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Okay, I'm going to put this out there because it's very important. PLEASE elaborate your responses on this thread; one-liners are not allowed in this forum and it should be kept that way so we don't receive warnings especially infractions on individuals.

I'm going to add a new topic since the other one got dry and it's about time we start off with something fresh.
What is your favorite Pearlshipping moment and what makes that moment unique?
I'm going to shy away from the high touch cliche and go with something that we rarely see in our characters.
i think the one episode that really stood out to me was DP061. This was the episode when Hikari lost the appeal round twice in a row. After her loss, Satoshi was very concerned for her to the point that her pain began to reflect his. For some reason, Satoshi actually connected to Hikari on a personal level to where he had to hide his face from showing how upset he was. We have rarely seen anything come from Satoshi especially since he's very oblivious to how people feel. In my opinion, he is emotionally closer to Hikari than the majority of the people he has met and this episode proves it.
Given the modification of the one-liner rule, I don't think TheBraveGallade's post that you quoted counts as a "one-liner" anymore.

Anyway, back on topic cause that isn't a rule that's been modified, I would, for the time being, have to agree with Aura7541 concerning the bolded question. That's the best I can remember at the current moment. And Ash also had Pikachu "cheerlead" for Dawn during her contest in "Playing the Performance Encore" if my memory serves (not sure if it counts the same, but it happened). I really find it hard ATM to pick out a specific moment; I just really like their chemistry overall more than any other pair of Ash and a traveling companion. They just seem much closer.