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Thread: Fulgur vs. Nidoking. Who would win?

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    Default Fulgur vs. Nidoking. Who would win?

    Hey guys,

    Because of my love for Nidoking, a friend of mine, Kronnick, did a electric type version of Nidoking for Monbattle.

    Felt is was a cool action shot, so thought I'd post it here. Open to critques etc. Here it is:


    Who do you think would win in a fight?

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    Hi there! While it's great that you're excited about and want to show off your friend's work, according to the Fan Art Rules, you may only post your own artwork here. If your friend would like to show off their art and get critique for it, they are welcome to make an account and post it themselves.

    Please be sure to read all of the sticky threads, especially the rules, of each forum before posting. Thanks!


    Amazing art gift by the talented KCW! Check out his other art here!

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