This is a cartridge team so some Ev have been adjusted for Ivs and Ivs plans have been set up so
Hippowdon : 29 hp and D ,20 SpD
Magnezone : 31 SpA ,20 Hp and S
Gengar : 31 S and 30 SpA
The rest have not been bred but Cradily will be 30 31 30 in some form
and the rest will be strong Ivs ( 25 + )

252 Hp / 252 D / 6 A

Ice fang
Stealth Rock
Slack Off

It's more standard than you could ever expect a solid physical wall and an impressive stealth rocker, does a lovely simple job.
and sets up a nice sandstrom

Gengar@Choice Scarf
252 SpA / 252 S / 6 Hp

Hypnosis / Mean Look
Shadow Ball
Focus Blast

Hits all kind of foes and with speed as well. Can outspeed a Dragon Danced Gara and OHKO it with Tbolt
After a special wall leaves the battle zone , this guy is dangerous.
The only question left is if sleep support is better than trapping switch in blisseys with mean look so i can destroy them for a later swee.

252 Hp / 162 D / 96 SpD

Rock Slide

This is an evil pokemon , by all sense of the word. Toxic eats at all but steels
and with the protect recover combo meaning all but 80-100% are useless at doing any lasting damage ( protect = + 6% and recover 50% + 6%).
He walls Specsmence with ease and they will not like having to switch in on the stealth rocks.
I do miss the earthquake that used to long ago be there over protect but the KO on heatran is not in my opnion is not worth the durability that protect offers me.

Magnezone@Life orb
252 SpA / 200 Sp / 52 Hp

Signal Beam
Magnet Rise

Due to Iv breeding problems
I have a low speed Iv but the speed ev compensate for it
This simply does a job.
Skarm and Bronzong get taken out quickly and effectivly
Then on it OHKO a celebi with signal beam and toxics everything else

252 Hp / 120 D / 136 SpD

Giga Drain
Rapid Spin
Knock Off

As a support tenta does a great job.
He counter mixape which is a major threat to SS teams.
He giga drains swamperts which cause me alot of problems. as well as gaining
tenta valuable recovery.
Surf is standard STAB
and rapid spin is self explanitory
Toxic spikes is not there as 1 layer can be diaster if a milotic or hera have to good fortune to switch in. The later even more so after the removal of gliscor from the team.

Flygon@Life orb
252 A / 80 Hp / 176 Sp

Draco Meteor
Dragon Claw
U turn / Crunch

This little dragon has replaced gliscor in my team to add a bit more offence to my primarily defensive team.
This set work nicely , helped by magnezone and his steel killing meaning that EQ and Dragon Claw hit everything for damage and Draco Meteor takes out physical walls, U-turn hits cress along with some other phychics.

Oppositon things to be delt with.
Please correct if my assumtion are wrong
and btw Bold is i dont know or i dont have a plan

OU list

Dugtrio, will not like hippowdon icefanging or flygon metoring but i dont know if they count as direct counters.
Alakazam Specs sets Revenge killed by gengar and scarf sets worn down by cradily and sandstrom , stealth rocks. Knock off also annoys them comfortably.
Machamp Gengar can switch in on Dynamic punch and thunderbolt but otherwise the confusion is a pain.
Gengar Revenge killed by gengar but again FB does cradily some problems, will not like the sandstorm one bit.
Weezing Again Gengar or a draco metor off of flygon as cradily does not like the burn on bit
Starmie U-Turn flygon and speedy tbolt gengar.
Gyarados Dragon dancers are revenge killed by Gengar, cradily does a lovely job with protect rockslide and toxic.
Jolteon Cradily is not to worried by sets lacking Hp Ice
Aerodactyl Hippowdon can icefang , gengar can tbolt
Snorlax Gengar and Fb hit it hard
Dragonite SR damage + super effective hits from 5/6 pokemon
Heracross The loss of gliscor
Skarmory I have a whole pokemon for this magnezone if your lost
Donphan Gengars shadow ball looks good or toxic stalling
Blissey Fight round it or mean look it in
Raikou Magnezone looks happy to switch in
Tyranitar Fb on gengar and Eq on hippowdon
Celebi u turn flygon or signal beam magnezone
Swampert Giga drain and knock off hurt
Medicham Gengar revenge killing again
Milotic Knock off will not be welcomed and giga drain also
Specsmence is comfortably delt with by cradily
Physicall variants less clear cut but Ice fang hippowdon or tbot gegar look happy, and draco meteor flygon wont be to dissapointed either
Metagross EQ from any sources looks good but hippowdon shines out
Regice Will not like stealth rocks and all this massive damage
Infernape Tenta
Staraptor ?
Bronzong Magnezone
Lucario oh gliscor why did i drop you
Weavile Magnezone looks happy
Rhyperior Surf is ok but reli this guy is horrible
Togekiss Cradily is more than happy to rock slide and toxic
Rampardos Hippowdon is good
Gallade U-turn looks good
Gliscor Ice fang of hippowdon or toxic of cradily just maybe
Porygon-Z i cant realy tell if cradily is ok as i havnt seen much of porygon-Z
Hippowdon Draco meteor look happy
Azelf Cradily and toxic
Heatran Cradily can switch in but then there isnt reli much it can do
Cresselia U turn flygon or toxic or knock off
Ambipom FB from gengar
Magnezone Eq does the job from anyone but fb is also good
Torterra Ice fang from hippowdon although he wont like wood hammer
Tangrowth Toxic looks fine
Shaymin but on a cartridge the odds are so low
Houndoom not a clue
Ninjask SR and then gengar can switch in
Empoleon Magnezone on special attackers and gengar can revenge kill

Warn me of anything else please and note that the only few i would consider introducing are:
Cress ( grass knot ice beaming)
Heatran ( over gengar maybe)

All help is welcome , thank you very much xD