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    Default Gym Puzzles

    What gym puzzles do you think are the most interesting/challenging/annoying?

    I always thought Lt. Surge's puzzle was very annoying when I first played Yellow version, but looking back, most of the first generation puzzles were a little annoying.

    I also remember I used to always restart my Crystal version because I'd get stuck at the fourth gym because I didn't know how to get to the leader.

    However, some I liked were Blaine's (Answering questions then fighting trainers if incorrect), Wallace/Juan's (Stepping on all the patches of ice exactly once), and Candace's (Sliding into the snowballs to break them).

    Also, besides gyms, what about other puzzles such as the Rocket Hideout in RBY or the guy in RSE who would make puzzles and reward you for completing them (I forgot what he was called).
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    Hate the Lt. Surge one. I got by it a couple days ago (Im restarting Yellow).

    Most of the puzzles annoy me, but when you finally beat them and get to the leader its one of the most epic feelings ever.

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    I hated Giovanni's puzzle at his gym in Virindian City because I got stuck for an hour when I was like 5 years old and you had to beat a trainer and exit the gym and come back in because the trainer walks up to you and blocks the way to the gym leader.

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    I liked Juan/Wallace's and Claire's. I remember getting stuck on the one in Johto on the island, I can't remember the name. I think it was a fighting gym, and you had to push aside boulders. I was young and it took me a while.

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    I absolutly hated Lt.Surge's puzzle.

    Ohter than that one, the rest were easy.

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