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Thread: My Artwork and Speedpaints

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    Default My Artwork and Speedpaints

    Hi all, a long long time ago I had an old and now deleted thread featuring my artwork. It was awful and embarrassing, but with much practice and improvement I'm back to share my work again! With the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon and it being the month of Pokecember I've been inspired to draw more pokemon related pieces~ I'll regularly update this thread as I draw more!

    1) Primarina

    I drew her to experiment with my new set of markers, I've never used markers before so it was definitely a learning curve and I know next time I'll improve a lot.
    You can watch the speed paint here:

    Please feel free to leave feedback or request another Pokemon for me to draw!

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    Your drawing is pretty awesome! You definately have your highlights and shading down. Nice job using the chameleon pens. I've been wanting to get my hands on some of those as well. Well done on using the white gell pens too for the detailed highlights. Have you tried using complementary colors to shade? Like sing orange over blue, instead of blue with grey/black. Also what devise and program do you use to record your speed paints?
    I look forward to your future drawings!!!!!
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    Great drawing, support!

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