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Thread: Trailer for Your Fanfic thread - new version

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    After a rather long hiatus, I'm back. Trailer's in spoilers due to length. If it's not in quotes, it means it's an image. Everything else is a voiceover from a speech.

    A stadium in the center of a small town appears, with a loudspeaker projecting a voice from it.

        Spoiler:- Trailer:
    In the shadows, you will find truth.

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    It's a secret


    For my upcomming fanfiction 'Missunderstood'


    [fade in]

    Living in peace means no worries to some...

    [cut to]

    A peacefull valley filled with many pokemon.

    [fade out]

    But peace can't always last forever...

    [cut to]

    two figures, one a large bird the other a fox-like pokemon talking. "Is it done yet?" the large bird pokemon asks. "Yes leader. It is ready"

    [Fade out]

    For disaster can always strike.

    [cut to]

    A Leafeon on the ground, badly beaten. Behind it a Denio and a Turtwig are frozen in stone. "I don't now what happened, I just woke up from a battle to find them like this. I don't even remember how I got knocked out."

    [cut to]

    A Riolu running from a Charizard covered in blue markings, an Absol in persuit

    [cut to]

    The Riolu, now cornered, panting as the Charizard closes in.

    [cut to]

    A Pikachu looking through the bushes.

    [cut to]

    The Absol using Hyper Beam, aiming for the Charizard.

    [cut to]

    Blue eyes glowing from the bushes as the Charizard throws something at the Riolu.

    [cut to]

    The Absol's Hyper Beam attack hitting the Riolu, turning it to stone.

    [cut to]

    The Pikachu crying in anger and sorrow as it runs off

    [cut to]

    The Absol running off as the Riolu just stands there

    [cut to]

    Absol entering the large valley only to be hit with many attacks and surrounded by angry pokemon.

    [cut to]

    A Luxray with his paw on Absol, pinning him down. The pikachu beside him. He's been the one turning pokemon to stone! I saw him do it to Riolu!" The pikachu says, still crying.

    [cut to]

    Absol walking away slowly, now exciled from the valley.

    [cut to]

    An Eevee yelling in his defence before taking off after him.

    [fade out then fade in]

    Shadowed pokemon with red eyes on a red background

    [fade out]

    The word, 'Missunderstood' fades in slowly, followed by the words "Everything is not what it seems."


    [cut to]

    The bird pokemon laughing evily, red eyes glowing in the darkness.

    Not everything is what it seems...

    Missunderstood- Chapter 3 is up.
    See my future and current fanfics here

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    Questing with Ash


    (Pokemon: Rise of a Miracle, take 1!)

    Ash(voiceover): Courage that burns like a fever...

    (we see Ash gain a ruby ring from a princess-like being)

    May(voiceover): Wind that brings the breath of life...

    (We see May in a purple and white outfit shooting a whirlwind at a bug-like monster)

    Misty(voiceover): Change rippling across worlds like the water of a lake...

    (We see Misty speaking to the rest of the group)

    Brock(voiceover): The will to succeed manifests in a song and takes root...

    (We see Brock in a pop idol like costume singing something, frightening some dragon-like monsters)

    Iris(voiceover): But the truth hit us like lightning...

    (We see the group getting pulled into a comic book)

    Ash(voiceover): What if a threat we only knew as fantasy was also threatening the real world too?

    (We see a sillhouette of a mage-like being as the words "Coming Soon" appear)
    The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

    Pokemon Moonlight Silver--a re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

    Pokemon Shine Diamond--a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

    Pokemon Island Sun
    --a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters

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    Default When Team Galactic Rises, Rotom Appears! Trailer

    Note that (...) means that an action is happening in the trailer or dialouge from the story is ocurring. Everything else is a voiceover.

    When no one is safe (Tyranitar launches a Hyper Beam towards the center of Veilstone City while he's in a Team Galctic helicopter. Big explosion and people scream in terror. Cuts to a Shadow Ball attack is launched at a Trainer. Cuts to a Krookidile fighting a Skuntank), a hero must rise (Cuts to Krookidile ramming and breaking glass container with Rotom inside. Cuts to Rotom spreading his legs appart in mid air and releasing a Shock Wave attack at Galactic Grunts. Cuts to a trainer yelling "Stop it!") and terriblle things must happen (Cuts to Rotom screaming in anguish as plasma and electricity are extracted from his body and run through the generator which is hooked up to the glass container Rotom is in. Cuts to a trainer being soked in the face, causing his nose to bleed. Cuts to Golbat yelling "YOU PIECE OF S**T!") But a discovery may save them...(Cuts to Rotom walking into a room with a washing machine, a refrigerator, a lawn mower, and an oven) if they can find it first (Cuts to a Galctic Grunt chucking Rotom aside, picks him up again, and tries to force him into the lawn mower). (Screen instantly fades black and words appear that read "When Team Galactic Rises, Rotom Appears! "Rotom!" Rotom cries. Cut Rotom chases Galctic Grunt off the screen and words appear that say now showing.)

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    Default Snivy Saga Trailer

    When a Snivy must run away from it's trainer... (Cuts to a trainer soking Snivy in the face. Cuts to Snivy launching a SolarBeam attack at the trainer.) What will he do? (Cuts to Galctic Grunt punching Snivy's new trainer while yelling "You're just a stupid KID!" Galctic Grunt throws child to the ground and stomps his left foot on the trainer's face. Cuts to a Shuppet yelling,"YOU B*****D!" Cuts to a three-on-three battle with Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott fighting a Swoobat, Zubat, and Woobat. They all start to attack each other.) Will he get his revenge on humans? (Cuts to Snivy launching a SolarBeam attack at the trainer staring out of the window. Tepig and Oshawott pop out from their hiding place and attack Snivy.) Or will he stop the destruction of the world? (Cuts to this: "If Reshiram beats Dialga, the world will end!" Snivy yelled at Oshawott and Tepig. "We have to stop Reshiram!") Either way, Team Galctic's devious plans must be stopped, or the time will vanish in Unova and evrywhere else! The Snivy Saga, now playing.

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    Sounds interesting.

    "Talking" -Who's saying it
    ~Song Lyrics~
    ^=^ Just for fun- it's a duck

    *The song Kirameku from Girl's High is playing for this whole trailer*

    ~Kirameku hikari no sora o miagetara~
    ^Curfy, Red, and Andrea are looking up at the sky, facing the left, as the screen swings by them, first Curfy, then Red, then Andrea. Curfy has dark brown hair in pigtails and blue eyes, and she wears a pink tank top, a black, sleveless, open vest, skinny blue jeans, Ash's hat from Kanto, OI, and Johto, and pink tennis shoes. Red had messy brown hair and brown eyes, and he wears a backwards red ball cap, a black t-shirt, an open red vest, baggy blue jeans, and red tennis shoes. Andrea has wavy blonde hair and orange eyes, and she wears blue jean shorts, a green, short-sleeved sweat shirt and purple tennis shoes.^

    ~Koboreteku namida mo nee kagayaku ka na~
    ^A Riolu suddenly jumps into Curfy's arms, a Pikachu suddenly jumps onto Red's shoulder, and a Vulpix suddenly runs up next to Andrea^

    ~Kirameku egao de anata ni aitai~
    ^The three, along with their Pokemon, are running along a dirt path in the forest, with Curfy up front, and Red and Andrea behind her. They are grinning like crazy^

    ~Kinou wa kokoni oite kou~
    ^Head shots of Curfy, who winks, Red, who gives a thumbs up, and Andrea, who waves^

    ~Itsukara utsumoku kuse ga tsuiteita no~
    ^Curfy is now alone, at night, walking in a field, looking at the ground. In the background are images of losses and a head shot of her twin, Black, staring at her stiocally. He has white hair and blue eyes, and he wears a black, short-sleeved sweatshirt.^

    ~Kisetsu no iro sae miru yoyuu mo naku~
    ^It is now a headshot of her as she looks up to stars. A few Butterfree fly overhead, leaving a trail of powder that sparkles in the light. It goes back to her, and she siles sadly.^

    ~Shinkokyuu suru tabeni kokoro ni kaze ga fuku~
    ^Red and Andrea coe up behind her, and she looks at them. They smile at her, and she smiles back, giving them a wink of reassurance.^

    ~Saa ryoutte herogete~
    ^There is now a light blue background behind them, and they all open up their arms^

    ~Kirameku ookina yume wo byou itara~
    ^In a light green background, three bubbles shoot up- a pink one with Curfy on it, a blue one with Red on it, and a yellow one with Andrea on it. They're now climbing up a tree towards a Caterpie, and Curfy slips, but Red catches her^

    ~Nayandeta jikan mo nee kieteku ka na~
    ^Red is in front of the two girls now, in front of the Indigo Plataue, eyes shining with determination. Andrea, smiling at him, turns to her left, and watches a flower bloom in the rocks of Victory Road.^

    ~Kirameku hitomi de tadoritsu kitai yo~
    ^The three now face in different directions and watch as the flowers bloom away from the mountain, surrounding them. Curfy's eyes start to sparkle.^

    ~Haruka naa ano mirai e to~
    ^It zooms into her eyes, and then zooms back out to reveal a path next to Pallet. Andrea and Red are sitting on a rock, and Curfy is staring down the path. Ash suddenly coes running down it, with May, Max, and Brock behind him. Curfy goes running towards them, and she and Ash hug tightly.^

    *Drums at the end*
    ^The original three come running, and they all slide into different positions- Curfy with her legs bent and to the side, Red cross-legged, and Andrea on her knees.^


    I guess that was more of a theme song kind of thing than a trailer... ^^; heh, sorry if it is!
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    Part one: Relapse.

    The only thing he could concentrate on was the lavender scent of her breath as it whispered in a light huff across his face; the softness of her lips as they drew close enough to touch his and the taste of her tongue, twisting his mind into knots. A quick breath, before he drew her even closer, fingers smoothing up warm skin to entwine in her hair, before gripping relentlessly, pushing, heart racing, as their pauses for breath grew more erratic and far between-

    There was a short pause of gasping before the recognition that she had frozen finally made it through the roar of sensations, and his hastily opened eyes met hers just as the jade went distant. He blinked, struggling to focus as her palms seemed to heat as they pressed against his temples, before she abruptly returned to the present, drawing back with a gasp. He tried to regain his mind from the haze as he stared at her lightly shaking form, trying to comprehend what exactly had happened fingers managing to raise to brush his lips then his temples-


    He stared in shock at the ground now inches before his face, the reverberating tremors of the punch travelling right through to the bone as the pain followed the ensuing rush of blood across his face, and he winced, managing to cough out a choked splutter. The words themselves were barely legible, he noted with a grimace, but as the pleading question in his tone should have at least been decipherable he tried to even out his breathing while he waited for her response. There was a moment of silence, and he grit his teeth as the pain increased - had she broken his cheekbone? - before the slightly hoarse syllables broke the silence.

    "Damn it, Charles."

    The pain evident in the whispered words sent a spasm of shock through him, and he looked up, eyes searched fruitlessly for hers as she watched him from the shadows of the door. The ensuing silence was deadening, and he almost tried again to ask her- before it hit him. The only conclusion that could have caused such a reaction, that could have ever disturbed the sentimentality of one of God's golden children; the one piece of knowledge that could hurt an angel. His actions stopped immediately, and as he caught her reflection in the mirror to the right above the stairwell, he found her eyes in the reflection, hazy and clouded, the mask of confidence washed away with a whisper as tears cascading down her cheeks.

    With that one touch she'd read his memories. With that one kiss.



    demise: the last remnants of the fallen

    chapter two complete: defective.

    meddling with time: where time lines collide
    a new fanfiction of twisted time and mistaken love chapter one complete: steps forward

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    wrong one.


    The sun was just setting behind Mt. Moon when the last of them arrived. There were fifteen in all—all veterans of wars and politics and being forced to watch golf for an entire afternoon. At times they had been enemies. Other times they had been the firmest of allies. What they were now was simply friends. And co-workers.

    “All right,” the leader growled, her practical blond ponytail slung over her right shoulder. “We’re all here, let’s review what we’re about to do. Between us we faced the Rocket hordes when they overthrew the League. We invaded the Distortion World and faced off against Giratina itself when that idiot Cyrus tried to wipe out our entire planet. We smacked some sense into the Hoenn idiots who were playing at war.” She took a deep breath, and her one, good eye peered around the group, taking in every last detail of the crew with whom she was about to take part in an untested, untried venture. “But now we’re about to undertake what will likely be our most trying endeavor ever.”

    “Stop being so dramatic, Alora.” a bored voice cut in. “We’re only gonna be teachers at the school this year.”

    The blond woman raised her eyebrows, above her good eye and the patch covering the empty socket that had been claimed in a war long before. “That’s exactly what I’m saying, Duplica. Have you seen the crap the kids are into these days?”


        Spoiler:- How I got the idea:

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    SHort one for my upcoming Digimon fic:

    Digimon: Tamer's War

    Sunmon! My best friend dying right in front of me and all I can do is float here until I run out of energy and sink.

    Wanyamon! He’s going to die from heat stroke any second and I’m not far behind and there’s nothing I can do.

    Nyaromon. My best friend’s dying in front of me and all I can do is sit here and freeze to death.

    Koromon, please don’t die. Oww. These thorns hurt so bad. And she’s so entangled. There’s nothing I can do to help him.

    The light. It’s so bright that it burns. I can’t even see Yaamon. This light must hurt him so bad.

    This wind is just so strong. I don’t think I can hold onto Yokomon or this vine much longer. But if I let go of either we’ll plummet off of this cliff and die. I’m slipping!

    Stupid rockslide. I can’t move without leaving Bukamon to die, but if I stay then I’ll die too. Stupid rockslide.

    Can’t find my way out. All these mirrors are confusing me and Kyokyomon’s too weak to break the way out. If I don’t escape soon I think I might pass out.

    No! I won’t give up. How did I even get into this in the first place? Oh yeah…

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    *screen is black*

    Narrator (voice over): Once there was a boy named Jack. Suddenly he found a shiny Rayquaza! He threw a Master Ball at it, caught it, and went on. The end.

    *long pause, then cut to scene of Jack standing on nondescript dirt road*

    Jack: Woah, woah, woah, wait just one minute! What the hell was that!

    Narrator (voice over): The story of a story... A badly written story.

    Jack: Two lines! Two lines of text!

    *shot of Jack punching the narrator in the stomach*

    Narrator (voice over): And the story of one disgruntled protagonist... And the narrator.

    *shot of the narrator throwing a Poke ball in the air, and Chatot coming out*

    Narrator (NOT voice over): Chatot, use your Sky Attack now!

    *several clips shown in rapid succession; Jack and the narrator running from a horde of giant Toxicroak; a tin can transforming into a giant fighting robot; Jack's Rayquaza using Hyper Beam on a Toxicroak; Croagunk coming out of its Poke Ball and hitting the narrator with Poison Jab; Missingno. Master sitting in the shadows and laughing evilly; A shiny Porygon emerging from its ball and sparkling; a pair of Ludicolo preparing to use Fire Punch; Jack throwing a Poké Ball in the direction of the screen, said ball opening to reveal the title of the fic in the same font as the Pokemon logo*

    Narrator (voice over, during aforementioned montage): Together, these unlikely allies team up and attempt to exact revenge on their author in... The Adventure of Adventureness!

    *shot of Miror B. activating a YouTube video of his battle music*

    Miror B.: Let the music play!

    *fade to black*
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    The Hoenn of Hoenness- Chapter 6 up now!
    404 Error 2: File Not Found- Chapter 14 up now!
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    "You know you have to let that go Palmer...that was years ago.." Her soft motherly voice chiming into my thoughts. My anger was fading and being quickly replaced by pure hurt and sadness but my grip wasn't letting up.

    "How?" I asked bitterly "So many times he discouraged me! Mocked me in a way I'll never forget...Held My only pokemon HOSTAGE for hours intill I had enough Guts to tell an adult! and you want me to forget it?!"

    "Trust Me Palmer Casandra me." She repeated

    I broke finally. I finally knew who was chasing me in those nightmares that monster I knew who it was...I spoke to myself more then anyone. "it was...."

    -Fade to black-

    Only on chapter two but its gonna get seriously good xD
    I Have Claimed Yellow!

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    Look Behind you. BOO!


    The Region of Sarmia is peaceful and happy. For hundreds of years, mythical creatures of various types have lived in harmony with humans, with only the odd skirmish

    - A scene showing a centaur shaking hands with a human flashes onto the screen -

    But that is all about to change

    - A scene showing armored humans trapping different mythical creatures in cages -

    Humans are now afraid of the abilities of the creatures. Some, it is said, can survive a battle or sword! With a humans main weapons considered useless, people are afraid that one day these creatures will attack them

    - A hazy scene (to represent daydreaming) showing a Dragon torching a town. Cut to a scene of a Mermaid drowning a soldier -

    As such, humans how are more afraid than most of captured as many creatures as they can, neutralizing them in cages.

    - While this is said, a scene showing a dragon wrapped in icy chains being tossed into a large cage -

    One scientist also follows this belief, but for her own twisted purposes. She intends to have the creatures threatened to extinction, but still maintain power with her husband

    - A scene showing a caramel haired scientist and a fat, gray haired man flashes onto the screen. Cut to a hazy scene of the two ruling the region with empowered humans -

    As such, this scientist sneaks into a warehouse and takes DNA from each one of the creatures

    - Scene showing the same caramel haired female sneaking into a large building and coming out with several needles containing DNA -

    Now possessing DNA from 10 mythical creatures of unknown power, this scientist injects the DNA into 10 normal teenagers

    - Scene shows 10 ordinary kids of varying appearances being injected with needles -

    Now these 10 children possess extraordinary power, but they are a far cry from the loyal servants the scientist wants. They revolt, escaping from her lab, with an aim of freeing the mythical creatures. On their way, they will face dangers, excitement and mystery

    - Scene shows a red head being bitten by a poisonous snake. Cut to the image of a rainbow hair girl holding onto a rope dangling above a gorge. Cuts to the 10 of them, looking at a large warehouse -

    Will they succeed? Will they all survive?

    Find out in Typo!

    Coming soon to a forum near you!

    The name is only a draft, mkay? And I haven't started writing it, but some major points have already been affirmed. And yeah.

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    They never knew they existed

    (Freddie opens his eyes and startles from a Minccino)

    (Gibby being tackled by Munchlax)

    But when two worlds collide

    (In Juniper's lab)

    Carly: Those battles, aren't they harmful?

    (Shot of a Pokémon Gang Leader)

    Gang Member: You're going down!

    There is no way back

    (Gibby taking a run-up)

    (Sam commanding Elekid)

    Sam: Elekid! Thundershock!

    Freddie: Roggenrola! Rock Blast!

    (Bianca driving recklessly with Gibby and Sam in her car)

    (Carly, Freddie, Sam and Gibby commanding their Pokémon at the same time!)

    Are they ready for Unova?

    Carly: I don't know this word

    And is Unova ready for them?

    Gang Member: You're not from here.

    Gang Member #2: You're gonna have a tough time here.

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    Narrator: There is a region called Arcana

    (Cut to overhead view of Arcana. The region is made of mostly mountains and forests with the only human settlements on the eastern side of the region)

    Narrator: There are no wild Pokemon. Anywhere.

    (Cut to Arcanan forest. There is nothing but slightly unsettling silence)

    Narrator: The region is only used as a exporter of raw materials

    (Shows scenes of humans and their Pokemon cutting own trees or mining. Note that the Pokemon are a lot bigger and have extra muscle)

    Narrator: It seems like a place where everything is quiet and uneventful. But appearances aren't everything.

    (Cuts to scene in the mine where an Excadrill begins to tremble. A close up on the eyes show that they are turning bloodshot. A loud cry is heard before the Excadrill slashes at its trainer)

    (Cuts to a scene protesters being set on fire by a girl riding a Flygon)

    (Cuts to a scene of a chubby red-haired green eyed girl saying "This is insane")

    Narrator: It's up to the generation of teenagers to fix this mess.

    (Shot of four teenagers. The chubby red-haired green eyed girl. An average brown haired grey eyed boy with a tattoo on his neck. A thin brown skinned girl with long thick black hair. A tall brown skinned guy with a faded haircut)

    Narrator: This is Arcana. This is it's story.

    Now playing in fanfiction site near you

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    In a magnificent world
    (bird's eye view of an Earth-like planet)
    Three Pokemon
    (shows a Bagon, a Charmander, and a Horsea)
    Will have an incredible adventure
    (shows cuts from several scenes in rapid succession)
    Full of danger
    (shows Bagon from before getting constricted by a Seviper)
    (shows opposite gendered Nidoran on a hill at sunset)
    and evil plots
    (shows four figures lurking in shadows)
    Team Draco's Adventures! Coming to a Fanfic section near you!

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    Whitegold City. A place of distinctive culture that is the very definition of business and pleasure. Thousands have arrived in this city for events as diverse as they are themselves.

    However… in the next twenty-four hours, Whitegold City and its entire population, both residential and tourist, will no longer exist.

    Quote Originally Posted by An elderly woman in a shawl stands on the porch of her home in a thick marshland. Her Gothitelle is alongside her.
    “Gothitelle, I’ve feared this day would eventually come. Something terrible is going to happen in Whitegold City…”
    Following the happenings at the Indigo Plateau and Argyros Ruins, Matt, Olivia, Nekou and Bunny arrive in Whitegold City.

    A blonde-haired man in a white suit and vest along with a blue necktie and white fedora steps off of a ferry. He is accompanied by a cape-wearing girl with stylish blue hair, a young woman whose long, red-accented black hair complements her curvaceous figure, and a brunette woman with an intelligent look.
    Their trip is right in time for the city’s annual festival, an exciting time of leisure and celebration.

    Quote Originally Posted by On a brightly-lit city street, a parade of floats featuring various Pokémon progresses forward. Around the parade route there are many street shops and performers, overjoying Nekou and Olivia.
    “So many things around me! I want all of them!!”

    “And I’ll take what’s left over! Come on, Nekou!”
    Two of the most notable attractions are the city’s Triple Battles and the sporting event known as the Pokémon Bowl.

    Quote Originally Posted by In a lush park, Matt is confronted by a girl wearing a leather jacket and jeans, along with dark sunglasses and a baseball cap that a ponytail of her thick, smooth golden hair penetrates through the top of.
    “ Pokémon Bowl? A refined woman such as myself has no use for such brutality. If you want to have a Triple Battle on its own, however…”

    “I’ll accept that challenge.”

    “Very well then. Make sure you don’t bore me and put me to sleep. Beheeyem, Starmie, Gardevoir, appear in my court!”
    Everything that happens in the city is tightly controlled, under the watchful eye of Captain Liam Everton, the wealthy oil tycoon that has great influence over the entire area.

    Quote Originally Posted by A narration over a montage of scenes surrounding Liam Everton, an older gentleman wearing a combination cap with a Cryogonal emblem on it along with a refined, dark-blue suit printed with golden arcs reaching around from the buttons on its front.
    “For the past thirty years, Captain Liam Everton has served as an important guiding force for Whitegold City. Under his administration, powerful new security measures were enacted, ensuring the safety of people and Pokémon alike. With his vast business influence, Liam Everton has also brought Whitegold City wealth and prosperity.”
    However, Whitegold City is not just a city of simple pleasures and leisurely recreation. A legendary mystery rests in this urban jungle, one that is the key to unlocking a great and mysterious power.

    The Victory Star – the power to find victory itself. This enigmatic power, sought by men for thousands of years, lies waiting in Whitegold City in the form of a Legendary Pokémon called Victini.

    Victini, a small, fox-like Pokémon, appears in an apartment whose inhabitants have gone out, leaving it empty. The Pokémon knocks over a cookie jar in the kitchen and begins eating the contents. After being distracted by sound of fireworks, Victini looks out through the nearby window at the continuing festival in the streets outside.
    What is the secret about Victini and the Victory Star?

    A path to the truth begins coming to light…

    Quote Originally Posted by A beautiful, raven-haired woman disguising herself with a shawl and sunglasses sits in a sports bar interviewing Matt, Olivia and Bunny.
    “I don’t trust Everton. I’ve been investigating him since I discovered he was majority shareholder in the Kodai Network, and there are gaps in his façade everywhere. He boasts about bringing the city wealth, for one, but as you can plainly see, there is a huge disparity between the wealthy business district and the poorer areas of the city. And his security measures? Compared to a lot of other places, they’re overly strict.”
    Whitegold City will become a battleground. On the day when Pokémon is pitted against Pokémon…

    The Legendary Pokémon Cresselia and Darkrai are engaged in a vicious battle, constantly sending their attacks at their respective opponent, which results in great damage to the poor area of the city. Their fight then spills over into the marshland, and Darkrai attempts to use a Dark Void on Cresselia, only for it to miss and strike a wild Seismitoad instead. The Water-and-Ground-type Pokémon is instantly put to sleep.
    …those with righteous hearts will combat those who would do evil for their own selfish ends.

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt, Olivia, Nekou and Bunny along with the Triple Battle girl and the mysterious reporter come running out of an old stone church, only for Olivia, Nekou, Bunny and the reporter to become ensnared in the ice chains wielded by a Cryogonal. Above them, Everton stands smugly on a red hoverboard.
    “Everything’s fallen into place perfectly. Now, watch as my plans become reality!”
    When the darkness of greed and corruption overruns Whitegold City, will the city find a path back into the light? Or will evil’s storm consume the city and all inside?

    In a pouring, violent rainstorm, a large Hydreigon flies around, engaging a Sigilyph and a Golurk in vicious, no-holds-barred combat. The rich business district of the city, where the battle is taking place, is suffering terrible damage from the clash.
    Quote Originally Posted by In front of a burning house, Everton confronts Matt’s group while standing on his hoverboard.
    “I’ve gone through a lot of trouble to combat folks like you who seek to deny the truth about energy. Now, I’ll ask nicely one last time… hand Victini over to me!”
    The light of the Victory Star illuminates the path to the end, but whose victory will ultimately be claimed? What is Liam Everton’s true goal and how is he connected to Victini and the Victory Star? And what will be the fate of Whitegold City and all those within its borders – can the city and its people be saved, or will they face the waters of fate itself?

    The answers to all these mysteries come in the second phase of Operation GEAR, The Victory Star of Fate.

    Release the past, escape the future...
    Most Recent: 22: The Iron Maiden
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    The steps on the road to the truth.
    The Firestorm Rebellion
    The Victory Star of Fate

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    Okay, I know it's impossible to make a trailer that everyone will find interesting or even just see the same way as I do, but I have this trailer for my fic in my head that I just can't get out so I realized I had to come here and do this. :c Lol. This is a trailer for the story Within My Own Nightmares that is currently going on in the Pokemon fics section. With some luck, this'll actually make sense to other people and not sound super cheesy or fake. Lol. (Also, yeah, it has the same music as my last trailer. Sorry xD) All the scenes I'll describe in this trailer are actually from my story or will be in my story, obviously. Anyways, let's get to it. :3

    Within My Own Nightmares

        Spoiler:- Trailer:

    Oh dear god. That took forever and a half to write. Sorry, I had that entire thing lined up perfectly in my head with the trailer music so that's why I gave specific details for what part of the music went with which part of the trailer and such. The music is meant to play through-out the entire trailer from when I say the music starts to when it ends, it's just that when I say what parts it's more of a reference than anything else. Regardless, if you read all that, kudos. Hopefully it was interesting and not too weird or boring. Like I said, it'll actually all be in Within My Own Nightmares though I may have done a few things to deceive any fans of the fic from thinking they know what's to come. c:

    tl;dr- Basically, the plot is that a new novice trainer, Zach, is greeted by a mysterious Darkrai that begins to haunt his dreams and warn him of things to come. However, it's under the orders of a mysterious organization bent on taking down all of Johto and, once they discover Zach is being visited by the Darkrai, they take it upon themselves to make him die for ever having been told of what they're up to. Though the story starts off slow, it does get better - I promise!

    Two hours of writing for a trailer thanks to trying to synch it perfectly with the music. Woot. Lol. Anyways, yeah. With that, I'll just make my leave. Thanks for reading. xD
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    *an old, buzzing television is shown with a picture of a Hitmonchan and Throh*


    Little Hitmonchan


    His Trainer
    Doc Throh

    playing watching over the role of Hitmonchan,

    It’s you!!

    ------ Guest Stars ------
    *the TV shows its color bar error screen before switching to the following scene*

    “Wow! What a hit from Ghoul Gengar!” An announcer exclaimed right after a Gengar just sent a Shadow Ball right at a Throh! The red Pokémon was still standing though.

    “But wait, Doc Throh is not giving up!” The Throh brought up its arms, creating what appeared to be stones moving around its body. Then, he shot it right at the Gengar! The stones pushed the ghost right to the floor.

    “Outstanding! Doc Throh unleashed a powerful Stone Edge at his opponent! Will Ghoul Gengar be able to get up from this one?”

    A Pikachu in a black-and white suit stepped onto the arena. “One… two… three… four… five… six… seven… eight… nine… ten! Knock out!” The Pikachu declared.

    “Yes! Yes!” A young Tyrogue and his father Hitmontop was watching an episode of CPFA, the Competitive Pokémon Fighting Association. Their favorite fighter, Doc Throh, just beat Ghoul Gengar, defending his title as CPFA OU Champion once again.

    “That was an amazing fight, wasn’t it, Tyrogue?” The Hitmontop had a deep voice as he spoke to his son.

    “It was, Dad, it was!” The eager Tyrogue replied. “Dad, I want to fight in the CPFA when I grow up!”

    “Really? Well, when you grow up, go for it, son!”

    *the TV shows its color bar error screen and moves to its intended programming*

    This is a story
    of true victory!!

    But the road is long……


    Let’s keep it clean! Let’s come out battling!

    An epic and detailed retelling of Punch-Out with Pokémon characeters... Coming soon to a Forum near you...
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    Deep in the Johto region, there is a Pokemon school for elite trainers...

    Fade in to
    An overhead shot of a large school with a Poke Ball symbol on the roof. Pidgey fly overhead, chirping happily.

    Strict perfection is expected, and the former Hoenn champion Steven Stone presides over it...

    Cut To
    A collage of the faces of several scientists, with Steven superimposed over them.

    But when Steven's unskilled son Sam Stone comes into the school, as much by accident as by design...

    Cut To
    A picture of a boy with glasses and short brown hair looking down at a Mudkip with a twisted radar fin

    All seems innocent at first...

    Cut To
    The first boy shouting orders at a Beldum battling a Starly

    Cut To
    The same Starly using Peck on a massive sandbag over and over

    Cut To
    The Mudkip from earlier using Water Gun on another sandbag

    Sam settles into life at the school, making some new friends along the way...

    Cut To
    An image of a tall boy with wild black hair and a beautiful girl with brown hair stamding next to each other

    ...But things are not all as they seem.

    Cut To
    The black-haired boy from earlier, shouting at a Monferno. His eyes are completely black.

    Cut To
    The brown-haired girl lying on the ground crying

    And on a seemingly innocent field trip to Mount Coronet...

    Cut To
    Sam standing in front of a glowing Magneton

    A plan is set in motion...

    Cut To
    A massive portal opening in the middle of a room, sucking Gravelers into it

    And unless Sam and his friends can stop it...

    Cut To
    A massive pair of eyes slowly opening

    The world will pay a terrible price.

    Fade To
    Same giving orders to a Metagross. His eyes are completely white.

    Fade To
    School of Champions

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    Team Magma...Team Aqua! These two groups of terrorists are undertaking perilous adventures to get the Red and Blue Orbs, to awaken the Super-Ancient Legendary Pokemon....Groudon and Kyogre! Birch has hired two experienced Pokemon Trainers, Brendan, Red and Blue, to go on a Pokemon Journey across the Hoenn Region to stop Team Magma and Aqua at all costs!

    Originally posted by Birch, explaining to the hired trainers
    '' You may or may not already know what I've brought you here for, ''
    Originally posted by Blue, reading a book in Birch's Lab
    '' Team Aqua is a notorious gang wanting to flood the world, while Magma is just the opposite...,''
    Originally posted by Brendan, looking at Blue's book
    '' It does not make sense...I defeated Teams Aqua and Magma five years ago! The leaders learnt their lesson! How could this be...?!

    Pokemon: Aqua Sapphire and Magma Ruby!

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    Default Pokemon Unleashed: Reshzekurem

    [QUOTE=Prof. Yuyu]Hello. I see you're here to take a look at the project?QUOTE]
    ~Camera turns to a young boy~
    Quote Originally Posted by Young Boy
    ..Yes. I assume Project R.Z.K. is on the fast track to success?
    ~Camera turns to an incubator~
    Quote Originally Posted by Prof. Yuyu
    Well... It's rather interesting, but the Pokemon is... reseliant. Not many Pokemon, or humans at that, have this type of willpower. The Pokemon, however, is complete.
    ~Camera skips to boy's face~
    Quote Originally Posted by Young Boy
    Will it listen to me?
    ~Explosion from the incubator.~
    ~Camera skips to Yuyu~
    Quote Originally Posted by Prof. Yuyu
    Oh no! It's out of control! It's-
    ~The young boy holds her shoulder.~
    Quote Originally Posted by Young Boy
    It's... Alive... *Smirks*
    ~Screen turns dark~
    ~Shows title, then a roar sounds in the background~
    ~Screen turns Dark again.~
    Quote Originally Posted by Young Boy
    Reshzekurem, my slave! Destroy Arceus!
    ~Wind blows, and then a roar sounds~
    Meh, working on sig...

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    Scene shows a young girl standing next to her father, receiving a pokemon.

    In the Johto region...

    Another girl stands on top of the Goldenrod City Department Store, holding an eevee, shouting something unheard.

    Two girls...

    The scene appears hazy, like a memory Two men yell at each other infront of a shrine.

    That will shape their destinies forever...

    Cut to- The first girl yelling at a Skitty to cut down a tree.

    Cut to- The girls running into each other.

    Cut to- Two glowing blue eyes surrounded by forest.

    Pokemon: Johto Heroes!

    Fade to black

    Coming to a forum near you, December 2011...

    I'd really love it if you gave my eggs some love, please. Could you also click on the others?

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    Nightmares (under construction)

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    Ever thought about what happened to all the trainers who don't become battling aces literally seconds after grabbing their starter pokemon? The trainers that decide that beating the snot out of every trainer they manage to gaze at isn't the life path for them? The trainers that decide not to attempt to be champions of the world? The trainers that decided it's too much trouble to fight against an organization of funnily dressed wackos who plot to take over the world? The trainers that repeat the same 'the trainers that blah blah blah' and get really annoying?

    -cut to a black haired boy with glasses who's face is literally inches away from a Salamence.-

    They're busy trying to capture pokemon for researcher's to study.

    Xiaosi: "Let me get this straight." *takes out pokedex* "My only reward for completing this small device, outside you assisting me with my living funds as I requested, is a piece of paper? No recognition? No celebrity levels of glory? No me being surrounded by cute girls?"

    Proffessor Birch simply nods.

    Xiaosi: "*sigh* Point me to the nearest Aggron nest, I have to go ahead and nearly DIE for my next paycheck again...(I hope those job applications I sent to everywhere else accept me.)

    Coming soon to a forum near you

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    5 years in the making...literally.

    “NoOoOoO!!!!” Ash yelled, watching his beloved Pikachu fall off the cliff face.
    The wait is finally over...

    “Enough!!,” Guilmon roared. “Pepper Breath!”

    “No! You Idiot!!” Hare screamed.

    Letting out a fiery shot from his jaws, Guilmon soon realized his mistake:

    [Pokedex Excerpt: Guilmon is a fire breathing dinosaur, far stronger than his predecessor, Agumon. Pepper Breath is a basic fire attack deriving from Agumon, the fire dinosaur. Hare is of the Fighting Type. Hare specializes in quick punches, kicks, and paralyzing flatulence. Two and two together: Flatulence and Fire, Bad… Bad, bad, bad. Wait… *Computing… *Computing… FATAL ERROR 283: Guilmon is not listed Pokemon. FATAL ERROR 405: Hare is not listed Pokemon. Pokedex will now reboot and self-destruct in ten seconds. This session has been brought to you by, Windows 95.]

    Too many copyrights to cover to be on public television...

    "Elmo doesn't like it here..."
    Pika Pika Picnic - By Redlark
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    Go read my FanFics!
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    On screen text
    ( ) Scene description


    (Mewtwo looks evilly from a cliff)

    "My frozen empire."


    (Mewtwo turns around and gasps at the sight of Darkrai)

    "Never, you can't do that."

    (Screen Fades Black)

    The truth...

    "We need to stop Mewtwo!"

    Is right there...

    (Screen fades black)

    The Ultimate Battle

    (Mewtwo shows fangs while forming Psy Beam)

    "Darkrai, you can't tell me what to do!"

    (Dramatic close up of Darkrai)

    "Yes I can."

    (Psy Beam is launched)

    (Screen fades out black almost immediately)

    *Stop music at 0:33*

    New Music

    (Ampharos jumps from bubble to bubble, but fails to jump to 4th and starts to fall)

    (Screen fades to black and then shows Ampharos suspended with pink energy)

    (Abra smiles)

    "You're welcome."

    (Black fade-out)

    "Mew, get off me!!"

    (Mewtwo throws Mew of his arm with a loud growl)

    (Mew screams and is caught by Darkrai who arrives with everyone else at just the right time)

    (Darkrai stares at Mewtwo with fury)

    "Never...Touch My friends!"

    (Black fade-out)

    "Here we are."

    (Traversable clouds everywhere)

    (Darkrai and Cresselia stand side by side facing Mewtwo)

    "2 on 1, no fair." *Mewtwo is sarcastic*

    (Darkrai prepares a Shadow Ball, Cresselia an Aurora Beam)

    "With all you've done, it doesn't matter!"

    "No, it doesn't."

    (Mewtwo forms a Psy Beam)

    (All launch their attacks)

    (black fade-out)

    *Stop Music*

    Final music

    The Star Freeze...

    *5 second wait*

    Is here again

    (Frozen, snow covered areas are shown)

    Darkrai's Nightmare
    *text shown 3 seconds before music is stopped*
    *Stop music at 0:29*


    That was probably awesome.
    If you're wondering, most of this stuff will happen in higher chapters, so it'll happen.
    No longer active here. You can find me at the forum below, I'm AngelEevee.

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