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Thread: Help me create a new pokemon like game!

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    Lightbulb Help me create a new pokemon like game!

    My idea, was to create some kind of an engine, which makes it possible for me, to create Pokémon like games, for web browsers.

    I know, out there are a lot of game engines, and also some GBA emulators. And I don’t want to create something NEW. I don’t want to create something super unique. I just want to play my own Pokémon.

    And I also want to learn, how to do such things.

    But I realized, that I cann’t do this on my own. I need help, from you guys, who are more experienced or can do other things better than me.

    If you want to help out, just leave a comment and visit [LINK REMOVED]

    PS. I am German, so pls excuse my bad English.

    YOU guys ar AWESOME!
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    This is not the place to ask for such things.

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