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Thread: Trailer for Your Fanfic thread - new version

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    This is up now!

    [Music – How to Save a Life by The Fray]

    Text on Screen: It has been six months since the great summer plague nearly decimated half of the world’s human population.

    several scenes of diplomats speaking, humans mourning, and various human cities across the world going through their normal routines

    The members of the Legendary Team have returned to their everyday lives, while some move forward to a new future.

    Cyrus Jones stands in an elevator, fidgeting with the buttons on his clean-cut suit. Patrick McKenna walks through the glass-lined lobby of the Hall of Fame in Ever Grande, completely lost. Robert Langdon looks up from his office desk at Harvard to gaze at the Aquapolian-style sword hung on the wall, a remnant of last summer’s events

    “We’re the youngest Elite Four to ever serve,” Wallace Sootopolis says, leaning on his desk and addressing Katharine McKenna, Patrick, and Drake Blackthorn. “But, we have some challenges ahead of us.”

    Scene cuts to Frank Hummel, who sits in his office at the CIA, pouring over documents. Another cut to him loading a gun and stepping out, his gaze set in a determined fashion to his next goal.

    Scene cuts to Colin Brown introducing himself to Patrick. “I’m your new advisor.”

    “You’re a legendary?” Katharine breathes.

    He nods. “I’m Cobalion, the legendary of the iron sword.”

    Scene cuts to a shadowy figure of a man chained by his hands to the floor of an ancient-looking chamber. He looks up as Katharine enters the room. He smiles. “It’s been a while.” There’s a pause. Hesitation creeps through his voice. “I suspect that you’re here to punish me.”

    Scene cuts to a ballroom where Katharine and Patrick, both dressed in formal clothes for the inauguration ball, turn to see a young man advancing across the room toward Katharine. She gasps, as if surprised by his very existence.

    “Who is it?” Patrick asks.

    Scene cuts to the young man arguing with Wallace. “My family thinks I’m dead!”

    “We’re going to keep it that way!” Wallace shouts back, totally surprising him.

    Scene cuts to Frank speaking with Patrick in one of Washington D.C.’s museums. “We lost a lot of people last summer. We would appreciate it if you told us what happened.”

    Scene cuts to an angry young man with fiery red hair yelling at Katharine, “You took away my birthright! I was to be leader of the Blackthorn Clan! You’re not even a dragon-type!”

    Several cut scenes to darkness, tsunamis, fires that tear through cities, and several scenes of the Legendary Team fleeing and watching as the world collappses around them. Suicune dashes across a forest, lunging to take down an enemy with deadly swiftness.

    “If you die,” Colin breathes, “The whole world will fall with you.”

    Scene cuts to Wallace gazing out of his office window in the Hall of Fame as a massive tsunami rips its way through Ever Grande.

    Final scene shows blood on the cold stone floor of the Cave of Origin as light fades to darkness around the Legendary Team.

    Words on screen: This fall, the last battle will be held…

    How to Save a Life

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    In a world
    (A scene of many planets orbiting a black orb in an atom symbol like motion)
    Where an evil tyrant
    (A shadowed figure with his hand out in a position where it looks it is holding an orb)
    rules with disease
    (A scene of sick people falling through the street)
    Then planets will stop
    (All the planets orbiting the orb stop)
    Some will Flee
    (A scene of a Ho-oh like human dancing in space with a rainbow emerging from behind her)
    Some will fall under his rule
    (A scene of a girl killing her friends)
    Then some will
    (A scene of 6 armor-clad figures)
    (They seperate into 6 humans and 6 pokemon and jump off a cliff)
    And the Hearts will be corrupted
    (A heart being engulfed in darkness)
    coming 3/12
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    [Scene fades into a young girl: preteen, eleven at the absolute oldest, probably younger than that. She has dirty blonde hair, is wrapped up in a blanket, and is laying in a small pile of snow--there's blood everywhere. Her own.]

    ...Who am I, you ask?

    [A bear of a man, dressed in hiker's attire, kneels at her side--pressure being placed upon her shoulder causes a thin squeal to escape her, and her body to go limp. The man panics: picking her up and running toward the nearest building.]

    That's a damn good question, isn't it?

    [The same girl. Slightly younger, but only by about a year or so. She's moving slowly across a metallic floor, eyes scanning across various test tubes and odd containers, some filled with a green liquid: some, with creatures floating inside. She stops. Turns. And right behind her is a snarling man dressed in a red pair of pants and a black shirt.]

    ...I no longer have a home.

    [The same girl, this time a year or two older. She's by the side of the man in hiker attire, as well as a boy about her age in jeans and a white shirt. They're all standing in front of a towering building, the top of it nowhere in sight.]

    ...I no longer have a family.

    [The three of them are running up a staircase. They're stopped by a beast: one you would easily recognize as a Kabutops. The girl steps back, lowering her hand to her belt. Her lips move--but no sound comes out, and a bright flash of light greets the entrance of a simple, but apparently hardy judging by its equally snarling face, Growlithe.]

    ...I no longer have an identity.

    [The girl. Without her two companions, this time. The Growlithe? Now an Arcanine. She is staring dead-straight at an older man, dressed in a simple but elegant business suit. He has graying hair, down to the nape of his neck.

    She speaks. ""]

    ...I am...

    [The girl rushes forward, Arcanine by her side. The man does the same--frowning as if in regret, but doing so all the same, with a Machamp preparing a furious flurry of punches.]


    Coming to SPPf, Pokecommunity and Bulbagarden Forums on March 15, 2012.
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    Good thing I'm so good at writing scripts...(/sarcasm.)

    Opening shot. Ho-oh flies calmly over the Tin Tower.

    Voice: "Alec Gideon. You possess something we need."

    Flash to Alec Gideon, young, tough-looking trainer, walking against a sunset with his traveling companions, Chase Tang and Logan Clements.

    Alec: "What? What do you want from me?"

    Flash to Ho-oh covering the land in fire. Close in on one man, running from the flame but suddenly stopping, staring defiantly at it, allowing it to cover him.

    Voice: "You hold the key to Heaven."

    Quick flashes. A Serperior battles a Mandibuzz. A great flood fills the Olivine City Gym, Alec grabbing onto a pole and hoisting himself above the water. A bald man in a jacket decorated like flames smirks. Chase yells at Logan, "You're the one I'm worried about!" and then slaps her. A Larvitar spins and shoots shrapnel at an unknown target. Chase lays a flower on a grave, Logan above him, tears streaming down her face.

    Chase: "This all goes him."

    Arceus, alone in a blinding white space.

    Voice: "No. This all goes back to the sky."


    The title flashes: "Earth, Air, Water, Fire."

    Voice: "So I have to die."

    Tagline: The signs fall into place, and the heavens open.
    I am not worried, Harry. I am with you.

    ^This is my new fanfic. It's a work in progress, so please read and comment at your discretion. I hope you like it. I think you will.

    Harry Potter and How I Met Your Mother are currently my life.

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    The scene shows a forest, the camera pans up a bit to reveal a tower visible in the distance, before the screen fades to black.

    In a world of Pokemon...

    The scene shows the sun rising over a small town inhabited by Pokemon, most of the buildings made from stone, a few Pokemon can seen setting up their shops, before the scene fades to black again.

    A new adventure has just begun...

    The scene fades back in, showing a map laying on the floor, before a brown paw points to a specific place on the map.

    Can a young rescue team discover their true strengths, and restore the balance of their world?

    A montage shows a Shinx running through an obstacle course while a Heracross observes, an Eevee proudly holding up a rescue team badge, a Mienfoo stopping and noticing an Elgeyem staring at him from behind a tree, the Shinx, the Eevee and the Mienfoo standing at the entrance to a cave, a Gothorita walking through a forest at nighttime, seemingly looking for someone and a Sigilyph ominously flying above a forest during a storm at night, before the scene fades out.

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Reflecting Balance
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    Default Trailer For Carry On, Blissey

    Carry On, Blissey
    Also available on and Pokecommunity
    Trailer Music: Original Casualty Theme Tune

    If you are one of those lucky trainers we can heal your whole team free of charge under a minute. We probably deal with thousands of patients a day and many of them are satisfied with their care. On the other hand, there is only so much that technology can do. The healing machine has made care easier for us. Unfortunately, despite popular belief it does not heal every disease.

    That's when I, the matron and the nurses help out. Examining the patient's condition, diagnose them, then refer them to the specialist they need.

    No day is ever the same. One of my favourite things about this hospital is that it wasn't just pokémon from the chansey line. There were audinos and also some fighting pokémon in the physiotherapy ward. Of course, I'm proud of being part of the chansey line, but I feel like the hospital promotes equality and diversity much better than other places I've worked in before.

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    The song that accompanys this trailer is Heart of Courage, by Two Steps From Hell

    00:00-00:32 this part of the music plays during this part of the trailer

    [a huge lake is shown, surrounded by a moor, a pine forest, and a decideous forest on both the northeast and southwest of the lake.]

    [suddenly, a starry forest is shown, with two cats sitting in it]

    "What? What do you mean?" the orange tom yowled.

    [change scene to a stone hollow]

    "These four loners will join ThunderClan," Firestar meowed.

    [change scene to the border between the forest and the moor]

    "What- what are you?" the black tom asked, panting.

    00:32-00:47 this selection of the song plays for this part of the trailer

    [Four Pokemon are shown, a Meowth, Skitty, Glameow, and Purloin. The camera zoom in on each of their faces]

    [Cut to the Meowth standing next to a grey tomcat, smiling]

    [Cut to the Skitty, yowling at another grey tom]

    [Cut to to the Glameow, smirking at three cats: a black she-cat, a golden tomcat and a grey tomcat with blind blue eyes

    [Cut to the Purlion, sitting in front of a pool that seems to have stars in it]

    "StarClan help us all."

    00:47-the end of the song

    [Cut to the Skitty and a brown tabby tom with icy blue eyes fighting]

    "Get up, weakling!" Hawkfrost hissed. "Get up and fight!"

    [Cut to the Purlion, sitting in front of the orange tom]

    "What do you mean, I'm a part of a procephy? I'm just a normal Purloin!" Darkpaw yowled.

    "Darkpaw, you and your friends are our only hope."

    [Cut to the four Pokemon, all yowling at each other]

    [Cut to three other cats- a brown tabby tomcat, a white tomcat with black paws, and a golden she-cat with unusual spots- advancing on Fire star]

    "How dare you not tell us! We deserved to know!" Blackstar hissed.

    [Cut to the four pokemon, sitting in front of a hairless cat with bulging eyes that are clouded over]

    "Eww! Who are you?" Fluffpaw hissed,

    "I am Rock, seer of everything."

    [The next scenes are cut to very fast]

    [The entire group of cats in the stone hollow, calling out something]

    [A huge battlescene, with cats lying wounded everywhere, just as an eclipse starts to happen]

    [The four Pokemon confront a tortiseshell and white tom]

    "You lied to us, Sol!]

    [Screen futs to black]

    Well, that's the trailer for my fanfiction: The Fourth Hope. Link's in my sig. It's a Warriors/Pokemon crossover.

    I'd really love it if you gave my eggs some love, please. Could you also click on the others?

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    ****ailer Music]

    "I do my job, and I do it well. That's why I am employed. What is my job you ask? Well, I'm afraid I can't really tell you without disasterous consequences."

    Cut to a scene of a Charmeleon groaning as he slowly gets up off the ground.

    "It is my job to ensure everything works out, for a price, of course."

    Cut to a Riolu, a Jolteon, and a Dewott bracing themselves aganist a wall as the ground starts rumbling.

    Cut to a Magnezone, closely followed by a swarm of Magnemite, surrounding the Riolu and Jolteon.

    "They say to the victor go the spoils, but I disagree. The spoils go to the highest bidder, always."

    Cut to a shot of Dialga bound in chains in a dungeon

    "Of course the highest bidder has the means to control through fear and terror or use disent as a means to overthrow nations."

    Cut to a shot of a silhouette of a large dragon, roaring atop of a tall tower.

    "I work not for tyrants who wish to do these things, but for those who wish to prevent the damnation of the world."

    Cut to an exhausted Breloom running down a dark stone hallway, being chased by an unseen enemy.

    "As a professional in this business, I know more then enough about the basic and shallow motives of mortals then to simply trust them."

    Cut to a shot of a Grovyle, a Absol, and a Flygon. Cut to a Dragonite standing on the deck of a wooden ship.

    "I know more then to trust anyone with information, because their wills are weak and their hearts are easily turned."

    Cut to two humans in lab coats running for their lives as a building collaspes around them, fire scorching the area behind them.

    That leaves us with the unfortunate dilema of what to do with potential witnessess. I can't have you succumb to the all too human temptation of telling all of what you have seen and heard. It'd be bad business."

    Cut to a shot of a purple ghost, his form obscured by mist. All that can be seen is his golden, unblinking eyes.

    "My employers and clients demand a certain level of privicy. I'm sorry, but I cannot allow you to leave with the knowledge you now possess ..."

    Cut to final shot of the Charmleon from before, blasting fire on an unseen Pokemon.

    "Again, I'm truly sorry for this."

    Cut to a shot of a dark pulse of electrified energy comming at you from beyond your computer screen.

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Overthrown By Knightfall

    Knightfall signing off...
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    [Two women chained up and dressed in rags dance before a mysterious panel. One has flowing blue hair, the other a green, braided ponytail.]

    Anthea: “When the vast white flame of truth burns out, and the deep black thunder of ideals dissipates into nothing…”

    Concordia: “That gray void of nothing… that is the Day of Reckoning.”

    Five years ago, a forbidden prophecy was nearly brought forth into reality, but at the last minute it was averted. Now… the watchful eyes and manipulative hands of the cult called Polaris seek to complete their plan…

    "Finansielle": "It has only been through considerable investment that we have managed to keep the Dark Stone for as long as we have. I've already approved repeated funding requests... so you're going to have to produce results eventually."

    [A shadowy figure completely obscured except for the glowing circles on his face speaks with a voice modifier to disguise himself on a screen.]

    “Father”: “Gabriel, it’s about time you learned the truth. The true meaning about the purpose of Polaris… and the meaning of your mission, the Azrael Project.”

    It has always been said that the universe began when the egg of Arceus tumbled out of a single point of chaos, but when it hatched and gave rise to life and existence, what was left behind?

    [A large shape stirs within a dark, desolate and isolated location somewhere deep in space. Some parts of its body begin glowing blue as electricity sparks through the area, Finally, a pair of yellow eyes illuminates in the darkness, followed by a diamond-shaped object between them.]

    Now... a conflict on many fronts erupts on the Tohjo Continent, extending all the way into the barren wasteland once inhabited by an ancient people.

    As Polaris and Team Rocket clash for control and the fate of the world...

    [A man in flowing multicolored robes stands at a podium, addressing a crowd.]

    Ghetsis: "People of Johto, ask yourselves. Ask yourselves, are you worthy of possessing Pokémon of your own? Look into your own hearts and try to decide - are you the one who will bring that Pokémon's true potential to life, or are you merely holding it back? People of Johto, I implore you, join us! We of Polaris will guide you into a new era where you can be closer than ever to your Pokémon! It will be a fundamental change... but once we reach the light of the promised future together, a world where people and Pokémon are truly in tune will not be impossible!"

    [Dr. Zager is sitting at his computer addressing someone.]

    Dr. Zager: "I need you to infiltrate Mr. Pokémon's hard drives and obtain his data on the Meteonite shard. Understanding what that element is fully capable of will give us a great strategic advantage if they try to use it."

    ...the fate of the fallen race of the Tenganists comes to the forefront.

    [A woman wearing a heavy cloak with a hood obscuring her face is addressing a small meeting of people in a run-down building. She is holding a small child within a blanket in her arms, and Stacia is standing silently next to her.]

    Mysterious woman: "It has been nearly three decades since the first of the villages in our sacred land was obliterated by that man, Ghetsis Harmonia. Now... now everything's gone, and he has completely destroyed my life and the lives of many others. We must no longer stand by as our people are exterminated by the forces of Polaris... it is time that we remember the legacy of the great Tenganist warriors in history and once again fight for our right to exist! We must do it through any means necessary!"

    Both people and Pokémon can evolve. But what plan does Polaris have for this process? And what is the role in their scheme for the Triad of Revenge?

    A girl seeking a reunion…

    Olivia: “If I become Champion or Top Coordinator, Dad will have to come back! He won’t ignore me anymore!”

    …a woman seeking a revelation…

    Nekou: “Consider yourself lucky. You at least know where you really came from and who your parents are.”

    …and a man seeking revenge.

    Matt: “What do you know about the events of five years ago?!”

    Forces converge on the Tohjo Continent for the greatest and last quest the world will ever see.

    [Pierce and a man and woman sit in a car, along with a Meowth and a Wobbuffet. Outside, a nearby house explodes in flames.]

    Pierce: “Code Black Seven has been initiated by Giovanni. The lives you knew are now at an end.”

    As old friends return...

    [Nando throws a Poké Ball, sending out an Exploud to fight his opponent's Zapdos.]

    [In a park, Trista throws two Poké Balls, sending out Eelektross and Druddigon.]

    Trista: "Elektross, Druddigon, showtime!"

    ...and new enemies appear...

    [A young man hidden under a wide black hat, ragged black poncho and tattered scarf yells at Olivia in the middle of a small town.]

    Renzo: "Rich Mistbloom's legacy is not something you have the right to lay claim to. I will prove that I am the only one with the right to bring the truth about him to light!"

    At the end of the gray void, when the thunder of your ideals has driven you as far as it can, will you embrace or flee the flames of truth?

    Matt: “You must not forget who you are!”

    [Ghetsis stands over a pedestal with projects of over a dozen pillar-like objects on it.]

    Ghetsis: “The Day of Reckoning begins now with the destruction of Arceus!”

    Matt: "Ghetsis, you must stop this! Destroying Arceus will destroy the universe, I've seen it with my own eyes!"

    Ghetsis: "Foolish boy. Don't you know that if I destroy the world after the Ice Dragon Gate is opened, Kyurem will become the new ruler of the universe?"

    [A mysterious individual obscured by shadows stands in front of the Lock Capsule inside Pewter City's museum.]

    Mysterious man: "So we meet at last, Zoroark. I promise, I'll come back to free you, and the advent of your reign shall come!"

    [A man dressed in a trenchcoat-styled costume complete with a Golurk mask with four feathers coming out of the sides is giving a speech of his own to a large crowd somewhere.]

    "Geminus": "Swear loyalty to Polaris! Be loyal to us, and I will never betray you!"

    Coming soon, the final phase of the epic tale of Operation GEAR – “The Angel of Reckoning.”

    Release the past, escape the future...
    Most Recent: 22: The Iron Maiden
    Next: Team Rocket VS. Team Plasma - Best Wishes From the Past (Part 1)

    The steps on the road to the truth.
    The Firestorm Rebellion
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    ...The End of Days...

    Long foretold in the written history of man...

    ...Our civilization shaped with a guiding wind...

    The Dark Age which precedes the final judgement of man...


    It began with the Discovery....

    This brought about a brand-new Genesis...

    Humanity did not heed the fulfillment of the Revelation...

    Thus with heavy hearts, and clouded minds mankind must face its' Destiny...


    For Theirs is the Kingdom...Behold their final answer is at hand

    Now an excerpt:

    "Several minutes later Dr. Preston awoke to find himself alone in the classroom, he lay in an ever-widening pool of his own blood. He turned his gaze towards the Iron Gate in the doorway-locked. He was trapped the doors could not be reopened for twenty minutes. By the time anyone got to him, he would be dead as even now blood continued to drip from his lips and each breath was becoming harder to exert than the last.

    Having been a veteran of war he had witnessed the fate that now awaited him. The bullet had ricocheted off of his ribcage, and lodged itself into his stomach, now untold amounts of stomach acids usually purposed for digestion would begin eating away at his internal organs. Even so, the fear the now gripped him was one far greater than the thought of his impending death.

    The secret must live on!

    He staggered to his feet once, only to collapse back to the floor. His strength was rapidly leaving him. The room had suddenly become cold; he shivered as he dragged himself to his desk where his prized globe of the Earth sat comfortably seated atop a gilded axis, which until recently was the only light in his world. Now the only thing that mattered now was the fact that he must pass along the secrets that he had died for tonight, ironic as it was the light had had stayed silent to protect would be the one to bring darkness to his world.

    Wincing in the pain of the wounds he had sustained he summoned all of his faculties and strength. A desperate and final task lay before him, which he knew would require every ounce of strength remaining in his body, and one he also knew would require each remaining second of his life… "
    Pokemon: In Victa Ad Revenant


    Credit goes to Eeveelover from the Flower Paradise graphics for the wonderful banner.

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    Here's music, it's a tune everyone should be quite familiar with. It's a trailer I wrote for Episode 5 (Chapter 21 and up) of The Human Species, so there are a few spoiler present.

    Scene fades in to see the sun rising, and the camera pans down to see the Legendary Trio, sitting in a field of grass and eating. Kabutops quickly nabs a purple berry with his long scythe, which makes Pikablu angry while the Gallade starts laughing. At the end, the camera pans up towards the sky once more.

    Suddenly, a vine flies by the screen as the camera zooms out and you see Snivy with a grouchy expression, using tape to set up WANTED posters in a town.

    The camera zooms out further and you see Rukario carefully hugging a wall while staying out of the police's sight. She looks around and starts running down an alleyway, moving past yet another set of WANTED posters, showing LUCARIO, ZEROBI... And RUKARIO.

    The camera moves into the picture of ZEROBI as the scenery changes to show the real Zerobi, sitting by the mouth of a cave in a high mountain. Celebi is sleeping next to her, as Zerobi stares longingly into the setting sun...

    ... Which is suddenly obscured by a black fist clenching. Zooming out, you see the fist belongs to Lucario, a big smile of determination on his face as he continues walking into the sunset.

    At this point, it's just random scenes with protagonists and their antagonistic counterparts from the next episode flashing by. Silver, surrounded by a swarm of Zubat, which is followed by Jirachi, laughing over something. That one scientist with an Alakazam, adjusting his glasses like a boss, which is followed by Dragonair, slumped together in a cell. Zoroark, holding a lantern and looking sinister, which is followed by Astrid with a bit of his head peaking out from under the cloak, showing just enough so that the fans of Evolution's Gate can figure out who it is.

    Then it does that thing where it zooms out and goes TO BE CONTINUED IN THE NEXT EPISODE...
    Year 1-3: Occult Magazine, Evolution's Gate [img]http://i55.*******.com/kvo8z.png[/img]
    The Eeveelution cult called Evolution's Gate was disbanded after the bizarre deaths of 47 of its members. This is a story where one must question where the line between fantasy and reality is drawn...
    Year 4-7: Forever Legendary [img]http://i52.*******.com/16a5hc2.png[/img]
    A brash Pikachu hunts down Legendary Pokémon in the hopes of becoming one himself.
    Year 10: The Human Species [IMG]http://i44.*******.com/34zypdx.png[/IMG]
    Humanity has gotten fed up with their fragile position in the world of Pokémon. The best of trainers will subdue or dispose of every powerful Pokémon in existence. However, which side of the conflict will you end up on if you are neither human nor Pokémon...?

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    This thread has been destickied, however members are still allowed to post here, even if it means bumping it by a few months. Should this thread become old and unused, members are allowed to post a new version. Thanks, and enjoy!


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