Hi, these are some characters I'm making for a new video game based off fakemon I made as a kid in 2003. I drew them in a style similar to the classic Ken Sugimori art:

A muscular guardian of the sky who practices his own form of lightning-fast martial arts in the clouds. Try hitting his tornado - it's his weak spot.

A most sinister foe who deflects your projectile moves with a violent spin attack. Avoid his attack as soon as he starts, for he will get faster and faster.

This sneaky caterpillar acts innocent but will attack you with its projectile stingers if you let your guard down, even for a second.

They attack in schools. Target a particular one; the rest will flee like cowards.

These clouds can have a real bad attitude. They will often hang out in areas that could be considered above you, so try to avoid being under that.

A tricloptic ancient sea creature that comes equipped with both feelers and a pincer tail. These enemies will hunt you down if you're not careful.

The pearl and shell are two symbiotic creatures. The pearl will taunt you if you're far away, and the shell will clamp close if you're close.

While they have sturdy carapaces on the top, the crab is soft underneath.

A big angry dragon with a white-hot fire hairdo.

The soft interior is protected by a hard shell that repels birds.

A spooky ghost in a shell. This is said to be the remainder of an extinct kind of turtle.

CROCARD is supremely confident, and uses a martial arts form that focuses on slashing the enemy.

They were once revered as masters of fire. They can charge up their flame attack of whirl around powerfully.

A siamese cat relative of the FLAZO, who lives high up in the mountains. These cats have split-personality "twins" on their tail which do most of the fighting.

Don't be fooled by their wacky smile - these guys will try to ensnare you with their many feelers! Hit them in the center eye for maximum power.

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All of these characters are my personal copyright. Please ask before downloading and reposting this art.