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Thread: The Fakemon Club IV

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    I've created my two-stage pure-Fire turkey line, Giblitz and Tofurno. I can't post their descriptions as of right now, but that brings me ot a mere 12 Fakemon left before I can start on the other aspects of the region.

    My legendaries are based on the spear-shield paradox, the Unstoppable Force and the Immovable Object, and I can't for the life of me think of an evil team that would fit them, so I'm considering scrapping the idea of one entirely; I do have a background legend (as per Cresselia, Heatran, etc.) called Pumpcurs that is the spirit of a deforestated plantlife, so I suppose eco-terrorists would fit, but I'd rather the region not center around Pumpcurs...


    Concepts flying around my head:
    -Folded paper crane. Probably going to end up scrapped.

    EDIT: Inspiration has struck again, always when it is least expected and usually highly unneeded. Amidst my eight late math assignments, I scribbled out a three-stage Ghost/Fighting line floating hand, crawling hand and anthropomorphic hand-man with fingernail arm sword, bringing me down to 9 fillers needed. With the two fossil lines that I just realized I don't have, that makes 5 fillers.

    I is exited o3o
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    Good pokemon, cant really do one for all of you because iv been inactive for so long.

    Anyway, a new pokemon that can evolve 2 ways into 3 pokemon : 1: Both versions 2: Certain game with certain item. And a new move: Multiply havnt worked out yet but will be available with new pokemon

    Glop Pokemon
    Ability: Mess (Coming soon)
    Description: A green lump with eyes that are not in a straight line (Not like o.o) It has a small opening which looks like its meant to be the mouth.
    (More info soon...maybe)

    Also when about 100 of the pokemon are done i make a story for it, which would count like the anime (I got idea from galladerocks sig but i wont copy anything from it, i just like the idea of a story)

    Thats all

    ^Image By Skiyomi^

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    I love it, really. A random green blob with just a small opening for a mouth? Awesome! I hope it gets a lot more detail on evolution, though, especialy if it's only evolving once. I like the evolution methods, as well.

    I figured I'd wait for inspiration to strike and in the meanwhile post my Ghost/Fighting line. I fear I may have gone a wee bit too far to create a disembodied hand Pokemon. Anyhoo:

        Spoiler:- Fingle, Hexterous, Glovernaut:

    I want to use Stegosaurus in another region, if ever I make it, so does anyone else have dinosaur ideas that i can use for fossils? T-Rex isn't happenein, and neither is Triceratops. Basically I want fresh designs.

    Anythign that could be electric type would be cool. Rock/Electric would be awesome.
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    okay, here are some ledgends I've thought of and the two fighting teams (like Aqua and Magma)

    Solar Pokemon
    Wt: 623 Lbs.
    Physical description: looks like a Yellow wyvren with sun patterns on it's stomach and neck, a long tail that has spikes that closely resemble fire and a aerodynamic head and wing structure.
    Type: Fire/Dragon
    Ability: Dawn
    Description: Thought just to be a mere ledgend, Solontra controls the daylight hours. it's body gives off an extreme amount of heat.

    Lunar pokemon
    Wt: 467Lbs
    Physical Description: looks just like a jet black dragon with cresent moons on its head, right below the eyes, its chest and back. It has torn up deep purple wings and three talons on each foot.
    Type: Ice/Dragon
    Ability: Dusk
    Description: Maglumia controls the night hours of Earths rotation. it's body absorbs all heat.

    Ability descrption for Dawn: turns battle field to daylight and makes Blast burn, and Solar beam one-turn charge never miss.
    Out of battle description: turns route times to Daylight (Only pokemon in the day time appear)

    Ability descrption for Dusk: turns battle field to night and makes Blizzard, and Sheer cold never miss.
    Out of battle description: turns route times to night (Only pokemon in the night time appear)

    Opposing teams: Team sol and team Luna

    Leader of team Sol: unknown name, goes by Helios
    Motives: To elminiate the moon and to promote safety of Day time pokemon

    Leader of team Luna: Selena
    Motives: to destroy daylight and promote safety of night dwelling pokemon

    The astrnomic duo are found on the Trinity isles along with thier third counterpart Virgimagma (Virgil-Magma)

    Core Pokemon
    Ht: 17'09
    Wt: 1,721Lbs
    Physical Description: It has Human like characteristics on its top half and it's head looks similar to An anubis and it's lower half has a undecribable look due to it being pure Magma, it's hands rotate similar to Drills and it's claws can slice Diamond in half.
    Type: Ghost/Rock
    Ability: Magma soul
    description: this pokemon's body has the ability to wrap itself around the entire core, givining it the ability to control earth's magnetic fields. If angered, this pokemon can eleminate all life on earth be halting the magnetic fields the protect the planet from SOLONTRA and MAGLUMIA.

    and a fossil pokemon


    MegaJaw Pokemon
    Ht: 15' 04''
    Wt: 1,404 Lbs
    Ability: Intimidate
    type: Rock/Dark
    Tyranisoro was a large carnivirous Pokemon that lived in the prehistoric Jungles around 100 million years ago.
    It's twin tails may have been used to help constrict its prey.
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    Anyways, my Pokedex is up, I might as well go through what each creature is should anyone care... I mean, few responses and all, but still.


    1 Corvolden Grass/Electric Electrical Corn, grass starter
    2 Cultovolt Grass/Electric Evolved Corvolden
    3 Harvolest Grass/Electric Evolved Cultivolt
    4 Anteekae Bug Baby fire ant, 'fire' starter.
    5 Burantate Fire/Bug Evolved Anteekae
    6 Flampesk Fire/Bug Evolved Burantate
    7 Liqwierd Water Water amorphous mermaid, water starter
    8 Aqward Water Evolved Liqwierd
    9 Oceodd Water/Ghost Evolved Aqward
    10 Bulbasaur Grass/Poison
    11 Ivysaur Grass/Poison
    12 Venusaur Grass/Poison
    13 Torchic Fire
    14 Combusken Fire/Fight
    15 Blaziken Fire/Fight
    16 Totodile Water
    17 Croconaw Water
    18 Feraligatr Water
    19 Weedle Bug/Poison
    20 Kakuna Bug/Poison
    21 Beedrill Bug/Poison
    22 Qweanbee Bug/Psychic Alternative female only Kakuna evolution. Hive mistress. can evolve from a male.
    23 Ratatta Normal
    24 Raticate Normal
    25 Ratowar Normal/Fight Razor sharp bodied Raticate evolution with speed and power!
    26 Pidgey Normal/Flying
    27 Pidgeotto Normal/Flying
    28 Pidgeot Normal/Flying
    29 Ekans Poison
    30 Arbok Poison
    31 Abogink Poison/Normal King Cobra Arbok evolved from empowered King's Rock
    32 Tnepres Poison/Dragon Serpent snake empowered Dragon Scale evolution.
    33 Spoompkin Grass/Ghost Spooky pumpkin.
    34 Jackolaunt Grass/Ghost Evolved Spoompkin. It has a Candlejack-like appe
    35 Condurip Flying/Poison Putrid Monoxide motored Condor.
    36 Revulture Flying/Poison Evolved Condurip. Putrid vulture.
    37 Stethus Bug/Normal Harvestman with a stethescopic eye.
    38 Optomist Bug/Normal Evolved Stethus.
    39 Spinarak Bug/Poison
    40 Ariados Bug/Poison
    41 Terrartula Bug/Ground Evolved Ariados.
    42 Wideows Bug/Dark A blackwidow. Female Only with Arena trap.
    43 Blaqueen Bug/Dark Evolved Wideows.
    44 Ledyba Bug/Flying
    45 Ledian Bug/Flying
    46 Gledyator Bug/Flying Evolved Ledian. Has very high SpAtk.
    47 Mareep Electric
    48 Flaafy Electric
    49 Ampharos Electric
    50 Lambshade Electric/Dark Mareep evolution Black sheep.
    51 Blaksheer Electric/Dark Evolved Lambshade.
    52 Calfprise Normal Baby cow. Evolves by gender.
    53 Tauros Normal
    54 Miltank Normal
    55 Drydil Fire/Ground Jewish top that is very dry.
    56 Topsboil Fire/Ground Evolved Drydil.
    57 Rambam Normal/Ice Mountain goat that has nautiloid ancestors. Rock Headed Double Edge.
    58 Ramalma Normal/Ice Evolved Rambam
    59 Ramalot Normal/Ice Evolved Ramalma
    60 Gaidjinn Flying Baby amorphous wind genie.
    61 Jinneric Flying Evolved Gaidjinn.
    62 Genieuss Flying Evolved Jinneric. Can use Roost!
    63 Chimchibi Normal/Dragon Baby Chimera.
    64 Chimerax Normal/Dragon Evolved Chimerax.
    65 Swinub Ice/Ground
    66 Piloswine Ice/Ground
    67 Mamoswine Ice/Ground
    68 Congross Poison/Rock Looks like a congress building but twice as corrupt.
    69 Presidurt Poison/Rock Evolved Congross. Makes any republican look pleasant by compare.
    70 Pachirisu Electric
    71 Kaminarisu Normal/Electric Evolved Pachirisu.
    72 Voltorb Electric
    73 Electrode Electric
    74 Iode Electric/Fight Evolved Electrode. No Guard with Focus Blast, muscular arms, Thunder, Blizzard, Zap Cannon and Dynamic Punch
    75 Sunkern Grass
    76 Sunflora Grass
    77 Sunferno Grass/Fire Evolved Sunflora. Has Drought.
    78 Rhinechus Rock/Flying Baby Aerodactyl. Based on Rhamforrinchus. Has many flying moves and recoils.
    79 Aerodactyl Rock/Flying
    80 Sentret Normal
    81 Furret Normal
    82 Dettret Normal/Ghost Evolved Furret. Sneaky raccoon.
    83 Houndour Fire/Dark
    84 Houndoom Fire/Dark
    85 Smoochum Ice/Psychic
    86 Jynx Ice/Psychic
    87 Coldmama Ice/Psychic Evolved Jynx. Slender lady.
    88 Iffervate Fire/Psychic Fire genie.
    89 Zangoose Normal
    90 Bellsprout Grass/Poison
    91 Weepinbell Grass/Poison
    92 Victreebel Grass/Poison
    93 Protops Grass/Steel Protoceratops fossil. Not made of stone.
    94 Procertops Grass/Steel Protops evolution.
    95 Ovirasp Dark/Dragon Oviraptor fossil. Too flimsy to be stone.
    96 Lavndraptr Dark/Dragon Ovirasp evolution.
    97 Scraggy Dark/Fight
    98 Scrafty Dark/Fight
    99 Fudgie Poison Fudge brownie that's lethal to eat with candy corn teeth.
    100 Hotfudgie Poison/Fire Yummy hot fudge evolved by Fire stone.
    101 Mt.Fudgie Poison/Rock Looks like Mt. Fuji. Alternative moonstone Fudgie evolution.
    102 Lavorc Fire/Normal Fiery orcs. Nearly humanoid enough to have big societies.
    103 Stantler Normal
    104 Raindeer Normal/Water Rain based Stantler evolution.
    105 Elksun Normal/Fire Sun based stantler evolution
    106 Snowdolph Normal/Ice Hail based stantler evolution.
    107 Dirtibek Normal/Ground Sand Based stantler evolution.
    108 Blandeer Normal Weather removal/no weather based stantler evolution.
    109 Poisnelk Normal/Poison Acid Rain based Stantler evolution.
    110 Pinsir Bug
    111 Bombeat Bug/Normal Bombardier beetle. Seems related to Pinsir and Heracross.
    112 Tapewyrm Bug/Dragon A tapeworm dragon.
    113 Tapezoid Bug/Dragon 600 BST Tapewyrm evolution.
    114 Azurill Normal
    115 Marill Water
    116 Azumarill Water
    117 Wheelz Steel/Ghost Ghost wheel with an eye in the middle.
    118 Tirez Steel/Ghost Evolved Wheelz.
    119 Rotorz Steel/Ghost Evolved Tirez.
    120 Magnemite Electric/Steel
    121 Magneton Electric/Steel
    122 Magnezone Electric/Steel
    123 Bagon Dragon
    124 Shelgon Dragon
    125 Salamence Dragon/Flying
    126 Shelldra Dragon/Rock Alternative Shelgon evolution. Lives in a sturdy shell.
    127 Electrike Electric
    128 Manetric Electric
    129 Dragetro Electric/Dragon Manetric evolution.
    130 Farfetch‘d Normal/Flying
    131 Duksaws Fight/Flying Farfetch'd evolution. Has Pure Power and Huge Power.
    132 Dratini Dragon
    133 Dragonair Dragon
    134 Dragonite Dragon/Flying
    135 Wafflazor Rock/Electric Energized waffle with buttery eyes.
    136 Pankrake Rock/Electric Pancake evolution of Wafflazor.
    137 Brachcus Ground/Electric Brachiosaurus. Has no speed whatsoever.
    138 Seedzooka Flying/Grass Leafy jet plane that shoots seeds.
    139 Brambullet Flying/Grass Seedzooka evolution.
    140 Aerows Fight/Flying A Flying warmachine.
    141 Aerowgas Fight/Flying Aerows evolution.
    142 Figgout Grass Fig creature.
    143 Effigy Grass Figgout evolution
    144 Figton Grass Effigy evolution.
    145 Succybus Dark/Psychic Succubus that can breed with almost anything.
    146 Psuculist Dark/Psychic Evolved Succybus.
    147 Phallanger Poison/Ice Mummified leperous mummy hands with eyes inside.
    148 Frostpoint Poison/Ice Evolved Phallanger
    149 Staryu Water
    150 Starmie Water
    151 Goldeen Water
    152 Seaking Water
    153 Happiny Normal
    154 Chancey Normal
    155 Blissey Normal
    156 Cleffa Normal
    157 Clefairy Normal
    158 Clefable Normal
    159 Flotsdirk Normal/Steel Baby Swordfish with dagger nose.
    160 Eepetuna Normal/Steel Evolved Flotsdirk.
    161 Sawrdfish Normal/Steel Evolved Eepetuna with saw nose.
    162 Mantraray Poison/Electric A mantra based mantaray that can levitate.
    163 Twinsect Bug/Electric Two headed bug mutant.
    164 Trisect Bug/Electric Three heads. Twinsect evolved.
    165 Maclaw Flying/Normal Sharp clawed maccaw.
    166 Spuffalak Electric/Fire Magnet horned buffalo.
    167 Embabison Electric/Fire Evolved Spuffalak. Knows Psycho Crusher!
    168 Tempalar Fire/Steel Heroic knightly creature.
    169 Palloidin Fire/Steel Evolved Tempalar.
    170 Twangel Electric/Flying Angel with copper wire wings.
    171 Coldrex Dragon/Ice A non extinct dinosaur that survived in frozen steppes.
    172 Tangela Grass
    173 Tangrowth Grass
    174 Koffing Poison
    175 Weezing Poison
    176 Shellder Water/Ice
    177 Cloyster Water/Ice
    178 Carvanha Water/Dark
    179 Sharpedo Water/Dark
    180 Whitomik Water/Dark Evolved Sharpedo.
    181 Folbatross Flying Albatross that has no feet to land on and many hair styles and colors.
    182 Albatress Flying Evolved Folbatross. Still lots of hairstyles!
    183 Mantyke Water/Flying
    184 Mantine Water/Flying
    185 Golett Ground/Ghost
    186 Golurk Ground/Ghost
    187 Krabby Water
    188 Kingler Water
    189 Kingkrab Water/Normal Evolved Kingler. Feudal Japan!
    190 Marijun Grass/Poison Based on a fun drug.
    191 Narcots Grass/Poison Evolved drug.
    192 Tynamo Electric
    193 Eelektrik Electric
    194 Eelektross Electric
    195 Sparkoni Electric/Dark Demon mask legend
    196 Poxoni Poison/Dark Demon mask legend
    197 Vacuumoni Flying/Dark Demon mask legend
    198 Spookoni Ghost/Fire Demon mask legend
    199 Thermaloni Fire/Ice Demon mask legend
    200 Tetsycles Dark/Dragon Two headed megalomaniac hydra that has a dirty sounding name.
    201 Vortexaco Poison/Psychic Gas pump legendary that makes portals and acid rain.
    202 ??? Ghost/Water Name is spoiler. Called a Dream Demon.


    1 Moosse Grass Grass starter. Mossy moose baby.
    2 Soielk Grass/Normal Soil Elk. Moosse evolution.
    3 Minostron Grass/Normal Moose Minotaur with minostrone!
    4 Geomolusk Fire Burning molusk. Fire starter.
    5 Thermoct Fire/Poison Evolved Geomolusk.
    6 Squinge Fire/Poison Thermoct evolution.
    7 Puudle Water Water starter. Poodle! Has soapy fur.
    8 Splooshl Water Evolved Puudle.
    9 Dripoodle Water Evolved Splooshl.
    10 Caterpie Bug
    11 Metapod Bug
    12 Butterfree Bug/Flying
    13 Monarfly Bug/Flying Alternative Metapod evolution.
    14 Kriketot Bug
    15 Kricketune Bug
    16 Kriketirge Bug/Ghost Kricketune evolution with Soundproof Perish Song.
    17 Kricktofen Bug Based on the Red Baron. Has lots of maneuvers. Alternative Kricketune evolution.
    18 Spearow Normal/Flying
    19 Fearow Normal/Flying
    20 Heerow Normal/Flying Has fists at wing ends. Fearow evolution.
    21 Ginsect Water/Bug Alcoholic beercan bug.
    22 Belcahol Water/Bug Ginsect evolution.
    23 Vodkreep Water/Bug Belcahol evolution. Has dry skin.
    24 Bonsly Rock
    25 Sudowoodo Rock
    26 Dreadwoodo Rock/Ghost Sudowoodo evolution. Haunted tree.
    27 Hollywoodo Rock/Fight Sudowoodo evolution. Action prop!
    28 Realywoodo Rock/Grass Sudowoodo evolution. Realy a tree!
    29 Beetljuus Bug Baby Beetle. Becomes Heracross, Pinsir or Bombeat.
    30 Pinsir Bug
    31 Heracross Bug/Fight
    32 Bombeat Bug/Normal
    33 Mediyuo Fight/Psychic Baby form Meditite.
    34 Meditite Fight/Psychic
    35 Medicham Fight/Psychic
    36 Smallow Normal/Flying Baby form Tailow. Can learn Dragon Dance or Bulk Up.
    37 Tailow Normal/Flying
    38 Swellow Normal/Flying
    39 Staliyuck Poison Icky Stallion.
    40 Horshiss Poison Dirty named horse. Staliyuck evolution.
    41 Gadzilla Fire/Dragon Gojira based swift swim fire type.
    42 Gawdzoola Fire/Dragon Gadzilla evolution.
    43 Ghosling Flying/Ghost Haunted goosling.
    44 Ghoost Flying/Ghost Ghosling evolution. Generic.
    45 Swaunted Flying/Ghost Beauty based evolution of Ghosling.
    46 Aniswerid Flying/Ghost Smart based Ghosling evolution.
    47 Anveil Steel/Ice Insectoid anvil. Has fire or fight immunity.
    48 Koldforge Steel/Ice Anveil evolution.
    49 Mudstik Ground Fights with a stick.
    50 Claymore Ground/Fight Mudstik evolution. Has a cool sword!
    51 Fearwig Dark/Bug Earwig with dark elf ears.
    52 Earwhisg Dark/Bug Parasitic Fearwig evolution. Whispers ringworm into victims.
    53 Wafflazor Rock/Electric
    54 Pankrake Rock/Electric
    55 Flapjolk Rock/Elec Generational delayed Pankrake evolution.
    56 Medusta Rock/Poison Medusa beast.
    57 Medurtsy Rock/Poison Medusta evolution.
    58 Tadpeol Normal Peon tadpole.
    59 Frogarette Normal/Ground Female tadpeol evolution.
    60 Frogatha Normal/Ground Frog queen. Frogarette evolution.
    61 Frongce Normal/Poison Frog prince male Tadpeol evo.
    62 Frogeorge Normal/Poison Frongce evolution.
    63 Keckleon Normal
    64 Camelien Normal Better stated Keckleon evolution.
    65 Grimer Poison
    66 Muk Poison
    67 Globbur Poison/Ice Icecream trash Muk evolution.
    68 Sandshrew Ground
    69 Sandslash Ground
    70 Sandshred Ground/Normal Razor clawed Sandslash evolution.
    71 Phanpy Ground
    72 Donphan Ground
    73 Phanatos Ground/Ghost Donphan evolution. Named for a death god.
    74 Snowver Grass/Ice
    75 Abomasnow Grass/Ice
    76 Ablizzmal Grass/Ice Abomasnow evolution.
    77 Misdreavus Ghost
    78 Mismagius Ghost
    79 Numel Fire/Ground
    80 Camerupt Fire/Ground
    81 Wingull Water/Flying
    82 Pelliper Water/Flying
    83 Qetzelican Water/Flying Pelliper evolution.
    84 Relicanth Water/Rock
    85 Relicthyus Water/Rock Mutant Relicanth evolution that is wierd.
    86 Tapeestry Bug/Dragon Baby form of Tapewyrm.
    87 Tapewyrm Bug/Dragon
    88 Tapezoid Bug/Dragon
    89 Goldeen Water
    90 Seaking Water
    91 Ocealord Water Seaking evolution. **** yeah!
    92 Kubliskan Normal Baby Kangaskhan. Named for Kublih Khan!
    93 Kangaskhan Normal
    94 Timurkang Normal/Fight Named for Tamerlane. Male Kanga counterpart.
    95 Luvdisc Water
    96 Ciideevius Water/Steel Luvdisc evolution. A Devious CD.
    97 Drowzee Psychic
    98 Hypno Psychic
    99 Gondalaz Psychic Hypno evolution. Dual wields hypnosis thingies!
    100 Daggith Steel Dagger creature.
    101 Asailint Steel/Poison Poison dagger Daggith evolution.
    102 Turblech Flying/Poison Flying turbo mouth gas.
    103 Pewoosh Flying/Poison Turbelch evolution. Butt based gas!
    104 Yukkloud Flying/Poison Pewoosh evolution.
    105 Zircus Dark Dark Circus creature.
    106 Berzircle Dark/Dragon Crazy circus creature riding a draconian 'ball'.
    107 Spinda Normal
    108 Pandizz Normal/Ghost Spinda evolution. Same patterns still apply.
    109 Buneary Normal
    110 Lopunny Normal
    111 Buneydoom Normal/Dark Dark bunny! Loppuny evolution. Think Monty Python.
    112 Porpcushin Rock/Fight Precushion Cetacean
    113 Orcarina Rock/Fight Ocarina Orca. Porpcushin evolution.
    114 Combee Bug
    115 Vespiqueen Bug/Flying
    116 Kingsting Bug/Dark Male alternative Combee evolved by ability tutelage.
    117 Spoink Psychic
    118 Grumpig Psychic
    119 Boarlock Psychic/Dark Grumping evolution. Knows fire skills!
    120 Diveen Ground Canyon Pokemon.
    121 Slirth Ground/Dark Split earth Diveen evolution.
    122 Granyon Ground/Dark Slirth evolution.
    123 Stotch Elec/Steel Stopwatch Pokemon.
    124 Watstatch Elec/Steel Stotch evolution.
    125 Pocctwoch Elec/Steel Watstatch evolution.
    126 Figgout Grass
    127 Effigy Grass
    128 Figton Grass
    129 Fenerable Steel/Ice Venerable Fenris. Glass cannon opposite form of Shuckle practically.
    130 Thifil Dark Darklight filament thief.
    131 Brighgant Dark 600 BST bright brigand.
    132 Winslikate Elec/Flying Legendary 'Kate' named for a celebrity
    133 Holmykate Elec/Poison Legendary 'Kate' named for a celebrity
    134 Mossikate Elec/Grass Legendary 'Kate' named for a celebrity
    135 Graptura Fire/Elec neon dancing gorilla like creature.
    136 Tabronco Ground/Fight A legend horse with arms.
    137 Brieherit Fight/Dark Brie cheese demon.
    138 Lumshues Psychic/Rock The 100 stat legend. Mostly unknown.


    1 Crayfig Grass Fig crayfish grass starter.
    2 Crabbage Grass Cabbage crab kids doll! Crayfig evo.
    3 Lobstuce Grass/Ice Iceberg lettuce. Crabbage evo.
    4 Flamment Fire The Fire of lament. Sad mage fire starter.
    5 Scorcherer Fire/Psychic Scorch sorcerer. Flamment evolution.
    6 Conflajure Fire/Psychic Scorcherer evolution.
    7 Skimqito Water Water skimmer. Water Starter.
    8 Aqest Water/Bug Skimqito evolution.
    9 Mosesqite Water/Bug Moses mosquito. Aqest evolution
    10 Hampstor Normal A hamster. Eats young.
    11 Hamstrike Normal/Fight Strikes Hamstrings. Hampstor evolution.
    12 Robbin Normal/Flying It's a robin.
    13 Rocknrobn Normal/Flying The Rockin Robbin. Robbin evolution.
    14 Robinator Normal/Flying Evolves from Rocknrobn. SpAtk oriented.
    15 Nillpede Bug Millipede larva.
    16 Sensipede Bug Grown form of Nillpede.
    17 Impupede Bug Late game evolution of Sensipede.
    18 Slithi Poison/Dragon Early game dragon serpent.
    19 Serpisc Poison/Dragon Slithi evolution.
    20 Lochkey Poison/Dragon Lochness on land. Serpisc evolution.
    21 Flaaming Fire/Flying PINK FIRE flamingo. Has water abilities.
    22 Brimingo Fire/Flying Flaaming evolution.
    23 Sewrater Normal/Dark A sewer rat. Icky.
    24 Chollorat Normal/Dark Has chollora. Evolved Sewrater.
    25 Carrotte Grass The Carot that cuts you.
    26 Canibarrot Grass/Ghost Kill Carrotte evolution.
    27 Yikslime Poison Yik, its a slimmy snail.
    28 Sluggar Poison/Fight A slug that hits home runs. A Yikslime evolution.
    29 Snimaile Poison/Rock A sturdy snail. A Yikslime evolution.
    30 Eelmar Elec/Water Eel with electricity. Makes rain.
    31 Eelongate Elec/Water Evolved Eelmar.
    32 Cougchrill Ice/Fire Hot cold cougar. Can make hail or sun.
    33 Meltiger Ice/Fire Melting kitty. Cougchrill evolution.
    34 Shinrapt Ground/Dark A sinraptor allosaurid. Non rock fossil.
    35 Yangchisar Ground/Dark Yangchuanosaurus. Shinrapt evolution.
    36 Tsnitung Dragon/Grass A duckbill of Asia. Non-rock fossil.
    37 Shantung Dragon/Grass Evolved Tsnitung.
    38 Mamench Elec/Rock Mamenchisaurus. A fossil.
    39 Pandemic Normal/Ghost A panda epidemic.
    40 Pandonia Normal/Ghost Brings pandamonia. Pandemic evo.
    41 Sheeting Ghost white bedsheet ghost
    42 Shroudle Ghost Shrouded ghost. Sheeting evo.
    43 Shealve Ghost Shroudle evolution.
    44 Shmogker Elec/Poison Thunderous smog cloud. Makes Acid Rain.
    45 Shmogking Elec/Poison Shmogker evolution.
    46 Groupi Water Grouper fish.
    47 Joowfish Water Jewfish is a real fish. Groupi evolution.
    48 Hospicarn Water A young nurse shark. Almost aquatic Chancey.
    49 Nurshrin Water Nurse shark support cleric. Hospicarn evolution.
    50 Hurrikick Flying/Fight Combo into your uppercut.
    51 Cyclonk Flying/Fight Evolved from of Hurrikick.
    52 Praeno Ice/Rock Praenocephalae dome headed dino. Second fossil set.
    53 Hocephus Ice/Rock Homocephalus. Praeno evolution.
    54 Minmee Steel Minme ankylosaur. Non-rock fossil.
    55 Tarchis Steel/Ground Minmee evolution.
    56 Chilbean Fire/Grass A chili bean. Yummy and stinky.
    57 Chilili Fire/Grass Chilbean evolution.
    58 Stlambtyke Normal/Rock A rocky sheep.
    59 Sheepebble Normal/Rock Stlambtyke evolution.
    60 Kravinus Flying/Dark A raven.
    61 Lurkraven Flying/Dark Kravinus evolution.
    62 Sprockler Fight/Elec A punching shocker.
    63 Shockhamna Fight/Elec Sprockler evolution.
    64 Plunchker Fight/Elec Shockhamna evolution.
    65 Stronhel Psychic A mindflayer with muscles!
    66 Musculind Psychic Stronhel evolution. a Physical Psychic type.
    67 Gullahad Steel/Flying A knightly gull. Defensive.
    68 Chimping Normal Chimpin aint easy.
    69 Orangutaze Normal/Elec Chimping evolution.
    70 Gorrilizap Normal/Elec Orangutaze evolution.
    71 Qilime Elec Key Lime Pie! Shocking good taste.
    72 Quishro Elec Mmm, Quiche! Qilime evolution.
    73 Qwisno Elec Quisnos? What?! Quishro evolution.
    74 Aboxm Fight/Ice A contender yeti!
    75 Sasquashed Fight/Ice Aboxm evolution.
    76 Horibomnib Fight/Ice Sasquashed evolution.
    77 Exbow Steel A crossbow.
    78 Toxote Steel/Poison Toxic arrow Exbow evo.
    79 Chokunast Steel/Poison A chukonu. Toxote evolution.
    80 Possimble Normal/Water Opossum!
    81 Unposumb Normal/Water Possimble evolution.
    82 Keelmpo Fight/Ghost I know kung boo!
    83 Ghoupowl Fight/Ghost Enter the flesh! Keelmpo evolution.
    84 Noaarqh Water/Steel Ark aardvark.
    85 Aarkvark Water/Steel Noaarqh evolution.
    86 Titardvik Water/Steel Aarkvark evo.
    87 Majist Dragon/Fire A majestic fire breather.
    88 Froygin Dragon/Fire Majist evolution.
    89 Goziroth Dragon/Fire Froygin evolution.
    90 Rituin Dark Ritual wierdness.
    91 Voodinger Dark/Psychic Get the voodoo. Can mix sweep. Rituin evolution.
    92 Bouvelia Grass Named for a flower from the deep south USA.
    93 Bugenia Grass Bouvelia evolution.
    94 Draegoon Dragon/Fight Dragoons of war.
    95 Drakewars Dragon/Fight Draegoon evolution.
    96 Pygop Dark/Grass Not a snake. A legless lizard!
    97 Lepidop Dark/Grass Pygop evolution.
    98 Lizidop Dark/Grass Remember. Legless lizard! Lepidop evolution.
    99 Dovey Normal/Flying Doves are white pigeons.
    100 Lovdove Normal/Flying Dovey evolution.
    101 Adorv Normal/Flying Lovdove evolution. Adorable.
    102 Bashizno Poison/Flying Drives you batshi... nevermind.
    103 Guantum Poison/Flying Air dropping at quantum speed!
    104 Humburt Fire/Water A fiery water creature. Mysterious.
    105 Habpell Fire/Water Humburt evolution.
    106 Picachio Grass/Flying A Picasso pistachio. Alternative sketcher!
    107 Frosby Dragon/Ice Not like Cosby.
    108 Snowgin Dragon/Ice Frosby evolution.
    109 Fridyu Dragon/Ice Snowgin evolution.
    110 Scraggy Dark/Fight
    111 Scrafty Dark/Fight
    112 Clevar Dragon Smart dragon.
    113 Wiserond Dragon Wisdom! Clevar evolution.
    114 Makuhita Fight
    115 Hariyama Fight
    116 Shizuu Normal/Ground Shih Tzu!
    117 Shihhu Normal/Ground Shizuu evolution
    118 Shutoy Normal/Ground Shihhu evolution
    119 Slugma Fire
    120 Magcargo Fire/Rock
    121 Novalusk Fire/Rock Magcargo evolution. Makes it NOT SUCK.
    122 Tablugt Bug A capsule bug.
    123 Capsulect Bug Tablugt evolution.
    124 Pillchill Bug/Ice Take a chill pill! Capsulect evolution.
    125 Zeeburnge Fire/Ghost Haunted horse!
    126 Zebrazer Fire/Ghost Zeeburnge evolution.
    127 Dullmeat Normal Very boring plain meat.
    128 Coldcut Normal/Ice Great on sandwich. Dullmeat evolution.
    129 Shpork Normal/Elec Yummy shock pig. Dullmeat evolution.
    130 Glumstik Normal/Ghost Sad poultry. Dullmeat evolution.
    131 Skynipz Flying It flies and nips.
    132 Freegule Flying Skynipz evolution.
    133 Scryborg Steel/Psychic Analytic robot.
    134 Knowbot Steel/Psychic Scryborg evolution.
    135 Scandroid Steel/Psychic Knowbot evolution.
    136 Thunker Psychic Thinker that thunk.
    137 Ponderec Psychic Ponder away. Thunker evolution.
    138 Donadon Dark Don is latin for tooth. It's a biting horror!
    139 Jawmaw Dark It bites harder. Donadon evolution.
    140 Snapbiter Dark Jawmaw evolution.
    141 Joltik Bug/Elec
    142 Galvantula Bug/Elec
    143 Spidoshck Bug/Elec Gavantuala evolution. Awesome power.
    144 Dustorm Rock Make sand in dust storm.
    145 Duvil Rock Dustorm evolution.
    146 Smarker Elec/Psychic Based on the electrical brainwaves.
    147 Neurton Elec/Psychic Smarker evolution.
    148 Brainstrom Elec/Psychic Neurton evolution. 600 BST.
    149 Deerachnid Bug/Normal Deer spider hybrid.
    150 Moospider Bug/Normal Deerachnid evolution.
    151 Elkrantula Bug/Normal 600 BST. Moospider evolution.
    152 Spheal Ice/Water
    153 Sealeo Ice/Water
    154 Walrein Ice/Water
    155 Idoltry Ground Idol sand man.
    156 Gaisandols Ground Okay musical. Idoltry evolution.
    157 Trainee Steel Choochoo creature.
    158 Soltrain Steel/Ghost A trainee evolution. Weak to Pheonix Down.
    159 Coltrain Steel/Fire Runs on coal. Trainee evolution.
    160 Wombyt Normal A wombat.
    161 Cwombat Normal/Fight Fighting Wombat. Wombyt evolution.
    162 Guavbat Normal/Grass Guava eater. Wombyt evolution.
    163 Washbyt Normal/Water Water Wombyt evolution.
    164 Tyrorex Dark/Rock A legendary king of nature.
    165 Lionidis Ground/Fight A legendary king of nature.
    166 Polursi Elec/Ice A legendary king of nature.
    167 Minutone Steel/Normal Greek Uber legend.
    168 Satrical Fight/Dark Greek Uber legend.
    169 Medurlap Rock/Poison Greek Uber legend.
    170 Rabidt Poison/Psychic A legendary king of nature.
    171 Wathog Dark/Ground A legendary king of nature.
    172 Alphdawg Normal/Fire A legendary king of nature.
    173 Constellar Rock/Dragon A constellation dragonic entity.


    1 Kiiwaii Grass Cute Kiiwii with kiwi. Grass starter
    2 Guavstrich Grass/Flying Guava ostrich Evolved Kiiwaii
    3 Moavacado Grass/Flying Moa with avacado. Guavstrich evolution.
    4 Indocinder Fire Indocatherium ON FIRE! Fire starter.
    5 Therioast Fire Indocinder evo
    6 Megafernum Fire Therioast evo.
    7 Sleamur Water Sea lemur! Water starter!
    8 Pondgo Water Pond pongo! Sleamur evolution.
    9 Neanderfal Water/Fight Neanderthal of waterfall! Pondo evo.
    10 Meeker Normal A meek merecat.
    11 Meekract Normal Meeker evo.
    12 Canaar Normal/Flying Canary-os!
    13 Yellajay Normal/Flying Canaar evo.
    14 Songbi Normal/Flying Yellajay evo.
    15 Chinchou Water/Elec
    16 Lanturn Water/Elec
    17 Anglowsaxn Water/Elec Germanic Lanturn evo.
    18 Stunfisk Ground/Elec
    19 Mudshok Ground/Elec Stunfisk evo.
    20 Croagunk Poison/Fight
    21 Toxicroak Poison/Fight
    22 Toxibian Poison/Fight Toxicroak evolution.
    23 Smeargle Normal
    24 Artipyth Fight/Normal Artipythicus! Fossil
    25 Austipyth Fight/Normal Artpyth evo. Fossil
    26 Mostadon Grass/Ice Mossy mastadon. Fossil
    27 Wilomamith Grass/Ice Mostadon evo. Fossil
    28 Larvasp Bug Larva wasp
    29 Wersp Bug Wasp youth.
    30 Stingmata Bug/Dark Female Wersp evo.
    31 Honett Bug/Psychic Male wersp evo.
    32 Manglorius Grass/Flying Tropius evolution. (Tropius SHOULD be in there and another number ahead but thats a lot of counting.
    33 Purrlion
    34 Liepard Dark
    35 Leprimand Dark Reprimanded Liepard evo.
    36 Torkoal Fire
    37 Geyserik Fire/Water Named for a Vandal leader. Torkoal evo.
    38 Girafarig Dark/Psychic
    39 Titanatit Dark/Psychic Girafarig evo. Actually uses pallindrome like supposed to
    40 Larvesta Fire/Bug
    41 Volcarona Fire/Bug
    42 Burnthrum Fire/Bug Alternate larvesta physical evolution.
    43 Ajarr Ghost/Steel Haunted jar.
    44 Pottea Ghost/Steel Classy name! Ajarr evo.
    45 Slaasherr Steel/Dark Axe crazy!
    46 Reeverr Steel/Dark Slaasherr evo.
    47 Pixeye Psychic/Flying Occular Pixie.
    48 Unfairie Psychic/Flying Crude Pixeye evo.
    49 Cerby Dark/Elec Thunderous, multihead hellhound puppy.
    50 Severbus Dark/Elec Cerby evo.
    51 Tacoat Grass/Steel Steel taco.
    52 Burritota Grass/Steel Makes you fart! Tacoat evo.
    53 Typhraud Flying/Dark Fraud tornado.
    54 Tornadred Flying/Dark Typhraud evo.
    55 Horricane Flying/Dark Tornadred evo.
    56 Airdobe Flying/Rock Won't find in Nairobi.
    57 Airfort Flying/Rock Where all big bads build em. Airdobe evo.
    58 Skycassle Flying/Rock We dream of them. Airfort evo.
    59 Farfetch'd Normal/Flying
    60 Duksaws Fight/Flying
    61 Electrike Elec
    62 Manectric Elec
    63 Dragetro Elec/Dragon
    64 Krabby Water
    65 Kingler Water
    66 Kingkrab Water/Normal
    67 Bellsprout Grass/Poison
    68 Weepinbell Grass/Poison
    69 Victreebel Grass/Poison
    70 Lapras Water/Ice
    71 Pineco Bug
    72 Foretress Bug/Steel
    73 Bagimate Bug/Steel Foretress evo.
    74 Druddigon Dragon
    75 Primadrak Dragon/Rock Druddigon evo.
    76 Heatmor Fire
    77 Antivour Fire/Ground Heatmor evo. Sucks less.
    78 Durant Bug/Steel
    79 Soldiant Bug/Steel Durant evo.
    80 Eevee Normal
    81 Vaporeon Water
    82 Jolteon Elec
    83 Flareon Fire
    84 Espeon Psychic
    85 Umbreon Dark
    86 Leafeon Grass
    87 Glaceon Ice
    88 Feathereon Flying Air Eevee.
    89 Wareon Fight Fight Eevee.
    90 Vipereon Poison Snake eevee.
    91 Spidereon Bug Arachnid Eevee.
    92 Spinda Normal
    93 Pandizz Normal/Ghost
    94 Rhinechus Rock/Flying
    95 Aerodactyl Rock/Flying
    96 Vullaby Dark/Flying
    97 Mandibuzz Dark/Flying
    98 Timburr Fight
    99 Girdurr Fight
    100 Conkledurr Fight
    101 Eraggy Dragon A smug dragon.
    102 Egonist Dragon Eraggy evo.
    103 Triyhon Poison A strange piece of refuse with an odd name.
    104 Snaqwad Poison A yummy piece of garbage. Triyhon evo.
    105 Tribite Dark/Rock Longly ancient biter.
    106 Billiobite Dark/Rock Tribite evo.
    107 Flig Ground/Flying Pigs fly!
    108 Swineged Ground/Flying Flig evo.
    109 Porkispher Ground/Flying Swineged evo.
    110 Muaygon Fight/Dragon Dragon knows Muay Thai!
    111 Thaidrake Fight/Dragon Muaygon evo.
    112 Basculin Water
    113 Basturto Water/Steel An illegitimate Basculin evo.
    114 Poochyena Dark
    115 Mightyena Dark
    116 Wereyena Dark/Fight Mightyena evo.
    117 Guppeas Water/Grass Peas! Guppee
    118 Filettuce Water/Grass Fish with lettuce. Guppeas evo.
    119 Specterum Ghost A colorful ghost.
    120 Spectrok Ghost/Rock Specterum evo.
    121 Hant Ghost Haunting, no?
    122 Tarrify Ghost/Psychic Taxing scare. Hant evo.
    123 Spineturt Steel A spiny turtle.
    124 Metturtle Steel Metal turtle. Spineturt evo.
    125 Mobustard Fight/Flying A mobly bustard bird.
    126 Floorican Fight/Flying Florican that floors you. Mobustard evo.
    127 Korhaand Fight/Flying A korhaan that backhands you. Floorican evo.
    128 Hiscus Grass A budding habiscus.
    129 Habibscus Grass/Fire Hiscus evo.
    130 Corsan Ground/Psychic A sandy harem girl.
    131 Curtlass Ground/Psychic A curt sand lass. Corsan evo.
    132 Courtisand Ground/Psychic Curtlass evo.
    133 Surskit Bug/Water
    134 Masquerain Bug/Flying
    135 Masqimier Bug/Water Masquerain evo.
    136 Cocones Grass/Dragon A lovely bunch of coconuts!
    137 Fruidt Grass/Dragon Cocones evo.
    138 Palmoj Grass/Dragon Fruidt evo.
    139 Shupette Ghost
    140 Banette Ghost
    141 Scornette Ghost/Normal A spiteful Banette evo.
    142 Vineyette Ghost/Grass A lush Banette evo.
    143 Kaytu Rock/Ground Named after a huge mountain.
    144 Everst Rock/Ground Kaytu evo.
    145 Tomber Rock/Ghost A tombstone.
    146 Gravener Rock/Ghost Tomber evo.
    147 Donkypult Normal/Rock A donkey catapult.
    148 Onagerl Normal/Rock Onager is a catapult and an extinct donkey. Donkeypult evo.
    149 Tremulchet Normal/Rock Mule trebuchet. Onargerl evo.
    150 Druicide Grass Crazy zealous druid.
    151 Candull Fire Boring candle creature.
    152 Torchur Fire Cruel torch. Candull evo.
    153 Acondra Dark/Dragon Anaconda. Not venomous.
    154 Archonda Dark/Dragon An archon snake! Acondra evo.
    155 Emham Steel/Ice Can't touch this arctic shark.
    156 Hammheadr Steel/Ice Emham evo.
    157 Dolephin Psychic/Water Smart dolphin.
    158 Onporpis Psychic/Water Dolephin evo.
    159 Vykindin Fight/Ice Female only viking lady.
    160 Valkyre Fight/Ice Vykindin evo.
    161 Zizap Elec A bug zapper alive!
    162 Givolt Elec Zizap evo.
    163 Fernif Grass Fern beast.
    164 Conifis Grass Conifer beast. Fernif evo.
    165 Lushcon Grass Conifis evo.
    166 Genth Poison/Dragon A serpent with arms!
    167 Pythgon Poison/Dragon Dragon python. Genth evo.
    168 Droa Poison/Dragon Boa of doom! Pythgon evo.
    169 Hoothoot Normal/Flying
    170 Noctowl Normal/Flying
    171 Spowlted Elec/Flying Spot Owl. Noctowl evo.
    172 Boogibit Dark Baby boogieperson.
    173 Boogamein Dark/Fight Male boogieman! Boogibit evo.
    174 Boogaloon Dark/Psychic Female boogieman. Boogibit evo
    175 Salalit Steel A juvenile UFO
    176 Saucyr Steel/Fire Satalit evo with hotsauce.
    177 Unefoed Steel/ElecMysterious laser UFO. Satalit evo.
    178 Nebuluft Steel/Ghost Haunted UFO. Satalit evo.
    179 Slinjer Rock/Fight Sling handed humanoid.
    180 Deerling Normal/Grass
    181 Sawsbuck Normal/Grass
    182 Seasiolk Normal/Grass Sawsbuck evolved to be even better.
    183 Dratini Dragon
    184 Dragonair Dragon
    185 Dragonite Dragon/Flying
    186 Sandshrew Ground
    187 Sandslash Ground
    188 Sandshred Ground/Normal
    189 Sunkern Grass
    190 Sunflora Grass
    191 Sunfernace Grass/Fire
    192 Slugma Fire
    193 Magcargo Fire/Rock
    194 Novalusk Fire/Rock
    195 Tablugt Bug
    196 Capsulect Bug
    197 Pillchill Bug/Ice
    198 Chimping Normal
    199 Orangutaze Normal/Elec
    200 Gorrilizap Normal/Elec
    201 Stronhel Psychic
    202 Musculind Psychic
    203 Spuffalak Elec/Fire
    204 Embabison Elec/Fire
    205 Carvanha Water/Dark
    206 Sharpedo Water/Dark
    207 Whitomik Water/Dark
    208 Rituin Dark
    209 Voodinger Dark/Psychic
    210 Draegoon Dragon/Fight
    211 Drakewars Dragon/Fight
    212 Picachio Grass/Flying
    213 Smarker Elec/Psychic
    214 Neurton Elec/Psychic
    215 Brainstrom Elec/Psychic
    216 Skelit Ground/Ghost Legendary Undead
    217 Vampis Ghost/Psychic Legendary undead
    218 Zombiz Poison/Ghost Legendary undead. Doesn't fight plants well.
    219 Zuesiix Elec Greek Uber
    220 Posidion Water Greek Uber
    221 Hayds Dark Greek Uber
    222 Fulster Rock/Grass A mysterious legend with a mossy body.

    Now then... still any thoughts?

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    Ahh..... it had been so long since my last post >_<

    Firstly.... comments~ <3

    @Peters: I want Gloop xP. The name was very funny xD Its ability too..... can't wait to see its evo line And do you mean the fanfic?

    @legnak: I,love Tyranisoro... I don't know, but It looks cute if I put "cat eyes* xD

    @Dilasc: Umm..... You're awesome.... You've made that ton of Fakemons 8D But.. but... can you put them between Spoilers tag? It was too long O_O
    The only Kertomnel's starter which I like is the water one... I love its typing xD

    Basic Grass starter - The link 8D
        Spoiler:- The Pic-- WARNING: VERY BIG:

    It was drawn awfully in Paint, sorry >_<
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    Thanks guys, i didnt expect this XD, and yes i do mean fanfic

    So a new ability
    Description: Slime goes all around the field and slows down everyone
    Effect: Slows down foe's speed stat but user by 1, if in double or triple battle, lowers your other pokemon too [Im thinking or removing that, what you think?]

    and for Gloop, It has 3 evolutions, Flying, Ground and [Fire Or Normal]

    Type|Version|Where Gloop Can Be Found
    [Fire Or Normal] |Both | ???
    Ground |Dark Rock Version |Deep Underground
    Flying |Flying Fire Version | High Above

    Hope you like that idea

    ^Image By Skiyomi^

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    Dilasc, the reason you're not getting many responses is because the only thing you're showing us is hundreds of bland descriptions with names. Just work on each one first, (full description, stats, movepool, etc.) and then show us them one family (two or three would be fine) at a time.

    Item: Giga Bracelet
    Effect: Doubles attack.
    Can only be equipped by Regigigas.

    Item: Giga Legging
    Effect: Doubles speed.
    Can only be equipped by Regigigas.

    ERRORNO492 (Shaymagne)
    Classification: exn02
    Type: Grass/Steel
    Ability: Natural Cure
    Dream World: ???
    Stats: 45/55/90/195/75/45
    Description: A Magnemite with Shaymin's bush and flower on top of its head.
    Flavor Text: [scientific experiment no2 - shaymagne. created to expand potential of shaymins seed flare while neutralizing emotions successful but repeatedly reports error codes.]
    Gender Ratio: N/A
    Height: 1'11"
    Weight: 14.1 lbs
    Color Class: Grey
    Evolution: ERRORNO492 does not evolve.

    - Seed Flare
    - Metal Sound
    - Tackle
    59 Zap Cannon

    Classification: Rotting Pokemon
    Type: Dragon/Poison
    Ability: Marvel Scale/Poison Hand
    Dream World: Stench
    Stats: 245/83/54/42/32/70
    Description: A subdued purple draconic creature standing on its hind legs. Parts of its body are ripped off, showing the bones underneath. Half of its face is ripped off, and the
    eye is black with a red pupil. It has rams horns, long teeth, and black spikes coming from its back. The inside of its mouth is billowing with unhealthy looking smog.
    Flavor Text: A CORODREGON can be smelled from miles away. Its fearsome stench is only matched by its fearsome appearance and power.
    Gender Ratio: 50% Male/50% Female
    Height: 8'03"
    Weight: 482.6 lbs
    Color Class: Purple
    Evolution: Corodregon does not evolve.

    - Smog
    - Twister
    - Grudge
    - Spite
    9 Dragon Rage
    18 Sludge
    27 Toxic
    36 Dragon Claw
    45 Glare
    55 Sludge Bomb
    66 Acid Armor
    77 Fire Blast
    89 Memento
    100 Gunk Shot

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    Aww~ Thanks, Yssy(? Need to figure out a pet name abbreviation for that.) BTW, did I ever say that I stalk your fic on and love it? [/fanboy moment]

    Name: Mudim (mood + dim)
    Species: Recluse Pokémon
    Type: Dark
    Evolution: Mudingy (level 38)
    Ability: Infiltrator, Rattled, Moody (DW)
    Appearance: A small kappa-esque creature with a flattened head and a glowing diamond-shaped jewel set into its forehead, and its eyes are always closed. It is colored mainly in black with purple accents on its hands and feet, which are flattened and have small stubby fingers. A Mudim’s limbs are really thin and seem unable to support itself, but they are surprisingly strong.
    Description: Mudim hide in caves and usually sit curled up in corners, pining to themselves over minor things. They are very easily surprised and react to disturbances harshly, blindly attacking until the target goes away. The color of the gem on their foreheads change according to their mood, darkening if they feel upset. Because of their unstable emotions, Mudim are difficult Pokémon to train, but they eventually can become dependent on their trainer. Whether this is a good thing is yet to be determined...
    Notes: Mudim learn the standard Dark movepool, with a few other Poison moves for its evolution (which is Dark-Poison). It specializes in defense over offense, much like Scraggy/Scrafty.

    And, for sh!ts and giggles, here's an ability.

    Slippery – The Pokémon cannot take damage or be inflicted with a status condition upon switching into battle.
    Shiny Hunt Status
    Darumaka (W, random) - found!
    Tranquill (W, random) - found!
    Maractus (W, Masuda) - 660 eggs hatched
    Oshawott (W, Masuda) - not started

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    I have another fakemon set:

    Mummini (Mummy - Mini)
    Mummeanie (Mummy - Meanie)
    Pharomega (Pharoh - omega (mega))

    Young Mummy Pokemon
    Physical Description: Mummini is a small humaniod pokemon that is almost completely wrapped with cloth, only one eye is fully visible which is blue and takes up 1/8 of its head another visible feature is it's mouth is visible, parts of its cloth hang down from his left arm and another part drags from his right foot, its hands lack any fingers, making it almost impossible for it to hold anything without his psychic abilities.
    Type: Dark/Ghost
    Ability: pickup/Mummy
    Data: Mummini is very curious and will walk around with its arms pointing forward. It will become very dependent of its trainer if taken care of.

    Mummini -Level 30-> Mummeanie -Trade with pyramid rock-> Pharomega

    Ginguin - Roacharmer

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    Well, I'm finally back. Here's a new trio in the Hetla region which is basically the equivalent of the Monkey Trio in Unova.

        Spoiler:- Teli and Telien:

        Spoiler:- Shadi and Shadien:

        Spoiler:- Doji and Dojien:

        Spoiler:- New Abilities:

        Spoiler:- New Attacks:

    Comments would be greatly appreciated.

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    @Gallade: I'Mah <3 Doji 'n Dojien. I love their Triple Punch X3
    @legnak: I luv the Pharomega's name, cool!
    @Rinne: The evolution, Mudingy, like a combination of "Mud' and "thingy" xD

        Spoiler:- big:

        Spoiler:- Big:

        Spoiler:- Big:

    Which one you'll pick? xD
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    @Galladerocks: nice work.

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    Well I got two new pokemon i made today during classs

    Thief Pokemon

    Dex 1: It creates small lightening bolts and strikes its enemy. It steals the victim's valuables and escapes while the foe is stunned for a minute.

    Dex 2: Shockief lives in packs. They send one or two Shockief at a time to steal valuables, always taking turns.

    Description: It is a small labrador puppy that stands on two legs. It has a red band around its eyes and is wearing a thief's hat. It has a yellow marking on its belly. It also carries a small dark bag around with it at all times.

    It has high stats in attack and speed but very low defenses.

    Shockief>>>>Level 40>>>>Thundular


    Dex 1: It carries a lighting bolt knife with it at all times. Victims who get stabbed by the bolt is said to be unconscious for 10 minutes

    Dex 2: These Pokemon can cause blackouts. The steal everything in total darkness and are unable to be detected.

    Description: Its bigger than Shockief. The difference is that Thundular has two lighting bolts on the top of its head and the end of the tail has a lightening bolt (Like Raichu has one)

    This guy also has poor defenses and great attack and speed. It is most likey that it should have focus sash as a held item.

    THundular have a special move no one else can learn

    Bolt Stab
    Power: 85
    Accuracy: 100
    PP: 10

    Description: User stabs the opponent with a lighting bolt. User may become paralyzed.
    ~Credits to SwornMetalhead for the Banner~

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    can we have a contest like the shuckle one?
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    @pamizard: that sounds awesome.

    I have a new move:

    Dragonblast Fury
    Type: Dragon
    Power: 75
    PP: 25
    Catagory: Physical

    Description: The user slams into the foe ruethlessly 2-5 times for up to 5 turns.
    After the attack the users Speed and Att. are increased (1.5X)

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    The most important way to fill up your Pokedex is... get this! Concepts.

    That's right: names without faces... or bodies.

    A mere concept, an idea, stored in a Pokedex, maybe with a type and possibly stats to be utilized at a later time. That is how I have filled near/over 500 creatures! The big secret is out, now go add clever names to your Pokedexes and scamper over the details later on!

    One such creature I'll fill in now!

    Type: Steel/Ice
    Ability: Punching Bag (Heals 1/4 from Fight moves and directs all fight moves to it in team battles)/Fire Forged (Raises Attack when struck by Fire, prevents damage)
    Dreamworld: Solid Rock
    Breeding Group: Mineral/Bug
    Appearance: A glistening icy blue anvil with slanted eyes and underneathe the anvil itself are many feeler insect legs. Its size is about knee high.
    Evolution: Koldforge (Lvl 33)

    Stats: 45 HP/50 Atk/70 Def/75 SpA/80 SpD/20 Spe Total: 340

    Anveil's movepool is mostly Steel and Ice, but Bug moves can be bred as well and the sparks of a thunderous Anvil ring true with Thunderbolt. Statistically, you want lots of Ice Beam shooting power and likely a Trick Room setup! Nasty Plot is a choice if you're bold, but CleverHelmet lets you stay defensive and offense oriented at the same time boosting Defense and SpAttack. Unless you're Evo Stoning it, you might want to evolve it. In fact, for a great stat boost, you should!

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    Ah! I get it now. That's pretty genius, but my OCD would trump me every time.

    Some of your concepts are pretty far-fetched, though, even for Pokemon. An anvil covered in ice? A toxic brownie? I can't see a Pokemon based on the Senate building.

    Just sayin'. Maybe a visual would help, I dunno, I just call 'em like I see 'em.
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    ^a Pokemon based on the Senate building could be Rock/Psychic. It would have lots of sound-based moves (like Chatter), have blocking moves, and would generally be an annoyer with potential to be a good attacker. You can do quite a bit with ridiculous ideas, actually, if you're willing to bend your thinking.

    I'd like to do a contest again too; those are fun. It's mostly getting the time to put prompts together, and seeing about having judges who will keep up regularly.
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    I'd judge if it helps out the club, though if possible I'd llike to enter.
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    Sstt.... secret


    Hm.... I want to enter the contest, as long as there's no spriting/scratching. But if drawing, I'll do it xD I also can help to judge in design or anything, but not the stats xD

    Yeah, sorry, I'm a bit inactive lately. I've been busy on clicking at my fav adoptable site.... And also drawing..........
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    I did consider doing a more informal contest over the previous multi-round ones. It would be simpler too. Basically, one person gives a challenge to the rest of the club, such as creating a Pokemon of a certain animal, type combo, or whatever, and acts as the judge for that particular challenge. Whoever wins gets to suggest the next challenge and be the next judge, while the past judge can then participate. The acting judge could even ask for the opinions of non-participants to decide a winner (which would also make it more fair too). It would be self-perpetuating in that way.

    What's everyone's thoughts on this? I'll give a starting round if there's sufficient interest.
    Pokedex OS- Still trying to capture every single Pokemon out there in words: 648/718 Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh complete!

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    I'd like that

    I have a new fakemon stage

    Titouse (drop the m in titmouse)
    Baby Titmouse pokemon
    ht: 0'08
    wt: 3LBS

    Physical description: Titouse is a small bird like pokemon that resembles a young titmouse with his grey feathers ruffled up to keep warm, it's crest on his head is either red or blue, differs by where it was born (Red-south, Blue-north).
    Type: normal/Flying
    Abilities: Keen eye/Reliance

    Evolves to Either Cardrill or Blujayna at level 35,depending on color of crest

    Cardnal pokemon
    Wt: 7Lbs
    Physical description:
    Cardrill looks similar to a male cardnal (Females look like female cardnals respectively and are brown instead of Red) with a drill for a beak, it's wings have the pattern of the Confederate Flag on the top and the bottom of the feathers are jet black. it's tail feathers are a cottony white and very soft.
    Type: Fire/Flying
    Abiities: Rivalry/Flash fire

    Blue jay pokemon
    Wt: 7Lbs
    Physical description:
    Cardrill looks similar to a male Bluejay (Females look like female bluejays respectively and are grey instead of blue) with what appears do be a undeveloped blue drill for it's crest, it's wings have the pattern of the Union Flag on the top and the bottom of the feathers are pure white. it's tail feathers have the same texture as steel and hurt to touch.
    Type: Water/Flying
    Abiities: Rivalry/Water absorb

    Ginguin - Roacharmer

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    I like that idea alot, but if it starts soon i wont be in it, i havnt been active because im writing my fanfic, then going to post on the forums, and im liking the way its going, even if iv only released 20/126 Fakemon, but more will come. Sorry for inactivity.

    ^Image By Skiyomi^

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    I'll for sure enter, Yssavryl. it sounds awesome.

    I've surpassed my needed amount of Fakemon for my fanfic, but I can't remember which ones go to which region now. One region is Firaca, and the other is Delnorta.

    The concepts I remember that I hadn't posted yet:
    -Rock/Grass Protoceratops fossil "Protodil" and "Protoderon"
    -Rock/Electric Velociraptop fossil "Lectraptor" and "Dromociter"
    -Grass/Fire random plant line "Triffick" and "Cajackle"
    -Dark Raccoon line, unnamed
    -three two-stage spider lines, similar to the panmonkeys and simimonkeys:
    --Bug/Fighting Spideck and Arachfist
    --Bug/Psychic Spidream and Arachseer
    --Bug/Dark Spidusk and Arachnite
    -Ice/Electric Christmas lightbulb to abominable light-snowman Bolbin and Frevoltus
    -Normal/Ghost Bushbaby
    -Normal/Grass 100-base-stat legend "Luckiver" which is basically a vole with a four-leaf-clover around its neck, a la Meganium.

    also a dunsparce evo, Dugtrio evo, Lickitung prevo, Bouffalant prevo, electrode evo...that's all I remember btu I think there was more.
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