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Thread: Trailer for Your Fanfic thread - new version

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    Hmmm...this sounds like a good amount of fun. Permit me to post a little trailer of my own right here.

    Silence for a moment, accompanied by darkness, with the numerous voices overlapping over one another.


    Well, I just hope you don't turn out like me.


    Mom, I haven't worn this since Misty left.


    Now hold on! I live in this gym! You can't just kick us out!


    We can't just kill his Pokemon!


    They are evil angels to an evil God.


    That's the byproduct of nearly a decade of research.


    I'm incarcerated, and it's all thanks to you!


    So how do you know that Sabrina wasn't lying to you?


    Do they really deserve to die?


    Soon, my love.


    I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I'd come by and see ya, Misty!


    I—er—I miss ya, you twerp!


    I need your power.

    Reveal a single image of a test tube in a dark lab, slowly bubbling to itself, before fading away.


    Available here:

    Also available to read in the Shipping section.

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    A trailer for one of my newest fanfictions Shards of Destiny based of a mix of my 2 comics. First one can be found here and its sequel here
    Note: The comics are slightly different then the Fanfic because of some removed parts. But the same storyline remains in both.
    Hope it's ok to post this Trailer and it's good

    Trailer Music

    Screen Text
    [ ] Transition

    [Fade in]
    A strange feeling begin to come to two different Pokemon...

    [Cut to]
    A female Piplup with a light blue head and upper body, an almost black lower body, and a tan 'cape' jolting awake, panting.

    [Cut to]
    A male Shadow Prinplup holding it's head down in deep thought

    ...One supects something...the other does not...

    [Cut to]
    The Piplup talking to a Shiny Riolu, a Turtwig, and a Torchic

    [Cut to]
    The Prinplup stressed as he talks to a Shiny Swellow

    ...but he'll find out...

    [Cut to]
    An beat up Umbreon panicing

    ...very soon.

    [Cut to]
    The Prinplup's red eyes open in disbeleif

    Now two pokemon must find each other...

    [Cut to]
    The Prinplup walking out of a town and the Piplup walking through a forest

    Before it's too late!

    [Cut to]
    The Prinplup geting hit with a black glowing blade

    [Cut to]
    The Prinplup tied up, glaring at a shadowed figure

    They will meet many alies...

    [cut to]
    The Piplup talking with a Riolu and Eevee

    ...face many foes...

    [cut to]
    The Piplup fighting a Houndour

    ...and when they finally meet...

    [cut to]
    The Prinplup fireing a blast of Shadow Energy at the Houndour

    [cut to]
    The Piplup and Prinplup talking

    ...they will get thrown into a quest...

    [cut to]
    The Piplup, Prinplup, and four other pokemon in front of a cave

    [blackout] stop...

    [cut to]
    The piplup and prinplup confronting th shadowed pokemon

    [blackout] evil plan.

    [Cut to]
    Several attacks are being launched across the room

    But can they do it...

    [cut to]
    The Piplup on the ground

    [cut to]
    The shadowed pokemon firing a blade of Shadow Energy at the piplup

    [cut to]
    The Prinplup running

    ...when their lives...

    [cut to]
    The Prinplup falling to the ground bleeding

    [cut to]
    The shadowed figure watching the silhouette of the piplup who is surounded in a purple light

    [black out]
    ...are the key to the end of the world?!

    [cut to]
    The world slowly being covered by a purple shadow

    Shards of Destiny
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    (The Magic of a Melody, take 1!)

    (Hopeful music begins as we see a scene of Ash in his movie 8 costume casting a fire spell as a woman in a similar costume looks on)

    Male announcer: He was only a mage's apprentice that dreamed of glory...

    (scene of Black Mage Ash listening to a female minstrel singing)

    Male announcer: He thought that minstrels that could channel magic through song were only legend...

    (sillhouette of Brock in a minstrel's costume for a few seconds as exciting music begins)

    Male announcer: Little did he know that he had a role to play in this story as well...

    (shot of Minstrel Brock holding a harp against an "icy" background)

    Minstrel Brock: Spears of ice, cut through the raging inferno! Frosty Arrow!

    (he plays the harp, making arrow-like ice streams appear from the strings and form the title: Pokemon: The Magic of a Melody. After the icy letters fade away, Minstrel Brock plays another chord, which makes more ice streams form the words Now Playing)
    Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

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    It's been a while since I've done a trailer, so hopefully this isn't horribly done, or even over-done.

    (bold) – description
    BOLD – transition
    “italics” (with two exceptions for Mewtwo) – voice over
    italics – words on black

    Trailer music



    Being a Legendary isn't always a good thing.

    (Fades out as music comes in. The scene fades in, scanning with a bird's eye view, revealing the main room of a temple, hazy sunlight pouring in through the openings. A shadow in the shape of a cat stretches in as the figure floats in slowly, head down. Drums swell as it fades to black and words fade in, slow zoom.)

    They realized that too late.

    (Just as the words are fading out, it cuts to devil's eyeview of an altar in front of the carved picture of a Mew. Descending to the alter is an emaciated Mew as a voice vocalizes.)


    (Vocals begin. Scene change to a forested area behind the Sky Forme of Shaymin, who is standing on a large rock.)

    “We have been called together because the unthinkable has happened.” (Fade out to scan through the crowd of Legendaries levitating high in the atmosphere. They are like shadows of their former selves as they sadly and, for some, tearfully stare down at the land.) “It's been rumored, if not yet declared, that we are to be in a world war.” (Sounds of jets roaring and explosions are heard. Transparent frozen scenes of different bombings on Sinnoh fade in, the Legendaries still in the picture. The most devastating of the bombings is on Twinleaf Town, bodies of humans and Pokémon silhouettes against the explosions. Another is on Eterna City before it cuts to massive rock slides on Mount Coronet. There's a frozen scene of the Sinnoh Pokémon League building tumbling down.) “This morning, at approximately 0500 hours, the beloved region of Sinnoh had been mercilessly bombed by Orre.”

    CUT TO:

    (Camera flies around to the left side of Ho-oh as he stands in front of the rock, speaking to the Legendaries. He looks to be aging, though his eyes still have a fiery light to them.)
    “Legendaries, this is a dangerous time to be cocky. We cannot afford to fight with one another.” (A quick black out as camera switches to the other side of Ho-oh, a slow zoom in.) “While the whole world may be in war, we must not be part of that war. As protectors of this world, we must be the example.” (He curtly nods when camera is at a melodramatic angle on his left from the neck up.)


    (Music is slowly swelling. Scene change to forest-scenery, where a large Scyther is sitting with Mewtwo. They're overlooking a lake. He happens to be looking at him.) “You want her, don't you?”

    (Mewtwo whips around to leer at the Scyther.)What was that?

    (Cut to a dark environment lit by moonlight. Mewtwo is staring intently into Mew's frightened face, frowning. His hand reaches up to grasp her chin. She only stares back, tears visible in her wide eyes.) “I've seen that look before. You seek after her, but are either afraid or unable to.”


    (Music has swelled and the singing is more powerful. Mewtwo is speaking as the scene changes back to the forest-scenery of Mewtwo and Mew underneath a basswood tree. A tense Mew has her eyes clenched shut, arms loose. Mewtwo has a half-eaten berry in his paw, the other holding her head back. He leans down to lock lips. Before they connect, scene fades back to Mewtwo and Scyther.)

    I am a cursed being doomed to desire but not receive. What I did to Mew was as such.

    (Scene change to the temple. Mew, kneeling on the alter, has a rusty dagger, and is slowly raising it to her throat, closing her eyes . Fades to black.)

    (Voice-over continues. Different angle of the temple, black flashes cutting into the sequence of Mew lurching and spasming, crying out in pain. She cries out.)
    “No! NO! Get out of my body!” (There's a close-up to the Mew picture. The shadow of Mew is twitching in pain, then arches back sharply.)

    “I forced her to be that part of me, if only just for a moment. A normal Pokémon would never dare overpower another's will. Only man has ever done that.”


    (Music is temporarily paused as Mew screams in unbearable agony like she's being ripped in two. It fades.)

    (Whispered voice of Ho-oh.)

    “May Arceus be with us all.”


    (Music resumes from where it paused.)

    CUT TO:

    (The gray sky is covered in meteorites. Rayquaza, covered in numerous injuries, blasts a Hyper Beam at an incoming asteroid, but is forced to move aside when it passes without a scratch.)

    CUT TO:

    (A large Scyther larger than Mewtwo brandishes its forearms threateningly.)

    CUT TO:

    (A giant wall of water towers in place over a city, where Cresselia, Latios, and Latias are. They gape at it as it washes over.)

    CUT TO:

    (Ho-oh is shouting orders at the Legendaries, eyes wide in horror. In the sky are the meteorites.)
    “What are you waiting for?!” (Quick flashes of natural disasters such as earthquakes, flash floods, fires, and electrical storms happening throughout the world. In some scenes, people are running and screaming and buildings are falling.) “Slow down the meteorites! Stop the tidal waves! Get everyone to safety!” (Returns to Ho-oh.) “Do your duty as protectors, NOW!”

    FADE TO:

    (A burning forest. Celebi is dodging falling trees while reaching for a fleeing baby Larvitar running for its life.)

    CUT TO:

    (The underground lake and forest, Mewtwo stepping out into the water, eyes and fists blazing a fiery blue. With each step he took, the water rippled. Fearful stares were being given by the surrounding peers consisting of Bug larvae, the Scyther, and Mew. Another camera shot shows it's Lugia he's addressing to, who is backing away.)

    CUT TO:

    (Mew and Mewtwo are in a room only illuminated by a light from below. Mewtwo is held stiffly against the wall, arms stretched out beside him, fear in his eyes. He is uncomfortable, as Mew is positioned in front of him, noses touching. She's clutching around his neck and grinning rather mischievously. Her eyes each have a slitted pupil in their depths, her stare almost paralyzing. She barks a short, harsh laugh.)

    “You just aren't getting it.”

    (As she continues to speak, scenes are cutting in and out, almost blending with each other.)

    CUT TO:

    (As Latios lunges for Mew, she dodges swinging around behind the tree.)

    “You control the mother...”

    CUT TO:

    (Cresselia tries to lunge for Deoxys, but is held back by Darkrai and Heatran. She struggles and screams in rage, face darkened and eyes blazing.)

    CUT TO:

    (Underground forest scenery. Mewtwo and Lugia are attacking each other, ready to collide. There is a close-up to Mewtwo's neck where a small pair of arms wrap themselves around him.)

    “ command the children.”

    CUT TO:

    (In the pouring rain, Lugia and Ho-oh are engaged in bloody mortal combat, firing out attacks without end. They're both suffering burns and covered in gashes, eyes fiery and menacing. Lugia roars as an Aero Blast gathers in his open mouth.)

    CUT TO:

    (The heart of the Tree. Mew, eyes contrasted by slitted pupils, is grinning evilly as she touches a crystal. In an effect like a water flow, the peaceful green is overtaken by a bloody red.)

    CUT TO:

    (Rotting arms shoot out of the gray earth, startling Entei and Raikou. Shaymin, in her Land Forme, screams.)

    “Command the children...”

    CUT TO:

    (Mew chomps down on Mewtwo's arm. Lugia and Deoxys gasp.)

    CUT TO:

    (Celebi is defending himself as Mew mercilessly attempts to rip him apart, a manaical smile on her face.)

    “...and you rule the future.”

    CUT TO:

    (Mewtwo spins around and punches a surprised Deoxys in the face, teeth clenched.)

    CUT TO:

    (Latias screams as she shoots away off-screen from the crowd of Legendaries.)

    CUT TO:

    (Nighttime, Mewtwo leans forward to kiss Mew.)

    CUT TO:

    (The inside of a chamber, hieroglyphics on the wall glow green. A surprised Mew backs away.)

    CUT TO:

    (Giratina is struggling against what look to be shadow tendrils trying to pull him into the portal of the Distortion World.)

    CUT TO:

    (Mewtwo stands before Mew in a lake. He smirks and snatches her by the throat, lifting her to eye-level.)

    FADE TO:

    (A close-up of large, frightened blue eyes, the color almost unrecognizable in the vermilion liquid. Thick bubbles rise up following the transition to black.)

    (Music ends.)

    (An echoing scream, and we see the spirit of Mew careening towards the darkness, hand out-stretched. She disappears and her scream fades out.)



    (Title fades out when the voice of a young girl finishes her sentence.)

    “Adam fell that men might be.”

    (Scene fades in to a dark void, though Mew's face is lit. The source is the person in front of her, though all that could be seen is a flowing white dress. She gazes up where the face would be, frowning. She speaks.) “...and that is?”

    (The girl's sighing voice sounds sad when she answers.) “Oh, Mew. How could you forget that?”



    The end of the world is near...

    Winner of Best Non-Pokémon Fic of 2015 in the Shipping Oscars
    Forsaken: Chapter 20 - 11/17/14 / Encryption: Chapter 8 - 3/10/16 / Handle with Care: Chapter 10 - 3/17/14

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    This is a trailer for one of the fics in my sig, which is (I suppose) a tie-in to the Great Butler's "Pokemon XD^3: The Waves of Truth".

    Coming soon to the Serebii forums...

    (shows a ship marked "S.S Slowbro" docking in Port Haban)

    Oceannia finds itself visited...

    (shows a blue-eyed Marowak leaping off the ship)

    By a very aggressive Pokemon.

    (cuts to Skull glaring at the screen)

    "If you have a problem with that, there are going to be bones other than mine randomly littered around here."

    (dramatic music plays as Skull is shown leaping through trees, occasinally avoiding Caterpies and Starlies)

    Follow Skull the Shadow Marowak on his journey through the region of Oceannia, from Port Haban...

    (shows Skull dodging an Infernape's punches)

    To the east coast...

    (shows Skull holding a strange blue egg as he scowls at a brown-haired Pokemon Ranger)

    As he explores the entire region...

    (shows Skull looking up the Battle Mountain)

    And battles everyone in his path.

    (shows Skull dodging a Magmortar's Solarbeam. Behind the Magmortar, Paul watches with his hands in his pockets)

    Everything that happened to Skull before he met Rich Mistbloom...

    (shows Skull staring into Passho City)

    Will be revealed.

    (shows a dark purple portal opening, with two pairs of eyes staring out: one pair is large and blood-red, while the other is smaller and has regular human-like eyes. Various members of Team Galactic look on.)

    (scene changes to the traditional Pokemon letters spelling out "Pokemon", but a bone comes out of nowhere and hits the word, changing it.)

    Shadows of Fear: Traversing Darkness

    (the result of the bone-strike is the title, though it's still in traditional Pokemon letters.)

    Don't mess with this Marowak.

    (shows Skull walking into a forest, looking back to glare at the screen. He then fades out as he enters the forest.)
    Current fanfics:

    Proving Grounds

    How far will one boy go to prove something?

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    My first promo for my first fanfic. A simple tourny fic featuring a fossil collector.

    "Go Petree." George said throwing his pokeball. Out of it came a dragonic pterodactyl. Its skin was a grey with large purple bat-like wings. It clicked its large maw and swung it arrow head-shaped tail. "Aerodactyl." It roared.

    "Petree?." His opponent scoffed. "Like the baby Aerodactyl from that one movie. Go Slowking." The man threw out a pink hippo like creature stood on its back feet. It had a red and white neck frill, one toe on each foot, and a wide, yellow nuzzle. It had three yellow stripes of scales at the bottom of its stomach. It wore a grey shell-like crown with a frill on top, a spike sticking out of each side and a red jewel in its center. It shook its tail and said, "Slowking."

    "Petree, use thunder fang." George ordered. Petree's jaw crackled with electricity and he divebombed towards his opponent. When he got close to the king pokemon it snapped it with his jaws. The Slowking howled as electricity shot through its body, making fall to one knee.

    "Slowking, surf." Slowking's trainer ordered. "Slow king!" Slowking stomped the ground causing a large wave to raise up under it. The wave moved forward engulfing Petree. Its crest fell making the wave dissappear.

    "Petree, are you okay buddy?" George asked. Petree clicked his jaw weakly. "Well the, thunder fang again." Petree flew up high and swooped at Slowking. He snapped Slowking releasing a large amount of electircity.

    "Surf again." Carl, his opponent, ordered. Slowking summoned a wave that hit Peree at point-blank. When it faded both pokemon were fainted, Petree holding Slowking in his jaws.

    "Both pokemon are unable to battle." The Ref shouted. "The round is a tie. Both trainers get ready to send out your next pokemon."

    Both trainers returned their pokemon and reached for the next pokeballs on their belts.

    Coming to a board near you soon.

    The Fossil Collector's Chance
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    This is my trailer for Code Lyoko: The Rewrite.

    The following diary was found in a dorm room in Kadic Academy on a compact disk one week after the fateful week that claimed the lives of many.

    You are about to read material that has been strictly classified. Proceed to read with caution.

    Diary of Arthur Read, age 13. Kadic Academy Student, grade 10. Date: October 10th, 2010. It is early morning.

    Due to events that took place yesterday night, I was not able to make an entry for yesterday. I will now explain those events.

    Yesterday evening, my partners, Angelina Mouseling and Alice Nimbletoes, and I went to the old, abandoned car factory near Nowhere City's riverbank. We were going to search for spare car parts that could've been used for the robot we were going to make for science/technology class when we encountered three Chinese, Siamese cats named Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa Miao.

    These three weren't your run-of-the-mill kittens. They were very intelligent, so much so that they spoke to Angelina, Alice and I in English. According to them, their parents were genetically modified in a Chinese laboratory and they inherited their heightened intellect. Personally, I find this to be quite implausible.

    Speaking of their parents, the mother cat, Shao Fung Miao, and the father cat, Win Bao Miao, were taken from them. To explain themselves further, the three Miao siblings took us down the elevator shaft and showed us an amazing computer lab beneath the factory. That's when they told us the whole story.

    It turned out that the Miao Family of five cats were planning on making the factory their home. What they didn't expect was to find a quantum supercomputer in the third basement level of the factory. I'm not sure who but one of them reactivated the machine, unknowingly unleashing a deadly evil known as XANA, a sentient multi-agent system that's capable of self-awareness.

    For reasons unknown, XANA sent a polymorphic spectre, an extension of his being made of a digital, electrical substance, to gather up the Miao family and send them to the virtual world within the supercomputer, Lyoko. On Lyoko, the family found themselves with humanoid bodies, strange weapons and terrifying monsters. They were scared at first but they managed to destroy the digital creatures in time. Unfortunately, Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa were hit too hard and sent back to Earth while their Mama and Baba were left on Lyoko with an unknown fate. At least, for now...

    After reading and understanding notes on the supercomputer and Lyoko, I agreed to help the cats find their parents in the virtual world. Angelina and Alice also joined in to help. After sending them to Lyoko to try and search for the mother and father, XANA sent a little friend to play with me, so to speak. I was nearly done for when Sagwa managed to deactivate the tower XANA was using to get to Earth and made the spectre disappear. We realized that XANA could come to Earth and perhaps even try to attack other people.

    We all met in the scanner room where Alice proposed that we'd all form a team to searching for the cats' parents and to stopping XANA whenever he reared his ugly head in our world. We all agreed and took Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa to Kadic so they could live with me, Angelina and Alice respectively.

    As for how we're going to keep them a secret, we're not. Let's just say that we have a surprise for Principal Jet Black.

    Before I go, I'd like to mention that I had a weird dream last night. I can't recall much of it but I felt a bit of deja vu. Same for when I first saw the lab. It's as if there's something in the far back of my mind that's calling out to me.

    Well, I better go. I'll be back at night to fill in the next entry. I have a feeling that this is going to be a loooooonnnng adventure for us six.




    Be sure to read and review my fanfic as soon as you can.

    This is Matt Double-0 Double-4 and I see you there, fellow authors.

    You got that right! The Legend of Korra is returning on October 3rd! Mark your calendars!

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    Trailer for my new Yugioh Fanfic. (that I'm stalling to write...)

    Trailer Song - "Dairy of Jane" by Breaking Benjamin

    Bold = Song Lyrics/Section
    Italics = Description

    Intro (first 5 seconds)
    [Cut to:]

    The Kaiba Dome's exterior.
    There is a long, crowded line leading into the building.

    Intro (next 25 seconds)

    [Cut to:]

    Kaiba Dome's interior.
    Several people are gathered in small groups talking amongst themselves.

    [Pan over to:]

    A line, leading to the desk that circles a pillar at the center of the building.
    The line goes out the door.

    [Mid shot of:]

    Two boys standing at the desk, talking to its receptionist.
    The boy on the left is wearing a camoflague jacket, while the other is wearing a red sweatshirt.

    [Fade out]

    Intro (remainder of Intro)

    [Abruptly Cut to:]

    A packed stadium.
    People are cheering as the boy with the camoflague jacket steps onto the stage at its center.

    [Cut to:]

    The boy with the red sweatshirt sitting in the stands.
    He watches as his friend waits for his opponent.

    [Mid shot of:]

    A boy with short, spikey black hair walking onto the stage.
    He readies his Duel Disk, which claps together immediately.

    If I had to
    I would put myself right beside you
    So let me ask


    [Cut to:]

    A cafeteria.
    The boy in the red sweatshirt is watching a boy and girl duel on the table in front of him.

    [Fade to:]

    The boy in red sweatshirt is concentrating as he watches.

    Would you like that?
    Would you like that?


    [Abruptly Cut to:]

    A warrior lodging its sword into a dinosaur's mouth as it is about to chomp him.

    And I don't mind
    If you say this love is the last time
    So now I'll ask


    [Cut to:]

    An arcade.
    The boy in the camoflague jacket runs in between two table-like machines.
    The red sweatshirt boy is walking close behind.

    Do you like that?
    Do you like that?


    [Cut to:]

    Outside, in front of a Game Shop.
    The boy in the red sweatshirt is readying his Duel Disk.


    [Flash to:]

    The boy in the red sweatshirt, standing on top of a building besides the ocean at night.
    The land below is set ablaze.

    [Close up of:]

    The boy in the red sweatshirt, watching horrified.

    [Black out]

    Something's getting in the way
    Something's just about to break


    [Cut to:]

    An alleyway at night.
    The boy in the red sweatshirt runs over to a brick wall, looking up as if expecting something to be there.

    [Cut to:]

    A black-armored warrior slicing a green one-eyed monster in half.

    I will try to find my place
    In the diary of Jane


    [Cut to:]

    A robed spellcaster holding a book.
    The book begins to glow, and the robed figure holds his hand out to show it is also glowing.
    The glow from his hand projects forward.

    So tell me how it should be

    [Cut to:]

    The boy with black hair, standing in an empty lab-like room.

    [Close up of:]

    His Duel Disk as he draws a card.

    Guitar part

    [A montage of:]

    Three Duelists as they look their hands:
    The boy with the camoflague jacket, camera panning slowly to the right.
    The boy with black hair, camera panning slowly to the left.
    The boy with the red sweatshirt, camera zooms in from front.
    He picks a card to play.

    Try to find out what makes you tick
    As I lie down
    Sore and sick


    [Cut to:]

    A person's kitchen.
    The boy with the red sweatshirt and camoflague jacket are sitting the counter.
    They are looking through a deck of cards, some are scattered in front of them.

    [Cut to:]

    A teenager's bedroom.
    The boy with the red sweatshirt (in his pajamas) rolls out of bed.

    Do you like that?
    Do you like that?


    [Cut to:]

    A city street.
    A crowd is watching two people duel.
    A purple card rises in front of one of them.
    Several purple chains flail out from it grabbing at spectators.

    [Mid shot of:]

    The boy in the camoflague jacket watches as the boy in the red sweatshirt is yanked away from the sidelines.

    There's a fine line between love and hate.
    And I don't mind.
    Just let me say that


    [Cut to:]

    The Arcade.
    A boy in a white jacket is standing in front of one of the machine-tables.
    The boy in the camoflague jacket and the boy with black hair are standing nearby.

    I like that
    I like that


    [Flash to mid shot:]

    The boy with black hair walking over to the other table.

    [Close up:]

    He looks determined.

    [Black out]

    Something's getting in the way
    Something's just about to break


    [Flash to:]

    Camera pans quickly to the right.
    A bipedal winged-lion lunges at the boy in the sweatshirt.

    [Flash to:]

    Camera pans quickly to the left.
    A black, circular mirror shatters into fragments.

    I will try to find my place
    In the diary of Jane


    [Cut to:]

    A purple card rises in front of the boy with the red sweatshirt.
    It depicts a bird flying.
    Wind spirals out from it.

    As I burn another page
    As I look the other way


    [Flash to:]

    A phoenix spreading its wings as a fire shoots out from it.

    [Flash to:]

    The boy with black hair walking down the street with his back facing the camera.

    I still try to find my place
    In the diary of Jane


    [Cut to:]

    Two trucks racing down the street.
    Four duelists are beginning a duel, two on each side.

    [Mid shot of:]

    The boys in the red sweatshirt and camoflague jacket struggle to keep their balance as the speed increases.

    So tell me how it should be

    [Cut to:]

    A helicopter rieses into the air.

    [Cut to:]

    The boy with black hair staring out the window.

    [Fade out]

    Guitar Part

    [Montage of:]

    An astronaut jumps out from a holographic card.
    A black-winged bird hovers over the ground.
    A roulette wheel starts to spin.
    A black dragon with bright red eyes lands.

    [Cut to:]

    The boy in the red sweatshirt, running down a hallway.
    The other two boys, plus another, are close behind.

    [Abruptly Cut to:]

    The three boys, ducking as a dragon swopes down at them.

    Desperate, I will crawl
    Waiting for so long


    [Flash to mid shot:]

    An alleyway.
    The boy in the red sweatshirt falls to his knees.
    He is severely beaten.

    [Cut to:]

    The stadium.
    The boy with black hair is sitting in his chair.
    He looks up at the camera, as if someone has arrived.

    No love
    There is no love


    [Flash to:]

    Police cars speeding down the street with lights flashing.

    [Cut to:]

    The boy in camoflague jacket standing in an alleyway with Duel Disk activated.
    Standing behind him is the boy in the red sweatshirt.
    They both turn around surprised to see the police cars zoom past the alleyway.

    Die for anyone
    What have I become?!


    [Cut to:]

    The boy with black hair, punching a robed man with a Duel Disk.

    [Cut to close up of:]

    The boy in the camoflague jacket.
    As the camera zooms in, you can see tears forming in his eyes.

    [Shatter out]

    Something's getting in the way
    Something's just about to break


    [Cut to:]

    Three blue dragons, shooting white energy beams out of their mouths simutaneously.

    [Cut to:]

    Aerial shot of two duelists standing on a bridge.
    The space in between them breaks apart and falls into the river below.

    I will try to find my place
    In the diary of Jane


    [Cut to:]

    The boy with black hair commanding the purple dragon in front of him.
    It lunges forward.

    [Cut to:]

    The boy in the red sweatshirt walks through an apocalyptic version of his city.

    As I burn another page
    As I look the other way


    [Cut to:]

    A black-armored warrior parrying its blade at a black dragon.

    [Cut to:]

    The floor in front of the boy in the red sweat explodes as if mines were detonated.

    I still try to find my place
    In the diary of Jane


    [Cut to:]

    The boy in the red sweatshirt plays a card on his Duel Disk.

    [Flash to:]

    A green card hologram appears in front of him with fire bursting out of it.


    [Montage of:]

    A red-haired girl, holding out a deck as if offering it.
    The boy in the white jacket, readying his Duel Disk.
    A halo encircling an angel-like monster.
    A green card materializing, it depicts a blue cross with a red gem encrested in its center.

    [Fade to:]

    The three boys standing together.
    The boy in the red sweatshirt offers the black-haired boy a handshake.
    He accepts it.

    [Close up of:]

    The handshake.

    [Fade to black]

    [Words on screen:]

    Heroic Potential
    A Yugioh Fic
    Coming Winter 2011...

    I should probably get back to writing it now. XD
    Yu-Gi-Oh: World Tour
    A collab fic (w/ Brandy Beavers & Uninspired Author)
    Sixth Stop is up [2/8/15]

    Heroic Potential
    A Yugioh! fic. Chapter 20 is up [12/14/13]

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    Trailer for "The Only Way", a few chapters in at the moment.
    Johto cave music plays.
    [Long pause...then shows a picture of Johto and Kanto, slowly moving over it as words are spoken]

    Years ago...
    Lance, proclaimed as the most powerful trainer in both Johto and Kanto, was defeated.

    Lyra of New Bark Town was announced Champion.

    But you don't become friend to most...

    [shows car swerving out of control]

    Without making a few enemies.

    [funeral casket is laid in a grave as next words are spoken]

    To most, this was the worst that could happen...

    [Bass drum plays, cave music ends]But Lyra's death was only the beginning.

    Nine years later, her only son loses his father.
    [Suicune battle music plays]

    Meeting up with a lost trainer from the past, the one and only Ethan, can the son of Lyra, the orphaned successor to the legend, save Johto, and maybe even Kanto, possibly the whole Pokemon world, from the uprising of danger?
    [Pokeball releases the title words, then falls away as an image of Johto fades in]
    The Only Way
    A Johto Epic
    In The Serebii Forums Fanfiction Section Now
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    Shiny Chains (D/P): Ralts, Magnemite, Beldum
    Targets: Shinx
    Shiny Chains (X/Y): None
    Targets: Clauncher/Clawitzer, Swirlix, Smeargle

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    I saw this thread and I thought to myself "My fanfiction would make a such a great cheesy, low-budget movie". So here's a wonderfully cheesy, low-budget trailer! Hahahahaha.... Really I'm just having fun with this, though. It's not meant to be taken seriously. Has a few spoilers in it, if you're following the fanfic.

    The stuff in it won't be the same as in the fanfic word-for-word, probably just like when they base a movie off a book they change it around a bit.

    (music - something mysterious, slow and eerie at first then picks up a beat into something faster paced and ttly cerial bznus, would be kind of cool to have something with subtle hints of the original GBC Lavender Town theme tune without being depressing. I was thinking maybe this one but it's just too off-putting and depressing!)

    As the music fades in, a Game Boy Avance SP is closed and switched off, before being thrown in the trash along with a Pokemon Fire Red box. The user is seen moving away. Camera view cuts off before the head.

    Fade to black

    Distressed male voice: "This... isn't... real..."

    Fade from black

    Camera pans slightly around a scruffy-dressed late teenage, blond-short-haired, blue-eye'd boy sitting cowering in front of a curious cyndaquil and its purple-haired female trainer.

    Fade to black

    Strong older male voice: "Do you really believe that this is just a dream?"

    Fade from black

    Quick two-or-three second flash scene of a chubby, curly-haired young man dressed in a blue hoodie frantically scrambling away from a robe-wearing, sword-wielding maniac in a forest.

    Fade to black

    Fade from black

    Excited, but whispering teengae male over-voice: "These dreams must be a window to an alternate reality. A pokemon reality."

    Scene being over-voiced: Snarling houndour, (dressed up rottweiler, emphasis of teeth using lighting contrast) and Squirtle face-off, rottweiler (er, I mean houndour) charges, scene slows down just before music picks up slightly and just before houndour attacks.

    Fade to black

    Screen text, stylized to materialise and dissolve: When the dream world seems just as real...

    Fade from black

    Recording of television news.

    Short excerpt from the report: "The hyvans have officially declared war with Kanto..."

    Fade to black

    Screen text, stylized to materialise and dissolve: ... As the real world itself

    Fade from black

    3-second glimpse of a timid slim young blond-haired male (same character as one in first scene except using a much older actor) holding the hands of a red-short-haired tough-looking female, face-to-face, against an orange tropical sky.

    Young teenage male over-coice: "I always wanted to live in the pokemon world..."

    [i]Scene switches to several characters lined up and armed for battle in a night-time setting, including the two characters in the most previous scene, camera scrolling over each of them. [i]

    Young teenage male over-coice: "I won't let these hyvans ruin MY dream!"

    Fade to black

    Screen text, stylized to materialise and dissolve: How do you remember which is real...

    Fade from black

    Scene switches to the speaking young blond chubby curly-haired teenager in a basement at a conference style table, speaking aggressively to a pidgeotto.

    Speaking male, as he points at the table: "Mark my words, Gemma! I WILL eradicate those hyvans from Kanto! With or without your help." (last words overlap next scene)

    Scene switches to a pidgeot taking a turn in the moonlit sky, before swooping in at the camera, blanking it out. From the darkness emerges a man in a suit, leaner, with short, slick dark hair. Next to him are two of his gangster goons.

    Fade to black

    Screen text, stylized to materialise and dissolve: ... and which is only part of the illusion?

    Music sequence ends and meets a silent pause.

    Fade from black

    As scene opens, music resumes and becomes more full-on.

    Next scene is a collaboration of images. There is first the digital number displays, an alarm clock, calculator, computer clock, where the displays are changing rapidly and showing glitched displays. There is the explosion in the park woodland from chpater 8 showing the pidgeotto in the sky being flung backwards from the shockwave (because every trailer needs a good explosion lol). Someone lunging forward into an upright position from their sleep due to fright. A clip where a room and everyone in it are disintegrating (or appear to be).There is the boss (from earlier) in the suit, pointing and commanding his fully evolved flying pokemon behind him into battle. Opposite him are two characters, one with glowing fists (the same one holding the woman's hands) and the other holding a sword (same guy in the scene in the forest). Music intensity reaches its peak.

    Music suddenly stops at the end of a sequence.

    Music restarts, but back to the same as the slow eerie beginning. This time, however, it slowly fades out into nothing. Simultaneously, the red glowing eyes of a haunter and its laughing, jagged mouth can be seen fading out with the music into a black backgorund.

    Just as the music takes a little longer to completely fade out, the title for the movie appears, fading slowly into view. It reads in while bold letters: Lucid
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    Well, this is an idea I had today, I think this would make a genuinely creepy trailer. And yes, this is for Pokemon, just a little... darker.

    Content Advertised is rated R for Restricted

    Opening: a black screen, a child's voice can be heard singing in the background.

    Twinkle, twinkle little star how I wonder what you are...

    The darkness clears, showing a vast star-scape, a starship cruises into view, obviously large, traveling towards an earth-like planet in the distance. The words Omega-Corp are written on the side of the ship, pitted and scarred from a long time in space, the screen fades to black once more.

    Up above the world so high...

    A male voice speaks in the darkness. "I'm tellin' ya, I've got a bad feeling about this drop.

    Like a diamond in the sky...

    A female voice speaks. "Shut up Spencer, the company didn't pay us to come all the way out here and do nothing."

    Twinkle, twinkle little star...

    A small shuttle flies down into the green and blue planet's atmosphere, near the terminator line between day and night.

    How I wonder what you are...

    A group of marines, heavily armed and armored, are walking through a darkened grassland at night. They are filthy, their guns are drawn and they are walking slowly. The shot shifts to overhead, where several unknown things are carving a path through the grass towards the group. The perspective jumps to over the shoulder of one of the marines. He suddenly whips around around and screams as the screen goes black.

    The music stops, and a sudden onset of pictures flows into view, scenes of battle, screaming, and unknown foes. The montage slows down to show three of the marines, obviously terrified with one of them unconscious on the floor of the cavern they are hiding in, lit only by some yellow glowsticks. The lone female marine speaks to the other one.

    "What the hell were those things?"

    "I don't know," Says the other, checking his rifle. "But whatever they are, they're between us and the shuttle."

    The screen shifts to show a battlefield, strewn with fallen marines, there are deep gouges in the ground and craters everywhere. The male marine's voice is heard again.

    "I only know one thing for certain, we've gotta get the hell off this planet."

    Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are.

    The screen goes black again, words appear in the middle of the screen, the upper ones in the familiar yellow and blue wording, the lower in deep red block letters.

    First Contact

    It's not the Pokemon that are the aliens...

    Landing at Fort Haven might not have been the smartest idea...

    We'll cross oceans and conquer all, as long as we're together.

    Credit for the awesome banner goes to EzzPeon of the Enchanting Shop

    Credit for the Team Pose goes to Gladeshadow of Dark Valley Request Shop

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    (The Traveler's Tales: A Minstrel's Journey, take 1!)

    Music: A Promise to Unleash the Colors

    (scene of two shadows, one human male in minstrel's garb, the other a Persian, approaching on a road)

    Female announcer: Before he set out on the quest to unleash the ultimate Song Magic...

    (scene of the young man packing supplies as the Persian looks on)

    Female announcer: He sought to pay tribute to a fallen friend...

    Quote Originally Posted by Minstrel Brock
    "I am merely a teller of tales and singer of songs, and wish to share my talents with the people."
    Female announcer: following in her footsteps.

    Quote Originally Posted by Minstrel Brock
    "That is why we're traveling across the land, to share the stories and songs we know, and learning new material in return."
    Female announcer: His question to you is this...

    (at this point, the shadows become visible--Minstrel Brock and Kissa stop before the camera and look at the road ahead)

    Minstrel Brock: What's your story?

    (the title appears in swirly letters over the scene of the two of them walking off down the road)
    Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

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    Time to make a trailer for Nightfall!

    The Prophecy- Lord of the Rings

    The screen opens up the same time as the music, panning over the rolling green hills of Johto. A quick shot over a forest devoid of life, very few Pokemon to be found. The sun, weak, begins to set, the sky enveloped by dark orange and red hues as night begins to consume the region. Smoke rises from the West, where the colors of red are most vibrant.

    Female voice: The target remains Johto. Continue moving your troops with all haste.

    The screen goes dark momentarily, returning to focus on a large number of men and women clad in grey suits, with various Pokemon, all menacing.

    Male voice (teenager): Are we really...going to have to fight?

    Narrator: The world, enveloped in war. After the devastating loss of Joey and George, John is again thrust into the war that has taken so much from him. Along his journey of redemption, two others get sucked in, a boy, Cole, and a girl, Rose, moving ever closer to their impending doom with each day. Half a world away, Mike and Lindsey struggle to deal with the loss of their friends, and the loss of their childhood.

    Each group, faced with forming a tiny militia to stand up against the ever gaining armies of the Galactic Confederacy, are also faced with a choice:

    Escape the fighting and live for a while.

    Or die in the unavoidable battle.


    Nightfall is just do damn complex (hybrid journey fic/war fic) its hard to make an effective trailer. I would also do one with the 'Concerning Hobbits' from Lord of the Rings, if it gives you perspective.

    Latest Chapter- 5: Don't Pressure Us

    Chapter 6: Up All Night Current Status- First Draft in Progress.
        Spoiler:- Review Policy and Image Credit:

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    Island of New Sundai

    Fan Fic Commercial

    “” – Voice over
    ** - Scenes
    () -Cuts between scenes

    (Black with white words on screen)

    There have been many legends of people turning into Pokémon,

    (Cuts to scene)

    *Shows a teenaged boy glow and start to shrink as if he’s evolving*

    (Cuts back to black with words)

    Of that human becoming a hero in a land of only Pokémon,

    (Cuts to scene)

    *Shows a Mudkip knocking back a Makuhita into a Mawile with a tackle*

    (Cuts to black with words)

    Of that human making irreplaceable friends,

    (Cut to scene)

    *Shows a Treecko and Quilava laughing together*

    (Cuts to black with words)

    Of them having grand adventures

    (Cuts to scene)

    *Shows the Treecko, Quilava and Mudkip looking down a deep hole, looking unsure*

    (Cuts to words)

    Of them saving the world,

    (Cuts to scene)

    *Shows the Treecko, Quilava and Mudkip catching their breath with craters in the ground around them*

    (Cuts to words)

    And of them being lost.

    (Cuts to scene)

    *Shows the Mudkip screaming and being sucked into a pink vortex*

    (Cuts to black before words slowly fade in)

    What if there is more than that?

    (quickly flashes between scenes)

    *A giant Aura Sphere in the middle of the night blasts a warship in the bow*

    *A lone Rapidash looks out over the ocean from a grass-covered beach*

    *The Treecko, Quilava and Mudkip firing a Solarbeam, Flamethrower and Ice Beam together*

    *Groudon standing in a pool of lava roaring*

    *A Flygon shooting a Hyper Beam from its mouth*

    *Kyogre roars in the middle of a storm*

    *A Kingdra shooting a Hydro Pump from its mouth*

    *Rayquaza diving from the clouds roaring*

    *A Salamence shooting a Fire Blast from its mouth*

    *A drawer opens showing a Masterball*

    *A Zorua hiding in the shadow of a building chuckling evilly*

    *Arceus looks over the entire island from the sky (looks like a thick sideways 7, with a large heart shaped island with a bunch of lakes almost cutting it in half, attached to the main island where the two lines meet and a small crescent shaped island a ways off the south- east coast)*

    (Voice over of an older man and shows scene)

    *Shows a large purple vortex in the sky sucking up buildings from a town*

    “Our island has never faced a disaster like this before,”

    (Cuts scene)

    *Shows two Teddiursa clutching each other and looking up in fear*

    “For some, it is already too late,”

    (Cuts scene)

    *Shows an airport with a plane taking off and the purple vortex getting larger in the distance*

    “We must evacuate the island.”

    (Cuts scene)

    *Shows a ton of Pokémon crowding the decks of a cargo ship*

    “Get on the ships,”

    (Cuts scene)

    *Shows a stained glass window of a church depicting Arceus*

    “And prey to Arceus.”

    (Cuts scene)

    *Shows a air view of the island slowly being engulfed by three vortexes (Purple in the centre, pink half way down the long part of the 7 and a blue one over where the heart shaped island met the main one)*

    “For it is the only thing we can do.”
    (Cuts scene)

    *A Shuckle is sitting on a podium showing he was the one talking and continues*

    “This is Premier Henry Regan saying goodbye- and good luck.”

    (cuts to black then words fade in)

    Island of New Sundai

    Coming Soon

    PS: It's pretty much a mystery dungion fic but with a ton of my own touches
    I have clamed... the mighty Thor. Oh wait it's Throh *Facepalm*
    Fizzy Bubbles
    PASBL Stats
    My fanfic: Island of New Sundai

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    Ozzie Nelson's Dream A Little Dream Of Me is playing on a nearby radio.

    A young girl looks at the sky. Fixated. Unmoving.

    Two men approach from behind. It is early, but dark. The sun is blocked by enormous clouds.

    “Has she still not moved?” one says.

    “No, doctor. She just stands there from the moment she wakes up until she falls asleep from exhaustion, still saying she’s waiting for something.”

    “Has she said what she’s waiting for yet?”

    The girl jitters a little, but stands her ground firmly. In her hand is an Electivire doll, which has clearly been ripped and sewed back together.

    “No,” the girl’s father replies. “She once claimed she was waiting for the bomb, but I got nothing else out of her.”

    The doctor gazes at the girl, a true sadness in his eyes. He thinks about how he has made near daily visits to this family for the past two months. “Perhaps we should go inside,” he says, gesturing to the large villa some way behind them. The man follows the doctor inside.

    Everything is quiet now. The girl continues to stare upwards, into the murky greyness above her, until the cloudy skies open up and a drenching rain wasps over the girl’s face gently. The men are calling her in – she is wearing only a small purple dress, and will surely catch something. But she cannot hear them.

    Thunder cracks overhead.

    The girl smiles. Her grip tightens around her doll.

    “They’re coming,” she says. “They’re finally coming.”

    The music stops.

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    Should this fic based on PMD get allowed (kind of blurs between pg-13-R in the American ratings, but would sit comfortably in the 15 zone in the British ones)

    A lone young man of about eighteen years old is sitting on a chair, looking fairly happy, and he begins to speak

    "My's good, for sure"

    Cuts to him working night shifts in a supermarket

    "It's not too much of a job, but hey, I get 60% more per hour than the poor sods working in the day time, haha"

    Cuts back to the man, and he strokes his beard

    "But it gets better"

    Cuts to him with three of his friends

    "These are some of the best friends I could ever have, and better yet..."

    Cuts to them playing some rather extreme out-there metal on stage

    "We make music together - fantastic"

    Cuts back to him on the chair

    "And I feel secure in my sense of morality and faith"

    Cuts to some kind of church service

    "I strongly adhere to the word of Dialga, who's moral guidance is completely infallible, unlike the foolish majority who think worshiping Arceus will get them a place in a pleasant afterlife, and it gets even better - I can seek any religious guidance any time I need.

    The camera suddenly zooms into the priest hosting the service

    "High Priest Williamson, my dad - complete expert and loves nothing more than to give me guidance on following Dialga's word among other things"

    Cuts back to the man on the chair

    "The only problem? I'm pretty damn scared of pokemon on the whole - especially when band mate Rhadi brings round his Dratini when he visits - that always makes me feel uncomfortable. But other than that, I have a good life, nono, a fantastic one. My name is Andrew, and I think my life is probably better than yours. I don't think I would ever want that to change.

    The lights dim, and he sighs in sorrow

    "And then something happened that changed it all..."

    Cuts to a blurry vision that seems to resemble a beach of some kind, and some groaning is heard

    "Uh...did I drink too much...where am I..."

    Eventually, the person gets up from a first person perspective and it focuses in on a cyndaquil running towards him that looked strangely large for one

    "Gaah! What do you want, please, stay away from me!"

    The person in first person (Andrew) starts to run away

    "Look, please calm down snivy, I'm not going to hurt you at all! Whatever gave you that impression"

    Andrew slowly turns around

    "...What did you call me...?"

    The cyndaquil gave him an odd look as Andrew suddenly scrambled to a rockpool and no doubt, sees in his own reflection, a snivy. The scream cuts to black, and Andrew screams in terror. It then cuts to the two of them standing outside of the exploration guild

    "So what happens here, Nick?" Andrew says to the Cyndaquil upon discovering his name

    "Well, wannabe explorers come throughout this general area to learn how to become top class explorers and earn money while they do so" Nick says, clearly far more enthusiastic than the uncertain Andrew

    "Huh, well, I guess it's better being trapped in some strange world in another body and being employed, than being trapped in another world, in another body and being unemployed..." Andrew says bitterly

    Cuts to the guild members who all look very happy, and then to their room in the guild

    "Team Postal has finally become a reality for me..." Nick said, looking extremely pleased

    "Just so you know, Nick, as soon as I get the chance to return home, I'm going. To be flat out honest, I'm using you, and this guild as a crutch to support me through what will probably - no definitely - the worst days of me entire life! Because that is my goal for as long as I am in this god-forsaken world in this god-forsaken body - leaving both of those things behind and return to the beautiful life I once had"

    Cuts to black, and the narrator (finally) comes in

    "But that would be far easier said than done"

    The camera then goes to the sleeping Andrew and rapidly zooms out until the whole world could be seen

    "For in order to achieve his aims, he will have to fight..."

    Cuts to Andrew rather brutally leaf blading a staravia

    "Search for the answers"

    Cuts to Andrew talking to guildmaster Wigglytuff

    "What have you heard of other dimensions and humans?" Andrew asks

    "Only in legends, and even then, I barely know anything of them" Wigglytuff responds

    "...Endure physical pain" The narrator says

    Cuts to Andrew being subject to a rather nasty attack from Skuntank of Team Skull

    "...And mental hardships"

    Cuts to Andrew crying on the beach alone

    "It's been over a month...why can't I just be home again..."

    Screen cuts to black once more

    "And end up discovering things..."

    Screen cuts to Chatot and Wigglytuff slowly walking to the table to make an announcement to the guild members

    "I have some important news....and it isn't of the sacred time gears...has been stolen..." Chatot says, looking unusually worried

    Briefly cuts to the shadowy thief

    "That will push him to the very edge of his sanity"

    Cue stereotypical dramatic music

    "So time might end up stopping if he isn't caught?!" Nick said, looking quite scared

    "That defile Dialga?! I will make sure he never walks. Ever. Again!" Andrew said, his unhappiness now seemingly been converted to anger

    Cuts to the two of them running through caves and wastelands, and eventually the two of them strapped to execution poles, with Andrew screaming madness, and then cuts to them standing on top of a dark hill for a very brief amount of time, subtly showing the blackened time-frozen future

    "Is this...the future...?"

    Cuts to Andrew hitting Nick hard across the face

    "You complete idiot!" Andrew says angrily

    "You're hardly the guy I used to know!" Nick responded, looking more sad than angry

    Cuts to Andrew crying, but less emotionally, but more desperately than before

    "Why...Dialga, why..."

    Very rapidly shows the rest of the 'cast' before cutting to black again. then shows Andrew and Nick climbing a small mound, looking over the hidden land/Dialga's word, as the title 'Pokemon Unknown Chasms' shows up, before cutting to black one last time

    " think I've gone mad...? It wouldn't surprise me nowadays...
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    Trailer could use a bit of polish, but hey. Here's to cheesy sci-fi?

    Music: "Diplomatic Immunity" – Two Steps From Hell

    [FADE IN to the image of the planet Earth. There is no music. The only sound is HOPE, a young girl, speaking.]

    HOPE (V.O.)
    In the east she sat, the old one, in Iron Wood, and bred there the broods of Fenrir.

    [CUT to a shot of an absol. It stands on a hillside, watching something in the sky.

    CUT back to the shot of Earth from the edge of the atmosphere.]

    HOPE (V.O.)
    There will come from them all one of that number to be a moon-snatcher in troll's skin.

    [A meteor punches through the atmosphere, burning as it falls.

    CUT to the absol on the hillside. A shooting star appears, and the pokémon begins to run.]

    HOPE (V.O.)
    It sates itself on the life-blood of fated men, paints the powers' homes with crimson gore.

    [CUT to a shot of the meteorite slamming into the earth. The absol in the foreground is thrown off its feet as dust kicks up.

    CUT to a dusty, brown scene. There's a ledge, and the camera is pointed up towards it. The absol appears on it, peering downward.]

    HOPE (V.O.)
    Black become the sun's beams in the summers that follow, weathers all treacherous.

    [There's a crack. A red glow shines on the absol as it flinches and backs away. From an unseen source, there's a screech. Seconds later, a flood of red, marble-sized creatures rush up the ledge and latch onto the absol. It stumbles out of view and howls.

    CUT to black.]

    Do you still seek to know? And what?

    [Cue music. Scene fades in to a shot of a woman – NETTLE – walking down a hallway.

    CUT to a tank in a laboratory. A glowing, red ball with legs (one of the aforementioned creatures) floats in it. A man's voice is heard as a voice-over.]

    FIRST (V.O.)
    XP-650, a newly discovered pokémon of supposedly extraterrestrial origins. Research thus far has determined that to other pokémon, it is an omnivorous predator. To humans, however…

    [Rapid series of cuts ensue:

    CUT: The hallway. A blonde woman, 009, joins NETTLE.

    CUT: Several people in medical scrubs grab the arms of a young man (i.e., BILL). An orange-haired woman approaches with a glowing tube in her hands. BILL cries out and squirms in an attempt to get away.]

    FIRST (V.O.)
    …It becomes a parasite.

    [CUT: A massive group of people, also in scrub, join the two.

    CUT: Black-and-white shot of a young woman thrashing in a chair. Over this cut, a male voice – ADAM – begins to speak.]

    Do you find it that difficult to understand? I am proposing to you a contract.

    [CUT: BILL is chained to a bed with just a sheet to cover him. He screams again, straining to get away from the cuffs that pin his arms and legs down. His mouth opens, revealing long fangs.]

    Control, in exchange for a very simple favor.

    [CUT: The hallway. The posse walks past piles of burnt and electrocuted corpses.

    CUT: A gray forest. BILL, looking completely human, looks around in wariness. The camera pans around to reveal a silver-armored creature standing behind him, out-of-focus.]

    They gave me a name, you know. Adam. It is not quite the name I would have chosen for myself, but it will do.

    [BILL looks over his shoulder abruptly. The camera focuses on the other creature as it unfolds its arms and reveals handfuls of sharp claws.]

    Adam was the first man. Ironic, is it not?

    [Another rapid series of cuts, this time second-long glimpses. A purple-skinned woman floats downward from a shadowy ceiling. A young man points forward as a manectric releases Thunder. An Officer Jenny shoots a pistol at a flock of white-feathered, flying creatures. A chansey holds up her egg and uses Softboiled. A bald man raises a glass of alcohol to Professor Oak. A young, female humanoid with spikes all over her limbs rises as bullets go right through her body. A girl clutches a squirtle tightly as shadows loom over her. A red-haired woman in green knifes a feathered creature in mid-flight.

    The series ends with the same armored creature, now in clothing, landing in an alley. He rises slowly.

    Then, it cuts to the hallway. The group slows to a stop as the camera swings around to show two humanoid creatures. On the left is an electric-type, crouched and sparking. On the right is the same armored creature seen in the gray forest. Between them and the group is a fainted jynx.

    NETTLE crosses her arms.]

    LANETTE (V.O.)
    You have no idea how much trouble you're in.

    [CUT to black. Letters of the title fade in.]

    Anima Ex Machina

    What will you do now?
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    I saw this thread and thought why not give it a go? This trailer is for my first fanfic, Lucario and the 10 Ordeals.

    (nothing can be seen)

    Zeke: My name is Zeke Derrett. At first glance, you might think I'm just a Lucario. You've probably seen many trainers battle each other to see who gets the badge. You might even be a trainer yourself. Well, trainer or not, if you decide to come to this part of the world, then let me fill you in on something.

    (fades in to scene. A circular bench, surrounding a small tree is in the center. Zeke is sitting at the left side, staring off into space.)

    Zeke: This region is unique. Nobody battles here unless for a good reason. The Pokemon in this region, both domestic and wild can speak English. Kids, teens, and even adults have conversations with them, and they usually get along very well.

    (scene cuts to a view through the surrounding forest, as if floating through the air. At one point, a male Floatzel is walking down the side of a small stream.)

    But there are also some things to watch out for. In case you don't know, there are a few local legends that aren't myths anymore...they're reality.
    Some people wish that they could turn into Pokemon, just to see what it's like. Well, be careful what you wish for.

    (everything suddenly goes black)

    There is a Ditto in this region with strange powers. I was the first to experience them.

    (cuts to scene. A toddler is walking around in a house.)

    Zeke: I couldn't have been more than three when the Ditto revealed itself.

    (As Zeke is talking, the toddler opens the back door and walks out. He then goes into the forest)

    Zeke: Being that young, I didn't realize what I was doing. I walked out into the forest. Then, I saw the Ditto for the first time.

    (cuts to scene. Zeke as a toddler is seen walking up behind the Ditto. The Ditto sees Zeke and emits multi-colored waves of energy that cause Zeke to lose his consciousness. He is unhurt.)

    Zeke: My humanity was gone. When I woke up, I felt strange.

    (cuts to Zeke's view. He studies his paws and body, wondering what had just happened)

    Zeke: My parents had to deal with me for the rest of their lives. Eventually, they got over the shock. Going to school was another challenge.

    (cuts to scene. Zeke walks into a classroom full of children, awed at what they were seeing.)

    Zeke: I remember my parents taking me to a psychiatrist after they saw me acting strangely in school. Turns out, I have Asperger's Syndrome. At first, they didn't know what to do with me, but then they started to learn more about it. It was then that they really began to accept me for who I am. But even today, they haven't quite gotten used to the novelty of having a Pokemon as a son.

    (everything goes dark)

    Zeke: There's also something else that was a huge part of my life.

    (cuts to scene. A blue oval of energy is in the center in a clearing and the camera revolves around it.)

    Zeke: Ever since I was very young, I've been exploring a whole different world. Portals began opening up near the town I live in. Naturally, I was curious to see where they went.

    (camera goes inside the portal. It is moving slowly forward inside a blue tunnel with a visible path, like a conveyer belt or escalator. On the other side, a beautiful garden can be seen.)

    Zeke: I have two friends that ended up like me, a Floatzel named Daniel, and a Raichu named Simon. Although they've had more adventures in those portals than I have, the one I was about to enter one day would determine the fate of our world.

    (cuts to scene. The sky is overcast, with no rain. A strange wind is quietly howling, but nothing is moving.)

    Something was threatening the world of Pokemon, and nobody knew what it was. Although I didn't learn about it until later, I was put through five tests of various mental abilities. They were to prepare me for a mission that only a select group of people and Pokemon could accomplish. We had a mystery to solve, and a threat to neutralize.

    (cuts to scene. All is black and only Zeke's face is visible. His mouth is moving as he speaks)

    Zeke: It was when I met that girl that everything started. Our story would begin sometime in mid-April.

    (zooms out so that Zeke's entire body is visible. He is 5 ft 6 in instead of 3 ft 11 in.)

    Zeke: So if any of you want to pay a visit to this strange region, feel free to do so. You can get to know the Pokemon, visit the forest, or say hi to the Pokemon that used to be human.

    (zooms back in to Zeke's face. He gives a serious look.)

    Zeke: Just be careful. You never know what's out there.

    (camera stays still as Zeke walks away, until he is no longer visible. Title shows Lucario and the 10 Ordeals. Then all goes black to end the trailer)
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    [I]Fanfic: N's Shadow

    Guide: Javiana - Commander of Team Plasma. Female, 27, grey hair similar to Chilli's. Grey suit.

    Trailer Music

    Fade in from Black.
    We see N. Standing on top of his castle, looking out to sea.

    CUT TO
    Steven Stone standing on top of Sky Pillar.

    CUT TO
    A silhouette of a man standing on top of Mt Coronet.

    CUT TO
    Men in black uniforms (think Lelouch's school uniform) shooting at things.
    Buildings falling down.
    Team Plasma jumping down from the sky and shooting everyone.
    Victini being tortured by Javiana in a lab.

    at 1:17
    The protagonist, Kyouta, falling from one of Castelia's sky scrapers.
    Liepard running down Route 1.
    Professor Juniper in a corner looking scared.
    More carnage full of fire, shooting and running.

    At 2:37
    N looking like he regrets something.
    Kyouta at N face-to-face.
    A coffin.

    Camera zooms out and fade to white

    The future clashes with the past...
    Pokemon: N's Shadow. Coming late 2011...
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    Teaser Trailer for my newest fanfic

    Note: Never done a Teaser so...
    [ ]Transition

    [fade in]

    Two figures are running through a greyscale forest, cackling is coming from behind them.

    [cut to]

    A Sabbleye jumping onto the back of a human girl with brown hair and eyes. "Get off her!" a Grovyle orders, lashing out at the Sabbleye with leaf blade, knocking it off the girl.

    [cut to]

    The girl and Grovyle talking to a shiny celebi

    [cut to]

    The human girl, Grovyle, and Celebi surrounded by Sabbleye. "Dusknoir!" Grovyle growls.

    [cut to]

    The human girl and grovyle leaping into a pulsing blue gateway.

    [fade to]

    The girl and Grovyle walking down an endless, glowing, white path. Holes are in the wals on either side of them, each one leading to a diferent tie and place. "This is amazing, we can see things that have happened in the past!"

    [cut to]

    A black shadow heading towards grovyle

    [cut to]

    The human girl falling to the ground by an attack. The path below shatters, strong winds from a storm knock her through the opening.

    [cut to]

    Grovyle reaching to grab the girl but falling through as he misses.

    [fade out then back in as eyes open]

    The leaves on the trees moving with the wind, clouds float above.

    [cut to]

    Grovyle standing up in awe, his human partner following suit.

    [cut to]

    The human girl smiling at Grovyle ”We did it Grovyle, we made it to the past!”

    [cut to]

    Grovyle looking at a map. “This is the Eastern Forest. Treeshround Forest is quite a ways from here.”

    [cut to]

    The girl and Grovyle before a blue gear.

    [cut to]

    The duo facing off against a Pikachu and a Torchic

    [cut to]

    Grovyle and the human girl pinned to the ground. “You won’t get away with this!” the girl says weakly.

    [fade to black, red eyes open and the silhouette of a large pokemon can be seen; a roar is heard]

    [cut to black]

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Between Time and Darkness
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    (Pokemon: Magic of a Melody trailer 3, take 1!)

    Music: A Promise to Unleash the Colors (theme of the heroes)

    (Fade in on a scene of sillhouettes of (from left to right) Brock, Janine, Kissa (Pikachu is on her back), a Pidgeot, Ash, Dawn, and Misty walking on a road)

    Janine(voiceover): I've promised my father I would travel the world, just as a hero did before me. (We see Janine hugging Koga and scenes of her fighting before we see the sillhouette of Janine fill in)

    Kissa(voiceover): We've promised our masters we will do whatever we can to aid them on their journey. (we see Kissa's tiara glowing, her and Pikachu fighting, and the group riding the Pidgeot as the sillhouettes of the Pokemon fill in)

    Dawn(voiceover): I've promised my mother that I will find her, no matter how far I have to go. (we see scenes of Dawn casting a Holy spell, her singing as a crowd of Meloettas dance, her embracing Joanna, and her leading the group through a desert ruin before her sillhouette fills in)

    Misty(voiceover): I've promised my leader I will find my comrades and bring them home. (we see scenes of Misty casting a spell, her leading the group through what looks like a sewer, her running to hug three other armored girls, and her battling a Boufflant before her sillhouette fills in)

    Ash(voiceover): I've promised my teacher that I will return a hero. (we see scenes of Ash playing an ocarina-like instrument to summon Lugia, casting a spell to free the Pidgeot, his casting Thunder to counter a demon's thunderbolts, and him talking to Brock as his sillhouette fills in)

    Brock(voiceover): And I've promised my mentor that I will go to the ends of the world to unleash the ultimate spell. (we see scenes of Brock performing, him fighting the Werecatty, him playing his harp, him dancing with Iris, and him addressing the group as his sillhouette fills in)

    (the filled in group stops walking and Brock plays a final harp chord as the title appears on a black screen)

    (the words "Now Playing on Forums Everywhere" form from a swirl of sparkles as another harp chord plays)
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    Teaser Trailer for a fanfic I am workingzorz on.

    [] Transition
    Italics Voice Over (We miss you, Don :<)
    "" A character speaking


    [FADE IN: Arceus stands upon a stage, head down and adorned in a purple afro, lights dimmed and only the bright stage is shining amongst the absolute silence.]

    [CUT TO: A close up of Arceus' face.]

    "Hit it!"

    The music begins to play.

    [CUT TO: Two small Pokemon, a Poochyena and a Squirtle, walk down a wide street. Suburban houses line the sides of the road.]

    Don LaFontaine (V.O):
    In a world...where super powered creatures are free to do what they want.

    [CUT TO: An expansive park, filled with plants, people and Pokemon. Trainers play catch, frolic in the pond and battle with their companions.]

    Don LaFontaine (V.O):
    Some wonder what happens when their life is no longer alive.

    [CUT TO: A Mudkip lying motionless on a dry patch of grass.]

    Don LaFontaine (V.O):
    Do they sink into the earth,

    [CUT TO: The Poochyena and Squirtle. They look startled as a Mudkip materializes in front of them.]

    Don LaFontaine (V.O):
    Their soul merely being a set of electrical signals-

    [The Mudkip sighs, accepting its fate and high fives the Squirtle while the Poochyena howls gleefully.]

    Don LaFontaine (V.O):
    -Simply dissipates into nothingness?

    [CUT TO: A picture of a quaint red door of one of the houses, its golden knob turning.]

    Don LaFontaine (V.O):
    Or does it enter judgment?

    [The door opens.]

    Don LaFontaine (V.O):
    The divine trials that decide its ultimate fate.

    [Inside is a long hallway, enormous in length, leading down into a giant living room fit for a mansion. Where Pokemon are partying like there is no tomorrow.]

    Don LaFontaine (V.O):
    Whether they arrive in a land where friendship and buildings made of priceless objects go hand in hand, and angels wait on you hand and foot?

    [A Nidorino is chugging down beer through a beer bong.]

    Don LaFontaine (V.O):
    Or end up in a towering inferno, a hundred feet high?

    [A Treecko slumps lazily in a hot tub, chuckling in glee at its inhabitants who are bathing and grooming him.]

    Don LaFontaine (V.O):
    Wherever they end up, the endless cycles would soon become monotonous. And boredom would have them in its choke hold.

    [CUT TO: The Treecko and Nidorino are sitting among a ruined living room, chairs and tables overturned, food in the most awkward of places and a cake clogging the toilet. They sigh in defeat, as they know what is to come.

    CUT TO: Black flash

    [CUT TO: The same Treecko and Nidorino sit in the same room. Chairs and tables now magically upright and a steaming buffet that will never rot awaiting their appetites.

    CUT TO: Arceus sitting sleepily in his throne room, random parts of Pokemon are strewn across the floor.]

    Don LaFontaine (V.O):
    They will change the world.

    [CUT TO: A torn flag surrounded by an endless sunset, its tattered remains proudly proclaim through the devastated city. "Pain...Soak...Battle...Royal"]

    Don LaFontaine (V.O):
    For it is the only option they have.

    [CUT TO: A Natu lies still on the floor, its only movement a barely visible jitter to show it is recording all it sees. A dark, humanoid figure passes by, hands covered in oven mitts calmly held behind its back, all features hidden behind a flowing trench coat and a fedora perched on its head.]

    Don LaFontaine (V.O):
    The dark passenger is relentless.

    [CUT TO: The figure crouches down, staring at the Natu with its unseen eyes. A smile creeps onto its face.]

    Don LaFontaine (V.O):
    In its search for a atonement.

    [Moonlight suddenly shines upon the figure, and the screen goes black.

    Rapid alternations between several frames:

    Arceus' face, jaw unhinged and salivating with a blank stare.

    A red pen and an almost full notepad, lying beside a clipboard on a cherry counter top with a large dent in it.

    A large hole in the wall, two figures out on the street; one lying in a suspicious yellow pool.

    A small blue Pokemon fighting off alien life forms.

    A huge group of Pokemon, facing off another similar group, armed with long, colorful guns.

    A malformed astronaut helmet lying next to a very futuristic looking gun.

    A lonely bird in the corner, a vegetable in his hand.


    Don LaFontaine (V.O):
    Enough doldrums.

    [CUT TO: A close up of Arceus' afro.

    FADE INTO: Titlecard]


    What really happens after death

    [FADE INTO: The words "Coming to a Cel- Serebii near you." float down.


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    So let's give this a go. No such thing as bad press, as they say. I'll go with the same formatting most people seem to be using, which is italics for voiceovers and [BRACKETS for direction].

    [Music plays softly in the background. The screen is black, but slowly, two points of light come into view. They grow and sharpen until it is clear they are a pair of catlike green eyes]

    Ren (whisper): Did I . . . wake up?

    [The eyes slowly close]

    Elly: Nope. You're still dreaming.

    [The eyes flash open, filling the screen with light. The light fades to reveal Ren, standing in a grassy field. Low-angle shot rotates around him as he looks around in confusion. Elly comes into frame as the camera rises behind Ren's head.]

    "My purpose is . . . to protect this world, and yours. And now, that's your purpose, too," she says.

    "I . . . don't understand," Ren says.

    Elly sighs. "I had a feeling you'd say that."

    [Cut to black.]

    Ren: it's just a dream, right? It's not like I can die or anything.

    [A poorly-restrained, amused laugh is heard as the music stops. The screen cuts to a shot of Ren and his young cousin, Natasha, on a train. Natasha is asleep, leaning against Ren, her head bobbing slightly as the train clacks over the tracks..]

    Ren: That's me. Ren Goodwin, fourteen years of age. I'm the newest Champion of the Hoenn League.

    [With a jarring noise like a rewinding tape, the screen flickers briefly between shots of Ren and his Pokemon battling Steven before returning to Ren on the train. Nothing has changed except for a few extra people standing or sitting around him.]

    Ren: I knew it was going to be big, being the Champion, but . . . not this big.

    [Again, the screen flashes across several quick shots, this time of Ren receiving his trophy and medal for winning the League. This time, when it returns, there are even more people on the train, partially obscuring Ren from view. It's getting dark outside.]

    Ren: This is . . . this is a different level. I don't know what I'm doing.

    [More quick shots zap across the screen - Ren mobbed by fans, Ren accosted by journalists, Ren falling into bed in his hotel. Back on the train, Ren is almost completely obscured by the passengers now crowding the train. Outside, it is dark, and there are lights on in the train.]

    Ren: Everything I knew . . . No, everything I thought I knew has changed.

    [Cut briefly to a close-up of Ren's face before crosscutting back to the longer shot. Ren can no longer be seen. The lights in the train go out, and the screen again goes black.]

    Ren: There's . . . another world out there.

    [Silence for several seconds. Music starts playing again as the screen suddenly cuts to a montage of Ren, a sword held clumsily in his hand, fighting for his life against shadowy black creatures.]

    Ren: A hostile world. A world that somehow . . . I've become responsible for.

    [As the music reaches a crescendo, there is a flash of light and four figures appear. One is Elly, one is a man in a long, hooded coat and the other two's faces are out of frame, though one is clearly a man and one a woman.]

    Ren: Thankfully, I'm not entirely alone.

    [The shadowy figures are quickly dealt with - some slashed to pieces, some broken in half by brute force, and others consumed by raging fire. When the smoke clears, Ren and his four allies stand amidst a carpet of melting shadows. A slight mist of rain hisses as it touches the bodies.]

    Elly: Don't be mistaken. Even with us, you might not stand a chance.

    Ren: It's that bad?

    Elly: Worse.

    [A crash of thunder, and the screen goes black. From the silence grows a mass of whispering, indistinguishable but menacing.]

    Maho: Unto defeat you must play the game - the Champion Game.

    [At his last words, the words Champion Game appear on the screen in glowing, dark blue type before slowly fading away.]
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    Trailer for my very first fanfic, The End (possibly) coming soon.
    [Directorial Instruction] Voice Over

    [The first cords to "Across the Universe" (The Beatles) are heard and the steady strumming begins. Camera cuts to a man sitting down in a dark room. Flash of white indicating a flashback of a man smiling and waving in front of the Unova Pokemon League. Flashback ends and man looks up. Blood is covering his face, another flashback, only voices.]
    No! Cynthia!!! [Gunfire]

    [The man stands up and leaves the room and light floods in, blinding the camera's perspective. The lighting settles down and Castelia City is shown with multiple bomb holes in buildings and a heavy smoke hangs in the air. John Lennon starts to chant "Nothing's Gonna Change My World" with a chorus behind it. It repeats. Machine gun fire can be heard. Camera pans out to eventually show the whole Unova region is a warzone. Camera cuts to the man running through the smoke, then to Giovanni with a Tommy Gun firing shots at an unseen enemy. Camera cuts to Cyrus with a glowing red chain around his neck. "Nothing's gonna change my world" starts to grow more intense and no other sound can be heard. Cut to Lance with two bullet wounds in his stomach staggering forward, then to Red hiding behind a destroyed wall then dashes out. Cut to Steven shouting something as Rayquaza flies over. Cut to Cynthia in the Hall of Origin staring at something. Cut to Maxie and Archie, both in tuxedos with machine pistols in their hands, each on one of the two legendary Pokemon of Hoenn (Kyogre and Groudon respectively). Cut to Ghetsis beside Reshiam stroking its fur.]

    Our doesn't even matter anymore. It is to corrupt to change, to late to become that beautiful haven that we so want it to be.

    [Cut to a close up of N's face, his eyes covered by the heavy darkness and the shadow of his cap. The camera pans down to him fiddling with the cube keychain beside his leg.]

    You agree, don't you?

    [N says in a childish tone as the camera cuts back to his face. The last "Jai guru deva" is chanted over and over as the screen slowly fades to black. The words "The End" fade in, then out.]
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    Play this song during trailer for dramatic effect.

    Fire blazes across a field of dead grass, the camera pans up to show a whole bunch of electric type Pokémon and fire type Pokémon fighting,

    In an endless war...

    More fighting rages on between the two typed Pokémon

    that only two heroes can stop...

    It shows a Jolteon and Flaaffy riding a Lapras in stormy seas

    They will travel, far and wide...

    A group of Voltorb chase the Jolteon and Flaaffy

    Fighting to end the war

    Jolteon scratches a Luxray, A Raikou charges an electric beam onto Jolteon

    "I'm not your soldier!" Jolteon yells

    In their hunt...

    Jolteon and Flaaffy run down a mountain full speed

    For Suicune...

    Suicune is at a temple with many pillars and roars

    "Don't mess with a legend!" Yells Raikou

    The words, The Hunt for Suicune, appear on the screen, and lightning sounds crackle.

    Now playing.
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