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    Hey everyone. This is my second fanfic that I've posted on, and I'm excited to do so. It is called Densetsu no Kage, and is the story told about an adventure that happens after the training and glory days of a Pokemon Trainer. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy it. I sure am having fun writing it.

    Densetsu no Kage (The Shadow of a Legend)

    In ancient tradition, it is said that a legend is not made, but rather is part of an eternal round. However, in reality it seems as if these heroes come from diverse backgrounds, and rather than shining as the sun throughout their entire lives, they seem to shimmer with a brief flash of glory before being snuffed into the silence of the past.

    Man wins fourteen million dollars in the lottery and gives it all to charity. Woman develops a cure for mysterious bacterial infection. Two people save hundreds of souls on a sinking ship. Thus screamed the headlines of yesteryear, and we honored our heroes, celebrated their actions, and swore to remember them. However, these remain nothing but shadows in the minds of the common people, flooded with the present and the new.

    This same concept applies to the villains of the world. Legends in their own right for terrible crimes against the human family, they burn with the same bright flash that the heroes enjoyed, except with hatred and malice looking back at them rather than glory. Buildings destroyed by an evil conspiracy. Teenagers murdered by fellow classmate in broad daylight. Hundreds of lives lost in horrifying explosion. They leave scars upon the fabric of time, and although terrible at first, heal gradually until, they too, disappear.

    What happens to these legends in our world? Do they feel that they have sipped from the chalice of glory and therefore their life seems complete? Do they constantly wish to relive the days of their fame? Do they watch carefully from the sidelines and see others rise to take their place with joy? With envy? Dozens of these heroes are scattered all over the globe, and for whatever reason remain hidden from the view of the public, hiding in a world of night.

    However, as is seen every morning, when a new sun rises and brings a new day, there are always shadows that follow; behind every mountain, building, and tree. No, these shadows may have been forgotten by the world, but they have not forgotten themselves.

    * * *

    Two men stood facing each other in a large, ornamental marble room, ten feet apart from each other. It was square in shape, and seemed very elegant, but sturdy, with large marble pillars and columns reaching up at each corner of the room. The room had seen many rough moments, as chunks of rubble laid strewn across the floor. The walls and pillars had gaping slashes in them. Some had worn down with time, while others seemed rather recent. Every gap seemed to be a narrow eye, watching the center of the room.

    The room was dimly lit, the only source of light coming from a small hole in the roof. It was jagged and narrow, but it glimmered with a shimmering white force of the noonday sun. The light shown down through a thin layer of dust upon the two men, illuminating their bodies.

    One man had a strong and majestic figure, and was dressed in an elegant dark blue suit. The suit seemed to have weathered many things, and was unbuttoned. The man’s undershirt was also un-tucked. His hair was long, yet as wavy as the ocean, and it seemed to flow back over his shoulders at its own accord. He had his eyes locked onto his opponent who stood opposite of him.

    His opponent stood tall, and while did not have the elegance of the first man, seemed to hold himself with a pride in his step. He gave off an aura of confidence, which seemed a swagger so intense the first man felt he was being choked. He seemed to be in his thirties, and wore a simple T-shirt with blue jeans that hung loosely on his body. His eyes were on his opponent as well, but he was not nearly as focused.

    Before the second man was a large, dog-like creature with bright orange fir sat with every muscle taught and ready to pounce. A white mane that resembled the smoke of a burning maple flowed elegantly around its neck, and a matching tail clung to its hindquarters and billowed slightly. The dog had its teeth bared. They were a pearl white and nearly two inches long. It growled softly with every pant, and each sound was as a fire’s cackle.

    “You have done well so far, challenger,” the first man said. “Though you still hold two Pokemon with you at the moment and I hold but one, this battle is not finished.”

    “I will admit,” said the second man, “that you had me pretty nervous with your last choice. A Dragonair. And an exceptionally well raised one at that. I was worried for a moment that Arcanine would not be able to deal enough damage to keep Dragonair distracted for it to land a final blow, but Arcanine never ceases to amaze me.” He gave an approving look to his Pokemon. “His fangs seem to always hit their mark. Anyway, humor me Lance! I hope you have saved the best for last!”

    Lance wanted to spit. The man’s pride was sickening. It was time to humble him, once and for all. “Of course I saved the best for last,” he whispered under his breath. “Dragonite! Let’s finish this!”

    He removed a small, black orb from a pocket inside of his coat. He threw it in the air, and it cracked open with a shimmer of light. The light shot forward like a bolt of lightning two feet away from the Arcanine. The bolt began to materialize into the shape of a large dragon, ten feet tall. Tan scales lined this Pokemon’s body from the crown of its head to the tip of its tail. Lighter scales covered its belly and seemed to be harder for better protection. Its two feet supported its weight easily, though it easily weighed over 500 pounds. Two wings extended from its body and pushed down with great force, sending the Dragonite into the air. It reared back its head and let out a deafening roar. Arcanine winced and placed its paws over its ears. The second man’s confidence seemed to waver, and Lance smiled.

    “Go ahead,” Lance taunted, “You first.”

    “Arcanine! Latch on to the back of Dragonite’s neck! You may be able to distract it for long enough to find a weak point!” Arcanine sprang like a loaded trap from its position and raced towards the dragon, which was still hovering about two feet in the air. It leaped into the air, fangs bared for the neck. However, Dragonite dropped again to the floor, and Arcanine’s attack missed the mark. Instead, it flew right over the dragon and crashed into a marble pillar with a crunch. Arcanine let out a yelp of pain.

    “Crush it Dragonite!” yelled Lance, and the large dragon advanced on the injured dog quickly. With one of its powerful legs it kicked Arcanine in the ribs as it was trying to retain its balance. The force of the blow carried the dog across the rubble strewn floor, and Arcanine let out another yelp. Its smoky mane began to shrivel up and clutch to its face. The second man threw out a blue ball that immaterialized Arcanine into a beam of energy and then pulled it back inside.

    “Good job, Arcanine. I know that was tough,” he said to the ball and carefully put it into one of his jean’s pockets. He removed a different ball from his pocket, one that was red and white, and he held it close to his heart. “I’m counting on you, buddy,” he whispered to the ball and caressed it slightly.

    “Well, well, well,” Lance smirked, swaggering just as the second trainer had done. “It is now down to our last Pokemon each. I will have you know that my Dragonite has never been beaten before. Through the years we have grown close together and the bond we share is invincible. It is hereby I give you the honor of resigning if you desire.”

    The second trainer, still looking at the ball that he held, smiled. “No need. I am going to win this battle, and there is nothing you can do to stop me.”

    He threw the ball in the air, and with a burst of electricity, materialized in front of him a small Pokemon, just a little over four feet tall. It was pure white as driven snow, and hovered above the ground just slightly. It had a large head that sat awkwardly on its neck, and rather than being attached at shoulders, its arms descended from its head. Several spots on its head had outcroppings of gem-like ice, with sunken purple eyes looking forward at Dragonite.

    Lance’s jaw dropped. He had never seen a Pokemon that remotely resembled the creature floating before him. He could tell that it was of the ice element, which sent a shiver running down his spine. Dragons, while resistant to most elements, were weak against the cold. Being cold blooded reptiles, ice would make their circulatory systems slower until they entered a state of hibernation. He knew he would have to act fast.

    “Hurry and blast that creature with a flamethrower!” cried Lance. His only chance was to melt that Pokemon before it could make a move.

    “Froslass! Kick up a hailstorm and disappear!” At once, hundreds of balls of ice began to shoot from Froslass’s body and swarm around the room. Just as a fiery torrent of flames shot towards Froslass from Dragonite’s mouth, Froslass melted away into the storm. The dim light became even dimmer as the shards of ice blocked the cracked ceiling. The room’s temperature also began to drop drastically. A fine mist was forming outside of Dragonite’s mouth with every breath as it tried to spy its enemy.

    Lance could see that Dragonite would not be able to last for long. “Outrage Dragonite! If that Pokemon is in this room, you should hit it!” Dragonite’s scales seemed to darken with a faint red glow, as if its blood had reached a boiling point. With a bellowing roar it began to flail its arms and legs wildly across the room. It moved randomly, and if its fists or legs came in contact with a wall, another fresh chunk would be cleanly sliced out. However, despite all of the thrashing and rampaging in the room, Froslass remained elusive. The hail continued to beat down on Dragonite’s body, and Dragonite fell to the ground with a fatigued sigh. Within moments, Froslass was hovering above Dragonite’s body. It inhaled deeply, and then exhaled a freezing breath that dripped with powdered snow.

    Dragonite was in pain. It swiped out with its mighty claws to knock away the eerie Pokemon, but its hands passed right through, only freezing them more. Dragonite whimpered, and with and exasperated cry, laid its head down.

    Lance was dumbstruck. “How can this be possible?” he cried. Tears began streaming down his face. “My Dragonite!”

    “He’ll live,” said the trainer as he called Froslass into her ball. “Her frostbite is worse than her bark, however. You may want to rush your friend to a Pokemon Center.” Lance called Dragonite back inside its Pokeball.

    “Trainer Darren, you have defeated me,” he humbly said. “You have defeated the Elite Four, and you are the champion of the entire Kanto Region. Congratulations.”

    Darren said nothing, but stared upward at the small crack in the ceiling and the light shining downward. He had succeeded where not many had before. He was the Champion! His soul felt all of his hard work and patience come together in the culmination of this grand prize. He had done it. He was a legend!

    * * *

    “Hello Lance,” said a cool voice over the telephone. “I hope you are calling me with the news that I have been waiting to hear.”

    “Yes sir I am,” said Lance, hushed. He sat in a small office, lined with paperwork and books on various Pokemon battling strategies. He put a finger to his left ear so as to better hear the phone with his right. “As I’m sure you know, I was defeated for the first time since I have come to work here at the league.”

    “Interesting,” the cool voice replied. “That is very interesting. I presume that he will fit into our plans for the future accordingly?”

    “I’m not sure” said Lance. “He likes a challenge, and has a lot of pride. I believe he will work with your plans just fine.”

    “Excellent. You have done well Lance,” the voice echoed. “I shall be in touch. Do not forget that I will need you too at the culmination of this new era.”

    Lance gulped. “Of…of course not sir. I will be there for you until the end.”

    “We’ll see,” said the voice, and with a small chuckle the call was dropped, and Lance rested his forehead against the table. “Oh Darren, what have you brought yourself into?”
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    Hmmm... Very, very interesting. The opening sequence had some akward sentences, but it was still convincing. Very grand, very broad, It almost sounded like a voice over introduction to a movie. The battle scene was good, albiet a bit short, and I think you should have made Lance more of a challenge, he is of the Elite 4 after all, but Darren sounds like an interesting character. Nice cliffhanger, and Lance's reaction was very convincing. Good Job.

    Overall Rating:
    Well written, nice opener to what I hope will become an excellent story. Good Luck!
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    I really enjoyed this.

    I'm jealous of your description, first of all. Everything was laid out plainly for me to see, and I saw it perfectly. I will admit I misunderstood Arcanine's description (at first I thought it was Entei) and that I didn't realize it was Lance until he was named, but outside of those two things, I can't criticize the description at all.

    As for the story itself, while the chapter was physically somewhat short, its content made up for it. You've sown the seeds of intrigue, especially with the segment after the battle depicting Lance's phone call. (I should point out that you misspelled "hear" as "here" at this point, but it's not a major issue.)

    All in all, you've earned my interest. Color me impressed and looking forward to more.

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    Thanks to Eon Master and The Great Butler for your comments. I'll be sure to get that typo corrected. Anyway, I have the first chapter here, which takes place ten years later than the Introduction. Feel free to ask questions, and as always, if you see any mistakes or things you think I can do better, please let me know.


    Chapter One

    …Ten Years Later…

    Only one word pulsed through my mind as I lay upon the ground. Pain. My eyes were so tightly shut that it felt that they would tear through each other. Something about my body felt strangely different, and whatever it was it seemed to be filling every single vein in my body with liquid fire rather than blood. My head was twisted sharply to the right, and in my agony I was not able to turn it in the slightest. And my head! It felt as if a molten slab of lead was positioned in the core of my brain. I began to writhe with teeth clenched, panting furiously, but it was all in vain.

    I was suddenly aware of something other than pain. There was a small tingling sensation just at the base of my lips. It felt as if something soft was gently caressing that area of my face. And then, seeming like a distant shouting, I heard words as well, barely discernible. <Chew this.> Though I was in great pain, I managed to open my mouth just a sliver, and my mouth was full of something soft but pliable. Through the thick cloud of pain I was able to shift it with my tongue under my teeth and bite down.

    I had no sooner done this when my mouth was filled with a very strange sensation that took my mind of the pain for a moment. The roof of my mouth down to the back of my throat had all of the moisture sucked rapidly away, and left it extremely dry. I struggled for breath and flipped my body around on the ground, coughing and sputtering, hoping to dislodge the object from my mouth. My eyes still clenched, I did not see a hand placed on the back of my head to right it.

    Again, distant words rang out, <Continue to chew, and drink this.> Immediately my mouth felt another strange sensation of something cold and hard pressed against my lips. Soon, a cooling sensation flowed through my entire mouth. It was the most cool and refreshing water that I had ever tasted. I was able to swallow the first object with little problem with aid of the water, and I lay back on the ground.

    At once the pain began to fade gradually from my body. I soon became more aware of my own body and the position I was laying in. I was on my back with my head turned very harshly to the right. I felt tiny blades of grass beneath my back and under my arms and legs. My tail felt numb, and was awkwardly laid across the grass to my left. I could here a small trickle of water nearby. In fact, my right hand seemed to be resting in this stream. Yes, I could feel the water flowing past my cold fingers.

    With the pain still dissipating, I opened my eyes, hoping that I might be able to see whoever had rescued me from that intense pain. Light flooded into my eyes with a burning sensation as if I had awakened in a brightened room after a deep sleep, and I quickly closed them again. I gradually began to open them again, and all I saw was a blur of green. The world around me slowly came in focus. Yes, I could see every small blade of grass. I moved my eyes around and saw a pink foot with one large white toenail protruding from the bottom. I moved my eyes upward. A scaled belly, a pink chest, a white and red striped neck. Then I saw the face of my savior.

    It had large white eyes and an enormous smile that stretched from one side of his face to the other. Two little holes for a nose were discernible on his snout. And atop his head was a large stone rock, which formed a pyramid shape, albeit with large spikes protruding at the end. A large ruby gemstone was fastened in the center of the headpiece, and looked like a very regal crown for this creature.

    It stood just inches away from the stream that my hand lay in, and continued to stare down at me, smiling. I closed my eyes again and tried to roll my head back to the left. Something wasn’t right. I felt as if there was a rock under my head that wasn’t allowing for it to turn easily.

    Groggily, I began to sit up. The pain in my body was all but gone now, but the fire in my head continued to burn. Every pulse of my heart seemed to fuel the pain, but I was able to think clearly. I looked up at my rescuer, and tried to express my gratitude. “Th…tahath…,” I tried to make sound with my mouth, but all that was expressed was foul gibberish.

    The pink creature, smile unchanging, locked his eyes on mine and I heard the distant voice once again. <Speak with your mind, my son. I shall hear your thoughts.>

    Speak with my thoughts? Of course. I could be understood then. <Thank you for saving my life.>

    My rescuer bowed down with his eyes closed, and with the chivalry of a king, spoke with his mind. <I am but a humble guardian of all creatures that enter my forest. The herb and spring water which you partook of saved you. I am Slowking.>

    <I am forever in your debt, Slowking.> I turned my eyes away from his and looked down at my body. Mere words can not explain the horror I felt as I saw my body for the first time that day. My arms and legs were a chalk white tone, as if my pinkish fur had been completely erased, and the skin was pulled tight over my elongated bones. My stomach had a purple hue, and it curved around my backside and formed a lifeless purple tail. And my hands! They were a nightmare! What used to be tiny fingers on pink stubs had become three bulging appendages for my fingers on each hand. I reached up to touch my head where my ears had once been. My head was considerably larger than it had once been, and instead of the soft ears I had once had, they were stiff, almost like horns. I reached back to touch the back of my head and felt something protruding from it. I ran my fingers along the object until I felt it reconnect with my spine at the base of my neck. What had I become? I am an abomination to life!

    I brought my head down into my mutilated hands and began to sob. Try as I might, I could only catch glimpses of my life before lying in pain on the hill. I was Mew. I was happy. I was free. Images of clouds, trees, and water flickered like sparks of a dead fire across my memory. What had happened to me?

    <I sense, my son, that you are in a great deal of emotional pain,> Slowking spoke with his mind ever so soothingly. <You have many questions and thoughts about self worth.> I looked up at him again. Were my thoughts really that easy to read? <Come with me, my son. The questions that you seek will be answered over time, and your self worth will be proven to yourself and the world a hundred times over.>

    I felt a warmth begin to glow inside of my heart. I looked up at Slowking and asked, <Do you truly think of me as a creature of worth? I do not have the slightest idea of what I am even.>

    Slowking continued to smile warmly. <Of course I do, my son.> He stepped closer to me and put an arm upon my shoulder. <I will reveal to you many answers in the future, but for you, it is time to rest and regain your strength.>

    I looked at him, and even though his smile had not changed, I knew that it was not a simple gesture of gratitude, but it was sincere kindness. I smiled. <Thank you for your aid.> He smiled, and turned to walk into the forest. All of a sudden, the pain in my head intensified for a moment and then dissipated. <My head is aching terribly. Do you have an herb that can remove the pain?>

    Slowking turned again and smiled. <It is a pain that all of us who have been given the gift of psychic powers have to endure, and to this there is no remedy.> He turned again. <You will adapt to it however, and soon it will be nothing more than a gentle reminder of your strength.> I nodded, and then awkwardly on my new feet, began to follow Slowking into the woods.


    It would be a dark night at Darren's residence. Weather reports all day had been confirming the approach of thunderstorms to arrive during the evening. Distant claps of thunder could be heard across the horizon as clouds grew thick in the sky. The clouds proceeded as a procession of elephants toward the small Sandgem Town. Simple little houses with wood paneling, grass, and trees growing nearby lined the streets on every side, but not a soul was in sight. Each had warm lights glowing inside, and seemed to have an inviting tone. A strong breeze was blowing through the empty streets, and it seemed as if every person had withdrawn inside their houses due to the approaching storm.

    One house, however, looked slightly different from the rest. It had a large, chain-linked fence around it, and the wood it was made of seemed not to have been painted in years. Several shutters near the windows had come loose and were banging against the walls due to the high amounts of wind. The front door was made of heavy oak, and it also showed signs of weather damage, splintering in some places. To the right of a door was a nameplate that only read one word: Diamond. Not a single light seemed to burn within this house.

    In the backyard, Darren stood tall with his hands behind his back. His eyes were wide open and he stared forward as if he were an honor guard on duty. Barely noticeable was a single tear that ran down his cheek. In front of him was a small stone which rose from freshly turned earth. Upon it were engraven the words: Here lies Arcanine. Loyal Pokemon and Friend. Rest In Peace.

    Darren began so whisper ever so softly a final tribute to his beloved friend. "Arcanine. You were the most loyal companion I could have ever asked for in life. You rejoiced with me in our victories. You wept with me in our losses. Never once did you turn from me, nor I from you. Together we challenged and defeated many of the greatest trainers in the entire world, and now you have gone to your final reward." The sun sank over the mountains, and a clap of thunder was heard just above Darren's head. "I am left without you, a mere shell of the man I once was." Raindrops from the heaven began to fall sparsely on top of the grave. "I thank you eternally for the adventure that we had. I will long for those moments forever more." Darren finished his dirge just as the rain began to pour, as if the heavens were weeping for the loss of a great hero.

    Darren lifted his head slowly towards the sky and raised both of his arms, as if absorbing the rain and letting it wash away the sadness that he felt. "Blessed be he that the rain falls upon," Darren whispered, and then slowly went back into his house.


    Beep! Beep! Beep! A high-pitched noise emanated from a computer screen on the far side of the room. The room was scattered with junk. Pizza crusts, food wrappings, and dirty laundry lie around the room in a heap. A snoring figure lay face down on a tan couch, fully clothed in jeans and a T-shirt, with one hand off to the side loosely holding an empty glass bottle of whiskey. The sun peeked through the broken shutters and illuminated the room. Darren squinted his eyes and rolled onto his back. He rubbed his head and mumbled something indiscernible under his breath.

    The computer continued to beep, and Darren tried to ignore it. However, the high pitched beeps were not so friendly to his hangover, so he rose up, and stumbled over to his computer. It was a large, flat-screen monitor, with some of the most detailed graphics. The screen saver was the Pokemon League Trophy, a golden Pokeball with two handles, resting on a wooden stand. It looked incredibly real, and Darren gave a nostalgic sigh as he saw it rotating slowly on the screen. "Those were the days," he muttered as he moved the mouse. The trophy instantly vanished, and a simple blue background with several icons appeared. One of these was flashing red with every beep. It had a picture of a letter with wings, and with every beep it would pulse. Darren moved the mouse on the screen and clicked the flashing icon.

    The letter with wings expanded to take up half of the screen, and then a sheet of paper emerged from inside. That page expanded to take up the whole screen. Darren squinted his eyes to read exactly what the letter said.

    To: Mr. Darren Diamond
    Subject: The Opportunity of a Lifetime

    Mr. Darren Diamond,

    Congratulations! You, along with twenty-four outstanding trainers, have been hand selected to join what several scientists here at the Pokemon Research Headquarters of Johto (PRHJ) are calling the Tournament of the Century. Each trainer has shown extraordinary skill in the raising and training of Pokemon, and has been assessed by our team here at PRHJ, and we would like to invite you to our facility located just north of Lake Rage in the Johto region.

    Complete contest details will be given to you in more detail when you arrive at the facility, but some details that I can release is that it will be televised globally, so that the entire world will be able to savor with you every victory, or mock you cruelly with every defeat. You will be competing against the top trainers in the world, with expertly trained Pokemon, so the victor will be named the Ultimate Champion. The winner of the contest will also be rewarded a sum of $5,000,000 dollars to be paid in full over a twenty year period with monthly installments.

    However, with every competition, there are rules. In order to make the Tournament of the Century, we have devised several to make things just a little more interesting.

    1. Every Trainer is allowed to bring only three of his/her Pokemon
    2. When a Trainer loses to an opponent in a battle, they must loan one of their Pokemon to their victor until the end of the competition.
    3. When a Trainer loses all of his/her Pokemon, he/she forfeits the championship.
    4. If a Trainer has more than six Pokemon, he must decide which to return to PRHJ for safekeeping until after the tournament.
    5. Opportunities to capture wild Pokemon will be available. However, keep in mind rule number 4.
    6. The last trainer standing is the Champion.

    Other rules will be discussed in detail. Due to the possibility of this e-mail being intercepted, some details of this contest will be explained more in person as you arrive. After all rules are presented to you, you will be given one more chance to resign. However, with eternal glory at your fingertips, I do not think that will be something you would choose Darren.

    All travel arrangements will be commissioned and paid for should you choose to accept. The deadline for an RSVP is in two days. Please let us know so that I can begin all preparations.

    I await your reply,


    P.S. I'm one of those trainers too, and I'll be looking for a rematch. Good luck!

    Darren leaned back in his chair, deep in thought. He didn't know what to do. He wasn't in the best shape of his life. In fact, he hadn't had a Pokemon battle in over a month, and it was more of a joke than a battle. Some trainer challenged Darren as he was walking into a Pokemart to get some medicine for Arcanine to ease his arthritis. The trainer sent out a Poochyena, a small black dog with tiny white fangs, that began to scratch at the ground. Darren released his Gyarados, a long, blue, snake-like beast nearly 10 yards long, which gave out a tremendous roar and scared the little Poochyena back into its Pokeball.

    Darren tilted his head to the left towards one piece of furniture that was kept cleaner than the rest of the house. It was a glass case held carefully by a wooden support. In the center rested his prized trophy, exactly like the one that had flashed on his screen saver only minutes before. Darren stared at the intricate designs that were etched so carefully into the side. He remembered how he felt as he saw Dragonites head sink down on the floor so many years ago. The glory and the warmth that flowed through his veins. And now, he was given the opportunity to have it all again.

    Darren clicked the reply button on the open message.

    To: Lance
    Subject: (Re) The Opportunity of a Lifetime

    I'm sorry Lance. I regret to inform you that you are going to lose in battle once again.

    See you in two days.

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    Good chapter. Unlike the prologue, which I felt was a bit abrupt, the length of this one worked out just right for it.

    When I initially read the first half I was left scratching my head, but once I read the whole thing a theory came into my mind for what was going on. The segment itself called into mind the second movie, with Slowking and all.

    Second and third parts were even better. I think you did the emotion of his loss well. The description of his last Pokémon battle was a nice touch as well (as was the note about Arcanine's arthritis, which I liked.) I did however catch one error, where you misspelled "Dragonite's" as "Dragonites" within the final segment.

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    Just read both chapters. I'm loving the description and the tournament sounds like it should be really interesting. Also, Mew's transformation has me intrigued. The whole scene with Slowking was really eerie, so I'm waiting to see what becomes of that.

    See ya later for chapter 2
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    Thank you for your reviews everyone. I am glad you have enjoyed it. I would like to let you know how the fic is going to go from here on out. Each chapter will be told from a different point of view, and then rotate every other chapter. I was going to continue doing the split chapter thing, but I realized I could cover a lot more if I separated them. So here in chapter 2, it will take the point of view of the mysterious Pokemon of the Woods.

    Chapter 2

    Images continued to roll through my head. Everything was out of focus, as if I were watching reality through a waterfall. Occasionally I would catch glimpses of recognizable objects; mostly trees and sky. Here and there I would see a pink arm or thin tail flash in front of my eyes, but it was gone just as soon as I saw it. Mostly however, I saw blurred colors and shapes, none of which made any sense.

    A voice filled my mind with perfect clarity. <It is time to arise, my son.> I awoke from my dream and opened my eyes rapidly. My head continued to ache, but it had somewhat lessened since the previous day. I had fallen asleep sitting down, my long white legs crossed with my arms resting on my knees and my tail limply behind me. I could never recall being able to touch my knees with my small arms before. Whatever happened in the space of time that I could not remember must have altered me. In fact, it felt as if my mind was seeing through the eyes of an alien body, and working appendages that were not completely mine.

    I had awakened in the middle of a forest, next to a gnarled old oak tree. Its large flat leaves rattled slightly in the quiet breeze that blew. The soil was very rich in this part of the forest, and most of the trees grew tall. The pine trees were especially grand, rising up forty feet at the highest points. This had the area I was in completely shadowed from view, dim even though the sun was high in the sky. The air was damp and cool.

    I rose to my feet and saw Slowking again. He stood with his unchanging smile looking up at me; though with his crown he stood exactly as high as I did. However, this time he was accompanied by a smaller Pokemon at his side. It was a green bird that stood about five feet high, with its wings folded down. It was standing completely upright upon two talons, each having a single nail protruding from it. Its head was tilted upwards, staring at the sun almost mechanically. Its golden beak extended straight with a small hook at the end. Its dark black eyes seemed to be completely blank. I wondered if it were conscious.

    <Yesterday I promised you answers.> Slowking spoke to me once more through my mind. <I also promised that they would come over time. Today I wish to introduce you to one of my disciples.> He placed a large pink hand on the bird's back. <This is Xatu, and she is the most visionary creature I have yet to meet.>

    Words from Xatu's mind filled my head, and I sensed a somewhat lighter tone than Slowkings. <Even though I am not looking at you doesn't mean I'm not focused. I'm as sharp as a Sharpedo.> Laughter also filled my head, and I couldn't help but smile.

    Slowking smiled warmly; not at all ashamed by how informally she spoke. His eyes met mine again. <Xatu has the power to see things that have been, and things that will be. She has revealed to me pieces from your life, and now I wish to do the same.>

    <Yep, you my friend have a very interesting life ahead of you.> said Xatu, eyes still gazing at the sun. It was hard to believe that a Pokemon that sat as still as she did could have an extremely outgoing personality. <I wish I could reveal more, but that's one of my obligations.> She sighed. <Unfortunately, if we that saw the future told what we saw, everything could change in a jiffy. It really is quite a shame.>

    <Xatu will link her mind with yours, my son.> Slowking began to explain. <For reasons we don't quite understand, she can clearly see your past while you can not. Herein you will be able to so see the experiences which lead you to be the way you are today.> Slowking then, for the first time since I had seen him, looked at me with a serious face, the smile faded from his lips. <I must warn you however, that there are some things that may be hard for you to bear. I would like to remind you, my son, that forgiveness is a very powerful healing agent that can heal your soul. You have every reason to writhe in hatred until your dying day, or even to take revenge upon those responsible. But I promise you that this will only end up destroying you. However, if you embrace light, and you try your best to forgive, every promise that I made to you will be fulfilled. Do you understand?>

    I was speechless. The pain in my head began to intensify, but I tried my best to ignore it. Why was Slowking explaining to me very seriously not to feel hatred? What was lurking in these shadows of memories? Were the memories of my past self true? What was it that left me in pain that day I awoke on the grassy hill? If these memories cause so much hatred, why should I see them?

    I placed a single hand near my forehead and began to concentrate. The fear I had for the past began to diminish, and I realized that if I kept focused and did not let my emotion overwhelm me, I could experience whatever Slowking desired for me.

    <Yes, Master.> I said to Slowking. <I will try my best. I control my emotions, they do not control me.>

    <For now, that is sufficient.> Slowking said with his thoughts. <However, in the future, you must learn not only to control them, but to become one with them.>

    I did not understand what he meant by his statement, but as I started to ask, Xatu's left eye began to glow a deep shade of blue. I felt as if a warm stream of water was being poured over my own eyes, and my view of the forest began to fade, even though my eyes were open.

    <Are you ready, Mewtwo?> Asked Xatu. Mewtwo? I wondered. Who? <Meh, well it doesn't really matter. It's not like you can be ready anyway.>

    A swirl of blue energy swarmed through my vision. As it twisted and turned intensely I seemed as if my body fell away, and I was only a pair of eyes, floating in a space with very dim light. It was the strangest place I had ever seen. There were no trees or vegetation of any sort. The room was large, but was filled with many strange objects. I looked at a small object in the shape of a square, slightly smaller than Slowking's crown. Many of these objects were scattered randomly throughout the room. As I looked at it, a word formed in my mind. Computer. These glowing square objects that was situated in random intervals throughout the area were called computers. Words describing other objects I had never seen before flowed into my mind as well. Table, vial, chemical, book, florescent light; all of these words came to me as I concentrated on specific objects. I did not know if this was a recalling of previous memory, or if Xatu's power also heightened mental understanding.

    The most amazing feature in the whole room, however, was a large cylindrical object which was made of a material called glass, which was completely transparent. A translucent green fluid filled the cylinder nearly to the top. Suspended in the liquid was a rather large, humanoid object. Immediately I recognized it as being the body that I now wore as my own. Hundreds of vine-like snakes called cables and wires were attached to my body in many areas. My body was not moving, and it seemed as if all life had been drained away. Just at the base of the glass cylinder was a metal plate that bore strange markings upon it. As I looked at these markings, words filled my head as if to translate their meaning. Mewtwo, the genetic clone of Mew.

    A stinging sense of paralyzing realization flooded my mind. Could this be possible? Was this where my life began, floating unconscious in a cylinder of fluid? And the memories that I could scarcely remember. Where they merely memories of a predecessor that I had inherited through my genes? But deepest in my heart, I wondered what could have possibly committed this disturbing crime against nature.

    Suddenly, I heard a slam of metal behind me, and I flipped around in an instant. An object called a door had just opened, and inward were filing several humans, dressed in long white coats and shiny black shoes. The word scientist passed through my mind. Several of them had glass on their eyes; glasses I perceived. They all seemed to be in a cheerful attitude, patting each other on the backs with their pasty white hands while smiling. Except for one. It was a male with short brown fir on top of his head, and a very nervous look on his face. A different human was holding a glass bottle, which he opened by removing the top. A foaming liquid burst from the top in a froth, but quickly settled. This human then poured the liquid in the bottle into cups that the other humans held up. They drank deeply from the cups, and then lifted them in the air, cheering. One of the humans separated himself away from the group, and then turned around to address them.

    I didn't recall knowing human speech from before, but when I heard the words, I did not have to wait for them to be translated in my mind. I understood them perfectly as I heard them. "My friends and honored colleagues! We have finally succeeded in creating a genetically enhanced form of the Pokemon Mew. As you all know, I'm sure, the clone known as 'Mewtwo', has now become able to sustain its vital organs completely independently." The humans clapped their hands together as the man announced this. The word applause came into my head, and I understood it as a ritual used to recognize accomplishment. The nervous human, however, stayed alone, somewhat distant from the group without applauding.

    The man continued to speak. "I know that this is a triumph for all of you. Laboring over many problems to make this new Pokemon work as efficiently as possible has been a difficult challenge for many. For example, when we realized that through the adjustment in one gene would make Mewtwo be born with incredibly powerful psychic abilities, we realized that it would possibly make its blood boil from the psychic energies. However, through experimentation, you were able to increase the size of Mewtwo's body, which would help for the cooling of all of his body fluids." Once again, the scientists applauded. I thought of my body. It had been enhanced genetically from the short pink body it used to be into an elongated chalk white monstrosity that it now was.

    "And then we discovered that the genetic alterations had stunted the growth of Mewtwo's neck." He looked at a certain scientist, a female with long blond fir rolling down her shoulders. He pointed to her with his arm outstretched. "However Janine here came up with an interesting apparatus that we could attach at the base of Mewtwo's neck to connect to his head directly so give added support and an extra supply of blood." I was shocked. So that was the object on my neck that felt so awkward. It was necessary to my support my enormous head and for adequate blood to flow through my brain. What was this thing that I had become?

    "Every one of you has done fantastic work, and I am proud to announce that tomorrow we will begin to analyze its powerful thoughts that we have been able to monitor just vaguely. We will learn about methods of control that we may implement so that this creature, this Second Mew, will be able to be the most powerful resource in the entire world." The scientists clapped their hands together loudly and some began to cheer out loud. Several of them finished drinking in their cups, and then the scientists then proceeded to leave the room. However, the nervous scientist began to ease away from the door towards one of the computers when the man who had been speaking called out to him. "Jason. Are you coming?"

    The human named Jason turned quickly, and still with his nervous attitude and a stutter in his speech replied, "Yes sir! I-I just had to grab a-a research file from my-my desk!"

    The first man scowled, but approved. "Hurry up then. Make sure that the door is securely locked behind you though."

    "Yes sir!" Jason replied, and he scurried over to his desk. The first man scoffed, and then he followed his colleagues out the door.

    Jason was alone in the room. I stared at him. This nervous human was one of those who had made me into the monster I now was. I could feel hate burning inside of me. I watched his every movement, as he scurried over to a desk that belonged to him and shuffled through some papers. However, he then looked at the door sharply and listened intently to detect any sounds possibly coming from that direction. The room however, was silent as a tomb. Jason laid all the papers back on his desk and then walked briskly to the glass cylinder that contained my body.

    He stared at my form, sitting lifelessly in the tank. And then I watched Jason cry. He dropped to his knees and wept out loud. Between sobs I heard him say, "No creature should be treated like this!" repeated over and over. I was flabbergasted. Here was one of those humans who had given me life, despite its abomination, and yet he felt pity on me. His regret and anguish for the way my body hung suspended in the liquid was astonishing. He sobbed for several minutes.

    He then stood up and wiped his tears. He placed his hands on the glass, and looking inwards, spoke to me. "I hope that you can forgive us for what we have done to you, Mewtwo." He said with a voice still choked up with tears. "In my arrogance I helped bring you into this world, but as a redeeming act, I wish to give you your freedom." With that, he pulled a small sphere from under his coat. The word Pokeball came to my mind as I saw the object. From it burst a flash of white light, and a Pokemon called Machoke materialized beside the man. It was human in shape; however its muscles were much larger, both on its arms and legs. It also sported a large black belt around its loins, which held its lower quarters tighter together. It had a large mouth with four tiny white teeth inside. Three fin-like structures were on its head as well. The Machoke looked up to its trainer Jason as if expecting orders.

    "Machoke, we don't have much time," said Jason. He took a small metal object out from his coat pocket which I found to be a hammer. "This Pokemon does not deserve the life of captivity that my colleagues have planned for it." Machoke nodded, understanding every word from its trainer. "I need you to do one last thing for me Machoke. This building is heavily guarded with about a hundred armed guards. I am going to break this glass and free Mewtwo. However, the second that the glass cracks an alarm will be triggered that will alert those guards to our presence. You must take Mewtwo and escape from the premises as quickly as possible. I will distract them for long enough." Jason knelt down and embraced his friend, and Machoke hugged back.

    Jason smiled. "Machoke, you will never see me again. You are a free Pokemon now. My last request is that you take Mewtwo far into the forest and protect him from anyone that wishes to harm him." Machoke nodded its head, and a tear rolled down its face.

    Jason stood up again and raised the hammer. "Are you ready Machoke?" Machoke nodded, and extended its arms to grab my body from the tank. "No matter what happens, never turn back. No matter what you see or hear, or even what you feel, do not turn back!" Jason brought the hammer with all his might upon the glass. In an instant the entire cylinder burst into a million shards of glass that filled the room. A flood of green fluid also spilled over the edge of the container and onto the floor. At that very instant, the room was filled with an angry red light and an alarm started to screech. Machoke was quick. I saw him leap to where my body was lying no longer suspended by the liquid. He pulled the vine-like cords off of me, and I saw my body begin to twitch in pain. When all of the cords had been removed, he flung my still-dripping body over his shoulder with his enormous strength and began to bolt for the door.

    Rather than attempting to open it as the humans had, he gave it a kick with one of his mighty legs. The door came crashing down. One more time, Machoke looked to his master. Jason looked right at Machoke and yelled, "Run! They're coming!" He then began to kick the glass on the floor around and shout profanities. Machoke turned to the door and exited quickly. All of the lights were burning the same angry red as the room my body was stored in. I watched as Machoke ran at amazing speeds down the hallway. I also observed my body being jerked around with every footstep. I could tell Machoke was trying to be careful, but he was also trying to escape as fast as possible. The eyes in my body began to tighten. I felt a shadow of the pain I had experienced before as I witnessed the scene.

    Machoke rounded a corner and saw an armored guard running along the passageway towards the first room. Before the guard could think, Machoke jumped up and landed a kick square in his chest. The guard fell back with the breath knocked out of him. Machoke continued to run.

    After about twenty more seconds of running however, there were loud sharp sounds coming from behind. The word gunshot and bullet came through my mind, both words that terrified me. However they seemed as if they were not near us at all, but rather in the distance. Tears began to streak past Machoke's eyes, but he did not stop running. It was then I realized that a terrible fate had just claimed Jason.

    Eyes tearing, Machoke made a dash for what looked like a solid wall. He rotated his free arm and in full running force punched it with all his might. The wall shattered, and Machoke continued to run. I could hear his breaths becoming deeper as he struggled for air. The forest was not far away. We would soon be safe within the cover of the trees.

    Gunshots rang out from the building. I could see several humans with weapons shooting at us. One of the bullets caught Machoke in the left leg, and he collapsed, dropping my body on the ground. At this moment I saw my body writhe in pain. I saw the eyes on my face flash open, and they glowed a dark purple. The same shade of color engulfed my entire body, and I watched as a large ball of energy melted away from my body to hover a few feet before my figure. Instantly it blasted at a miraculous speed towards the compound we had escaped from. The ball of energy made contact with the wall and a deafening explosion rang out. Intense shock waves rippled through the ground outward at the sheer force that was released. Smoke filled the air with the explosion. My body, looking spent, flopped to the ground again, seemingly lifeless.

    I watched as Machoke rose with a heavy limp in his step. He once again hoisted me onto his shoulder and began to stumble into the forest with his injured leg. I looked back towards the building and saw that it was still standing, but the wall which had received the blast was blackened; shattered in some places. However, no humans were seen trying to pursue us.

    Machoke carried me to the middle of the forest, where he found a grassy hill that had a small river running nearby. He laid my limp body on its back, and then collapsed on the ground nearby; weary from fatigue, the wound in his leg, and the loss of his dearest friend.

    The blue energy that I had experienced before once again swarmed around my vision. Soon, I felt control over my own body again, and the forest around me had materialized. The sun however, was lower in the sky, and dusk was approaching. Xatu's form was before me, her head still tilted oddly towards the sun. The energy in her left eye faded away. Slowking was also standing nearby, as if he had not taken one step from his original stance. Another figure was standing next to Slowking, who I recognized immediately as Machoke. His injured leg had been wrapped in some leaves, and he was being supported under one arm by a Pokemon that looked like a smaller version of himself, a Machop. Machop acted as a crutch to hold Machoke's heavy body off of his leg.

    I bowed to the ground. I felt as if I were overcome with emotions. First, anger flooded my mind for the abominations the humans had caused me, and for their complete negligence for the sanctity of life. Sorrow then filled my entire body as I looked at the sturdy Machoke who had risked his life to save me at the will of his trainer. He had lost all that he cared about in the world to save me in a final act of redemption from one scientist's work. And finally gratitude poured into my soul, as I realized that because of this sacrifice I was alive and free.

    I bowed my hands on the ground, lying prostrate on the ground. <Machoke.> I said. <I am forever in your debt.>

    He bowed his head towards me, and the Machop carefully balanced his weight. <I will guard you as my trainer wished until my dying breath.>
    * * *
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    Excellent chapter. First off, I only noticed two mistakes:

    I placed a single had near my forehead and began to concentrate.
    Hand, not "had."

    He bowed his head towards me, and the Machop carefully balanced his weight. <I will guard you as my trainer wished until my dying breath.>
    Is this Machop or Machoke speaking?

    Besides those mistakes, this was a great chapter. I would have liked a bit more of Darren, but that's okay. My thought was that the Pokémon talking to Slowking was whatever Darren's Arcanine reincarnated as, so Mewtwo shocked me. Though Mewtwo's presence shocked me as I said, I must say that your reimagining of his story is actually better than the original. You really put a lot of emotion into it, and the fact that one scientist felt regret for his actions was something I felt was sorely missing from the real Mewtwo's story.

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    To: The Great Butler. Thanks for the correction. The second question that you had was Machoke that was speaking. Machop was simply balancing him.

    To: All. I have just finished the third chapter. It is the longest one so far, just so you know. It will be told from Darren's point of view. Without further ado...

    Chapter 3

    Darren awoke in his uncomfortable seat with an announcement that came from the overhead speaker system in the airplane.

    The monotonous voice announced. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. As you have noticed I have turned the 'Fasten Seat Belt' sign. We are about fifteen minutes from Goldenrod city which can be seen out your window if you are near a window seat. The flight attendant will walk down the aisle one more time to take any items that you may wish to throw away. Once again, fasten your seat belts until the aircraft has come to a complete stop. Thank you for flying Johto Airlines. We hope that we have made you smile today."

    Darren squinted his eyes and stretched his legs as best he could with the seat in front of him. The man sitting next to him also appeared to have just woken up, and began gathering waste items as the flight attendant walked down the isle. It was a relatively small plane, only having one hundred passengers, many who were now buckling their seat belts.

    It had been a long day. First he had woken up early to catch a bus to Hearthome and then had to wait in a long line at the airport to check his bags and his Pokemon because several flights had been delayed. Pokemon almost always had to be stored via PC before flight for several reasons; the obvious because one could easily call out an Onyx that might fill the entire plane with its rock-hard body, sending the entire crew to their deaths in a screaming pile of twisted metal. Also, as every Pokeball opens it emits a faint electric pulse that might affect the aircraft's instruments.

    Darren had been running battle strategies in his mind for the last two days. He had not seriously trained in over a year, and was trying to recall every technique, every plan, and every strategy he had mastered over the years. He was also trying hard to determine the three Pokemon that he would use in the tournament. He was pretty sure that he would use Froslass, the Pokemon who had aided him in defeating the Elite Four so many years ago. Froslass, being a hollow ghost soul surrounded by a blanket of ice, never aged. She would live long after Darren passed away.

    Gyarados was another viable option. He was strong enough to tear through rocks with his beastly tail and had learned to control its rage to be particularly effective at tearing down his opponents. However, Darren knew that he was incredibly weak to electricity, which was sure to be common in this tournament. Darren had been weighing this decision for quite a while.

    However, the hardest decision was what he would choose for his third Pokemon. He had about four very strong candidates, all who would be exceptional in the battle, but Darren could not narrow it down. He had been running many options through his mind when he had fallen asleep.

    After stretching his legs the best he could, he looked out the window to behold the city of Goldenrod. It was late afternoon, and the sun shone over the city with its bright beams. Darren could see large towers reaching up into the heavens. There were hundreds of cars on crowded streets, scurrying off to their destination like a swarm of ants. The suburbs of Goldenrod reached out for miles. It was truly an amazing sight. Most of the buildings were painted a dull yellow color so that they didn’t dazzle in the sun, but gave of a golden appearance. From what Darren had heard, this was the largest city in Johto.

    A few minutes later, the plane touched down with a thump on the runway and rapidly decelerated. After a few more minutes the plane taxied to the terminal where it stopped and the seat belt light turned off. Immediately all of the passengers stood up as if in a hurry. Darren had flown many times before, and knew it was best to wait for all of the shoving to end before he decided to leave. He pulled a small piece of paper from his backpack that he had carried on the plane and began to study it. It was the itinerary that PRHJ had sent, detailing how he was to arrive.

    After he had checked out of the airport he was going to have to grab his baggage and head for the Grand Train Station downtown. There he would have to ride the train to Mahogany town where he would take a taxi to the research headquarters. There was also a warning that Pokemon retrieval from PC systems was rather difficult in Mahogany town was rather remote, and might take up to an hour to process. The itinerary suggested that all Pokemon be retrieved in Goldenrod before leaving.

    Darren looked at his watch. He still had an hour before his train left. The station was about ten minutes away by shuttle, so that would give him time to pick up his Pokemon and get a quick bite to eat.

    Most of the passengers had left with only a few remaining. Darren closed his backpack and threw it over his shoulder, and began to head for the door. A flight attendant stood by the door smiling brightly. “Thank you so much for flying with us today!” Darren nodded at her with a simple smile, and then exited the plane.

    The air was drier here than his hometown, and he could feel his lips starting to chap slightly. He made his way to the terminal and was amazed at all the people around. Shops, restaurants, and stands were crowded with people everywhere. Many seemed to be heading to different destinations, but a good crowd was also in front of a large television screen. Darren was intrigued when he saw the words Tournament of the Century in bold red letters at the bottom. A man who Darren had never seen before dressed in a laboratory coat and glasses was standing outside a large concrete compound with a large smile on his face. He seemed to be announcing the tournament for the first time.

    Odd, thought Darren. This thing must have been planned really quickly if it begins tomorrow and they are just now announcing it. Darren walked over to the screen and began to watch.

    “…and that is how we have tried to make it the most challenging tournament ever witnessed before. As we speak, twenty five of the greatest trainers are arriving from all over the globe, all of them who will engage in televised battle, the exact details which will be revealed tonight. Due to the fact that these trainers must learn of all the rules before accepting the challenge, their identities will also not be announced until the evening. However, we promise you that it will be the most intriguing program broadcast since the landing on the moon. The champion of this tournament will be named Champion of the World.”

    A news anchor then flooded the screen repeating information that Darren had already heard about though the e-mail he had received. Darren could here the people in front of me talking very excitedly about the new contest. Many were pleasantly shocked, saying that nothing like this ever happened in Johto.

    Darren felt a glow of the pride he had felt ten years before as he had defeated Lance. With a hint of a smile he turned away and headed for the baggage claim. After receiving his luggage he continued to a shuttle terminal where he caught a bus heading downtown just as it was leaving.

    It was crowded and Darren had to stand up and hold onto a pole to keep his balance. He placed his bags on the floor and continued to think about which Pokemon he should use. After a couple of minutes cruising down the roads of Goldenrod city, they arrived in front of the Grand Train Station. Darren quickly grabbed his bags and exited the bus quickly.

    The station was a very large building. Across the front was a large banner that had a golden train pictured on it, blurred to express a sense of speed. Large gold letters beneath it read The Magnet Train: Linking the Continent. Darren had heard of it once before on T.V. It was supposed to be the fasted land transportation that would take one to Saffron City in Kanto in only thirty minutes, which same difference by car took nearly a day. However, Darren wouldn’t be riding it today. He was going to be riding a simple electric train that would take him out to the countryside.

    As Darren entered the station he saw a Pokecenter/Pokemart that had been built like a shop inside. He quickly entered to retrieve his Pokemon. The glass doors slid open as he walked in and he stared in amazement. This was the largest shop of Pokemon related merchandise that he had ever seen in his entire life. Shelves upon shelves of boxes and bottles were everywhere in the store. There were about fifteen PCs that lined the left wall, only several vacant as trainers were retrieving or depositing Pokemon. Darren walked up to one that was currently showing a black screen, and accessed it by placing his thumb on a small black pad the size of a finger.

    The PC sprang to life in a flash of light, the words Welcome Darren scrolled from left to right across the screen, and two large icons appeared. One read Withdraw and the other read Deposit. Being a touch screen computer, Darren reached out and selected the withdraw button, which extended to fill the entire screen, then fading away to show about twenty pictures of Pokemon in a box.

    Small words at the bottom dictated Please select the Pokemon you wish to withdraw. Darren reached out and touched the icon representing Froslass. The small picture turned into a Pokeball and faded from the screen. There was a small metallic clunk below the computer, and Froslass’s Pokeball appeared in a small black container. Darren pocketed it.

    He then selected Gyarados. Darren had realized that having Gyarados with him would greatly aid his team, and would bring many positive benefits. Darren would just have to be careful and strategic while using him. With a clunk, a bluish Pokeball with a net-like pattern on the top of it appeared in the container. Darren picked it up and returned it to his pocket as well.

    There was one left to choose. He moved six of the Pokemon that he had been considering to the top of the screen. Metang? Darren thought. No, not Metang. He is powerful and coordinated, but he never did evolve. Metagross would have the greatest potential. I could use Scizor, but then I would have two Pokemon weak to both fire and ground. If Gyarados fainted, I would be hopeless. Maybe Shiftry? No, Shiftry wouldn’t work either. I needed something that could hit electric Pokemon hard to guard Gyarados.

    The answer then dawned on Darren. He had a special Pokemon that was very adept at attacking electric Pokemon. She was quick on her feet and very agile. She was also unique among her kind. It was Marowak. Darren had placed her from his mind when he thought about the high possibility of water Pokemon also being used. However, the more he thought about it, the more sense that it made to have Marowak on the team.

    Marowak was unique. She was only three feet tall, and yet she was capable of taking down foes that were double or even triple her size. A large white skull bone girded her head as a helmet, and her two red eyes could be seen clearly from inside. Normally, she would stand erect like a human. Her two legs were build strong, which allowed her for additional speed. A tail would keep her balanced as she would run, especially as she ran at blinding speeds toward an enemy.

    The most unique thing about Marowak however, was her ability to wield two bones in her hands rather than one. Normally in the wild, Marowak will use a single bone just smaller than they are to hunt for food. They are normally quite accurate and they will sometimes battle amongst themselves as a sort of duel for the more desirable bones of their opponents. Darren had found this Marowak in combat with a Vespiquen just outside of his hometown. He admired how Marowak wielded two bones. With her left hand, she would toss a slightly smaller bone towards the Vespiquen’s eyes to distract, and then would rush instantly with its larger bone in hand and club it in the thorax.

    Through a difficult battle of his own, he was able to capture this Marowak and train it to trust him and work well in his team. These three; Froslass, Gyarados, and Marowak would be his choice for this Tournament of the Century.

    He selected Marowak on the computer screen, and with a clunk her Pokeball appeared in the dispenser. It had a black top with two yellow stripes running perpendicular to each other on top. He placed this in his pocket and then continued to browse the store for a while.

    Darren found a counter where he could buy lunch. He sat down to a stool and ordered a small bowl of Udon noodles, which he slurped up quickly. He checked his watch again and saw that he still had about fifteen minutes before his train would leave. He had stocked up on many trainer supplies before he left his hometown, but he decided to browse past the Pokeball section.

    The Pokemart/Pokecenter had an amazing selection of Pokeballs. Models of each were placed behind a glass case so that they could not be handled. Darren had seen most models, but was interested in some that were shown under the label Johto Exclusive. With these were several balls that looked interesting to Darren, and at reasonable prices. He already had one empty Ultra ball, and several empty Great balls, so he thought it might be a good decision to purchase a couple more.

    He read several labels. Fast Ball: for catching the Pokemon that seems to be just a little too quick. Very effective against those who like to escape. Friend Ball: A very comfortable Pokeball that warms the heart of any Pokemon brought inside. They will respect you and love you almost immediately. Heavy Ball: A Pokeball that makes heavy Pokemon welcome, restricting their escape.

    Darren alerted the clerk of his intention to purchase several. Two minutes later he left the store with two of each of the new balls secured safely in his luggage. He quickly hurried over to an automated ticket window where he would be able to purchase a ticket for his train. Above on a large screen was a map that showed trains and to which destinations they were headed for. Darren located the one that was headed for Mahogany town, and after selecting some simple options on the automated ticket purchasing screen, a small ticket the size of his thumb spat out of the machine. He pulled it gently and it came free from the machine.

    Darren then walked to where a ticket collector was standing, guarding entrance onto the tracks. Darren handed the man his ticket, which he stamped with a small stamp in his hands, and after returning the ticket to Darren allowed him to pass onto the platform. Darren looked at his ticket again, which read Platform 15. Seeing that he was only on Platform 1, he grabbed his bags and headed up a nearby stairway so that he would be able to reach his designated platform.

    When he reached Platform 15, Darren placed his bags gently on the ground and watched the scene around him. There were not many people on this platform; several old ladies, a couple of school children, but nobody more. Darren began to realize that he must really be heading into the country because of how few passengers would be riding this next train. Several trains continued to roll through the station. Some would stop to unload and then load passengers while others would sometimes just pass right on by. Darren looked down the tracks to see if his train was coming. In the distance he could see a small engine making its way down the track.

    Within a minute’s time, the train had arrived at the platform. The electric doors on the side hissed open and I stepped inside. The train was completely empty, only to be filled with the few people from the country that had been waiting outside with me. Soft bench-like seats lined the inside of the train with a metal rack above for luggage storage. Darren quickly placed my bags on the rack and then sat down beneath them. He leaned back in his seat and started running over strategies in his mind.

    * * *

    “Next stop; Mahogany Town,” the train conductor announced. Darren looked out his window. The sun had set, and there was just a flicker of sun peeking over the mountains. A few people had boarded the train since he had left Goldenrod, but for the most part the train remained uncrowded. It had been a five hour train ride. It was good for Darren, because it gave him time to think about what weaknesses he would have to face, as well as how he would manage his Pokemon. He had been thinking a lot and had come up with several interesting strategies to use.

    A few minutes later the train arrived at the station. Flickering florescent lights lit the outdoor station, which was merely a concrete platform with two tracks running by the sides. Darren removed his bags from the overhanging rack and departed as the doors to the train hissed open. Several people exited with him, all of them elderly people. Darren turned and watched the doors close as the train then rattled off into the darkness

    Darren then followed the others off of the platform. Several of them mounted rusty bicycles which ran on electric lights and disappeared into the night. Darren watched as other people walked to a curb on the road, where several yellow vehicles were parked. A large black word was painted on the side. Taxi. Darren walked over to the car and got in the back seat.

    “Where to?” the driver asked as he looked at Darren through his rear-view mirror.

    “The Pokemon Research Headquarters please,” Darren replied nonchalantly.

    The driver perked up. “Are you one of those trainer guys that are going to be in that contest thingy? Oh boy, I’ve taken three there already today.” Darren gave him an awkward smile of confirmation. “Wow, golly. I feel like one of them fancy drivers taken around all sorts of fancy people to fancy places…” the driver continued to rattle on about his feelings. Darren sat and listened politely as the car pulled from the station’s curb and rolled into the forest.

    After a few minutes of Darren not responding, the driver was silent. The headlights shined bright over the dirt road as they tunneled through the dense forest. The road’s rough surface kept Darren from falling asleep, even though he was tired from all of his travel. He kept his eyes looking out the window at the endless streaming of trees. It was almost hypnotic.

    About thirty minutes later they arrived at a large concrete compound. Darren recognized it as the building that the scientist had been standing in front of during the television announcement. The driver said "Ride's on me. It was my pleasure escorting you around sir." Darren thanked the man and then exited the taxi, taking his luggage with him. He stepped onto a concrete curb that surrounded the building. There were small lamps lining the sidewalk so that one could see where he was going. Darren followed the lamps to the concrete building. It was nothing particularly special; just a slab of concrete with windows running along the side. It was three stories high, and about five times as long. The vegetation seemed to have been cleared around the building, and the tree line was about one hundred yards from the compound. The entrance was a revolving door. Darren walked to the door and stepped inside.

    The lobby of the facility was rather large. It rose two stories to the ceiling. Every wall was painted white. There were several hallways that went off deeper into the building, as well as two staircases that lead to the second floor. Directly in front of him was a desk with a receptionist with long blond hair and glasses smiling at him. He walked up to the desk.

    "Mr. Diamond, I presume?" the receptionist asked him with a smile. She seemed to be organizing a portfolio with several papers in front of him.

    "Yes, that's me," Darren replied.

    "Oh good," she said. "You are the last to arrive. Of course you did come all the way from Sinnoh. We only had two others from Sinnoh come, but they lived closer to the city and were able to come on earlier flights." She put a few papers into a portfolio and then handed it to me. It was a simple manila folder that had my name written on the tab. "You will want to head down this hallway on the left. You will be meeting the staff with the other trainers in Conference Room 280." The receptionist checked her watch. "They should have just finished dinner and will be on their way to the meeting. You can leave your luggage here and it will be taken up to your room."

    Darren smiled and thanked her for the information, left his bags by her desk, and then continued down the hallway she had directed to him. He counted numbers on the side of the doors. 277, 278, 279, Conference Room 280. He opened the door to the room and stepped inside. There was theater seating with soft chairs around the room. A projector hanging from the screen was displaying what Darren figured was the headquarters’ logo on a white screen. There was a table in front with several boxes of assorted sizes. Several people were sitting at the front, all dressed in lab coats. A pulpit was at the far end of the room where a man was standing. Darren recognized it as being the man he had seen giving the television announcement.

    "Come on in Mr. Diamond. Take a seat," the man at the pulpit said and gestured for Darren to sit in any one of the seats. Darren made his way across one of the rows and sat in an aisle seat. "I am the Director here at the PRHJ. I'm sorry we didn't see you at dinner, Mr. Diamond. A meal will be sent to your room just following the meeting. Now, if you want to read the items in your portfolio, it will instruct you on some details you may want to know."

    "Thank you," Darren replied as he opened his portfolio and removed the sheets that were inside. The first was a blue paper that discussed the rules of the tournament that had been sent in the e-mail. Darren quickly skipped past this page and read another. It was a white sheet that had a map of the forested area surrounding the laboratory. Darren saw the laboratory at the bottom of the map with the forest taking up most of the paper. There was a mountain in the center, capped with ice. There were also several lakes scattered throughout the forest as well. There were little red stickers placed at random spots throughout the forest. Darren read towards the bottom of the page. 'Area's in the forest for trainer insertion.'

    Darren flipped the page over where there a description was typed: Trainers will be placed in random places throughout the forest. Here they will have the opportunity to capture wild Pokemon that they may use to battle other trainers. Using only their Pokemon and limited supplies, they will navigate through the forest towards each other and/or an optional objective. Whenever two trainers encounter each other they will be required to battle. The victor will remain in the same location, while the loser will be transported to a new location.

    Darren was beginning to understand a little bit more about the tournament. It was not just going to determine how well that trainers would be able to used trained Pokemon, but also adapt to using ones that they had never used before. Darren smiled. This was going to be more interesting that he thought.

    As he was about to start reading the final paper in his folder, the door which he had entered opened again, and in began filing the other twenty-four trainers, many of whom were conversing one with another. Darren studied them as they walked in. Each of the trainers had a wide array of fashion that was in stark contrast with the plain white lab coats of the scientist. One trainer had a bandanna covering his hair and was in a leather jacket that had a Pokeball stitched above the heart. Another trainer wore high-top shoes with long jeans that had three Pokeballs dangling on a key chain. She also wore a read sweater that extended just over her hands. Their entrance brought a wave of nostalgia to Darren. He had missed being around trainers, especially serious ones. Ever since he had stopped training to spend more time with his Arcanine, he never was as happy as he used to be. It was great to be back in this atmosphere. It felt like the first breath to a man who had been bedridden for months.

    The trainers all began to take seats facing the projector screen. The trainer wearing the read sweater sat herself next to Darren, and another trainer that Darren recognized sat next to her. It was Lance. Darren leaned forward. "Lance, it's nice to see you again." Lance leaned forward and smiled, and was about to say something when the man at the pulpit began to speak.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to officially welcome you to the Tournament of the Century." The trainers clapped their hands, and yet there was no cheering. The most honored and respected trainers for the most part had quiet dignity. "You have all received copies of the rules. I would like now to explain how this tournament will work," He clicked a button on a small remote he was holding and the logo disappeared and was replaced with a picture of the map that Darren had received. "It will be different than anything that you have ever experienced before. Every one of you will be placed in the forest just north of here at random areas shown on the map we have given you. The forest is rich with Pokemon, many of which are incredibly strong. You may use any Pokeballs that you have brought to capture them, which you may use as you battle wild Pokemon or even each other. This will measure how well you trust your own Pokemon that you have chosen to aid you as well as present the challenge of working with completely new Pokemon."

    The trainers began whispering a little to their neighbors. Tones of excitement could be felt.

    "You will also be given special tools that will aid you, of which I will now explain." The Director stepped down and walked over to the table that had the boxes on top of it. He lifted out a metallic ball the size of a basketball. It had a slight resemblance to a Pokeball, but instead of a smooth surface, it was covered with small black tiles. The center of it seemed to be a hole just covered with a piece of glass. A few antennas stood out from the black ball. The scientist held it above the table, and then let go. The ball hovered in mid-air without dropping to the ground. "This device," the man continued, "will probably be the most important asset to you and your team. It is a prototype just recently developed here at the laboratory called 'The V.H.D.,' which stands for Video Hovering Device. It is covered with small solar panels which give it power. It also carries three vital pieces of machinery to help you in the tournament. The center which seems to be a hole is actually a camera lens. It will transmit live video to us at the laboratory which will then be relayed over the entire world." More chatter from the trainers ensued. Darren found this very fascinating. He had been in certain tournaments were they were able to use special machinery, but this was completely amazing.

    "The V.H.D. will be programmed to follow you and take detailed videos of all of your upcoming battles. Another of the V.H.D.'s abilities is to heal your Pokemon." The man turned the hovering ball around to the back where there was a small indent the size of a Pokeball. "Simply insert your Pokeball and it will be healed. However, for future reference, it takes five minutes in sunlight to recharge. At night-time however, it will not be able to heal any of your Pokemon." The Director then turned the black ball to its side, and after pressing one of the tiles a small green screen folded outward. "Lastly, your V.H.D. works as a Global Positioning System that will show you where you are in the forest. It will also show you where other trainers are in the forest. If you wish to challenge them, all you need to do is reach them wherever they are. When the V.H.D comes within one hundred feet of another, they will gravitate towards the other and will not separate nor heal your Pokemon until one trainer has been defeated in battle. After the winning trainer has chosen a Pokemon from the trainer he or she defeated, the trainer will then be transported to a different location."

    The Director then looked towards the trainers and was quiet for a moment. His face became sullen and Darren wondered what he was about to say. The Director cleared his throat and began to speak again. "The last thing that I would like to mention to you is what was mentioned in your notes about the optional objective." He clicked a button on the remote again, and to Darren's surprise, an ancient rock carving displaying the ancient Pokemon know as Mew was shown. He wondered if they were going to be asked to capture Mew as the optional objective.

    The Director continued to speak. "This research facility has made gigantic strides in many fields of scientific discovery. Some of these were extraordinarily beneficial, while others were not as revolutionary. Through an unknown benefactor, we received several samples of D.N.A. from the legendary Pokemon of Mew. We were ecstatic about this discovery, and we began to work with the D.N.A., to see if we could understand more fully the legendary Pokemon. Our experiments led us to several cloning procedures, through which we brought forth new life." He clicked the remote again, and pictured was a Pokemon that Darren had never seen before. It was floating in a glass cylinder connected to hundreds of small wires. Its body had a lifeless white color to it, and it had an enormous head, with two horn-like structures on top. Its eyes were closed, and it appeared to be sleeping. Several gasps were heard from the trainers.

    "We named this new Pokemon Mewtwo, the clone of the legendary Mew," the Director said. "It was not conscious at all, but we could monitor terribly strong brain waves and realized that this creature was extremely dangerous. We could also monitor that it had only could feel one emotion: anger. Its heart was aggressive and that coupled with the powers that it had, we could not take any chances that Mewtwo could escape until we had the ability to train it to safely use its powers. However, one of our own scientists that had worked with the project for the last several years made a critical mistake. Foolishly, not knowing the consequences of his actions destroyed the glass container and allowed for Mewtwo to escape. As the powerful Pokemon escaped it exposed its violent heart to us with a ball of energy the likes that have never been seen before."

    The Director clicked the remote once more. It showed what Darren assumed was a different part of the laboratory, however he could only assume because it was blackened by scorch marks, and many parts of the walls had been shattered. The picture also showed smoke billowing up from the building. Darren's mouth hung open in awe. This Pokemon was more powerful that anything that he had ever seen before.

    The Director then walked to another box that was smaller than the first. Out of it he pulled a Pokeball, but it was different than any other that Darren had ever seen. It was metallic, and seemed to have bolts wielded into it. Two ridges formed an 'X' shape in front of it. "This," the Director said in a soft voice, "was recently developed in light of the situation at hand. It is the strongest Pokeball in the entire world. Studies have found that a Pokemon as powerful as Mewtwo has the ability to deflect even a Masterball, so we here at the PRHJ developed this special ball that can not be deflected nor broken open by any Pokemon. It has Titanium rods that snap into place the second that the Pokemon is captured, insuring its capture."

    He looked up at all of the trainers again. "If any trainer manages to capture Mewtwo, which will be no easy task, will automatically be named Champion." Chatter begun among the trainers again. Darren thought about the situation. This dangerous, heartless Pokemon was out in these woods. Possibly in the future it would come into contact with humans with violent consequences. This would be his chance to be a hero.

    "This was remained classified because we did not want to scare the public," the Director continued. "It also seems as if Mewtwo can manipulate minds, because it seems like many of the forest's Pokemon have gathered around to protect it. We ask you to bring it back here so that we can safely assimilate it into daily life." The Director bowed. "Trainers, this is your time to shine as the world's champion. I wish you all the best of luck. You will now be escorted to your rooms, and tomorrow morning the championship will begin." Everyone applauded this time, and the trainers, including Darren, filed slowly out of the room.
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    Well, I'm back. Sorry this took so long. (Echo's reverberate off the walls of an empty room) Yeah, so no one reads my story, oh well. Here is the next chapter for anyone who stumbles across it.

    Chapter 4

    The fire in my head flashed white-hot for an instant, and I awoke from my sleep. I reached my hands to my head and massaged my temples. I sighed. I had spent nearly three hours sitting awake with millions of thoughts about my origin raced though my mind. I somehow managed to fall asleep in my crouched position only to awake to an intense headache. This would take getting used to.

    I stood up and looked around. It was still dark, and it seemed as if the sun would not rise soon. Several Pokemon had come to my aid at the request of Slowking. A Pokemon that introduced itself to me was called Aggron, and had journeyed from a nearby mountain. His back was plated with heavy steel and had an obsidian stone underside. Two long steel horns protruded from his skull, just above two shining blue eyes. He stood a foot taller than me, and when he walked it slightly shook the ground due to his enormous weight. At the moment, Aggron lay on his belly with his arms folded under his head, resting softly.

    The Machoke that saved my life was also nearby, resting against a tree. The Machop that had been assisting him was also asleep nearby, softly dozing. A small orange Pokemon sat in the center of all the sleeping figures. She had small claws resting beneath her chin as she slept. Her small clawed legs sprawled out behind her, and she also had a tail which curved around on the ground back towards her body. The tip of her tail burned softly with a gentle flame that slightly illuminated the area. She was very shy when I first met her and she introduced herself as Charmander, but other than that simple introduction I never heard her speak. However, her presence was comforting, as she gave needed warmth and light to the others.

    Slowking had left before I had attempted to rest, saying that he needed to counsel with other Pokemon that were his advisers. However, Xatu was supposed to remain with us, but as I looked around the clearing I could not see her with the light that flashed from Charmander's tail. I closed my eyes and placed a hand to my forehead to aid in concentration. My awareness of my surroundings heightened. I could sense a strong psychic energy pulsating from a source just a stones throw away. I walked quietly over to where I felt the energies swarming, careful not to wake any of my companions.

    As I made my way through the trees, I did see the silhouette of Xatu, barely recognisable through the crescent moonlight. She did not have her head forced skyward as she had earlier on. She was looking away from me, towards the horizon. The soil felt slightly damp on my bare feet.

    I walked up to her silently. <Don't you want to get some rest?> I asked.

    <Nah, I never sleep.> She replied. <Besides, nighttime is the only time that I have the freedom to move as I like.> She turned and looked at me. I had never seen her look towards me with eyes focused.

    <Why only during the evening?> I asked.

    <Because the sun gives me visions of the past and the future.> She stretched her elegant wings slightly, and then looked back at me. <Sometimes the visions are pleasant. Sometimes they are terrifying. I have learned to live with it, as all Xatu do. However, I much prefer it when the sun sets. The visions disappear and I can see with my own eyes.>

    I looked towards the evening sky. How interesting it would be to see the past and the future. However, it would be quite a burden to bear. Xatu ruffled her feathers. <Mewtwo, there is something that I need to tell you. There is an event unfolding at the moment that will have an enormous impact on the future. I am not allowed to disclose the future to you, but as a friend, I must tell you the events that are presently happening.>

    My mind hung on every word that Xatu thought in my mind. Though usually light-hearted, her tone now was serious. <The humans that made you want you back. You are part of their greatest work; the masterpiece that they obsessed over. They need you, and they will stop at nothing to get you back. You are the drug that can curb their addiction.> The air was so silent that I could make out the sound of branches moving slightly in the wind. <They have devised a plan to deceive several of the best trainers throughout the world to hunt you down. As we speak these Pokemon masters sleep completely unaware of the evil that they are caught up in. They have been made to believe that this is only a great game, one that will test their strength and cunning. They are blinded by the glory and and limelight they will stand in to notice the morality of their decisions. According to the plan they will enter the forest later this morning in order to find you while they battle amongst each other.>

    Xatu bowed her head. <Slowking asked me not to tell you about the current situation, but I believe that you need to know so that you can be ready.>

    I turned my head, puzzled. <Ready for what?>

    She looked at me again. <These trainers are the best in the world, and they are coming for you Mewtwo. You are our friend, and Slowking and I don't want you to be forced to endure all of the things those evil people have in store for you. Slowking has gone to rally others like Aggron and Charmander to protect you from them. Already Pokemon from all over the forest are gathering to stop the trainers from advancing, but they are powerful. The odds are that they will eventually reach you, and when that happens you need to be ready to fight them yourself. Slowking and I will begin training you tomorrow, as with the help of our friends should delay the trainers a week or so. You might have a chance to harness a mere fraction of the power that you have.>

    I looked down at my hands. Did I really have such power? From what I had seen in the vision from Xatu I had been able to destroy a building without a thought. I could feel like my body was held erect by some unseen force, but I didn't feel like I had any control over it, much like I didn't have control of the beat of my heart. And yet if it were possible, I would be able to protect myself and my friends from any possible danger.

    Xatu looked out into the forest towards the horizon. The suns rays were just barely starting to illuminate the edge of the horizon. Xatu faced me again. <This forest is home to many wondrous powers. Many strong and powerful Pokemon reside within its borders. Slowking plans to guide you to the sources of many of these powers and teach you as his disciple. If you follow him, you will have a chance at understanding exactly who you are and what your purpose is in this life.>

    I felt a spark inside my mind. Maybe I did have a purpose. Maybe, even though I was created by science rather than nature that did not mean that I was worthless. Maybe I did have a divine destiny.

    <What is my purpose?> I asked Xatu. <Why am I alive, and what is my destiny?>

    Xatu smiled with her eyes. <I can only see the future and the past, and even then, I am required to be silent about things to come. One's purpose must be discovered by oneself, and once discovered it must be put in to practice, or else one will never achieve his full potential.>

    The sun behind Xatu peeked over the horizon. Without missing a beat, Xatu's head snapped towards the sun's direction, and she stood motionless. <Mewtwo, we should probably move.>

    <What?> I asked. <Are the trainer's coming?>

    <No,> she replied. <But it seems like Aggron took a pee here last night.> She laughed as we quickly skipped off of the slightly damp soil and returned to our camp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aradan View Post
    The Machop that had been assisting him was also asleep nearby, softly dozing.
    AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! That would've looked so cute! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    Can I cuddle it?
    I love my cute little Machop!

    Come on, you know Machop is cute! I mean, who couldn't love those endearing eyes? That adorable face? That loving embrace?

    Just don't call it cuddly or else it will hurt you.

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    Sorry I missed the last chapter. I'll review both here.

    Pokemon almost always had to be stored via PC before flight for several reasons; the obvious because one could easily call out an Onyx that might fill the entire plane with its rock-hard body, sending the entire crew to their deaths in a screaming pile of twisted metal. Also, as every Pokeball opens it emits a faint electric pulse that might affect the aircraft's instruments.
    You misspelled "Onix." Discounting that, that imagery is really good.

    Froslass, being a hollow ghost soul surrounded by a blanket of ice, never aged. She would live long after Darren passed away.
    Nice touch.

    The entire scene with him processing his battle strategy is good, in fact.

    There were hundreds of cars on crowded streets, scurrying off to their destination like a swarm of ants.
    Interesting, you're using cars.

    they didn’t dazzle in the sun, but gave of a golden appearance.
    Think that should be "off".

    As Darren entered the station he saw a Pokecenter/Pokemart that had been built like a shop inside. He quickly entered to retrieve his Pokemon. The glass doors slid open as he walked in and he stared in amazement. This was the largest shop of Pokemon related merchandise that he had ever seen in his entire life.
    I like the touch of putting a Pokémon Center/Poké Mart in a train station, but if he's such an experienced trainer, shouldn't he have been to one of the world's Department Stores? I would think they'd be larger.

    Without a quote, I'd like to comment that I LOVE the way you implemented the HGSS touchscreen PC interface.

    Normally, she would stand erect like a human. Her two legs were build strong, which allowed her for additional speed.
    This is phrased strangely, and it should be "built".

    His back was plated with heavy steel and had an obsidian stone underside. Two long steel horns protruded from his skull, just above two shining blue eyes. He stood a foot taller than me, and when he walked it slightly shook the ground due to his enormous weight. At the moment, Aggron lay on his belly with his arms folded under his head, resting softly.
    Great description of Aggron.

    <What?> I asked. <Are the trainer's coming?>
    Should not have an apostrophe.

    <No,> she replied. <But it seems like Aggron took a pee here last night.> She laughed as we quickly skipped off of the slightly damp soil and returned to our camp.
    Nice end. XD

    All in all, a great pair of chapters that really set the stage. Good job establishing the plot here.

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