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    This episode is not terrible, but neither is it very interesting. Piplup lacks Brock's entertainment value when it comes to the romantic game (speaking of Brock, I was surprised that for once there was a girl COD he did not like), and it also does not help that Piplup had a lot of focus with Shellos in last week's episode. Ash was the best character in this one, just because he maintained his focus when it came to battling and kept his thoughts to himself on the whole love triangle after voicing his opinion and realizing that no one else agreed with him (I wish Team Rocket would have kept quieter, as well). We saw Gliscor and Staraptor during the search; and later we saw Ash skillfully use Grotle against Team Rocket.
    Other Thoughts:
    One cringeworthy moment was when Ash used his Pokedex to check Elekid.

    Wow, Dawn and Brock really let Piplup know he blew a chance to impress Marill after losing to Elekid. Dawn should not have stopped Pikachu from helping out.

    There were too many Piplup and Elekid fighting scenes. Piplup and Pikachu vs. Electabuzz earlier in Sinnoh was funnier.

    I almost missed the part at the end with the festival at Twinleaf town. I thought the episode was over and was ready to turn off the tv.
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