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Thread: Pearlshipping General Discussion - 3.0 *Spoiler Warning!*

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    How did you feel about Brock's attitude in DP180? Would you change something if you could? And what would happen if he actually did not do what he did?

    I was also shocked with his attitude in the episode, which is kinda strange because a few episodes later he looks and Ash and Dawn when they're laughing together and he looks at them in a funny way......

    Maybe he was just trying to be kind to Kenny. Who knows but it was kind of funny that episode as you could tell Kenny could see the relationship between Ash and Dawn. He was and always will be jealous at Ash xD
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    hi! in japan pearlshipping remains popular

    in twitter for example if you searh for the word サトヒカ (satohika)will see many comments that supports the ship

    heres the link

    Dragon Ball Forever!!

    Pearlshipping Forever!!

    Misty may have gave him a lure
    May may have gave him a ribbon
    But Dawn gave him her heart

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    Wow thats puty cool! But that xy episode about ash and serenas date has really scared me. I dont think it will be a date but still. But i still thinks that pearlshipping will come trough!
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    Skimming through the thread, I've come across this:

    Ash and Dawn are basically the 10 year old equivalent of a boyfriend/Girlfriend
    I couldn't agree more with this comment. Ash and Dawn were portrayed as being able to do everything for each other, as being able to make the biggest sacrifices for each other. Ash and Dawn were linked by the strongest of bonds. They couldn't have been any closer to each other than what they were.

    The final DP episode showed just how much Ash and Dawn wanted to stay together. It seemed as though that episode was Tomioka's way of saying: "Look kids, I don't want to separate Satoshi and Hikari but that's what I have to do because I'm paid for it."

    Shame, really. But that's the way it goes.

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    It is a shame. If only BW had XY's treatment of having Ash appear in Specials, instead of drag and degrade him to the main series. Hence, why I see most of Tomioka's current works since BW are kind of half-good, or mostly good.

    About Brock's actions from DP180, I do understand it's his own don't-give-up assistance to Kenny, but the big issue for me is how mostly one-sided the Ash VS Kenny battle was.

    And for the upcoming XY episode... show us. We've seen this happen many times of misleading titles, but whatever. It's XY to shine this time, if it can go brighter.
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