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Thread: Trailer for Your Fanfic thread - new version

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    Default Trailer for Your Fanfic thread - new version

    *this thread can be bumped*

    I don't see the old Trailer for Your Fanfic thread around anymore, so I'm recreating it.


    [Trailer Music]

    Five hundred years ago, a legendary city made entirely of gold, known only to its inhabitants and a few brave adventurers, disappeared in the course of but a single night.

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt, reading a book in a library whose walls feature many stained glass panels

    "This book says that the Golden City disappeared five hundred years ago, but that a great disaster befell it? Why didn't we know about this before?"
    Now, in a modern land trapped in the past, a new danger arises that threatens the peaceful balance of power...

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt's Salamence is battling Heatran; it uses Hydro Pump while Heatran uses Flash Cannon. The two attacks collide in a spectacular explosion, lighting up the environment - a cave filled with towers and pyramids made of gold

    "Salamence! You must keep fighting!"

    "If Ross doesn't deactivate that Magma Stone, we can never win..."
    This summer, in the land caught between the past and the future, the grand battle of the present will decide which way time flows! An ancient legend will come alive... and the world's fate hangs in the balance!

    Quote Originally Posted by As Fernando flies overhead on his Dragonite, and Matt, Eleanor, Carter, Howard, Rosalita, Shaymin and the palace guards look on, a gigantic, alternately-colored Regigigas erupts from the ground, instantly dwarfing all around it as it roars in its robotic voice. The view zooms in on Fernando's crazed eye

    "You have one last chance to spare your own lives. If you don't wish to become the pancakes on the foot of this great beast I control... GIVE ME THE SHAYMIN!!"
    The new adventure awaits - Pokémon Ranger and the Gardener of Gratitude.
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    Thanks for bring this again, Butler! Also, awesome trailer and song!

    Okay, to tell the truth not exactly sure if I'll go through with this project since real life suddenly became hectic. However, I’m still planning this project and having ideas. Also, trying something a bit different. This is base on the style of Falthor’s and Cheshire Cat’s written commercials in the old thread, so I’m trying it out. All right, here it goes.

    (note: bolded parts are voiceovers :X)

    FADE IN:

    Giovanni, dressing in a long gray coat and wearing a hat, talks to a tall brown haired male and a small black haired girl. The teenager looks to be seventeen years old while the girl looks to be eleven. The former Team Rocket leader smirks at the two, causing them to stare at him in confusion.

    “I can’t believe Team Rocket is returning and wants me back. I guess there are a few competent members after all.”

    FADE OUT, FADE IN new scene:

    An office with not much accessories in it. A red haired woman wearing a purple cotton dress talks to a brown haired teenager (the same male shown earlier). The male is wearing black attire, but the “R” on the center of his shirt is gold. The woman cranes her head and giggles.

    “Remember Randy, don’t let anyone get in our way.”

    CUT TO:

    Randy pointing the gun at the small girl shown earlier. Her eyes are wide and her whole body is shaking.


    “If you want to know who I am, call me Randy Gregson.”

    FADE IN:

    ”I was able to redeem myself, but sometimes Fate pushes us back to where our roots got started.

    A full moon outside. A young teenager that looked about the same age as Randy grinned at him. Her kimono flaps due to the light breeze tonight.

    “So that’s how you’re repaying Team Rocket, huh? Backstabbing them?”

    Randy lets out a smudged smile. “Well, I’m a G-Men, after all.”

    The kimono clad girl laughs and she went to kiss him.

    FADE OUT, FADE IN new scene:

    You’re about to experience the second chapter of my life.

    Randy outside at a grave, holding a flower.

    FADE OUT, FADE IN new scene:

    The same eleven year old girl. She keeps jumping up and down with both her Pokegear and Poketech on hand.

    “Seriously, both of those items are like the best inventions ever! There’s just so many features I love about them.”

    ”Oh yeah, this is the brat Michelle’s story too.”

    CUT TO:

    Michelle glaring, holding her Ivysaur.


    (The next series of scenes will go immediate transitions)

    CUT TO:

    Michelle’s Ivysaur going against a Rhyperior . The plant Pokemon had leafy vines come out of the flower on his back and the vines grabbed the Drill Pokemon’s leg. After the Ivysaur stepped back, he pulled and then the ground-rock type fell down.

    CUT TO:

    A Pidgeot shrieking and able to use an electric attack. The Thunderbolt suddenly sears though the windows from a nearby building.

    CUT TO:

    The same red haired lady shown earlier looking through at her cards. After gazing at them for a long time, her mouth sneaks in a tiny smile.

    CUT TO:

    Randy, Michelle, and Professor Oak running towards the top of a cliff and then they saw a burning city. Horror can be shown in their eyes.

    CUT TO:

    The kimono girl shown earlier ordering her Umbreon to use Shadow Ball at Michelle’s Jolteon. The attack smacks the electric type right on his face and he falls down.

    CUT TO:
    Bill holding an Eevee too close on Michelle’s face and she looks petrified.

    CUT TO:

    Randy and Michelle flying on the male’s Skamory, nighttime. The two look down at Goldenrod City. After both gaze onto each other’s eyes, they both nodded. The two have determination in their eyes.


    Professor Oak, Randy, and Michelle outside a forest. The professor looks tired and his eyes lost its spark. After taking deep breaths, he sighs. Both Randy and Michelle look concern.

    “I know Team Rocket is capable of some things, but not something as notorious as this. Arceus help us all.”

    FADE OUT, THEN FADE IN to title of the story:

    The Delta House
    Coming soon
    Foul Play
    Because we all need a story about two Dark Type elite trainers in Alola bonding.
    Chapter Four up!

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    Bay: Ooh, sounds very intriguing. ^^; I might have to check that one out! :]

    Here's mine. Trying my best to create a trailer/commercial.

    Italic = Text on screen
    () = Descriptions of scene
    [] = Changing of scenes
    "BOLD" = Actual outloud speaking


    [Text fades in from black]

    Twenty two years ago…the land was ravaged with a fierce earthquake.

    (People screaming, buildings collapsing, land crumbling and crushing innocents. A massive uprising of a piece of Earth the size of a city.)

    When all was settled, a land known as the Lost Ground was formed.

    (Images of people in broken down towns, trying to rebuild. Families are carrying all they have, kids playing with broken toys, adults rebuilding anything they can.)

    A strange ability came about.

    (Sudden and flashing images of people glowing a strange multicolor, with material disappearing, creating something new.)

    [Large text; fades in]

    Alter Power…

    [Fades out]

    A police force was created to deal with these so called alter users.

    “The mainland cannot control us! We make our own lives!”

    (Sudden images of a brown haired girl, named Kisa, racing through what looks like a formal police like building.)

    Persecution is unavoidable.

    “I am not a criminal just because of my abilities! I’m human like you!”

    (Sudden images of a black haired girl, name Aya, running through a destroyed city.)

    Their powers are wanted for a horrible purpose.

    (A white haired man in a button down suit sits at a desk, watching video of the two former girls. Kisa’s power, the ability to copy other alters, and Aya’s power, to transform into a dog like human hybrid have him smiling deviously)

    “I’ve never seen such alters as theirs before. I will have them and with that, I will finally control all of the Lost Ground. No alter user will be able to escape my grasp! NONE OF THEM!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!”

    (Flashing images change with uprising music; all happen right after one another.)

    [FADE IN]

    (A green haired young man stands at the exit of a building, Kisa runs from him with tears in her eyes. She regrets doing what she’s chosen but knows she has no choice.)

    “Kisa, all you need to remember is that you need to survive. Don’t let them have the power that is rightfully yours!”


    (A black haired man stands in the center of many people, holding his gun out toward many oncoming enemies. He playfully shoves the girl next to him (Aya) with his shoulder.)

    “Show them exactly what your power can do and prove to them you’re the only one who can use it correctly.”


    (Kisa stands on the outer edge of a town, looking toward the distance. Aya comes up next to her.)

    “We have a choice to make, Kisa.”

    “And we both know the answer to that, don’t we, Aya?”


    (Clashing scenes of the white haired man and the black haired man in battle)

    The right to live…

    (Clashing scenes of Kisa and Aya fighting against each other)

    The purpose of fighting…

    (Scenes of Kisa with two boys as children, playing as in memories)

    (Scenes of Aya and the black haired man in their home, memories)

    …will all be challenged now.

    "We all have the right to make our own choices! You cannot control us!”

    Rated PG-16

    © s-CRY-ed, Final Fantasy, Yu-Gi-Oh to their respective owners
    (image beautifully drawn by pixiv user id #45323)
    Lelouch is watching over all of us.

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    Wow, this is great! Here's a trailer for my PMD2 trilogy.

    Italics=Narrator speaking

    All has been peaceful in the Pokemon world.

    Cut to
    Piplup and Chimchar are staring up at Primal Dialga atop Temporal Tower.

    The dark tyrant of the future...

    Cut to
    Piplup, Chimchar, and Cresselia have Darkrai cornered.

    And the mastermind behind the scheme...Both have been defeated.

    Cut to
    Piplup, Chimchar, and Lapras are all standing on the beach at sunset.

    But deep in the future...

    Cut to
    Celebi is sprawled in front of the portal, and Grovyle and Dusknoir are squaring off before her. The future, still dark and lifeless, is disintegrating in the distance.

    ...Evil is still at work.

    Cut to
    Piplup, Chimchar, and Lapras throw themselves down just as a firey pink comet smashes into the sand.
    Evil is hard at work, and it works in confusing ways.

    Cut to
    Piplup and Chimchar looking around them into a world of absolute darkness.

    Cut to
    Piplup and Chimchar are standing before the Wigglytuff Guild, looking determined.
    Now, Piplup and Chimchar have yet again been pulled into the adventure of a lifetime.

    But never before has it been this treacherous.

    Cut to
    Piplup and Chimchar are inside a cave, about to exit when an enormous rockfall tumbles down, blocking the exit.

    Nor this fatal.

    Cut to
    A wave of gray and black easily overcomes a lake and the land around it, freezing it all in time. Chatot is also overcome by the wave.

    Cut to
    Chimchar and Grovyle are slammed into a cave wall by Regirock.

    Cut to
    A Dragonite and a Garchomp disappear under the rubble of a falling building.

    Cut to
    Marill and Azurill stand in the middle of a clearing in a sea of fog. A light shines down upon them and there is an evil laugh. The two scream.

    Cut to
    Piplup and Chimchar stepping into a dark cave.
    But hope is not lost. Piplup and Chimchar still remain.

    Cut to
    Grovyle and Dusknoir standing before the Guild members.
    Grovyle and Dusknoir accompany them on their quest to save the world yet again.

    But they have more adversaries than they could ever imagine.

    Cut to
    Piplup and Chimchar squaring off with Gallade, Rhyperior, and Roserade in front of the Wigglytuff Guild.

    Cut to
    Piplup and Chimchar stand on a beach, surrounded by a Mew, Weavile, Arbok, Drapion, Gyarados, Rhyperior, and Roserade.

    Cut to
    Piplup exchanges blows with an Empoleon.

    Cut to
    Piplup and Chimchar gasp in surprise. They are standing in a vast expanse of pitch-blackness when Darkrai suddenly emerges before them.

    Cut to
    Piplup and Chimchar exchange blows with a Cranidos and a Shieldon in a tunnel.

    Cut to
    A Rampardos and a Bastiodon look down over a ruined city from the top of a large stone building.

    Cut to
    A stone floor explodes and Rayquaza explodes up out of it.

    Cut to
    Grovyle spars with a Sceptile in underground ruins.

    Cut to
    Chimchar ducks just in time to avoid the Hyper Beam shot by an Attack Forme Deoxys.

    But they have even more allies.

    Cut to
    A group shot in front of the Wigglytuff Guild. Features Wigglytuff, Chatot, Celebi, Bidoof, Loudred, Diglett, Dugtrio, Croagunk, Chimecho, Sunflora, Corphish, Skuntank, Zubat, Koffing, Marill, Azurill, Drowzee, Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit, Dialga, Lopunny, Gardevoir, Medicham, Cresselia, and Manaphy.

    The ultimate adventure...

    Cut to
    Piplup, Corphish, and Manaphy charge into Treasure Town, which is thick with smoke.

    Cut to
    Piplup, Chimchar, Celebi, Wigglytuff, Skuntank, Chatot, and Bidoof stand before the Wigglytuff Guild. The sun is shining bright, but snow is falling to the ground.

    Cut to
    Piplup, Chimchar, Wigglytuff, Chatot, Bidoof, Skuntank, Lopunny, Medicham, Gardevoir, Celebi, and Cresselia stand at the bottom of a chasm in the Hidden Land. Dusknoir looms above them on a peak of stone as hundreds upon hundreds of evil Pokemon emerge from seemingly nowhere, including Sableye, Spiritomb, Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Leafeon, Vulpix, Aggron, Drifblim, Steelix, and Onix.

    Cut to
    Regirock, Regice, and Registeel loom over two shadowy figures inside a tunnel.

    Cut to
    Piplup, Chimchar, and Lucario flee towards some ancient ruins with a Cranidos, a Shieldon, a Sceptile, a Machamp, and an Abomasnow close behind them.

    Cut to
    Piplup sits alone in a dark jail cell, when a Pikachu suddenly pops out of the ground in front of him.

    Cut to
    Piplup, Chimchar, a Dragonite, and a Pikachu stand on a rocky bridge staring out over a deep, dark abyss. Darkrai, a Normal Forme Deoxys, and a Garchomp are flying towards them.

    ...Is only just beginning!

    Cut to
    A giant wormhole-like portal is sucking hard at a group of Pokemon in a dark, gray landscape. Grovyle, Dusknoir, a Dragonite, and a Pikachu are sucked into the portal and disappear, leaving Piplup and Chimchar alone. They turn around to face complete blackness, where a pair of glowing crimson eyes suddenly open.

    Cut to
    A book. The cover shows Piplup and Chimchar surrounded by blackness, with Grovyle, Celebi, Skuntank, and Wigglytuff in the four corners. Gallade, Mew, Empoleon, and Darkrai loom up behind them.
    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Explorers of Nightmares!

    Cut to
    Another book. The cover shows Piplup and Chimchar in a deep, dark tunnel, with Grovyle, Dusknoir, Lucario, and Mew in the four corners. Cranidos, Shieldon, Rampardos, Bastiodon, and Rayquaza loom up behind them, with Darkrai lurking in the shadows.
    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Explorers of the Core!

    Cut to
    A final book. The cover shows Piplup and Chimchar surrounded by blackness, with Grovyle, Dusknoir, Dragonite, and Pikachu in the corners. Garchomp lurks in Dragonite's shadow, and Darkrai and Deoxys loom up behind Piplup and Chimchar. A pair of crimson eyes glow in the background.
    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Explorers of the Beyond!

    Read at your local serebiiforums website.
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    It is rather rushed, I can do better, but here it is!

    Trailer Music:

    Fade from black
    An older teenager runs through waist-high grass in the dark of night. A rustling is seen and heard quickly following him.

    He turns his head, slowing down slightly, and a gigantic brown rat ( launches itself from the grass and bites down upon his shoulder.

    The boy screams in pain before knocking the beast off of him and continuing his, now, sprint. He shouts for help, still holding his shoulder, blood leaking from his between his fingers.

    He begins to slow, and he is ready to resign himself to his fate. The rodent jumps for the final strike, but a large burst of flames scorches it mid-leap.

    The boy turns to the source of the fire, and sees a creature much more terrifying than the first, if only for its size. It towers over him, and like some horrific crossbreed of a lion and a dog. Its fur is red, with a yellow mane and tail, and its sides were decorated with black stripes of varying angles (

    He screams, but is quickly quieted by the appearance of an aged man.

    "What the hell is that!?" He shouts pointing at the the seeming canine-feline hybrid.

    The man smiles, "Why, it is an animal just like any other."

    Quick fade from black

    A small boat with two members aboard skims across the ocean, two massive orbs of red glow from underneath the water. (

    Quick fade to and from black as it returns to the original teen

    Incredulous, the teen replies, "Animals don't breathe fire and rats don't get like that!" He gestures into the tall grass. "Now tell me, who are you, and what are these things?"

    The old man straightens his back, and drops his arms to his sides, and answers, "I am Professor Samuel Oak."

    Quick fade to black

    A lone man stands amid the rubble of a massive city. Entire buildings are aflame. Many are completely destroyed.

    The man looks up; a leviathan stands among the few remaining buildings, dwarfing them. It is white, with large, pointed yellow shoulders. Mirroring the color of the shoulders, a large arch covers its chest, or what appears to be one. On either side of the "arch" are three glowing dots, red, blue and white. Between the arch and the shoulders are patches of moss, nearly as big as buildings themselves. (

    A jet soars over the man, and launches a trio of missiles into the monster, all of them are blocked by a green force field. The colossal being thrusts an arm forward into the jet, and it explodes into a brilliant burst of flames.

    Fade to black/scene change

    The old man continues, gesturing to the large canine.

    "And these are Pokémon."

    Flashing scenes

    An orange dragon soars through the sky, its tale alight with fire.

    A herd of green dinosaur-like creatures of varying sizes march through a great plain.

    A massive shell floats on the surface of the ocean, countless smaller shells surround it. Two ivory cannons emerge from the largest shells front, at the sound of a great roar.

    Slow fade to black

    Pokémon Evolution


    Pokémon Evolution shall star a 17-year old teenager from our world, stuck in a more realistic and darker Pokemon world. Tell me what you think! I'll probably have the first chapter up by the end of the week, school is starting again, so maybe not >.< .
    Sig by Hydro King, Art by

    Pokémon Evolution
    The world isn't all rainbows and butterflies.
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    (This card shall be updated as the fanfiction progresses.)

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    Default [FACT]IONS -- The TRuth Lies Within…

    I really hope you enjoy this theatrical trailer. This is for my first-ever Fan Fiction novel to be written on the Forums, the second Fan Fiction work that I have ever written. The song "Lux &#198;terna (Orchestral Version)" is composed by Clint Mansell and has been used in numerous trailers, one of note being for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. For your convenience, a link is provided a few lines downward. Feel free to listen to this song as you read the trailer, which is written—somewhat—in screenplay format.

    Please tell me what you think of it! Enjoy!

    FADE IN.

    KAMON (V.O.)
    War: it has destroyed our humanity.


    KAMON sits on his cot and stares out the window. Outside, he sees thousands
    of weapon-wielding men marching in unison towards a burning city. He grits
    his teeth and clenches his fist. He punches the wall. His knuckles are
    bloody. A NOCTOWL flies towards the window and pecks at the iron bars.
    KAMON pets its feathers and continues to look at the destruction outside.

    KAMON (V.O.)
    These people are savages. They do
    nothing but maim for pleasure.


    An EXECUTIONER throws a Pok&#233; Ball into the air. A SCYTHER reveals itself. It
    raises its blades in the air. A PRISONER lays on the gallows floorboards, his
    hands tied behind his back. The SCYTHER brings its arms down and chops the
    head off the PRISONER. KAMON looks away in disgust. The EXECUTIONER
    laughs and smiles. He raises his arms into the air and proclaims to the crowd.

    We have just ended the Revolution!
    Everyone involved has died! A new era
    of greatness dawns upon us! ALL HAIL

    CHEERS boom throughout the entire courtyard.

    KAMON (V.O.)
    I am a missionary. I wish to bring
    justice to a world devoid of peace.

    KAMON, shackled, plods to a tree and sits underneath it. He grabs a pen and
    adds another name to the list of people in his diary.

    Ashton James Fitzgerald, 26: Revolution Leader
    Execution Date: 19 December 20xx

    Below it reads:

    Giovanni Richard Silverwing, 45: Team Rocket Leader
    Execution Date: 25 December 20xx

    KAMON (V.O.)
    If that means stopping the man who gave
    me life, then so be it.


    KAMON (V.O.)
    My name is Kamon Taylor Silverwing.

    KAMON puts on a Team Rocket uniform. He clips three Pok&#233; Balls and a
    handgun on his belt. Putting the hat with the blood red "R" insignia on his
    head, he exits the room.


    KAMON meets a GRUNT, nods cordially, and walks in the opposite direction
    towards a fuse box. Unclipping a Pok&#233; Ball, he opens it to reveal a SNEASEL
    that cuts the wires and shuts the whole floor down. Two seconds later, an
    ELECTRODE explodes and EXECUTIVES are summoned. The lights turn out
    three seconds afterward and nothing seems to be different. KAMON casually
    exits the room and is then stopped and inquisitioned at gunpoint by ANDREA.

    What the hell happened here, Grunt?

    KAMON looks down at the ground. A GENGAR appears from the ground and
    attacks ANDREA with a Shadow Punch. KAMON grabs her gun, the Pok&#233; Ball
    that dangles from her neck, and runs out.

    KAMON (V.O.)
    I must do what it takes to destroy the Rockets.


    KAMON rips off the uniform and shows himself to wear a G-Men ensemble.
    However, he continues to wear the Rocket beret.

    KAMON (V.O.)
    Even if it means being a Rocket myself.

    KAMON stands outside looking out in the distance. Behind him stand a
    a serious demeanor on their faces. Behind the group, the Viridian Gym is set
    on fire.


    FADE IN:



    FADE IN:


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    Here, I've got another one for my upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! chaptered fic.

    Italics= Narrator speaking

    Fade In
    A peaceful park. The trees are green, the sky is blue, the birds are singing, all that peaceful stuff.
    All has been peaceful since Atem the pharoah moved on to the afterlife. With the Millenium Items sealed away, there is not much to fight for.

    Cut to
    A dark bedroom in the middle of the night. A figure is squirming underneath the covers, writhing as if having a bad dream. Suddenly, he sits straight up in his bed. It is Seto Kaiba, grinning evilly.
    But Seto Kaiba has remembered what almost everyone else has forgotten.

    Cut to
    Yugi Muto is sitting alone in his grandpa's shop, looking through a binder holding all of the cards he's used in the past few years. We see his trademark Dark Magician, along with Dark Magician Girl, Magician of Black Chaos, Buster Blader, Kuriboh, and the Magnet Warriors. Then, however, Yugi flips to the back page of his binder. All that is visible are extra copies of Polymerization, Monster Reborn, and Multiply. However, he pulls out the three cards, revealing what is hidden beneath: The Egyptian God Cards.
    Yugi Muto is still the dueling legend that he's always been. However, since Atem moved on to the afterlife, Yugi's been dueling without the aid of the Egyptian God cards. He simply leaves them in his binder, waiting for the next big tournament like Battle City or Duelist Kingdom, in which their power may once again be needed.

    Cut to
    Kaiba is sitting at a computer, typing hastily away, despite it being the middle of the night.
    That time may once again be approaching.

    Cut to
    Joey Wheeler stretching his arms outside his house in the morning before checking his mailbox. A letter is inside, from Kaibacorp.

    Cut to
    Mai Valentine is sitting alone at a restaurant, when a waiter walks by, inconspicuously leaving a letter on the table.

    Cut to
    Maximillion Pegasus is looking laborously over some new card designs he has recently come up with. His assistant walks up behind him and hands him a letter.

    Cut to
    Ryo Bakura is walking alone down an empty street. A letter is blowing down the street, which then blows against his foot.

    Cut to
    Jaden Yuki is cleaning his room, when he sees the mail truck drive by. He hurries outside and finds a letter in his mailbox.

    Cut to
    Kaiba looking through his deck. Sitting on top is his ultimate weapon: his Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon.
    The next big duel tournament has come. So many people have been invited, but there is only one true reason for this. And Yugi's Egyptian God cards may just have something to do with it...

    Large Text on the Screen
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories! Coming in 2010...

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    I suppose I can give this a shot...unfortunately I'm not a master of presentation, so this may turn out to look mediocre.

    This is NOT a Pokemon fic. This is an original fic that I am actually still storyboarding and trying to figure out how I will present and write it.

    Anyway, without further ado...

    [Okay, guys, the trailer starts now]


    Quote Originally Posted by A scientist, interrogating a man
    "Have you ever wondered what it would be like to cross over and explore an entirely different universe? One completely dissimilar to our own?"
    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Dorple
    "No, sir. I don't have to wonder."
    CUT TO:

    Daniel, a man with crimson eyes, long and grotesquely sharp nails, and unnaturally sharp teeth. He is sitting at a desk with the scientist across the desk from him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel
    "I've already been to one."
    CUT TO:

    A plateau at nighttime, the sky is a sick purple with black strands waving across it. A silhouette resembling a demon stares into the sky.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gallitia, the identity of said silhouette
    "I am not a very successful man. In the warzone, I destroy my enemies, brutally crush them. But for more quiet assignments, I am about as useful as a scope on a cap gun. Thus explaining my utter failure in assassinating the king of the Rekua Kingdom..."

    Gallitia, fully visible, flying through the clouds. He has dark gray skin with bat-like wings, and he has silver armor and a lance implanted into his right arm.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gallitia
    "Now, my new assignment is to find the Rekua Diamond of Wind. And only one person knows where that is...

    The heir to Raptorianos."
    CUT TO:

    An illegal underground facility. Daniel is greeted by a scientist as he walks in.

    Quote Originally Posted by A scientist
    "Welcome to the Organization of Interdimensional Investigation, Mr. Dorple."
    CUT TO:

    Daniel walking into the barracks of the facility. A man in military camouflage greets him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Reggie, the identity of said man
    "So you're the Raptorman, eh? Well, you're lucky. We got plenty of anamolies detected just recently. Looks like work for you and me."
    CUT TO:

    Reggie showing the rest of the organization a slide show on a large screen.

    Quote Originally Posted by Reggie
    "But a few anomalies in particular have grabbed our attention. One of which is a silver gargoyle who claims his name is 'Gallitia'. Based on the creature's intelligence, he is our top priority. But another creature concerns us."
    The screen shows a green insect devouring a human being. Blood and gore is shown. You then see an enormous swarm of the green insects flying by a sign, and the metal sign is no more when the insects pass.

    Quote Originally Posted by Reggie
    "One squadron will investigate the so-called Locusts of Death. The rest of you, including myself, will track this 'Gallitia' down and see if he knows anything about these locusts."
    CUT TO:

    A green and veiny gargoyle, sitting behind an interrogation desk at Area 51. The gargoyle has four wings, one pair that which is connected to its wrists. It has fully black eyes with a white dot for a pupil. The gargoyle has a heavy, intimidating voice with a gentleman accent.

    Picture of this gargoyle

    Quote Originally Posted by Drakath, the identity of said gargoyle

    "You humans will never learn who is the protagonist and antagonist in this situation. It is not possible for your minds to comprehend. Rahtouri is no world for mankind. If you go there, you die."
    Quote Originally Posted by A military interrogator
    "If you don't explain what the hell is going on, we are going to throw you into the jail where all the other freaks are!"
    Quote Originally Posted by Drakath
    "Heh, if you strive to elicit a frightened or threatened response from me, you will have to try much harder than that."
    The interrogator punches Drakath as hard as he could.

    CUT TO:

    Daniel walking through a large field in a rural area with a swarm of the locusts surrounding him massively. A path is made in front of Daniel, and Gallitia approaches him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gallitia
    "You've proven yourself in combat well, but can you save your pitiful world from...

    (Gallitia looks at the surrounding swarm of locusts) children?"
    CUT TO:

    A small rural town being eaten by the locusts.

    CUT TO:

    A rural family holding their children as they hide in their barns, hoping the locusts won't reach them.

    CUT TO:

    The U.S. Army unloading their clips of lead into Gallitia. Gallitia fights back with an enormous blast of fire.

    CUT TO:

    A large hawk combating a well-built black-skinned man (note that this man is NOT African American opposed to what you may think from the description, nor is the man technically "human", for that matter) who is retaliating with impressive sword techniques.

    CUT TO:

    Daniel jumping across the roofs of moving vehicles on a highway as Gallitia attempts to catch him.

    CUT TO:

    Area 51, 1953. Drakath sits behind an interrogation desk.

    Quote Originally Posted by A scientist
    "Do you have a name?"
    Drakath nods.

    Quote Originally Posted by Same scientist
    "Can you grace us with it?"
    Drakath smiles.

    Quote Originally Posted by Drakath
    "Does it truly matter? I am certain that whatever name I give for myself, you and your men will continue to refer to me as 'Experiment X', the 'X' being whatever serial number you pull out of your ass especially for me."
    The scientist glares at Drakath with an unimpressed expression on his face.


    Daniel inside an insect stronghold, readily armed with a shotgun.

    Quote Originally Posted by Riukka (is not present as this is being recited)
    "There are some dangerous creatures that come from Rahtouri..."
    A green locust standing about twenty feet tall emerges from the darkness in front of Daniel, and screeches eerily.

    Quote Originally Posted by Riukka (again, is not present)
    "But many stand out more than others."
    A young girl's scream is heard, and then you hear Daniel shout "Get back!" You then hear Daniel's shotgun fire.



    For the past one hundred and fifty years, mankind has searched for a new land to explore. A, if you will. In 1953, a group of men in Mongolia found their way into this new world, but they have never returned from it. Since then, however, peculiar life forms have been spat out of these interdimensional gates. As such, the creatures were tracked and preserved in Area 51 in Roswell, New Mexico. Now, roughly fifty-nine years later (the fic takes place in 2012), one of the freaks retrieved from this new world reveals a sliver of a plan to attack mankind that has apparently been in development since before mankind existed. He is at first labeled insane for "lack of common sense" and thrown in with the rest of the freaks, but the military will soon enough find out that the plan Drakath hinted at is all too true, and the Locusts of Death are only the first of the plagues to pass through before the planned destruction of mankind.

    Who can stop this all from taking place? Only one man, one peculiar man...named Daniel Dorple.

    ...The Raptorman...


    Book One of the Raptorianos Trilogy

    Coming Soon

    This fic has been rated R for bloody, graphic violence, and some strong language.


    So yeah...told you I suck at presentation. The plot's waaay cooler than whatever this trailer made you think.
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    An extended trailer for the finale chapter of Pokémon Ranger and the Gardener of Gratitude...


    Quote Originally Posted by Sutter Chiaki
    "This is it, the Golden City... the world has not looked upon this place for five centuries, but we have done it!"
    A five hundred year old mystery unravels...

    Quote Originally Posted by Fernando VIII, clutching the Griseous Orb in his hand and being followed by Heatran and a shiny green Bronzong
    "Thanks ever so much for leading me here, Dr. Chiaki, and showing me the way to use the power of this Orb. Heatran, go get rid of them all!"
    The rules of time are broken...

    Quote Originally Posted by Carter, clasping his hands together
    "Transcend the confines of time and space!"
    Quote Originally Posted by The Azure Angel, standing atop a house with a view of the Berrybell Mountains as a dark cloud radiates from them
    "That fiend undid the work of the people of our time and activated the Griseous Orb..."
    ...but in a future where destiny is uncertain...

    Quote Originally Posted by Fernando VII, standing at an altar overlooking a great dark expanse
    "Arise, Regigigas! Avenge your companion and finish what my forefather began!"
    ...can time run out?

    Quote Originally Posted by Having fully emerged from the earth, Regigigas is beginning to lay waste to La Ciudad Dorada, using its attacks to battle Matt's Salamence, Eleanor's Staraptor and Sky Forme Shaymin while many other Pokémon attack from the ground. The Azure Angel, on the back of his Pidgeot with his arm swords extended, suddenly ambushes Fernando and his Dragonite, who are watching from the sky
    "I am your opponent, scoundrel! The eternal, broken guardian of this land who has broken the laws of time to challenge you!"
    This winter, past, present and future collide in a land where miracles occur!

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt and his group seem to be crying, looking up at a great void in the sky above Regigigas where meteor-like objects are raining down from. A giant, serpentine creature suddenly begins to emerge from the void, and the moment this happens, another void opens opposite it, and a giant, white goat-like creature with a golden wheel around its midsection emerges. The Azure Angel steps forward in shock
    "Ohhhhh, I've never seen... that is the godlike Pokémon, Arceus! He has arrived to help us!"
    Pokémon Ranger and the Gardener of Gratitude. The Heatran Elegy begins, this winter.

    Release the past, escape the future...
    Most Recent: 22: The Iron Maiden
    Next: Team Rocket VS. Team Plasma - Best Wishes From the Past (Part 1)

    The steps on the road to the truth.
    The Firestorm Rebellion
    The Victory Star of Fate

    Glacidia Network Fanworks Blog
    Best Wishes blog

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    The trailer for my upcoming fic-

    Also, the preview(The beginning of the Prologue) can be seen here-


    One year has passed...

    Cut To

    A Butterfree and a Caterpie stand in the ruins of Pokemon Square. Before them lay the remains of a building resembling a Cyndaquil. Three tombstones stand in front of it.


    Most is changing...

    Cut To

    A black-armored Tyranitar lets loose a blast of shadow from it's mouth.


    But not all have forgotten.

    Cut To

    A single tear runs down Butterfree's face.


    Calamity has been stopped...

    Cut To

    A Cyndaquil, a Pikachu, and an Absol shut their eyes tightly against heavy winds. Rayquaza unleashes hyper beam, striking a falling star.


    and a curse has been broken.

    Cut To

    A Gengar walks away, leaving behind Cyndaquil and a Gardevoir.


    But the battle has just begun.

    Cut To

    Something between Dialga and Primal Dialga tears through Temporal Tower. A Riolu and an Eevee attempt to hold it off.

    Cut To

    Primal Dialga strikes Celebi and Dusknor back withit's Roar of Time. Grovyle merges from the ground and strikes Primal Dialga with repeating Leaf Blades.


    History will change.

    Cut To

    Eevee and Cresselia are cornered by Pokemon. Darkrai prepares as Ripul charges at him, then blinks when it disappears before him. Darkrai then flys forward as Riolu emerged from underground behind him and strikes witha Force Palm.


    It will bend...

    Cut To

    Palkia strikes Darkrai with Spacial Rend, and a Dimensional Hole shatters.


    And it will break.

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Dimensions
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    Not very good, I know, but I try.

    UNSEEN VOICES [whispering and repeating, all in sync]: “What do you hear? What do you hear? Prince of the Prophecies, what do you hear?”

    PHIONE {aforementioned ‘Prince of the Prophecies’}: There is… a revival. A revival of a very bad sort. And I think there’s only one who can kill it again…

    {SCENE CHANGE: A white background, with a snake-like figure with arms floating across it in silhouette. SNAKE FIGURE stops and turns its head, as the silhouette of a human walks on screen. Footsteps sound as he walks.}

    HUMAN: What’s wrong with you?

    GIRATINA: Unbelievable! I go through all that trouble to put the Mewforsaken thing exactly where he was supposed to see it… and worse, I got Palkia to make him see it… but that ungrateful little… Rotten kid is making this so much harder than it needs to be! [GIRATINA grinds one hand into the other] Zero, don’t bother me now. Please don’t. I need to hold a discussion.

    ZERO: [raises a hand as if to object, but then seems to decide against it and walks off the screen once more]

    {Silhouettes fade into nothing, leaving the screen totally white}

    VOICE {that of a young man, no older than sixteen}: My name is Casey. I’m destined to do… something.

    {Another SILHOUETTE walks towards the camera, this one of a human, but not ZERO. His hair points out in six directions, and he walks with a slight slouch. This is CASEY BLAIR.}

    CASEY [voiceover]: Had I a choice in the matter… I would have said no. Because it involved Pok&#233;mon. Saving them. Scary, devious, savage things they are. [He sighs] But did I have a choice? No. I was forced into it. But… though Pok&#233;mon are terrible monstrosities… do I want them, in essence, to…

    {Five SILHOUETTES flash across the screen. One of a woman with short-cropped hair, the next of a person with a hood over his head, the third of a guy with hair that bears a striking resemblance to a Staraptor, fourth of a woman with a ponytail... the last one lingers for longer than the rest. It's a woman with two shoots of hair that stick out to either side. Her eyes glow red as high-pitched - but distinctly maniacal - laughter echoes in the silence.}

    CASEY [voiceover]: …die? I don’t know the answer to that. I guess I’ll find out, soon enough.

    [Various VOICES start repeating the same phrase over and over again, similar to the chanting in the beginning but with different phrases. They all blend into one single cacophony before turning steadily more static-y and finally fading out.]

    δelta ϛpecies
    w i n g s . h a v e . w e ;

    GIRATINA: And remember…

    {Screen darkens to red, then black. GIRATINA speaks in a voiceover, while the words onscreen steadily fade off.}

    GIRATINA: …Fate knows where you live.
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    Trailer for the Sevii Islands Saga:

    Trailer Music: The Ring Goes South


    Elderly voice: My boy, this world is changing. God has big plans for you and your friends. Promise me you'll fulfill them.

    Fade in:

    Five trainers slowly move across a Chaparal, bushes and trees scattered across the lengthy field. Tents and other groups of mobilizing trainers can be seen throughout the area, an awed, panic look across their faces. The tropic sun directly above their heads. The group, four boys of varying heights and hair colors walk timidly across the large island, beginning to climb the approaching hill. One boy, the tallest, clothed in the normal tenage dress of jeans and a leather jacket, carries a ruby sword.

    Male Voice: Promise me, no matter what happens, no matter who intervenes, we will stay strong, and stay together.

    Female Voice: I don't think I can...

    Narrator: When your world crumbles before you, when your country stands on the brink of ruin, when legends scuffle and war breaks out, what do you do? What was once an ordinary journey has now become a fight for not only their survival, but for that of the Sevii Islands. Now, despite their misgivings, despite their reluctance, five teenagers must enter the ever growing fray, responsible for the solution that no one else could find.

    Latest Chapter- 5: Don't Pressure Us

    Chapter 6: Up All Night Current Status- First Draft in Progress.
        Spoiler:- Review Policy and Image Credit:

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    [Tales from the Stage Door, take 1!]

    Male announcer: You loved Ash and co. when they hosted their own variety show...

    [archival footage from "The Ash and Pikachu Show" of Ash running to greet a crowd]

    Male announcer: ...but did you ever wonder what they went through to make their names known?

    [scene of sillhouettes of Alex, Celebi and Deminia]

    Male announcer: Join Ash and a trio of starstruck spirits as they try to restore a historic theater to its former glory, and then some on "Tales from the Stage Door!" Master comedienne FlamingRuby is back with new acts, new surprises, and a heartwarming storyline that will hopefully inspire you to follow your dreams.

    Ash: Well, we know it will be a daunting task...

    Brock: Understatement of the year.

    Female announcer: Now playing on forums everywhere
    The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

    Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

    Pokemon Shine Diamond--a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

    Pokemon Island Sun
    --a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters

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    This looks like fun. I’ll give it a shot. I’m bored anyway.

    Because the fic is still a work in progress, not all scenes and quotes are finalized yet.

    Fade from black.
    The sun shines down on a forest. Bird Pokémon are singing and Stantler are seen grazing in an open field near by.

    Cut to…
    A scared up Giratina is battling a rusty Dialga. The Giratina fires a Hyper Beam at the Dialga, but the Temporal Pokémon uses Protect to prevent damage. She fires Roar of Time at the ghostly dragon, at the same time the Giratina fires a Will-O-Wisp, the two attacks collided, creating an explosion. Nearby, a small young Dialga watches her mother collapse to the ground.

    Cut to…
    The same young Dialga is seen again in what appears to be an old, crumbling library. A Shaymin in its Sky Frome pops up from a pile of ruined books, startling the Dialga.

    Shaymin: Hi, there! I’m Lily! What’s your name?

    Young Dialga: I’m…I’m Diamond.

    Lily: Cool! How would you like to help me find my brother?

    Cut to…
    A young Giratina is standing on top of a scorched Metagross he just defeated; he looks down at Diamond and Lily. Lily is a little nervous, but Diamond doesn’t seem to be afraid of him.

    Diamond: What’s your name?

    Young Giratina: My name’s Gira.

    Diamond: Would you like to come with us, Gira?

    Lily: What!? Are you crazy!? Your parents were killed by a Giratina and you want this one to join us!?

    Cut to…
    The three young Pokémon find themselves in a man made tunnel, on the ground were two iron rods that seem to travel the length of the tunnel, unaware they’ve been traveling down a old subway tunnel. Several feet from them were a Rampardos and a creature they have never seen before: a human.

    Lily: A…A human? Alive!? But I thought they were all extinct!

    Gira: Yeah, didn’t Arceus judged them or something?

    Human: He did… but some of us survived.

    Cut to…
    A human in a dark long coat stands before a large computer screen. Projected on the screen was a map of an unknown area. A red dot is moving every few seconds, making a light beeping sound.

    Human: So, Arceus likes to judge humans, eh? Perhaps it’s time for the humans to judge him!

    Cut to…
    Crystals and bubbles floated here and there, the ground is twisted in some places. There are floating platforms and strangely shaped buildings everywhere. There is no solid ground and the sky seems to be limitless. Diamond is standing on one of the platforms, trembling after what the Ancient of Dimensions had told her.

    Diamond: N...No… That’s not true!

    Ancient of Dimensions: I’m afraid it is. Your mother made the mistake by breaking the First Laws. The penalty for that is death!

    Cut to…
    The same human and Rampardos are seen again standing before a large, white stallion-like Pokémon with a gold ring around its body. The Alpha Pokémon glares at the human.

    Arceus: Your kind was judged years ago and that decision still stands today! Now…BE GONE!

    Arceus fires a Hyper Beam at the human and the Rampardos; their fates unknown.

    Cut to…
    Arceus stands on the edge of a cliff, overlooking a forest below. He isn’t alone, however. The Ancient of Space, Palkia, is standing beside him.

    Arceus: I want you to bring me Diamond.

    Palkia: Her friends will protect at all costs. They’ll probably are willing to give their live away for her…

    Arceus: Then let them give their lives away. It will be easier on all of us if they do not exist, especially that little Giratina… I will not allow history to repeat itself!

    Cut to…
    Arceus is chained down, thrashing wildly. Mechanical arms thrust themselves into his sides, letting out an earsplitting scream. Diamond, Gira, and Lily watched in horror as the metallic arms rip his Life Plates from his body, staining his white fur crimson. Arceus’ eyes glowed, burning with rage.

    Arceus: Nobody judges me! NOBODY!

    A bright sphere begin to form above his head, Arceus launches the attack skyward, it exploded like fireworks, but it rained down like a meteor shower, destroying everything upon impact...

    Large text fades in...
    In this harsh world, it’s the only color you’ll see..

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    We're everyone is DANCiN'


    Well, my fanfics work in a series and I'll post the first instalment when I finish (I'm already done with the second and third sequal/book/flying spagghetti monsters)

    This music that goes with it is.....Bad Romance by Lady Gaga (Freaking' youtube it)

    FADE IN:
    You see Misty Waterflower walking into a large High School.

    FADE OUT, FADE IN new scene:
    Misty is sitting at a lunch table alone as people walk by,
    "I never though I'd do all that for a boy,"

    CUT TO:

    You see a tall brunette woman and Misty stairing at each other,


    "He was like my drug, and people do stupid things on drugs right?"

    FADE IN:

    You see a large boy with dark black hair smiling at Misty while he held a notebook

    FADE OUT, FADE IN new scene:

    "He didn't even care about me and I did all that for him,"
    You see Misty and the brunette girl from earlier covered in bruses and scratch marks.

    FADE OUT, FADE IN new scene:

    "I won't give up! Never!"
    CUT TO:

    Misty looking in the mirror,
    "That girl she ruiend my life, she deserves what I did to her,"
    (These are all just scenes)

    CUT TO:
    You see the Brunette girl taking pictures of a raven haired boy in a closet with a purple haired flamboyant man

    CUT TO:

    You see a tall blonde girl lying on the ground as a tall red haired woman stands over her and the brunette girl watches from behind.

    CUT TO:

    You see Misty lying in a feild of flowers

    CUT TO:

    Now you see Misty and the brunette girl walking towards each other in a court yard.

    CUT TO:

    The kimono girl shown earlier ordering her Umbreon to use Shadow Ball at Michelle’s Jolteon. The attack smacks the electric type right on his face and he falls down.

    CUT TO:

    You see a pink haired girl and Misty with a dark brown haired boy,

    CUT TO:
    You see another tall bleach blonde woman smiling as she had he head on a man with purple hair's shoulder

    CUT TO:
    The bleach blonde woman crying in an empty school room.


    FADE OUT, THEN FADE IN to title of the story:

    Paper Cuts,
    Revenge is sweet
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    <The screen is black as a male voice begins to speak>

    Target identified.

    A pair of doors slide open as a teenaged boy dashes out. He is wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and clutches something black in his hand. Without missing a beat he pounds along the pavement into a carpark, and dives behind a car.

    Full name: Kyle Samuels. Alias: Kysa.

    The previously described boy, Kysa, is walking in the dark. He turns into a driveway and triggers the motion-detector light. Holding a covered dish, he strides up to the door and presses the doorbell. The door opens to reveal a woman with casual clothes, glasses, and her blonde hair tied back loosely.

    She smiles, "Oh, what did your mum cook this time? I suppose it's an accident there's leftovers."

    "Well, that's her story." Kysa laughs and offers her the dish.

    Seventeen-year-old white male, average height, light build.

    With wide eyes and dishevelled hair, Kysa climbs into the back of a white ambulance after the stretcher. He looks around blankly, switching between the woman on the stretcher and the green-clad female paramedic.

    Straight brown hair, moderate length. Hazel eyes.

    A short woman, only up to Kysa's chin, leads him down a hallway. His crutches clunk on the lino with every step, and he grimaces as he swings himself forward.

    "...And you'll never guess what I found," the woman proclaims as she brushes black hair from her almond-shaped eyes, and walks around a corner.

    Before them stands a tall man, yawning, in crumpled clothes. He stops mid-yawn as he sees Kysa, who also freezes with wide eyes and an open mouth. Turning around, the woman raises an eyebrow.

    "Have you two met or something?"

    Last seen wearing a black cap, cargo pants, black t-shirt and green hooded jacket.

    Sitting in a dooway along a dark alleyway is Kysa. His brown hair is covered by his hood, sticking out slightly at the front. He is resting back against the door, with a backpack in the small of his back. With every small noise, his hazel eyes fly open in a panic.

    No new information from the infomant.

    ...Yes, of course alive, and I don't want any screw-ups like last time.

    Kysa is sitting on the roof of a grey building, dangling his feet over the edge. He pulls up his dark green hood against the wind, and begins to whistle a soft, indistinct tune. As cars pass by his eyes unconciously follow them.

    I don't know exactly how it happened, but he has something I want.

    "Hello? Are you still there ma'am? Are you okay?" A sqeaky voice comes from the handset of a phone, dangling from its slowly swaying cord. Slowly, a hand reaches for it, but a dial tone is heard before the hand reaches it.

    He just doesn't know it yet.

    Kysa pounds his fist angrily on the inside of a wooden door. Exasperated, he turns around and kicks the wall of the small room. Slumping against it, he buries his face in his hands. They are covered in dry blood, as are his grey shirt and loose pants.

    <Screen fades to black. A stone drops in the middle of the screen. As ripples spread across the screen like water, the title emerges.>

    The Ripple Effect
    There is no escape
    << The Ripple Effect || Updated 21/05/12 >>
    Celebrating 5,000 views
    And slightly less replies

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    um I dunno, I think I'm lost.


    Start off Black, music begins to play and words begin to fade in.

    A Malicious Plot That Comes To Fruition.

    Giovanni and Cyrus are seen shaking hands, grins on either ones faces, the scene changes and it shows Team Rocket moving through a building, guns in their hands, anyone they come upon dies.

    The Death of a Leader Brings sparks the flames.

    A board room comes into view, completely destroyed, bloodied corpses everywhere, Giovanni smirks at the dead body of a female before spinning around and shooting his nearest grunt, he the nods to his own grunts and they reveal some Kanto soldiers they had captured, Giovanni nods and they are slaughtered, one of the grunts then pulls on the attire of a Sinnoh guard, he nods to his leader who shoots him in the leg.

    And in the flames, War Blossoms.

    Sinnoh soldiers are seen marching throughout their region, more and more soldiers are gathered and trainers are called back to Sinnoh. Cyrus now posing as leader of Kanto is seen drawing an 'X' across Kanto and nodding to his military commanders.

    The scene suddenly goes to black and begins flashing with signs of war, soldiers being shot down, bombs going off and people laying dead, blood everywhere. The scene suddenly goes black as the music intensifies.

    What would you do, if everything you knew was torn apart by wore.
    "What are we going to do?" A brown haired girl is seen speaking to a group of four, worry ix etched onto her face as she speaks, her eyes are looking to the male stood facing away from her.

    "We're not going to do anything, we're going to go home and let the war take its course." His dark brown hair is swaying slightly in the wind at the base of his neck, his tone is cold and his fists are clenched.

    "T, don't..." The other male in the group begins, moving a hand towards his friend.

    He is cut off by the man he is reaching towards. "No, we'll die if we get caught together, go home all of you." those were the last words he spoke before he throws a Pokéball into the air and out burst a Flygon, he leaps onto it and they fly off

    Would you fight...
    Or would you die?

    The same dark figure from before is seen flying down on his Flygon, the Pokémon unleashes a powerful burst of meteor's and then its trainer leaps to the ground, a gun flashes in his hands and a flurry of bullets fly forward, decimating a few enemy soldiers.

    "Attack!" He roars and from behind him hundreds of soldiers charge forward, their guns unleashing thousands of bullets towards the enemies, the man leads them, his eyes moving back and forth as he deals death.

    The scene begins to flicker, showing the four from earlier, each one fighting and then stopping on the four of them facing down Giovanni the brown haired Flygon owner appears to be mortally wounder and he pushes his friends away. He then shoots Giovanni the man falls and his shadow splits into four and his admins stand tall, as the trainer prepares to attack, Cyrus appears and shoots a bullet through the back of his head.

    The trailer ends as the Hoenn, Sinnoh, Johto and Kanto Armies clash, the screen goes blank and then the title fades into view.

    A World Conflicted.

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    fades in
    i loved you so much
    fades out and in
    and you repay me with this
    fades to a different scene
    *see jake and jenny kissing*
    fades to another scene
    *see a woman being hung and jenny screaming "MOTHER"*
    fades into another scene
    *see a man with a sword through his stomach attached to a tree and jake screaming "FATHER"*
    *scene changes to a police station*
    *you see a conversation between jake and jenny and the police,then they leave looking concerned*
    scene fades to black
    i will get you back jenny
    even if i have to kill
    The Kill
    *fades in*
    *shows a gravestone that says "R.I.P. Jake june 20th 1989-june 14th 2010"*

    I embrace my desire to feel the rhythm. To feel connected enough to step aside and weep like a widow. To feel inspired. To fathom the power. To witness the beauty. To bathe in the fountain. To swing on the spiral of our divinity and still be a human.

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    I've always had trailers in my head for my here's one...

    Time for some advertising. This is basically a trailer for my next six fics in the series, which starts with Shadow and Light. :P Here we go…

    Guide: Blonde Girl: Kris
    Purple Haired Girl: Scarlet
    Black Haired Girl: Katie
    Black Haired Boy: Kirio

    Trailer Music: New Divide by Linkin Park. Tune your iPods to it and let’s begin.


    A fire rages through the forest, setting trees alight in the dark sky. The trees remain standing, burning for eternity.

    A young man robed in white sits atop a Rapidash, his white hair framing his crystal blue eyes. A sword is in one hand. He raises his other hand to the sky.

    <cut to black screen that reads:

    Now I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals; and I heard one of the four living creatures saying with a voice like thunder, “Come and see.” And I looked, and behold, a white horse. And he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer. – Revelation 6:1-2 >

    CUT TO:

    A close-up of a different pair of blue eyes, ones that sparkle with shades of purple and blue unknown to man. The camera pans out to reveal the young woman with golden blonde hair and white wings. A white dress hooks around her neck and falls to her sandaled feet. She holds a sword in both hands, ready to strike.

    CUT TO:

    Another girl with long purple hair and eyes the shade of gold. She wears a similar dress to the first girl, only hers has longs sleeves and drops to her feet. She holds out her hand, and an orb of psychic energy floats above it, shining with purple light.

    CUT TO:

    A black-haired girl with crystal blue eyes the same shade as the first girl’s. She wears a long black dress that falls over her crossed legs. She stares into a ceiling to floor mirror at her reflection, which has red eyes. Angel wings materialize behind her, while demon wings materialize behind her reflection. Her own eyes widen at the prospect.

    CUT TO:

    A plateau over the city of Ever Grande. A young man with black hair and searing black eyes stands before the edge, his black robes billowing in the wind. Beside him stands Cyrus, dressed in white robes similar to the young man’s. The two have one eye on the burning forest and one eye on each other.

    CUT TO:

    “How can you be so sure?!” Katie screams at Kris as she stares at the TV screen. The white-haired man’s face fills the screen.

    Kris turns to Katie, her eyes shining. “I hope to God I’m not right…

    “For if I am…”

    CUT TO:

    Lugia crashing across the waves of the Sinnoh ocean.


    CUT TO:

    A city somewhere on Earth collapsing as waves and earthquakes rock the buildings. Human voices scream in horror.


    CUT TO:

    Kirio raising a sword against Cyrus.


    CUT TO:

    Kris unfolding her wings as waves of energy rock the earth around her. Her eyes are closed…until…


    (part of song)

    “And ever loss, and every lie
    And every truth that you deny
    And teach regret
    And teach good-bye
    With every mistake you pay to find
    And your voice was all I heard
    That I get what I deserve…”

    Voice Over:

    “This year, behold, as the three Heavenly Warriors fight one…



    Fade to the six orbs of land, sea, sky, time, space, and dimension.

    Shadow and Light.

    Now playing on a fanfiction forum near you.

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    A teaser for a brand-new project!


    It vanished from history five thousand years ago...

    [A glowing blue orb made of elegant glass sits alone on a pedestal in a dark chamber], history reawakens once more.

    [The chamber is suddenly penetrated by a light]

    A new adventure connecting the world of the present to the historical past begins...

    [A tall man in a long blue tailcoat, holding a cane and wearing a wild beard, stands at the windshield of a zeppelin]

    "This revolution shall be quelled in the name of her serene reverence Empress Caitlin!"

    ... and a forgotten evil returns anew.

    [In total darkness, a red eye opens]

    "You locked me away, General Zerossen, but the time has now come. Somewhere across time and space, the arrival of my revenge is at hand!!"

    In the mysterious future where danger cannot be discerned, winning the war of the past is the only way to move forward.

    Pokémon LEGEND: The Firestorm Rebellion

    Release the past, escape the future...
    Most Recent: 22: The Iron Maiden
    Next: Team Rocket VS. Team Plasma - Best Wishes From the Past (Part 1)

    The steps on the road to the truth.
    The Firestorm Rebellion
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    Don't know if I'm doing this right... xD

    Between [ ] means an action.
    Bold is voice.
    Italic is the picture.


    Two happy Buizel, swimming in a river towards a huge tree.

    How do excitement...

    [CUT TO]

    A big thunderstorm is approaching a small city in a forest inhabited by Pokémon.

    ...and the dangers of nature itself compare?

    [CUT TO]

    The two Buizel are running through a dark cave, terrified, reaching the exit.

    What happens if two little Buizel...

    [CUT TO]

    Rayquaza is floating above a temple that's settled at the top of a mountain, howling as it has never before.

    ...need to be 2 Slaking instead?

    [CUT TO]

    The two Buizel are looking shocked towards a Shiftry who's nodding as if it has no choice.

    How does the valley react when their destiny lies in the hand of two Buizel?

    [FADE OUT]

    Are they strong enough?!

    [PICTURE FLASH: The Buizel are fighting a Kangaskhan whose baby's standing beside it, crying.]

    [FADE OUT]

    Are they fast enough?!

    [PICTURE FLASH:One of the Buizel is jumping from platform to platform, while the other one is standing behind a large fence, holding a hourglass and yelling at his brother.]

    [FADE OUT]

    The future of Memorial Valley lies in their hands!

    Will the peace and joy ever return?

    [PICTURE FLASH: Rayquaza uses Hyper Beam into the "camera", title will appear in blinding whiteness.]

    POKÉMON MYSTERY DUNGEON: Guidelines of a Storm!

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    A brand new trailer!

    ~ Hundreds of mysterious Pokémon live in the world, but thousands of years ago, a species so vicious and so evil existed, one that had to be banished at all costs...~

    [Several men, led by a blonde man in a blue toga clutching a blue orb, lower their arms after covering their eyes from a vicious gust.]

    "What do we do, Master Kratos? This creature is too powerful!"

    "I don't know... we have to get rid of this thing no matter what it takes..."

    ~ That creature's name... was Zoroark. ~

    [A black, bipedal, foxlike Pokémon emerges from a cloud of dust kicked up from one of its attacks.]

    "This land is the land of Zoroark, and I will destroy every one of you for invading it!"

    ~ When the land long ago ravaged by Zoroark is discovered in the present day, time turns backward and the forgotten beast may be unleashed anew... ~

    [A man wearing a red powdered wig with three spikes on top is sitting smugly at a desk holding a champagne glass in his right hand.]

    "So all the preparations are ready, then. It is time for Zoroark to appear in our era and overthrow the tyrant Caitlin XVI!"

    [A young man wearing a wide-brimmed hat and a golden mask over his left eye stands in shocked wonder, with a bespectacled brunette girl and a younger girl with long, curly hair behind him.]

    "If this doesn't stop, the entire world will be destroyed by Zoroark at this rate!"

    ~ When two eras of time collide, can the threads of fate hold strong throughout? Or will the entire continuum of events suffer a catastrophic collapse? ~

    [A blonde-haired woman in hooded, flowing blue robes clasps her hands in tearful prayer.]

    "Please, my ancestor Kratos, bless us with the strength needed to once again overcome the plague of Zoroark..."

    ~ The new beginning of a brand new story ~

    Pokémon LEGEND: The Firestorm Rebellion

    Release the past, escape the future...
    Most Recent: 22: The Iron Maiden
    Next: Team Rocket VS. Team Plasma - Best Wishes From the Past (Part 1)

    The steps on the road to the truth.
    The Firestorm Rebellion
    The Victory Star of Fate

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    My Trailer for my story 'The Rising Darkness'

    Narator speaking
    [ ] Transision


    The world has been peaceful lately.

    [Cut to]
    Several pokemon wandering around Treasure Town.

    But there is still problems happening.

    [Cut to]
    Pokemon looking at two boards.

    [Cut to]
    A Torchic and a Turtwig fighting a Raichu.

    But now a Pokemon...

    [Cut to]
    A path in Eterna Forest.
    [Fade out]

    [Fade in]
    A Piplup with the colors of a Riolu bursting out of the bushes.

    ...from a different world...

    [Cut to]
    The Piplup running and panting.

    ...will be...

    [Cut to]
    The Piplup dodging the tallons of a Swellow as it swoops for her before narowly dodging a pokeball soon after. "I want to get away from this place, from this world filled with humans."

    [Cut to]
    The Piplup becoming engulfed in a white light.

    [Cut to]
    A shadowed figure standing behind a tree. "I wish I could help you young Piplup but I can’t, not the way I am now"

    ...thrown into an adventure of a lifetime!

    [Cut to]
    A young Pikachu in Beach Cave nudging the Piplup who is unconscious. The Piplup then opens her eyes.

    [Cut to]
    The Pikachu, Sparky and Piplup, Marie becoming an Exploration Team. Team Heroes.

    [Cut to]
    Team Heroes standing on Sharpedo Bluff talking to a Torchic, Lizzie and a Turtwig, Forest. The famous Team Element.

    Although all seems peaceful it is quite the opposite...

    [Cut to]
    A shadowed figure inside a volcano

    ...for evil is rising once again...

    [Cut to]
    A Pokemon chained to a wall talking to the shadowed pokemon. "No! I will do no such thing! Torchure me as you wish but I refuse to kill them!"

    ...and Pokemon have been dissapearing...

    [Cut to]
    Several pokemon panicing in Treasure Town

    [Cut to]
    Sparky and Marie at the crossroads. "Marie we have to find them!"

    [Cut to]
    Lizzie and Forest glaring at the shadowed figure. "I thought we had goten rid of you for good!"

    [Cut to]
    Lizzie and Forest now lying on the ground unconscious

    ...and the only ones who can save them...

    [Cut to]
    Marie and Sparky in Zero Isle.

    [Blackout] Team Heroes.

    [Cut to]
    Marie and Sparky in front of a large opening to the inside of a volcano. "Lets do this Sparky!"

    The ultimate adventure...

    [Cut to]
    Marie and Sparky glaring at the shadowed figure.

    [Blackout] about...

    [Cut to]
    Several attacks flying across the room.

    [Blackout] begin!

    [Slow fade to black]

    So yeah. Thats the trailer for my story The Rising Darkness

    I hope I did it right
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    For the last few weeks I've had this idea forming inside of my head about a story, and I actually quit my current fic because I'm so much more happy with this idea. I actually might try turning this into a book... But I'm debating putting it on here as well or not. This story will not be based in Pokemon whatsoever. It's going to be more about demons and monsters hahahah. I've never done one of these trailer things before, but I might as well try. Sorry if it sucks too badly or is really confusing. xD Anyways... here goes.

    ~Trailer Music~

    [ xxxx ] = An action, e.g. fade to black
    abcdefg = the image on the screen
    "abcdefg" = a character talking.


    [Theme music begins]
    There's a small, rural town full of people happily going about their daily business.
    "My name is Troy."
    [Picture cuts to a teenage boy with medium-length dark black hair smiling as he stands out in a field with a sickle harvesting wheat]
    "I'm the son of a farmer in a small town that you've probably never heard of."
    [Picture changes to Troy talking and laughing with a pretty blonde girl]
    "We may be out of the way, but we're all happy here. We all look out for each other. We're all... safe."
    [Theme music stops]
    The town siren blares through the morning, quieting Troy and Ashley and making everyone in the town freeze. Smoke begins to rise from the town center and screams begin to fill the air. Dust starts to rise up rapidly, houses being torn apart by an unforeseeable force in the distance as Troy and the girl begin to run away from the scene. The destruction shoots towards their direction.
    [Picture cuts to Troy standing alone in a farm house shaking as he gazes at the cause of the destruction]
    A tall, red-headed girl no older than twenty stands in the entrance of the farm house, a two-headed, gigantic, rabid-looking dog on each side of her. She snickers to herself as she shoots up her hand, slamming Troy through the air and crashing through shelves without even touching him. He hits the wall and slides down it unconscious.
    [Screen fades to black]
    "At least, we were until my village was destroyed."

    [Picture changes to Troy running up to a smoldering house in the middle of a field, the blonde girl (now referred to as Ashley) beside him]
    "That lady... She burned my house down. She killed my parents. She killed my friends."
    ****oy is inside the house now, taking the family sword off of his wall]
    "And now it's my turn to take revenge."

    ****oy now stands in front of an old man]
    "There is... a legend passed down through this kingdom. The legend of the advent." He says. "The advent... of the Queen."
    "Who's this queen?" Troy asks.
    "The first Queen of our kingdom..."
    [Picture changes to a painting of a beautiful, royal-looking woman standing next to a man and beneath them, seven young-looking people]
    "She was killed by her husband when he had tried to make the power of the netherworld his own. She had stopped him, but at the price of her life. It was written that she would return in a thousand years to rid this land of strife, but demons would once again return to this land more than ever in order to kill her before she can do so."
    [Picture fades to black]
    "How many years has it been?" Troy asks.
    "A thousand."

    [Picture changes to Troy standing in a church with a sword in one hand and a wooden stake in another as the theme music begins again ]
    "These demons think that they can kill us all... But we're going to kill them instead."
    [Montage of events occur, the music from 1:41 on in the video accompanying it]
    Troy slices through the neck of a vampire with his sword;
    A large, alien-like canine with four arms, grey skin and a lack of fur except long, white hair flowing from its head flies through the air and slams into the ground across from Troy;
    A new blonde-haired girl deflects several attacks from vampires with a sword as she shoots her arm down, a wooden stake emerging from her sleeve as she slams it into a vampire's chest;
    Three plumes of smoke shoot through the night sky and intersect before slamming down into the ground and taking on the form of three women robed in red with black markings and evil snarls on their faces;
    A hydra roars and shoots flames through its mouths at Troy as he ducks behind a shield;
    A werewolf slams through the woods as he chases after Troy and Ashley;
    A masked person in a long, black robe stands up over a mutilated body in a now-destroyed village, blood trickling from the masked person's mouth;
    Three women hold themselves against the door of a church, looking up towards the ceiling for hope as a force on the other side of the door keeps slamming into it, almost about to break through;
    Ashley picks up a crying baby in the woods and as she uncovers its face she sees its red eyes and bloody teeth right before it leaps for her neck;
    Troy and Ashley run through the woods and something grabs Troy by the leg and slams him to the ground, pulling him backwards as he yells;
    A woman stands rooted to the spot in a white gown as she slowly catches fire, a sad look on her face as she looks at Troy and Ashley;
    Ashley holds her hands out as she steps to the edge of a cliff and closes her eyes as she leans over it, falling off.

    [Picture changes to Troy and Ashley on a cloudy day]
    They both look at each other, recognition of the fact they won't make it through this alive in their eyes as Troy speaks slowly.
    "We have to get through this... We can't let these things kill any more people."
    It begins to rain as Ashley nods silently, a tear rolling down her cheek.

    [Picture turns to the red-haired woman standing on a ledge in an abandoned castle]
    A beam of light shoots upwards to the sky a small distance away and begins expanding rapidly, consuming everything around it.
    She smiles, satisfaction in her eyes.
    [Picture fades to black]
    "This... Is how humanity shall end."

    [The title flashes onto the screen]
    The Advent series.

    [The picture returns to a pretty, dark-haired girl huddling behind a desk in a shop as the door creaks open]
    The girl puts a hand to her mouth to quite herself but can't stop whimpering, tears beginning to roll down her cheeks as a creature walks through the door; it looks like a man, but terribly burned with thin, scraggly hair and a loin cloth covering itself. It's dark, black eyes scan the area as it walks towards the desk, its mouth open slightly to reveal its bloody, pointy teeth as the girl closes her eyes and starts to pray silently to herself. She opens her eyes again and looks to her left around the desk, but no longer sees the creature. She moans a sigh of relief and puts a hand to her heart, only to hear a low, grudge-like croaking sound behind her. She turns just in time to see the creature's black eyes before it lunges at her.

    [End of trailer]

    It probably seems really dumb and (really long xD) but I've been thinking through this a while... The story would contain quite a bit of mythology from all different sections of the world, though most of it would be greek and medieval (think Gorgons, Furies, Vampires, and Werewolves). It actually has a decent plot too, it's not just scattered bits of action like you see in this trailer. ;P I do intend to start writing it, but I'm not sure how much it would get read hahahah. xD
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    A world of evil...

    [Cut to]
    A strange figure bashes an invisible wall

    Where an evil monster is held...

    [Cut to]
    The figure roars and tackles the wall again.

    A world of darkness...
    Arcues looks at the fruitless attempts the figure is trying, then shakes its head.

    This world...
    The figure stares straight at Arcues.
    "Arcues! Release me from this prison or you will pay the ultimate price!", the figure yells to Arcues.
    "Why should I? This is your world, Giratina", Arcues says.
    "Or rather, my prison!", the figure spits out.

    Giratina's world...

    [Cut to]
    A tube of water breaks open, revealing purple eyes.

    Giratina's World 2: Escape.

    This is the sequel to the story I made a year ago, Giratina's World. Many praised it, except for its terrible grammar(I was not good at grammar at the time)so I plan to remake it one day, along with the sequel and perhaps a spinoff.
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