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    Default Trailer for Your Fanfic thread - new version

    *this thread can be bumped*

    I don't see the old Trailer for Your Fanfic thread around anymore, so I'm recreating it.


    [Trailer Music]

    Five hundred years ago, a legendary city made entirely of gold, known only to its inhabitants and a few brave adventurers, disappeared in the course of but a single night.

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt, reading a book in a library whose walls feature many stained glass panels

    "This book says that the Golden City disappeared five hundred years ago, but that a great disaster befell it? Why didn't we know about this before?"
    Now, in a modern land trapped in the past, a new danger arises that threatens the peaceful balance of power...

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt's Salamence is battling Heatran; it uses Hydro Pump while Heatran uses Flash Cannon. The two attacks collide in a spectacular explosion, lighting up the environment - a cave filled with towers and pyramids made of gold

    "Salamence! You must keep fighting!"

    "If Ross doesn't deactivate that Magma Stone, we can never win..."
    This summer, in the land caught between the past and the future, the grand battle of the present will decide which way time flows! An ancient legend will come alive... and the world's fate hangs in the balance!

    Quote Originally Posted by As Fernando flies overhead on his Dragonite, and Matt, Eleanor, Carter, Howard, Rosalita, Shaymin and the palace guards look on, a gigantic, alternately-colored Regigigas erupts from the ground, instantly dwarfing all around it as it roars in its robotic voice. The view zooms in on Fernando's crazed eye

    "You have one last chance to spare your own lives. If you don't wish to become the pancakes on the foot of this great beast I control... GIVE ME THE SHAYMIN!!"
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