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    Default Super Smash Bros: The Return to Subspace (Rated G)

    That's right, I'm venturing into new territory. I'm straying from my Pokemon fics into the Non-Pokemon. Now, since the Brawl Pokemon characters are involved here, I'm not sure if I'm still posting this in the right spot, or if I should put it in the Pokemon fics, so if it should be moved, please tell me.

    Anways, starting up where the Subspace Emissary left off... It begins!

        Spoiler:- Current Status of Characters in Story-SPOILERS:

    Chapter 1

    "Samus, mechanical assistance requested."

    "My energy whip?"



    "Electrical assistance requested."

    "Chuuuu! I mean, right!"

    "Pikachu, you do remember that you've got that translator, right?"

    "Well, it gets kinda hard to remember when you've been unable to say anything but your own name for your whole life!"


    "Well, you'd better be!"

    "Hey, you're just lucky I saved your butt on this very spot before!"

    "That was in a different time. Evil was at work."

    "You two! Stop bickering before I Falcon Punch you into the next century!"

    "It is quite unlike me to say anything like this, but I would show extreme feelings of joy if you would all kindly shut up."

    R.O.B.'s rare showing of emotion managed to silence the small group gathered on the spot of the former Subspace Bomb Factory. They all turned to face him as he put the final weld on his latest project. The Falcon Flyer was barely recognizable after the Robotic Operating Buddy's long and strenuous upgrades. Now, large round blasters projected from both wings. What they were for, R.O.B. had yet to reveal, but all of his assistants were anxious for it to be revealed. His last projects had led to the recreation of the Isle of the Ancients and the new translators given to the non-English speaking Brawlers, so hopes were high for the upgraded ship.

    "Wait a second." Samus and Pikachu turned to face Captain Falcon, who was looking nervously back and forth.

    "Now what?" Samus, currently in her Zero Suit, twirled her energy whip around lazily in the air. "Finally realize how annoying your Falcon Punch is?"

    Falcon shook his head. "No no, that's just awesome. But has anyone seen Mr. Game & Watch?"

    "Beep! Beep!"

    They all looked up as the 2-D man poked his head out of the Falcon Flyer's cockpit. "So that's where you disappeared to!" Captain Falcon scolded. "And I know we can all understand you, but you could still use your translator."

    "Beep!" Beep beep!"

    Pikachu collapsed in a faint. "Mr. Game & Watch!" R.O.B. gasped. A small hint of disgust managed to work into his monotone voice. "You should have your mouth scrubbed with soap for using such coarse language! Do you speak to your mother with that mouth?"


    "Now now, there is no need to bring my mother into this, too."


    Samus sighed. "Will you two just shut up? R.O.B, just tell us what your new project is!"

    "Ah, yes," R.O.B. nodded. "My latest creation. I am sorry, but you will all have to wait for just a while longer."

    Pikachu, who had regained consciousness, sparked with frustration. "You're making us wait even longer? What for?"

    R.O.B. turned his head to face the electric rodent. "There are a few friends of ours who must arrive here first."

    The skies were blue. The clouds were white. The sky was peaceful. And then, the Halberd slashed through it all. It spun out of control, zig-zagging back and forth and up and down. Suddenly, it regained its normal flight pattern, and the screams from inside could be heard for miles around.

    "Popo! Nana!"

    The Ice Climbers turned bashfully around to face Meta Knight. His eyes were glowing even brighter than usual through the slit in his mask. "Um, hello there, Meta Knight. Wonderful weather for flying, right?" Popo shuffled his feet nervously.

    "Exactly what led you two to think that you could pilot my ship? My ship, of all things? R.O.B. and his crew just finished getting the Halberd repaired, and now I have to worry about imbeciles like you crashing it? What led you to believe that you could fly my ship?"

    Nana leaned out to see behind Meta Knight. She could see down the hall leading out from the cockpit, and she could see the figure watching amusedly. She pointed at him. "Snake told us you wouldn't mind."

    Meta Knight whirled around. However, the figure was gone. Only a cardboard box with the Smash Bros. insignia was left. Groaning dramatically, the Star Warrior strode over and lifted up the box. "Honestly, Snake? You thought that old trick would actually work against me?"

    "It worked against you once before," Snake pointed out as he rose to his feet.

    "I still found you."

    "Actually, I found him." Lucario had appeared behind Snake in the hallway.

    Meta Knight sighed again. "Whatever! But Snake, please explain exactly why you told those imbecilic Ice Climbers they could fly my ship!" He briefly looked back to the Ice Climbers. "No offense."

    Popo and Nana stared at him blankly. "What does imbecilic mean?" Popo inquired.

    "Shush!" Nana smashed her partner in the head with her mallet. "You don't want to make the scary round guy any angrier!"

    "Will you two just get out of here?" Meta Knight growled. The two obediently sprinted out of the room. "And Snake, I'm still waiting for an answer."

    Snake shrugged. "I just thought it would be funny. I figured you would feel your stomach lurching and retake the wheel before those two could do too much damage."

    "You're just lucky these windows are new. Otherwise, you'd be on the bridge right now."

    Snake spun and sprinted off after the Ice Climbers. He may be strong, but he still didn't want to face an angry Meta Knight.

    The Halberd's pilot groaned. "I am surrounded by idiots."

    Lucario stepped fully into the room. "I'll choose to ignore that."

    "Yes, what do you want?" Meta Knight was obviously still irritated.

    "We've got a letter. Captain Falcon just showed up in the Falcon Flyer and delivered it to Fox and Falco. They say it's important."

    Meta Knight started down the hallway. "Well, let's here it. I'm just hoping that the Ice Climbers' villagers have sent in a missing idiots notice."

    "DK! DK! I've got a letter!"

    Diddy Kong swung swiftly through the jungle trees. He latched on tightly to a jungle vine and swung out high above the canopy. His Rocketbarrel jetpack ignited and he soared through the sky. Deep below him, he could here a very familiar sound, very much like drums beating...

    Donkey Kong was beating his chest ferociously and roaring into the sky. He loved nothing more than to show off his power, even if there was no one around to watch him. He was making so much of a racket that he didn't even notice when Diddy landed right behind him. "DK!"

    "Gyyaaah!" Donkey Kong reeled back in fear, almost stumbling off the cliff he was standing atop. "Diddy! Don't sneak up on me like that!"

    Diddy shrugged apologetically. "Sorry, DK. We've got a letter!"

    "A letter?" DK tilted his head thoughtfully. "Who would be sending us letters?"

    "I think it's from R.O.B," Diddy stated.

    "Why do you think that?"

    "It says, from R.O.B. Right on the front of it."

    "Since when can you read?"

    "Fox taught me. Speaking of him, I wonder how he's doing..."

    Fox swerved just in time to avoid the Charizard attempting to knock his ship clean out of the sky. "I don't get paid enough for this!" Charizard made another loop around, preparing to dive bomb the Arwing.

    "Charizard, return!"

    A red beam shot into the air, striking Charizard and sucking it into the Poke Ball in the Pokemon Trainer's hand deep below. Squirtle and Ivysaur stood at his side, both looking on amusedly as Fox managed to land the Arwing in the enormous hall beneath the Ruins.

    "Here's my review," Fox began. "I like your port: The wide open roof and large landing area make it easier on me. I'm also very impressed by your security system."

    Red, the Pokemon Trainer, bowed his head in embarassment. "So sorry about that. Charizard's extremely aggressive."


    He and Red turned as Lucas and Ness ran up to stand beside them. "What are you doing here?"

    "Just bringing in a-"

    "No! My Pikmin!"

    They all whirled around to see Olimar staring in horror at the Arwing. A few dozen Pikmin ghosts were lazily floating into the air. "Whoops," Fox apologized. "Sorry about that."

    "Heh heh heh! Don't worry about it. Old Olimar can just pluck up a bunch more Pikmin later." King Dedede strolled up and patted Fox's shoulder.

    "Hey!" Olimar glared up at the king. "Each Pikmin had special sentimental value to me!"

    "Yes," Dedede nodded. "And each of these new ones will have sentimental value to you, too."

    Fox managed to get back the attention of Dedede and Olimar. "Anyway, I'm here to pass on a message we recieved on the Halberd from R.O.B. It said to pass it on to Dedede, Red, Olimar, Lucas, and Ness."


    They all whirled around to see the thin, green clad plumber standing behind them in the recently refurbished Hall. "Luigi!" Dedede grinned. "I thought you were busy playing Dance Dance Revolution."

    "I was," Luigi nodded. "The Mario Mix. But Luigi can always tell! It always happens! Everyone always forgets Luigi! Waaaaah!!!"




    "You've gotten better, Marth."


    "I still see that you're no match for me."

    "Ike, you're asking for it."

    "Oh, I am asking for it. Maybe then you'll put up a better fight."

    "Ok, you two, break it up."

    Ike and Marth's sparring match was interrupted as Falco's ship landed atop the castle. "Greetings, Falco," Ike welcomed. "What news do you bring today?"

    "We recieved a message today on the Halberd. R.O.B. wants us to pass the message on to you."

    Ike turned back to Marth. "It looks like it's your lucky day. You won't have to be beaten by me."

    Marth cursed.

    "Full speed ahead!"

    Toon Link stood out on the bowspirit of his ship, staring out across the vast ocean he sailed across. His moment of peace was suddenly interrupted, in a very disgusting way.

    "Bleach! Blargh! Braaap!"


    "I can't help it! I'm seasick."

    "Then why did you decide to come with me?"

    "I don't know! I was just running from Wario! He was trying to eat me!"

    "If you two aren't too busy cleaning up vomit, I've got a message for you."

    Toon Link and Jigglypuff looked up from the argument to see Samus's personal ship hovering next to the boat. "Samus!" Jigglypuff rushed over and jumped onto the cockpit of the ship. "You've got to get me off this thing! I'm starting to feel seasick again..."

    "Do it on the windshield and I'm tying you to the mast."

    "Just get me out of here! Oh, but I'm a little airsick..."

    "I don't get it! I just don't get it! Why did we have to pick to live in the canyon?"

    "It's about as far away as we can get from all those goody-goody Brawlers. We all know how sick they make us."

    Wario sighed. His entire body was glistening with sweat. "So? I think I can put up with them if we can get out of this heat!"

    "Pah!" Ganondorf growled. "Do you have any idea how wrong it felt working alongside my archnemesis? I'll be shamed for the rest of my life!"

    "You think it was bad working with Link?" Bowser had entered the conversation. "I had to be around Mario the whole time we were in Subspace. And I never even got to kidnap Peach! Do you have any idea how sick that made me?"

    The three villains were crowded together in the bottom of the canyon, waiting for their fourth to arrive. Finally, he arrived. The ship floated down into the gorge and landed across from the others. Wolf stepped down from inside the ship, a toothy grin cracking his face. "You boys are going to love this," he assured.

    "Tell us, tell us!" Bowser was hopping with anticipation.

    "Bowser!" Ganondorf snapped. "Quit jumping! We don't need to be buried by an avalanche with important news on the way."

    Wolf's smile grew broader. "Ha ha! All those goody-goodies think we're still on their side. How ignorant they are. I ran into Captain Falcon while I was out flying. And now, from what he told me, I know it is time to finally put our plan into action..."



    "Kick butt!"

    The audience roared with anticipation in the stadium of the World of Trophies. A Brawl was beginning.

    "Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!" The voice of the announcer was very familiar. The Brawlers looked up to the booth to see Sonic the Hedgehog broadcasting the fight. "Today's Brawl looks like it's goin' to be a good one! First up, the Blue Team!"

    "Bring it on!"


    Link and Yoshi leapt up onto the stage. They turned and bowed to the crowd, taking in the applause.

    "Give a hand to Link and Yoshi, folks! And now, on the Red Team!"

    "The fight is on!"

    "Mama mia!"

    The crowd went nuts. "Everyone's favorite Mario and Pit have arrived! Give 'em a hand!"


    Link drew his sword.

    In a flash, an egg was in Yoshi's hand.

    Pit readied his bow.

    Mario charged up a fireball.


    With that, the Brawl began. As the fighting continued, Peach and Zelda oversaw the proceedings from their booth high above. "Ooh, go Mario!" Peach cried. Zelda glared at her. "And, um, go Link!"

    "Wait for meeeeeeee!"

    The princesses looked up just in time to step aside as Kirby crashed into the booth. "Sorry I'm late, but Meta Knight stopped me. He's got a message from R.O.B!"

    "A message?" Zelda inquired. "What kind?"

    "How am I supposed to know?" Kirby shrugged. "I was just bringing it back here for all of you guys to read."

    Sonic's cry split the stadium. "Game!"

    The princesses and Kirby looked down to see Link and Yoshi both transformed into trophies. Mario and Pit immediately freed them, and the Brawlers all shook hands.

    "Come on!" Kirby smiled. "Let's go tell them!" With that, he leapt out of the booth and dove for the battlefield down below.

    Peach and Zelda both leaned out after him. "Wait!" they both cried. But it was too late. The Star Warrior was already landing. Sighing, the princesses floated down after him.

    Mario was surprised to see Kirby, Peach, and Zelda all landing on the stage in front of him. "Mama mia! What's-a going on here?"

    "We got a letter from R.O.B! Kirby explained. "It sounds urgent!"


    Everyone jumped. Sonic was suddenly standing right with them. "What?" Pit gasped.

    "How did you-" Link was cut off.

    "Hey, they don't call me Sonic for nothing," the hedgehog pointed out.

    Kirby sighed. "Well, get over here! Let's get this thing read!"

    The gathered Brawlers clumped around the letter. It was short, but they all gasped in shock.

    From R.O.B.
    Come now to the new Isle of the Ancients. Tomorrow, we return to Subspace.

    Hope you all like it!
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