploded just in front of him.

    "Maybe I was a fool for teaching him," Lucario wondered aloud. Piplup glared at him and Lucario blushed sheepishly.

    "This guy's got 'em all scared to death," Grovyle said, managing to keep his cool despite the onslaught.

    "Hope he doesn't shoot right through me!" Mew gulped as Aura Spheres blasted against her Protect shield.

    "I really wish that I knew how to swim!" Chimchar wailed. He wobbled precariously off-balance on the edge of the pool, then fell in with a loud splash.

    Finally, the explosions ceased. Surprisingly, nobody had been hurt. Chimchar hauled himself out of the water, gasping, much to Mew's amusement. Piplup collapsed on his back, panting and sweating. The strain on his Aura had been extreme, and he was beginning to get light-headed.

    "Okay, I think now would be a good time for a break," Lucario said. Everyone else sighed in relief. "Piplup, that was magnificent work."

    Piplup waved his hand upward, signaling that he had understood. "It's about time!" Chimchar called. "We were getting killed out here!"

    "If you can't defend yourself from an onslaught like that, you'll never last in a real battle!" Lucario roared. Much to everyone's horror, he leapt back into his song:

    You must be swift as the coursing Raikou,

    And with the force of the great Suicune.

    You must be strong as the raging Entei,

    Mysterious as the Darkrai of the Moon!

    "Dude, seriously," Dusknoir said. He put his hand on Lucario's shoulder and began leading him away. "Just let it go. It's creepy, dude. The number one rule in this little family of ours is to not be creepy."

    "I'm sure that works out well for you all."

    "It works out better than Rule Number 2."

    "And that is?"

    "He who has gas, travels at the back of the pack."

    "Do I even want to hear Rule Number 3?"

    "Always listen to Dusknoir."

    "Fine. What's Rule Number 3?"

    "I just said it. Always listen to Dusknoir."

    "You're a moron."

    "Say all you like. Just listen to me."

    Grovyle sighed and looked to Mew. "He's right, you know."

    She frowned. "We are supposed to always listen to Dusknoir?"

    "No, I mean the gas one. It always works out better that way. Right, Chimchar?"

    Chimchar glared at the smirking Grovyle. "Shut up, man. Just shut up."


    "Okay guys, spill the beans," Diglett demanded.

    "Yeah, hey hey!" Corphish agreed. "What in the heck is going on here?"

    Armaldo and Magmortar stood silhouetted in front of the exit to Fogbound Lake. The Guild apprentices were in front of them, desperately trying to figure out what was going on.

    "We'll explain, we'll explain," Armaldo assured. "There's no reason to get crazy."

    "There's plenty of reasons to get crazy!" Dugtrio sputtered. "The guy we just crushed just started helping us! That's a perfect reason to be crazy!"

    Croagunk snickered. "That's not the only thing that's crazy."

    "What did you say?!"

    "Calm down, both of you!" Armaldo ordered. "Magmortar will explain everything!"

    Magmortar stepped forward. "Now, all of you were here tonight for a reason. However, there were more reasons than you may think."

    "Our reason is obvious," Loudred snorted. "We're here to get to the Guildmaster so that we can bring him back."

    "Yes, that is a reason, but that is YOUR reason. Armaldo and I had our own plans for you here, however." Magmortar looked around to make sure he had all of the apprentices' complete attention. "First of all, I am not some Pokemon who attacks travellers like you at random. I am actually a bounty hunter. I was friends with the Nidoking who tracked down Armaldo, so that's how we got to know each other."

    Bidoof frowned. "Excuse me, sir, but if you're not an outlaw, then...well, why did you attack us?"

    "I'll get to that," Magmortar assured. "Anyway, I talked to Armaldo here quite a lot while he was in jail. I realized that when he got out, he would be a valuable partner in crime-fighting."

    "And that I am," Armaldo smiled.

    Magmortar grinned too. "And that you are. While he was still in jail, he told me about his old partner Gabite. I immediately got to work trying to deduce where she had holed herself up. Eventually, I discovered that it was here. Before you guys cleared the fog around the lake, Gabite managed to stumble through and wound up in this cave. Inside is where she met her new lackies, Houndoom and Steelix. Then, when the steam cleared and tourists and explorers showed up here, the three began their business preying upon them and stealing their goods. Armaldo and I decided to bide our time and let Gabite get comfortable. Then, when you guys were going to head their anyway, we took the opportunity to tag along and catch Gabite. Which, obviously, we did."

    "Who were those other Pokemon who helped you?" Sunflora answered. "The big scary ones that we had to fight?"

    "Ah, those six?" Armaldo answered. "Those were Exploud, Camerupt, Vespiquen, Yanmega, Probopass, and Claydol. They were a group of Pokemon who tested me and your Guildmaster once long ago. We proved ourselves worthy to them in battle and we made it on to discover the ruins of an ancient city. Once I got out of the slammer, I went straight their to seek their help in taking down Gabite. They were happy to aid me and came right along."

    Bidoof raised his hand again. "But why did we have to fight them?"

    "That's the other reason you were here," Armaldo answered. "In order to go on and find Wigglytuff, you needed to prove yourselves able to work together and fight bravely without him to lead you. That's where Magmortar and the others came in."

    "Sorry about the whole 'almost killing you' thing," Magmortar apologized. "But it was kind of necessary to get the right outcome, ya know?"

    "So we proved ourselves worthy?" Chimecho inquired.

    Magmortar smiled. "Judging from that uber-blow you guys pulled off that left me in a crater, I'd say yes. I also liked your Plan Richter maneuver. It was ingenius."

    "The Guildmaster taught us that one on an expedition a long time ago," Diglett said. "We were surrounded by a huge group of wild Pokemon, just like we were then."

    "Speaking of the Guildmaster," Armaldo cut in. "We'd better go and find him. Will you be joining us, Magmortar?"

    Magmortar shook his head. "Nah, I'll leave you guys to your big mushy reunion. I'll just show myself out."

    "Thanks for attacking us, Mr. Magmortar!" Bidoof called as Magmortar turned and began heading back down the tunnel.

    "Don't hear that everyday," Croagunk chuckled.

    "See ya on Thursday, Magmortar!" Armaldo yelled.

    Magmortar shot a blast of fire at the ceiling. "I'll keep the Pecha Tea piping hot!"

    "Alright, let's go find Junior," Armaldo said, turning back to the apprentices. They all took off at once and sprinted out into the open, leaving Armaldo gasping for air as he tried to keep up.

    The stars sparkled in the black sky overhead, but the apprentices payed them no mind. There was only one thing they were worried about. The canyon soon grew too thin for all of them to fit through at once and they were forced to go single-file, with Corphish at the lead. Suddenly, the canyon walls were gone and the group was standing on the wide beach which overlooked the Fogbound Lake. The geyser which had been spouting out of the lake the last time the apprentices had been there was gone. In fact, the entire lake was motionless. All of it was frozen, just where it had been when Darkrai had stolen the Time Gear. But nobody paid attention to the lake. Their eyes were all on one shape.


    They all ran forward as one towards their Guildmaster, who sat staring out over the water. He whirled around as he heard the cry. "Friendly friends!" he whooped. He jumped up in the air and spread his arms out wide. They surrounded him in an instant, laughing and crying, hugging and squeezing. All except Croagunk, that is, who merely stood by and watched with a smile on his face.

    "You guys didn't say hi to Chatot!" Wigglytuff said suddenly. He turned to face the shadowy figure which was next to him. Chatot, also frozen in time, stood, facing out towards the lake. A Perfect Apple sat in front of him, apparently waiting to be eaten. The apprentices grew silent.

    "Oh," Chimecho murmured.

    "Poor Chatot," Sunflora sniffed.

    "I can't imagine what it's like, being frozen like that," Bidoof said.

    Wigglytuff grinned widely. "Oh, don't worry about Chatot! He'll be fine. After all, Piplup and Chimchar are on the case."

    "I suppose he is right," Diglett nodded.

    "With those two working at it, there's no doubt the job will get done," Dugtrio added.

    Chimecho poked the Guildmaster, gaining his attention. "But Guildmaster, we're not here because of Chatot. We're here because of you."

    "Oh, you guys know that you don't have to worry about me!" Wigglytuff said cheerfully. "I can take care of myself!"

    "We weren't worried about you," Chimecho explained. "We're here because we need you."

    "You should have seen the sorry shape we were in," Loudred cut in.

    "Hey, it was ugly," Corphish agreed.

    Sunflora began sniffing again. "We're nothing without you, Guildmaster!"

    "Now, that's not true!" Wigglytuff snapped. "You guys made it all the way up here to find me! You apparently broke down my rock wall. It took a lot of guts for you guys to come back up here and find me!"

    "They weren't alone, you know."

    Wigglytuff whirled around at the voice. He recognized it, he knew it. He could see a large figure hunkered in the shadows. "Hello?" he addressed it. "Who's there?"

    "Why, Junior, who else would it be?"

    Wigglytuff could scarcely breathe. "M-Master?"

    "Junior." Armaldo stepped from the shadows.

    "Master!" Wigglytuff screamed. Tears flowed from his eyes as he ran forward and leapt into the arms of Armaldo. There, in that tearful embrace, a master and student were reunited at last.

    "It's good to see ya, Junior," Armaldo smiled.

    Wigglytuff grinned and wiped away his tears. "I always knew we'd meet again, Master. I always knew."

    "Me too, me too."

    "So, have you been on any fun adventures lately?" Wigglytuff asked. He had apparently gotten over the shock and had entered back into casual conversation mode.

    Armaldo gestured to the apprentices. "Actually, your little friends here just took me on a big one."

    Wigglytuff beamed. "That's my apprentices! Great job, guys!"

    "They were spectacular!" Armaldo explained. "They took down a swarm of angry outlaws. There must have been fifty of 'em!"

    "Actually, there were seven," Chimecho pointed out. "But whose counting?"

    "You'd never survive in the big city, kid," Armaldo said. "Next time you tell the story, there were fifty of 'em. And they were all Arceus."

    Wigglytuff smiled. "Honesty is a virtue, Master. I would think you'd learned that the hard way." He turned to face the apprentices. "So who's ready to go to the Core?"

    "The Core?" they all gasped simultaneously.

    "Of course!" Wigglytuff beamed. "I knew what you guys were going to suggest before you even knew it! You see, if we're all together kicking butt, there's no reason why we shouldn't be in the Core kicking butt with Piplup and Chimchar!"

    Bidoof frowned. "But Wigglytuff, they told us all to stay behind. They said we'd get in the way and that more people would get hurt."

    "Well, who cares about that?" Wigglytuff laughed. "Are they the Guildmaster or am I?"

    "But what about Chatot?" Chimecho inquired. "I thought you stayed here because you didn't want to leave him alone."

    Wigglytuff looked to Armaldo, who simply nodded. "Master can take care of him. After all, we surely won't be gone that long. We'll be back in a couple of days, maybe a week."

    "I'd be happy to watch him for ya," Armaldo agreed. "Any friend of Junior's is a friend of mine."

    "Oh!" Wigglytuff exclaimed. "That reminds me!" He held out his hand towards Armaldo. A sparkling green orb sat in his palm.

    "That's the Defend Globe we found!" Armaldo gasped. "So long ago, on our first adventure. You've kept that all these years?"

    Wigglytuff nodded. "Of course! How could I get rid of it? But now, it belongs with you. After all, you were the one who led me on my first exploration. I owe everything to you."

    Armaldo shook his head. "Junior, you're the one who rekindled the exploring spirit in me. You keep it."

    Wigglytuff appeared that he was about to protest, but then shrugged. "Suit yourself!" He turned back to the apprentices. "Now, who's ready to go?"

    "WE ARE!" the apprentices all roared at once.

    "It's just like an expedition!" Sunflora squealed.

    "It's been a while since we had an expedition," Loudred said.

    "I'll say!" Dugtrio cut in. "Our last expedition was when we came here for the first time!"

    "I'd say we're geared for battle, after our face-off with Magmortar's gang," Diglett said.

    "Hey hey, we could take on the whole Core if we had to!" Corphish whooped.

    "Gosh, that'd be kind of scary," Bidoof trembled. "But it'd sure be exciting!"

    "We're ready for anything!" Chimecho yelled. "Guildmaster, we're behind you all the way!"

    Wigglytuff grinned. "YOOM-TAH!" he screamed, shaking the ground. He turned to Armaldo. "See ya soon, Master."

    "See ya later, Junior."

    Wigglytuff bounded into the air, flipping over the apprentices, and took off at a run towards the tunnel. "Okay, gang! LET'S RIDE!!!"

    Hope you guys all like it! Sorry that I'm not sending out PMs for the second night in a row, but it's too late for me. I'll try to do it tomorrow. Also, if you put all of the italicized parts in the first section together, it becomes a song. Anyone know what it is?

    Coming up tomorrow: After days of training, Piplup is finally mastering the art of Aura manipulation. However, Sceptile and his gang are preparing to strike. Will a new plan concocted by Grovyle, Dusknoir, and Mew be successful?
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    i don't think that you're the only ones who aren't sure whether you're going to make it on monday. didn't you say that you were going to post one chapter the next day, then took a month to do it once?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GalladeRocks View Post

    You're as tranquil as a Grass type,

    But there's Fire within.

    Once you found your center,

    You were sure to win.

    You were a spineless pale pathetic lot

    But I know before we're through,

    Somehow I'll make a 'mon

    Out of you.
    "wer" into "were", no?

    Quote Originally Posted by GalladeRocks View Post
    Piplup waved his hand upward, signaling that he had understood. "It's about time!" Chimchar called. "We were getting killed out here!"
    "her" into "here".

    Quote Originally Posted by GalladeRocks View Post
    Chimecho poked the Guildmaster, gaining his attention. "But Guildmaster, we're not here because of Chatot. We're here because of you."
    And I'm guessing you missed out a "here" between "not" and "because".


    Excellent chapter.

    I know exactly where the singing quotes came from; the Disney movie, Mulan, yes?

    The apprentices meeting up with the guild master was very touching. Especially with Armaldo and Wigglytuff. I really liked it.

    Overall, it was good. The singing part was rather cheesy to me though. >.<
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    I'm never good at memorizing song lyrics ><

    Anyway, that's some way you give out a reason for Magmortar... But I thought it was a crazy fight... Tears at the reunion... And Lucario's singing is... erm... how should I put this?

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    scizorstrike-Yeah, there were multiple times when I took month long breaks. Dark times, man. Dark times. But I can promise, this won't be one of those times.

    AstralEon-Thank you for pointing out those mistakes. I went in and fixed them, as well as a few others that I noticed while looking over it. And yeah, the singing was pretty cheesy, but the song fit perfectly, and I could see singing while training being another weird little quirk in Lucario's personality. Despite his outwardly normal appearance, he can be kinda weird once you get to know him.

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    That singing was awesome.

    I CALLED the whole "testing them" bit. Totally called it. And now, I deserve... a cookie. Or another chapter, whichever.

    (Because now that you're updating, I can't stop reading).
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    A little late for the show but ready to to haha but anyway it was cool to see the Guild Apprentices do something for once instead of usually having every chapter Piplup and Chimchar. So when are you planning to wrap up this story by?

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    The story will be finished by Monday, hopefully. And I'm sorry if I seem grumpy, but this is my second time typing this. I accidentally exited out before when I had the chapter about 3/4 typed, and I am INCREDIBLY ticked off. It sucks so much that I can't even put it into words. It was the one day that I'd gotten a huge head start in my typing, starting before seven. I was sitting on my deck, enjoying the peace and quiet and sunshine, and was thinking I could even get two typed, and then it was just all gone. That kind of thing never happens when you write a story with good ole pen and paper...

    Chapter 26
    The Battle Begins




    Piplup and Lucario's Auras flared brightly around them as they danced back and forth, exchanging blow after blow. Lucario held his arms forward and fired an Aura Sphere straight forward. Piplup exhaled forcefully and energy sparkled before him. The Aura Sphere slowly froze where it floated, then silver and launched straight back at Lucario.

    With a crackling spark, a long blue blade formed in Lucario's hand. He swung it outwards in a wide arc, slicing the redirected Aura Sphere neatly in half. Then, with a flash of light, gladiator-like armor appeared around Lucario, giving him the appearance of a glowing blue knight. When he turned to face Piplup, he saw that the Penguin Pokemon had formed an identical getup with his Aura. The two charged at once, swinging their swords high above their heads. The two blades met with a noise like two lightsabers. The two continuedly repeated the blows, dueling like a pair of seasoned warriors.

    The others watched the battle in awe. "This is incredible!" Chimchar cheered. "You can tell that Lucario has trained Piplup well."

    "You heard what Lucario said, though," Dusknoir pointed out. "Piplup's Aura is incredibly strong."

    "I'll say," Mew nodded. "Piplup's mastered in a week techniques that took Lucario years to perfect." She paused, then added in a whisper: "And one that he never could."

    Grovyle heard the whisper and glanced at Mew inquisitively, but didn't speak. Instead, he took a few steps forward and shifted his weight between his legs. "I've got to say, Mew, you did a splendid job fixing up my leg. It's only been a week and I'm already fit as a fiddle." He suddenly winced and went down on one knee, feeling a sting of pain through his injured leg. He'd just gotten the cast off the day before and this was his first day walking again. "Well, an untuned fiddle."

    Mew smiled. "Well, there's only so much that my herbs and psychic powers can help, Grovyle, so don't strain yourself. You've gotten past the worst part of it, though."

    "Guys, look!" Chimchar yelled suddenly. "It's the Aura Wings!"

    Everyone turned back to the battle at hand. Piplup and Lucario's Aura Shield and Aura Blades had disappeared, making the two Pokemon look somehow bare. They both had their eyes closed in concentration, and suddenly, a dazzling transformation went underway.

    First, their shoulders began to glow: Lucario's blue and Piplup's silver.

    Next, the air behind their shoulders began to shimmer and distort like heat waves rising off a hot pavement.

    Then, long claw-like appendages sprouted from the glowing shoulders, stretching up to head-height and down to ankle-height.

    Finally, the appendages spread out to reveal themselves as enormous glowing wings.

    The two Pokemon opened their eyes and ascended into the air, quickly rising above their friends and the ruins. Lucario was the first to move, shooting an Aura Sphere. Piplup went into a steep dive to dodge the blast, and it appeared as though he was going to smash into the ground. However, at the last second, he spread his wings and sprung upwards again. He and Lucario formed their Aura Blades once and began dueling again, in midair this time.

    Then, suddenly, they froze.

    They twitched.

    And they dropped.

    Without any warning, the Aura Wings and Blades vanished, leaving Piplup and Lucario without any way to save themselves as they plummeted towards the stony earth below.

    Mew reacted instantly. Her eyes glowed pink and she grabbed the two out of the air with her Psychic. She sat them softly on the ground, frowning. "That's not good," she murmured. "There's only one thing that I've seen cancel out Lucario's Aura like that."

    The others were at her side in an instant. "What in the heck just happened?" Chimchar gasped.

    Piplup and Lucario both sat up at once. "Ugh," Piplup moaned.

    "Piplup!" Chimchar said. "What happened up there?"

    "I'm not sure. I could suddenly hear...or, rather, see...this kind of high-pitched...noise. Thing."

    "So you saw a noise?" Dusknoir inquired. "How does that work?"

    "Well, it wasn't so much a noise, so much as a sense," Piplup shrugged. "I don't know! It was complicated."

    Lucario rose to his feet. "That was Regirock's distress signal. And that can only mean one thing."

    Mew nodded. "Yep. Sceptile and his gang are on their way here."

    "Right now?" Chimchar gasped. "Already?"

    Grovyle shrugged. "It has been a week since our face-off. It would be stupid for them to wait longer before striking."

    "We need a plan," Piplup said. "Quick, everybody, THINK!"

    "'You don't need to worry about that," Lucario assured. "We've already got a plan."

    Piplup frowned. "You do?"

    "Yep," Mew said. "Lucario, Dusknoir, and I all thought it up a few days ago."

    "You see," Dusknoir cut in. " I picked up on a lot of things while spying on Sceptile's gang. We've got quite a few advantages that they have no idea about."

    Piplup and Chimchar stared at him as if he had grown a second head. Dusknoir quickly checked to make sure that he hadn't. Apparently satisfied that he was still uni-headed, Dusknoir continued.

    "Our first advantage is Mew. She was here at the ruins during the battle, so Sceptile never saw her. Our second advantage is myself. When I saved you guys' sorry butts, I never surfaced from where I was intangible underground. Sceptile never saw me, and he just assumes that you four managed to flee. Our final advantage is Grovyle. Sceptile doesn't even think he's alive."

    "But why would that be?" Chimchar frowned. "Grovyle's clearly alive and well." Illustrating his point, Chimchar pointed over at Grovyle, who did indeed appear to be alive and well.

    "Yes, he is," Dusknoir nodded. "But you've got to remember the condition that Grovyle was in after Sceptile beat him down last time. Sceptile has no idea that Piplup saved Grovyle back at the ruins."

    Piplup grinned. "Okay, so we've got our advantages. Now we just need a plan."

    "That's all set up," Lucario said. "We can't expect to beat those thugs with nothing but brute force."

    "Plus, Sceptile's sneaky and ruthless," Grovyle cut in. "I imagine he'll try to distract us by having his lackey attack from the front, while he circles around behind to finish us off."

    "So, we strategized very carefully," Mew continued. "And we came up with a perfect plan."

    "Ain't no plan like a perfect plan!" Chimchar chortled.

    Grovyle stepped forward. An uncharacteristically dark expression crossed his face. "I only have one request about this plan."

    "And that is?" Lucario inquired.

    "Leave the final strike to me."


    "Are we there yet?"

    "For the ten-thousandth time, NO!"



    "Are we the-"

    "I swear, if you finish that sentence, I will pound you into the wall again, and this time I will kill you."

    "Geesh! You're getting kinda violent, aren't you?"

    "I'm a mercenary! People pay me to be violent!"

    Sceptile's day had started off good. He'd already gotten to pound the three Regi Pokemon into the ground, and now he would be able to destroy the last three Pokemon who dared to resist the Master's control. Of course, they wouldn't go down without a fight, but it would be a brief one.

    Unfortunately, the happy day had been rained upon by the storm clouds that were the eternally-talking soldiers No.88 and 89. The two hadn't stopped talking since leaving the cave, and Sceptile was at his wit's end. Abomasnow and Machamp seemed none to happy either, but the duo of soldiers had insisted on coming along to oversee their adversaries' destruction.

    "The cave is just ahead," Sceptile said in a whisper. "You've all got to be prepared for this. These guys won't go down easily, unless we just attack as one. If we all go at once, they won't stand a chance." He paused for a second and scratched his chin thoughtfully. "Well, they don't stand a chance anyway, this is just a matter of how fast we finish them. But still, strike as one." His four companions nodded in understanding. If they'd been paying a little more attention, they might have spotted the intangible heads of Piplup, Chimchar, and Dusknoir pop out of the wall for a brief moment before retreating again.

    Slowly, the five Pokemon stepped into the cavern. They took a moment to glance over the ancient ruins and bubbling spring. They couldn't see the other Pokemon, but they couldn't be too cautious...

    No.89 suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around and his eyes grew wide with fear. He tapped No.88 who also turned around. His eyes also grew wide. Standing before them was the duo of Piplup and Chimchar. They did not look happy. The two soldiers looked to each other, then back at their opponents, then back to each other. Immediately, they burst into tears. "WE SURRENDER!!!"

    The bounty hunters whirled around and spotted Piplup and Chimchar. Sceptile's eyes narrowed and he opened his mouth to scream. "Attack!"

    But it wasn't Sceptile who had screamed.

    All at once, Dusknoir, Mew, and Lucario leapt forward from where they'd hidden intangible underground, attacking Sceptile, Abomasnow, and Machamp respectively. They all staggered back and the battle began.

    Lucario and Machamp danced back and forth, each lashing out in turn in an attempt to hit the other. Metal Claw met Karate Chop; Bone Rush met Cross Chop; Aura Sphere met Dynamicpunch.

    "You're quite the tough fellow," Lucario commented as he ducked back just in time to avoid another Dynamicpunch.

    "Thanks!" Machamp grinned. "Your not so bad yourself." He lunged forward with a final Dynamicpunch, aimed straight for the head.

    Lucario leaned slightly to the left so that the punch missed his head by mere centimeters. The momentum carried Machamp forward, straight into Lucario's outstretched hand. It pressed up against his chest, causing him to look up at Lucario in bewilderment. Then, a massive energy blast exploded outward as Force Palm was unleashed. Machamp was shot backwards like a cannonball. He slammed into the wall, causing a few small rocks to fall down and bonk him on the head. With a slight moan, he dropped unconscious.

    Meanwhile, Mew was desperately pushing her Protect shield outwards to block Abomasnow's Blizzard. However, it was too powerful and began to push her back. With a sound like breaking glass, the shield shattered, exposing Mew to attack once again. But before Abomasnow could even move, a gleaming pink Aura Sphere launched from the tip of Mew's tail and slammed into his chest knocking him back. Groaning, he rose back to his feet. "Not bad," he said, genuinely impressed. "This should be an interesting battle."

    Mew smiled widely. Sparks of all colors formed around her as she summoned the strength of every element. Gray, red, blue, green, yellow, sky-blue, forest-green, brown, orange, white, purple, tan, pink, blue-violet, silver, black, and navy orbs all circled around her, weaving around each other in a strange, unpredictiable pattern. "Yes," she said coldly. "Very interesting."

    "Have at you, then!" Abomasnow cried, although he was clearly shaken by Mew's visible display of power. He created the blue orb of Focus Blast between his hands and fired it at Mew, but it never reached her. The pink orb floated in front of her and unleashed a sudden Light Screen, easily blocking the Focus Blast.

    "Nice try!" Mew smiled sweetly. "Now it's my turn." The orange, sky-blue, purple, brown, forest-green, silver, and red orbs all began to glow, and before Abomasnow knew what was happening, he was struck hard by the combined force of Aura Sphere, Air Cutter, Sludge Bomb, Ancientpower, Silver Wind, Flash Cannon, and Flamethrower. For a moment, he just stood, unmoving. Then, he collapsed onto his face, unconscious.

    The final of the three battles wasn't really much of a battle. Dusknoir and Sceptile simply stared at each other, unmoving. "So, Dusknoir. We meet again."

    "And I here I thought I'd finally gotten your ugly mug out of my life," Dusknoir growled.

    "Too bad for you that you were wrong," Sceptile said. "It's a little awkward to meet again after our last run in."

    "Run-in?" Dusknoir scoffed. "You tried to kill me and take my place as Dialga's top lieutenant. Granted, that lieutenant part doesn't matter much to me now, but still. You tried to kill me."

    Sceptile grinned. "So this is just like old times, eh?" He raised his arm upward in preparation for Dragon Claw. "This blow is for the Master you deserted."

    "Don't you get it?" Dusknoir snarled. "The dark future is no more! Dialga is no longer Primal Dialga! There is no Master!"

    "Fool!" Sceptile snapped. "You know that I am no idiot. Do you really believe I am speaking about Dialga?"

    Dusknoir was taken aback. "What? What do you mean?"

    "Too bad you'll never know," Sceptile growled. His hand glowed blue and his claws extended as his Dragon Claw readied to strike.

    There was a sudden blur and loud whumph as Grovyle struck. He dropped from where he hung on the ceiling without a sound, charging his Leaf Blade as he fell. He struck Sceptile hard in the forehead, and he crumpled beneath the blow. Grovyle rose to his feet and stood over his fallen foe, then slapped his hands together in satisfaction. "And that takes care of that."


    When Sceptile awoke, he was very displeased to find himself bound in some of the tightest rope he had ever seen. Mew credited to the master ropemaker of the Core, who she more-than-subtly hinted might be herself. It was at the moment of his awakening that Grovyle happened to be walking by.

    "Hey, Grovyle."

    Grovyle looked over to Sceptile and then approached him. "Problem, Sceptile? Ropes not comfortable enough for you?"

    "Still got your sense of humor, I see," Sceptile snickered. "Now Grovyle, I know we've had our differences in the past-"

    "You tried to kill me," Grovyle said.

    Sceptile shrugged. "It's nothing personal, you know. I try to do that to pretty much everyone. But anyway, I know I'm a cheater, and a dirtbag, and a murderer. And I know you know all of that to."

    "Yes, and?" Grovyle inquired.

    "Well, you must also know that I'm honest. I never lie, and you must know that."

    Grovyle pondered the statement for a moment. "Yes, that's true. I've known you for years and years, and although you are a lot of bad things, I've never known you to be dishonest."

    "Exactly," Sceptile nodded. "So you know that I'm saying this as an honest Pokemon. You have no chance against Rayquaza."

    "You may think that," Grovyle said. "But you're wrong. Piplup and Chimchar took down Primal Dialga by themselves. I'm sure they can handle Rayquaza."

    Sceptile sighed. "But you don't understand. Rayquaza isn't himself. He never has been." Grovyle looked at him inquisitively. "You've heard the stories. Rayquaza was a guardian of the Core, but after the showdown with the Giratina, something changed in him and he grew violent and primitive." Sceptile stared hard at Grovyle. "Does that sound anything to you like the apparent king of the Core right now?"

    Grovyle frowned in thought, but he didn't speak.

    "No, it doesn't," Sceptile continued. "He's showing amazing self-control for an apparently uncivilized, unthinking Pokemon." He paused, probably for dramatic effect. "No, there is another power holding influence over Rayquaza. A powerful one."

    "It doesn't matter," Grovyle said. "The six of us can handle anything. We'll beat down Rayquaza and anyone else who gets in our way."

    "Like me?" Sceptile grinned ruefully.

    "Like you," Grovyle nodded.

    There was a sudden slicing noise and the ropes around Sceptile dropped to the ground. He had managed to get his wrist free from the binding and had cut right through the rope. He immediately raised his arms before him, ready to block an attack. But Grovyle stood motionless, simply watching.

    "What's wrong?" Sceptile inquired. "Aren't you going to attack? Call the others?"

    Grovyle shook his head. "Why would I? You have nowhere to go. You can't return to your Master after not only failing to capture us a second time, but being defeated as well. You have nowhere to go, no one to turn to. You're an outcast."

    "Don't mince your words much, do you?" Sceptile winced. "But yes, I suppose you are right." He looked around the cavern. "Where are Abomasnow and Machamp?"

    "My friends are interrogating them inside the ruins, trying to find out what they know. From what I heard, they've already spilled the beans about everything: You finding them and taking them on as companions; the three of you being hired by Bastiodon to hunt us down, when in reality, you wanted to capture us for your own master."

    Sceptile was shocked. "What? But I never told them about that!"

    "I know," Grovyle nodded. "I deduced that on my own. You would never stoop to such a level as working for somebody so...below you, as you would say."

    "What can I say, you know me well?" Sceptile smiled.

    Grovyle shrugged. "You're a complicated person, but then again, so am I. I guess it's just natural for me to read you that well."

    Sceptile shrugged as well. "I guess I'd better be on my way." He took a menacing step forward towards Grovyle. He didn't flinch. "What? You're not scared I'm going to attack?"

    "You don't have the energy," Grovyle pointed out. "You may try to make yourself seem lively and healthy, but that blow to the head scattered you a little. I'd guess that right now, you've got a headache and you can't focus on seeing anything far away."

    Sceptile grimaced. "You just always have to be right, don't you?"

    "It's one of the advantages of being me," Grovyle said. "Just like one of the advantages of being you is the ability to always slip out from under my nose."

    "It wouldn't be the first time, would it?" Sceptile grinned. "You're too nice, Grovyle. Letting the bad guy go?"

    Grovyle looked deep into Sceptile's eyes. "You don't honestly think I've forgotten our time in the canyon, do you?"

    "That place?" Sceptile scoffed. "Nothing happened there. We were in a scuffle, we fell in, we had to work together to escape, and then we went right back to fighting on a semi-weekly basis."

    "You saved me from an angry pack of Arcanine. They would have killed me if you hadn't stepped in."

    Sceptile glared at Grovyle. "Weren't you just complaining earlier about me trying to kill you? It seems that your attitude has changed during our converesation."

    "As I said, I'm a complicated person," Grovyle answered.

    "Yeah yeah, whatever," Sceptile grumbled, turning his back on Grovyle. "We will meet again."

    "We always do."

    And with that, Sceptile was gone, vanishing into the shadows of the tunnel.

    A few minutes later, Piplup, Chimchar, No.88, and No.89 came out of the ruins and, upon seeing the missing Sceptile, hurried to Grovyle's side. "What happened?" Chimchar gasped.

    "Sceptile must have escaped," Grovyle replied. "When I came out here a little bit ago, the ropes were cut and he was gone."

    "Oh, this is bad, this is bad bad bad!" Piplup fretted. "What'll we do?"

    Grovyle shook his head. "We don't need to worry about him, Piplup. He's injured and has nowhere to go. We have more important things to worry about."

    "I suppose you're right," Piplup agreed. "Abomasnow and Machamp told us everything they knew. Apparently, the Bastiodon and Rampardos have a plan to move the Army to the surface once the time is right. For some reason, they put particular emphasis on 'time'."

    "We told them about the plan," No.88 cut in.

    "Yeah!" No.89 nodded. "We're good guys now!"

    No.88 looked thoughtfully at his partner. "Well, we really just don't want to get pummeled, but I suppose being good guys can lead to good guy rewards in the end. You know, things like hero worship."

    "And cookies!"

    Grovyle paid no attention to the newest additions to the group. "Time," he muttered to himself. He looked up at Piplup. "I suppose this confirms that Darkrai is involved in all of this."

    "Darkrai?" Chimchar frowned.

    Piplup slapped his forehead. "Of course! How did we not think of it before? Darkrai's the one manipulating Bastiodon and Rampardos!" He paused for a moment of thought. "So Darkrai's once again going for the approach of getting rid of us before going through with his plan."

    "I don't know," Grovyle said. "It wouldn't be like Darkrai to do the same thing twice. Perhaps he has some newer, deeper, unfathomable plot. But that doesn't matter. All we can do is do everything we can to stop him."

    "Of course," Piplup and Chimchar nodded simultaneously.

    "So what are we doing now?" No.88 inquired.

    Mew poked her head out of the door to the ruins just as the question was asked. "Pack your bags, boys!" she cried. "We're headin' to the city!"

    Hope everybody likes it!

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    Wowie Zowie. " more great chapters not to mention a pokemonized version of one of my fave Mulan songs lol. Can't wait to see more

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    Wowee... My bet is that Darkrai's the one who made Rayquaza that violent. Can't believe about Sceptile and Grovyle's past btw why Sceptile?. Piplup and Lucario's Aura battle sounds epic.

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    Wow, what a dark conversation between Grovyle and Sceptile. Very nice. Was there a story written up already about them two that I missed? Or is that a secret thing that will be further revealed later in the future?

    Mew's epic attack was awesome by the way.
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    Grovyle and Sceptile do have a secret past which I have yet to fully reveal. It will probably be quite awhile before I reveal anything else about it other than that Sceptile actually saved Grovyle once in the past.

    And personally, I'm very proud of Mew's attack. I didn't want her to be some damsel in distress like Celebi is occasionally, so I decided to go the whole path of "Mew can use every TM, HM, and Move Tutor attack there is, so you'd better watch your tail if you pick a fight with her".

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    Alas, I have come to somewhat of an impass. I don't believe that I will be able to completely finish the fic on Monday. However, there are only two things which should have to wait until Tuesday and Wednesday: The epilogue, and a bonus chapter revolving around Piplup and the Gang in a cherished scenario which I'd nearly given up on.

    Here's the next chapter!

    Chapter 27
    The War of the Core

    "The time has come."

    Bastiodon and Rampardos paced back and forth in their room at the top of the capitol. Rayquaza had vanished from his perch at the top, apparently off for a flight somewhere in the distant caverns.

    "We have yet to recieve word from Sceptile and the hunters," Bastiodon said. "That can only mean one thing."

    Rampardos nodded. "The top-soilers defeated them."

    "So we can only assume they are heading this way," Bastiodon continued.

    "The fugitives will likely be with them," Rampardos stated. "But overall, their numbers are few. There are probably only seven or eight of them, maybe ten or eleven at the most."

    Bastiodon nodded. "So we must pull out all the stops. Is the Army readied?"

    "They are ready to march," Rampardos assured. "All 500 of our expendable Cranidos and Shieldon soldiers are prepared to charge into battle. They may not have experience, but they have numbers. If anything, our enemies will be crushed by the sheer mass of unconscious bodies."

    "You don't seem to have much hope in our soldiers," Bastiodon frowned.

    "They have practically no training," Rampardos pointed out. "There hasn't been a battle involving the Core since the reign of Giratina. These aren't soldiers."

    Bastiodon shrugged. "Well, no matter what, they're all we've got. We just have to go with it, I suppose."

    "Yes," Rampardos agreed. He strode over to the window and looked out to the streets far below. The entire army was amassed, ready for battle.

    "Now," Bastiodon declared, turning to the door. "We go to war."


    "This looks bad," Lucario gulped.

    The eight heroes stood in a dark tunnel. Just ahead of them was a sharp turn where the tunnel twisted out of sight; that was the entrance to the city. The group was waiting here, deciding on a battle plan and time to strike.

    "What's wrong?" Chimchar asked.

    Lucario turned to Piplup. "Use your Aura Sight through the wall."

    "Okay," Piplup nodded. After a moment of concentration, his eyes glowed silver and he turned to face the direction in which the city lay. He gasped. "Oh, that is not good."

    "What is it? WHAT IS IT?" Chimchar shrieked, chewing his nails like a Bidoof chews wood.

    "Auras," Piplup replied. "Hundreds of auras. There's an entire army lying in wait for us."

    No.88 snorted. "Well, duh. There isn't an army down here for nothing. We're part of an elite unit of highly trained soldiers. Our army won't just let you take down Rampardos and Bastiodon without a fight." He frowned and looked thoughtful. "Why did we join you guys anyway? Now we're traitors, seperated from our kind. We can't rejoin the army after treason like this."

    "We're outcasts!" No.89 wailed.

    "Will you two just shut up?" Piplup growled. "We didn't let you come along with us just so you could be annoying."

    No.89 held up a business card. It read No.88 and 89's Traveling Services: Annoying Our Companions Since 2009. It also had a picture of the two soldiers with wide toothy grins. "Well, it's in our job description."

    "Okay, I've got our plan," Dusknoir declared.

    "That was fast," Mew said. "It'd better be good."

    "This is Dusknoir we're talking about," Grovyle assured. "If it's not good, it's at least entertaining."

    Dusknoir made sure he had the whole group's attention. "Okay, here's the plan. We charge into the city, screaming like maniacs. We charge head on into the army and kick their butts."

    All was silent. A lone Kricketot walked down the tunnel, chirping loudly.

    "Now why didn't I think of that?" Mew pondered. "Oh, because it's suicide!"

    "She's right," Lucario agreed. "There's absolutely no strategy involved in that whatsoever."

    "It's a crazy, stupid idea," Grovyle nodded. "Just crazy and stupid enough to work."

    "Great, now Grovyle's lost it," Chimchar grumbled. "The caves have finally gotten to him."

    "He must have tunnel vision," Piplup said.

    Grovyle grinned, but continued speaking. "No, think about it. We're fighting against an army of those guys." He pointed at 88 and 89.

    The effect was immediate. "Oh!" Piplup, Chimchar, Lucario, and Mew all gasped simultaneously.

    "I have the feeling that we should be insulted," 88 frowned.

    "We're fighting an army of chowderheads," Dusknoir continued with his plan. "So it's not like they're going to be threatening."

    "What the heck," Piplup beamed. "I'm in!"

    "Me too!" Chimchar agreed.

    "Me three!" Lucario and Mew exclaimed simultaneously.

    "And me makes ten!" 89 whooped.

    No.88 glared at his partner. "I'm still insulted."

    "LET'S DO THIS THING!" Dusknoir screamed.

    "YEAH!" Piplup howled.

    "BONSAI!" Chimchar whooped.

    "LOUD NOISES!" 89 cried.

    And with that, they charged forward, rounded the bend, and were in the city.

    The four overworld Pokemon had to take a moment to appreciate the glory of the city of the Core. The giant stone buildings were magnificent, even in their current state of disrepair. Rayquaza's assault on the city had definetly left its mark, but it was still a glorious sight.

    Then, the moment of appreciation was over, and they charged once again.

    Bastiodon and Rampardos stood atop a stone podium at the head of the army. As soon as their targets appeared, they gave the order.


    And the battle began.

    The swarm of Cranidos and Shieldon charged as one to meet the oncoming approach of Piplup and his companions. However meager a fighting force it may be, it still deserved no mercy in the eyes of the soldiers.

    The front ranks never reached their targets. The combined force of Hydro Pump, Flamethrower, Energy Ball, Shadow Ball, Aura Sphere, Psychic, Flash Cannon, and Dragon Pulse hit them at once, sending them reeling. "Keep firing!" Lucario ordered.

    The second ranks met the same fate as the first, as did the third, and the fourth, and the fifth, and the sixth. But with every rank that fell, the rest crept closer and closer. Finally, they reached their target.

    One second, Piplup and his crew was all together. The next, they had been seperated by the sudden onslaught of soldiers. Battering them in every direction, the Cranidos and Shieldon drove them apart and swarmed around them, completely surrounding them. But, of course, that wasn't enough to hold them down.

    Grovyle and Dusknoir stood back to back, swiping out as wave after wave of soldiers came at them. "Just like old times, eh buddy?" Dusknoir grunted, sending a trio of Shieldon flying with a single Fire Punch.

    "Just like old times," Grovyle agreed as he hacked away with Leaf Blade. "But we can't stay seperated like this for long. They'll wear us down eventually, so we need to stay united."

    "Oh, fine, if you insist," Dusknoir sighed. He and Grovyle launched off a barrage of Shadow Balls and Energy Balls, quickly cutting a path towards the barely visible figures of Lucario and Mew.

    The two of them were simultaneously cutting a path back towards Grovyle and Dusknoir. Lucario's aura flared brightly around him as he launched off Aura Sphere after Aura Sphere, blasting huge holes in the swarm of soldiers. "Bring it on, maggots, bring it on!" Lucario howled savagely.

    "Calm down, Lucario!" Mew snapped. "And besides, this is how you crush an army." The energy orbs circling her began to glow and the soldiers around her were immediately blasted away by Flamethrower, Aura Sphere, Water Pulse, Solarbeam, and Earth Power. She turned to Lucario and smiled wildly.

    Lucario glared back at her. "Show off."

    "On your tail, Twinkle-Toes!"

    Lucario and Mew both spun around to see Grovyle and Dusknoir blast away almost a dozen soldiers who had somehow managed to sneak up behind them. "You're welcome!" Dusknoir called.

    Meanwhile, Piplup and Chimchar were facing down a party of almost fifty Shieldon. "Any plans?" Chimchar asked his partner.

    "Alpha-G8?" Piplup asked.

    Chimchar nodded in agreement. "Excellent choice."

    Piplup moved first. He leapt into the air and rocketed forward, spinning rapidly as he gained momentum for his Drill Peck. Behind him, Chimchar let loose his Flamethrower...directly at Piplup. The oncomng Shieldon gasped at the sight of Chimchar attacking his own ally.

    So they didn't have the slightest moment to react as the flaming missile Drill Peck crashed into them, sending them flying in every direction.

    "Ingenius!" Chimchar applauded.

    Piplup turned around and was about to give a bow, when suddenly, he saw another Shieldon appear behind Chimchar, with a Cranidos at its side. "Look out!" He quickly let loose his Hydro Pump, which missed Chimchar's head by mere inches. It crashed into the two soldiers, slamming them to the ground.

    "What was that for?"

    "Oops," Piplup frowned, hurrying to Chimchar's side. "88? 89? Is that you?"

    The Cranidos rose to his feet, pulling the Shieldon up with him. "No, we're just casually asking our enemies why they're attacking us."

    "Sorry," Piplup apologized. "We really need a way to distinguish you from the other soldiers."

    "That may not be necessary before long."

    The four turned around to see Grovyle, Dusknoir, Lucario, and Mew gathered behind them. Before Piplup could say a word, Grovyle pointed a single finger forward. Piplup turned around.

    The entire army had amassed before them. The soldiers which they had just fought off had apparently been merely a dispatchment of soldiers from the actual battalion. Rampardos and Bastiodon were still visible standing atop their podium, and their wicked smiles were visible even from a great distance.

    "You have fought valiantly!" Bastiodon cried. "But even you know that there is no way you can defeat 300 soldiers at once!"

    "We will give you two options!" Rampardos declared. "Your first option is to fight, and be killed."

    Piplup and Chimchar looked at each other and gulped. "I don't like that one," Chimchar whimpered.

    "Option Two! You surrender, and we still kill you, but you don't have to waste precious time and energy fighting."

    "That one's not much better," Piplup grimaced.

    "Answer now!" Bastiodon roared. "What option do you choose?"

    "Option Three: They kick your sorry butts!"

    Piplup, Chimchar, Grovyle, Dusknoir, Lucario, Mew, 88, 89, Bastiodon, Rampardos, and every single Shieldon and Cranidos soldier all looked up at once. They could all just make out a large group of blurry figures on the roof of a nearby structure.

    "That voice!" Dusknoir gasped.

    "It can't be!" Chimchar gasped.

    "But it must be!" Grovyle gasped.

    "But it is!" Piplup gasped.

    The lead figure stepped out of the shadows, revealing himself to those below. "Friendly friends!"

    "Wigglytuff!" Dusknoir, Chimchar, Grovyle, and Piplup gasped.

    "Can we quit all this gasping?" 89 gasped. "I can't catch my breath!"

    With a sudden rumble, Diglett and Dugtrio appeared directly in front of Piplup and Chimchar. "Yikes!" Chimchar yelped.

    "Hi Chimchar!" Diglett said. "Hi Piplup!"

    "Um, hi Diglett," Piplup stuttered. "What are you guys doing here?"

    "Apparently," Dugtrio spoke. "We're saving your behinds from certain destruction."

    Piplup shrugged. "Fair enough. We're happy to have the help."

    Wigglytuff, Loudred, Corphish, Sunflora, Chimecho, Croagunk, and Bidoof leapt down from the building where they were perched, landing just in front of Diglett and Dugtrio.

    "Hey hey hey!" Corphish greeted. "Long time no see!"

    "Eek! I really wish we were meeting under better circumstances," Sunflora squeaked.

    "Pah!" Croagunk scoffed. "I like these circumstances. A battlefield reunion is more dramatic."

    "I AGREE!" Loudred whooped. "LET'S GET THIS DONE!"

    "We've got your backs, Piplup and Chimchar!" Chimecho assured. "And you too, Grovyle and Dusknoir!" She paused. "And you too, other Pokemon who we don't know!"

    "Gosh, golly, gulp!" Bidoof babbled. "There's a lot of those guys to fight!"

    Piplup smiled widely. "It's good to have you guys here to back us up!"

    "It's good to be here to back you up!" Wigglytuff beamed. "I spent too much time doing nothing, when I should have been doing something! Like helping you, or eating Perfect Apples, or exploring, or eating Perfect Apples, or eating Perfect Apples-"

    "Come on, Guildmaster, we've got to act now!" Piplup sighed. "If we attack together, we may just be able to finish it in one shot."

    "You heard the 'mon!" Wigglytuff bellowed. "Fire!"

    One by one, the attacks flew. Piplup's Hydro Pump, Chimchar's Flamethrower, Grovyle's Energy Ball, Dusknoir's Shadow Ball, Lucario's Aura Sphere, Mew's Water Pulse, 88's Flash Cannon, 89's Dragon Pulse, Bidoof's Hidden Power, Chimecho's Psychic, Corphish's Bubblebeam, Diglett's Earthquake, Loudred's Screech, Sunflora's Razor Leaf, Croagunk's Sludge Bomb, Dugtrio's Tri Attack, and Wigglytuff's Hyper Voice all launched together, combining into a single wave of white energy.

    Bastiodon and Rampardos looked at each other. "Oh crap." They dove off of the podium and into the ranks of the soldiers. They burrowed deep within, using their own soldiers as cover. "Protect your leaders!"

    Then, the wave hit.

    The soldiers were scattered and thrown about like rag dolls. Cranidos and Shieldon flew in every direction, bouncing off of buildings and skidding across the dirt. Rampardos and Bastiodon were both sent bouncing, but they somehow managed to stay conscious. They slowly rose to their feet to see a horrible sight: their entire army lay unconscious before them. The two governors took one look at Piplup and the others and immediately turned around and began to run away. They didn't make it far before two Aura Spheres crashed into them; one silver and one blue. They fell where they stood, slamming hard into the stony earth.

    Piplup and Lucario began walking towards the fallen commanders when something caught their eye. The shadows around them began to writhe and flit about wildly. "Something's wrong," Piplup frowned. "These shadows are reacting to something."

    "More than that, my suspicions are confirmed," Lucario cut in. "The old Bastiodon and Rampardos were no cowards; they wouldn't try to flee, and they certainly wouldn't use their own soldiers as shields. Those two must have been possessed by something...something wicked. And that is what these shadows are reacting to."

    "Something evil?" Piplup said. "That would be Darkrai. I don't know of any 'possessive' powers that he has, but if shadows have anything to do with it, it's Darkrai."

    The two governors moaned softly and slowly sat up. "Wha-what happened?" Rampardos groaned.

    "I-I have no idea," Bastiodon muttered.

    "Bastiodon! Rampardos!" Lucario snapped. "Are you awake?"

    "Lucario?" Bastiodon frowned. "Is that you?"

    Lucario nodded. "Yes, it's me. Do you remember what just happened here?"

    "I remember preparing the army for battle," Bastiodon said slowly.

    Rampardos closed his eyes in thought. "Yes. There was a very strange wind blowing through the Core, and we assumed the worst. It was paranormal."

    "You don't remember anything that's happened since then?" Lucario gasped. "Not even attacking us?"

    "Attacking you?" Bastiodon gaped. "What in the world are you talking-"

    Bastiodon was cut off by an earth-shattering roar. Chunks of rubble fell from the buildings and something enormous whizzed by in the darkness overhead.

    "Oh no," Lucario gulped. "It's arrived."

    "What?" Rampardos asked. "What has?"

    "Who else?" Lucario growled. "Rayquaza."

    And then, the serpent was upon them.

    Hope you guys all like it!
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    Great chapter once again, GalladeRocks. One thing I noticed.

    "Now," Bastiodon declared, turning to the door. "We got to war."
    Is that supposed to be got, or go?

    No.89 held up a business card. It read No.88 and 89's Traveling Services: Annoying Our Companions Since 2009. It also had a picture of the two soldiers with wide toothy grins. "Well, it's in our job description."
    Got a good chuckle out of this part.

    Grovyle grinned, but continued speaking. "No, think about it. We're fighting against an army of those guys." He pointed at 88 and 89.

    The effect was immediate. "Oh!" Piplup, Chimchar, Lucario, and Mew all gasped simultaneously.

    "I have the feeling that we should be insulted," 88 frowned.
    BEST PART OF THE CHAPTER!! I laughed real hard at that.

    So it seems Wigglytuff and the guild showed up just in time. Now lets see how the Rayquaza match goes.
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    Whoa. Huge battle, seriously. I can almost picture the whole battle scenery. Such chaos and devastation. o.O

    Something's telling me that Darkrai will be the one fighting with Rayquaza.

    Awesome chapter. Can't wait to see Rayquaza in action.
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