good chapter mm. this one was really funny!
Jack got his answer almost immediately. Floatzel leapt into the air, and the ground beneath it seemed to transform into a puddle of water. Floatzel dove right into said puddle, and the land reappeared. Liepard stopped its pursuit of Floatzel immediately and looked around warily.

"OK, what the hell?!" demanded Jack.
"Jack, are you sure about trading Raticate away?" asked his Pokédex. "It's in the top percentage of Raticate, after all."
well there goes the top percent raticate.
"Awwwwwwwk...." Chatot cawed softly.
Great chapter overall!

"Hey, that's cute!" exclaimed Bianca. "Chatot's in love with Sigilyph!"

"She's so beautiful... Squawwwk..." sighed Chatot.
so sigilyph is female huh, whoda thunk it.