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Thread: Contestshipping Thread 3.0

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    Default Contestshipping Thread 3.0

    Well, there isn't a ContestShipping thread right now, so I think one is needed.

    What is ContestShipping you ask?

    ContestShipping is one of Pokemon's most canon ships. It is the belief that Pokemon Coordinators Drew (Shuu) and May (Haruka) are romantically involved with one another. One of the biggest pieces of evidence is the roses that Drew gives May - he claims they are for her Beautifly, but I do not buy it for one second.

    Now, let's lay down some ground rules:

    1. All SPPF rules apply, as does the Shippers Community Rules.
    2. No Bashing or Flaming! This will not be tolerated and will be reported directly to the mods.
    3. No Multi-posting! Simply edit your previous post, if you want add more.
    4. Stay On Topic! This is a Contestshipping thread so all posts should be about Contestshipping only.
    4. No One Liners! If your post contains more then one lime, it is considered SPAM. Please explain more when posting.
    5. Respect Each Other! Do I need to add on to this?
    6. If you post a fanart, give credit to the artist or post a link to where you found?

    Now, let's start with a topic:

    What do you like most about ContestShipping?

    Well, I can tell you the roses are what make ContestShipping the most intriguing AG-era ship. That and the fact they are coordinators.
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    The roses and fact they both have a butterfly like pokémon from hoenn I just think May having beautifly and Drew having masquerain is a nice extra touch. The roses are indeed what make it so sweet.
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    Aww Contestshipping. I'm so glad someone decided to create another thread after the previous kinda died on us.

    I. MUST. JOIN!

    What do you like most about ContestShipping?

    The roses! Do I need to say more? Well, Drew gave May roses and just any rose but red roses and ya'll know what red roses signify, right? Love, that's what. Of course he had to go and ruin a perfect Contestshippy moment by claiming they were for her Beautifly even though we all know they weren't. Just saying.

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