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Thread: The Fakemon Club IV

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    Sstt.... secret


    It's too empty here.....

    Anyway, I have redesign my region, Renva Region, which can be found here in the first spoiler tag, although it hasn't been completed yet. The theme for teh names of the towns and cities are about things that has something to do with state of mind or body, or natures. Hayfeel is from happy, Restiral is from tired and rest, Imsade is from sadness(I'm sad), Smilia is from smile, Wineager is from eager, Freesdome is from freedom, Lonslake is from lonely, Hartlov is from love, Moddelaw is from modest, Sallant is from gallant, Contree is from content/satisfied, Ramprove is from rampage/angry, Callimira is from calm. Plus, a colibri fakemon.

        Spoiler:- Colibrid:
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    I have returned! Temporarily, at least. I've been revising my Fakemon lately and have decided to start anew. Thus, I have retconned my first three Fakemon Dexes. Now, I'm taking the best of those three regions and am combining them together, along with my newest creations, to make one new, polished region. I am keeping my original region, Zenzai, though it will now feature some of the characteristics of my other two regions, Sarhaiyu and Hetla. I have also retconned two of the new types I created, Cosmic and Gem, after I realized how completely pointless they are. Everything Cosmic can pretty much go under Psychic or Dark and everything Gem is just Rock. I've also renamed my Sonic type as Sound and have included the rumored "Love" type on several Pokemon. Even if it doesn't end up being real, I still think it's a logical new type, so I'll keep it anyway. Now, without yet going into detail for each of my new Pokemon, here is a list of my newly compiled Zenzai Dex. It is far from complete, and will probably feature some additions and removals, but this is what I have right now:

        Spoiler:- Extraordinarily Long List:
    Dimensions of Darkness - on hiatus l Sgt. Froakie - on hiatus l Envoy - upcoming

    harmoNy - one-shot l The Piplup and Chimchar Variety Hour - on hiatus
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    Gallade, it's been nearly half a year since the last post. This is dead, although someone should probably make a new version.

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