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Thread: Pokemon Tattoo, do you have any?

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    Default Pokemon Tattoo, do you have any?

    Is a tattoo really considered "fan art"? I'm not sure but I got one recently whcih I designed myself and just wanted to share it with you guys.

    It is a DNA Double Helix constructed with pokéballs. I am a geneticist by trade and feel this tattoo represents my two biggest passions in life

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    Does anyone else have any Poké tattoo art?

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    This is rather unique, I personally don't have or get tatoos but I still think this is cool. I think I would have used different pokeballs though. The regular ball, ultra, master, and maybe great ball just to change it up a bit. Im not sure if you could have that done or not, I have seen tattoos be fixed by going over with diff ink. That's up to you though, all-in-all I like it (pokeball DNA woo! )it sure isn't something you see every day lol

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    Tattoo ideas are pretty limitless and if you have a good artist they can do just about anything. Going over a tattoo with different ink is a much different and difficult process though.

    But back on topic, that's a really sweet tattoo! Id say your definitely a first with that idea and it's really refreshing to see new tattoos like that. It count's as fan art because your a fan, and you have art of Pokemon etched into your arm. I plan on getting a pokemon tattoo someday, but deciding what is the hardest part. I think for myself I'd want to get a favorite Pokemon or symbol from the series. Being that I have dark skin kind of rules out the option of color like you have though!

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    Cool I'm a geneticist too ^^ Well actually almost done studying to be one
    The tattoo is a bold idea but I like it (even though it looks a bit 2D too me)
    Is the tattoo actually permanent?

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    Cool) I like the pokemon thing)I think I saw a lot of such tats here . I'd like to have one with the slowpoke)

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    I have two Pokémon tattoos. One is on each forearm, and they're the heads of Absol and Mega Absol. I designed the tattoos myself and tried to go pretty minimalist.
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