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    I'm sure that many of you have seen the Disney-Pixar film, Cars. I've got a new story for you, if you have. It is the story of Cars told completely through the eyes of Mater the Tow Truck. Enjoy!

    Disclaimer: I do not own Disney, Pixar, or anything associated with them.

    "Woohoo! I'm flyin'! I'm happier than a tornader in a trailer park!"

    This is livin', right here! I was always just some rusty ol' tow truck, but now I'm gettin' a ride in one o' them fancy helly-copters! I'm seein' the town like no one else has before! The sky is where I belong, and I'll give my tow cable to just stay up here forever! I guess I got my bes' friend Lightnin' McQueen to thank for that. I still remember the day I met 'im like it was just the other day...

    *Five Days Ago*

    Radiator Springs may be the cutest little town in Carburetor County, but shoot, that don't mean there ain't no action! Sheriff said some 'wild hooligan' came flyin' through town, tearin' up everything. And shoot, he was right! I went out to look around town, and it looked like a tornader came through here! Flo's gas cans were scattered around all over the place, some of Luigi's tires were tipped over, somethin' tore up the road somethin' fierce, and somebody killed Red's flowers! I'm sure he's red with fury, but I'll bet he's gonna be too shy to say anything.

    Anyways, I figured I'd come here to the impound lot to take a look. After all, I'd never seen a wild hooligan before, whatever that is. I just hoped it wouldn't eat tow trucks. But heck, it musta been too dark las' night for Sheriff to see. This ain't no wild hooligan: It's just a car! He's all bright and red, and he's got stickers all over 'im. I like 'im already! Ooh, he's wakin' up!

    Woo, this day just keeps gettin' more excitin' by the second! The new guy's name's Lightnin' McQueen, apparently. He's a race car! Anyway, Lightnin' got put on trial this mornin' after I towed him out o' the impound lot. I even gotta be his lawyer! Doc was actin' like he was gonna be real hard on 'im, but then he was just goin' to let Lightnin' go! Apparently, I'm a better lawyer than I thought!

    But then, Miss Sally came in and convinced Doc that Lightnin' should stay and fix the road, since he tore it all up in the first place. I guess this means he'll get to stay here longer! That makes me happy.

    Oh, and Lightnin' even gets to work with Bessie to fix the road. Bessie's the best road-pavin' machine I ever seen! Well, the only one I ever seen. Man, but I'd give my left two lugnuts just to get hooked up to Bessie. Oh well. Maybe some day!

    Hoo boy! I just got to watch a race, a real live race! It was one o' the most greatest things I'd ever seen! Lightnin' started pullin' Bessie real fast and paved the entire road in an hour. The problem was, he did it so fast that the road got repaved all bumpy-like. Personally, I liked it that way, but Doc and Miss Sally hated it.

    Anyway, Doc challenged Lightnin' to a race out on the ol' dirt track! He said that he'd redo the road himself if Lightnin' could outrace 'im. None of us thought that Doc had a chance at all, but he sure fooled us! Lightnin' left Doc in the dust, but he ended up drivin' into the cactus patch! I had to tow 'im out of the patch 'cause he was stuck in their. Really, I'm startin' to think that Doc had the whole thing planned out ahead o' time, but how'm I supposed to know? I just hope that Lightnin' can stay for a while longer. Things were never this fun before he got here!

    *Four Days Ago*

    Holy shoot, Lightnin' sure can work fast! We got up this mornin' and a whole big portion o' the road was already repaved! Heck, it's the greatest road I've ever driven on! I bet the roads on the moon ain't this smooth! I think Lightnin' went off to practice that turn he couldn't make in his race with Doc yesterday. I just hope he doesn't drive into the cactus patch again. I've got some plans for tonight...

    This has been the best night ever! I took out Lightnin' to do the funnest thing there ever was to do: Tractor tippin'! We had lots and lots o' fun, more fun than I've ever had before! I guess tractor tipping is more fun in a group. Well, we accidentally woke up Frank the Combine after Lightnin' revved 'is engine and tipped over every tractor in the field at once. Boy, tractors sure is stupid! So Frank started chasin' us, but we were just too fast for him! Shoot, I thought he was gonna get us for a minute, but we were too quick! Maybe I've got some race car in me after all. What did Lightnin' call 'imself? A predefined instrument of speed and aeromatics? Yeah, I think that was it.

    Oh, and Lightnin's in love with Miss Sally! He loves her, he loves her, he loves her, he loves her. Ha ha, it's so fun to push 'is buttons. Aw shoot, those two even look cute together, though. Now, I've gotta remember how that song goes. McQueen and Sally, parked beneath the tree. K-I-S-S...Somethin'-Somethin'-T! Ah well, I'll remember it eventually. But what I'm lookin' forward to most of all is my helly-copter ride. Lightnin' promised me a helly-copter ride when he wins his big race in Cally-fornya.

    *Three Days Ago*

    Shoot, I hardly saw Lightnin' at all today. After we'd all gotten up and went to Flo's for breakfast, he finally came flyin' in. He was tryin' to tell us that Doc had been a famous race car. I can't even repeat what he said Doc did in his cup! Anyway, he musta been dreamin'. I mean, how could Doc be a race car?

    Well, Lightnin' went for a drive with Miss Sally after gettin' his gas ration from Sheriff. They were gone until evenin', so I went tractor tippin' to pass the time. Well, I accidentally started a tractor stampede. They all ran into town and started goin' all over the place. Red managed to stop a bunch of 'em, but it was still all crazy. I managed to round up all of 'em and herded 'em back to the field. It was still a ton o' fun! But Lightnin' sorta disappeared after the tractors all came into town. I wonder where he went?

    *Two Days Ago*

    He's gone. Lightnin' finished the road while we was all sleepin'. He musta left after he finished. Everyone's all sad, especially Miss Sally. I think she was fallin' for 'im just like he was fallin' for her. Those two looked good together, but I guess it's too late now.

    I think Doc's happy Lightnin' left though. He's been tryin' to get rid of 'im all along, I think. Sheriff's tryin' to act the same way, but I can still tell he's sad, too. Everybody's sad. Lightnin' had really become a part of Radiator Springs, I think.

    Aw shoot, Lightnin' was just messin' with us! He stayed here even though he finished the road. He's tryin' to help out everyone in town before he goes. He's in at Luigi's right now gettin' some fancy new white-wall tires. Doc's not around now, though. I think he's mad that everyone's likin' Lightnin' so much. I wonder what he's doin' all by himself. He should really come out and join the fun.

    Well, this night wasn't as great as I thought it would be. Lightnin' got around to helpin' everyone as much as he could. He got new tires from Luigi and Guido, organic fuel from Fillmore, bumper stickers from Lizzie, rear-view mirrors from Sarge, and even a new paint job from Ramone. He looked all brand-spankin' new. He was shiny and sparkly and cool!

    So we surprised Miss Sally by fixing all the neon lights in town. Now Radiator Springs looks just like it did in its heyday. We were all cruisin' down the street. Miss Sally even let me cruise with her until we managed to pull Lizzie away from Lightnin'. It was all great fun!

    But then a bunch of reporters came speedin' into town. They were all takin' pictures and askin' all kinds a questions and the took away Lightnin' to his big race. I didn't even get to say goodbye.

    Apparently, Doc was the one who called the reporters to come. He said it was better for everyone this way. But Miss Sally thinks that it was only best for Doc. Doc's kinda become detached from the rest of us, when I think about it. I don't even know who I'm supposed to side with anymore...


    Ha ha ha! This was another one of those best days ever! Doc took a bunch of us from town all the way out to Cally-Fornya so that we could be Lightnin's pit crew at his big race. And shoot, it was some race!

    He would have won easy, but then that mean Chick guy wrecked Mr. The King! Lightnin' stopped and went back to help Mr. The King finish the race, so Chick won. But shoot, it was just as great a performance as any! It was true sportsmanship!

    So, Lightnin's comin' back to Radiator Springs to stay! He says he's openin' his big racin' head-quarters there. Now Radiator Springs'll be just like its heyday again! This is exactly what we've been tryin' for for all these years. Who knew that we'd need a racin' car to help us get there?

    Oh, I wonder when Lightnin's gonna get me that fancy helly-copter ride!

    Ah, those are the greatest memories of my life! I don't know what I'd ever have done if I hadn't met my best frien' Lightnin'! Well speak o' the devil! There's Lightnin' and Miss Sally up by the ol' motel! Hey, Mr. Helly-Copter! Get over there! I got some frien's to surprise! Now, let's see if I remember now. McQueen and Sally, parked beneath the tree...

    Hope you all like it!
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