This episode is so "been there, done that" that I'm gonna rehash an old favorite of my own - bullet-point madness!

- Raikou appears to Piplup in a dream. This can only mean it's time for the first of many, many Johto Pokemon-packed episodes! Who knows, maybe Dunsparce will finally get one. And I mean one that doesn't suck.
- "Look, guys! A random orchard! We've totally never seen one of those before! Let's trespass!"
- HOLY COW IT'S PIKABLU! I do hope that Flareth appears in this episode also!
- When a daddy Piplup and a mommy Piplup love each other very much, they make an egg. You can learn the in-between details when you're older and see it for yourself on the street.
- Hello, Filler Girl! You look so different from every other green-haired filler girl in this series that it's baffling how I mistook you for every other green-haired filler girl in this series.
- You know, at first I thought those Sunfloras were armed with those exterminator packs.
- Haven't we seen enough Elekids in this series? Poor Magby is crying in his volcano.
- Can I skip forward in the episode? No, because that means I'll miss cute displays as Piplup practicing its balancing act or TR attempting a scheme?
- Well damn, Meowth in his Sunflora costume is always a winner in my book, so I have to watch it. Curse you, writers.
- TR steals Pokemon...zzzzzzzzzzz...
- I almost feel like I'm supposed to be charmed by these "dunce Piplup" scenes. I guess I have to buy another plushie now.
- I actually really like the goofy music in this episode. At least the episode isn't taking itself seriously.
- Okay so that Jessie/berry scene just washed away all immense boredom I was having with this episode.
- Ash gets a box of what I can only assume are berries that will never be used.
- I swear I've heard this music before...Canalave City? Can't put my finger on it.
- "That's all folks!"-style ending transition? I'm sure it has a technical name.

Sure, the last "Pokemon-falls-in-love" episode was some time ago, but this one failed to stand out in any way whatsoever. There were numerous cute scenes, and one huge laugh in the form of Jessie eating the berry, but there have been much stronger "cute" episodes in this saga.