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    Quote Originally Posted by John Wallrein View Post
    I just bought a Nintedo 64 and I really don't know anything about it. What are some solid games other than Stadium (I already have Stadium)
    Well... I'm not exactly sure... since I've never owned a 64. (And I'm curious as to why you have one? ^^ Of all things, why the 64?)
    Anyway, I know The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is good, as is Ocarina of Time. But maybe you played the latter already...
    There's Yoshi's Story... I think.
    And Mario 64 isn't bad... if you don't have the DS one.

    The original Super Smash Bros. comes to mind...

    Can't really think of anything else. Sorry. :P

    Quote Originally Posted by mephistopheles. View Post
    i just recently got a wii and i was hoping if any of you could suggest me any games. money is not a problem, the only thing that i ask of you is not to recommed games with excessive amounts of gore or games in general in which go by the rule of "kill or be killed." i like to sit back and have fun, detective games (in which you can't die) would be wonderful as well.

    the games/series i'm already planning on getting are: harvest moon AP/ToT/MM, rune factory, the legend of zelda TP/SS, kirby TtDL/EY, okami, mario galaxy/2 and tales of symphonia. am i missing any other must-get wii titles?
    Get Fire Emblem.
    Get Fire Emblem.
    Get Fire Emblem.
    Get Fire Emblem.

    Really. It's a good game. My favorite franchise~
    FE: Radiant Dawn is for the Wii... while FE: Path of Radiance if for the GameCube.
    I think they might be a bit hard to find for a decent price, though...

    There's Super Smash Bros...
    Oh... and Monster Hunter Tri.
    That's a really good game.
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