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Thread: I Draw Mega Evolutions Sometimes

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    Default I Draw Mega Evolutions Sometimes

    Hi. ;A; Please excuse me as I teach myself how to color and shade my stuff. I haven't gotten the hang of my art pens yet.

    Mega Ninetails

    Possibly Fire/Ghost

    Dragon/Steel concept for Mega Hydreigon

    Oh... Mega Haxorus? It's still just Dragon. Haven't figured out a color scheme for it yet.

    Mega Arcanine. Just Fire. My pens decided to bleed everywhere when I did this one. ;A;

    These next two are just sketches, so, I'm not sure if they're final to me. But, since Flygon could have gone two different ways and it seems to be a tad more neglected than Altaria and Salamence and has to hide in Garchomp's shadow, I decided to make two for it.

    I somehow ended up basing alpha Flygon off a pharaoh. It retains its typing.

    Omega Flygon loses its ground typing and becomes part bug instead. Compoundeyes included.

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