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Thread: If You Were in Charge of the Anime (*POTENTIAL SPOILERS*)

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    Quote Originally Posted by XxxDevilxxX View Post
    I think pokemon should get some romance, and they should add N, Hilda and Hilbert
    No no no please no, think of the shipping wars.

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    How are you adding these sprites?


    Pokemon for Paul
    * Feraligatr: The guy whent a long time without having any known water Pokémon. My personal favorite type. In what do we get a bunch finally shows up? Gary!? As opposed to one of the big killer see monsters. Aslo it would have doon more to make him a replacement for Kamon.
    * Gyarados: Mostly for the same reason as the above.
    * Rhyperior: I don't particularly like the Pokémon but it is one that I thought got shafted for screen time. And it's totally something I could see Paul using.
    * Zangoose:If nothing else I would see him bringing this to the battle thinking that his old Pokémon still has a phobia of it. Also it fits in with false Pokémon a lot better than the ice ghost and she's one of my personal favorites.

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    I'd scrap the entire thing and start from scratch. It would be more like the game with more focus on battling and maybe targeted at an older audience. I'd make it less predicable and most importantly less safe story telling wise. I'd have the characters grow and develop more as well. I just don't think the writers of the anime have ever realised just how much potential the franchise has. Then again I can't really talk, I've always disliked the anime. I'm in it for the game XD
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    Idea 1
    I would make ash lose the unova league in second place, so he can go to the next region, but this team he will have 2 female companions and a female and male rival, i would also make nearly every episode emotional because that's pokemon's strength i would also bring back the older pokemon into the next gen and the older music to.

    Idea 2
    Ash wins the unova league and before his championship battle with cynthia he notices may across the battle field, as they look into each other's eyes they realise how much they love each other, so ash beats cynthia with his trusty infernape and goes to back to hoenn to start up a family with may.
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    I hope that after the Unova League, no matter what the outcome, Ash has a party back at Pallet Town! - Just like he did after his loss at the Indigo League.
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    Honestly? I'd send Ash to the next region as a sidekick/mentor to a new character.

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    Unova Saga
    Ash & Blue turn 14, Iris is also 14, Trip is 10, Bianca & Cheren are 15 and N & Cilan are 16.
    After Ash's great Sinnoh League campaign, Ash & Blue head back to Pallet Town. When he entered Oaks lab, they see Professor Juniper talking to Oak & Gary (who are doing some research about the Tirtouga). Ash ask's who she is. After the introduction, Juniper tells Ash everything about Unova. Whole new Pokémon, that no one outside Kanto has ever seen before. Obviously, Ash is very thrilled to see more about Unova, and want to head to there emmediatly, But Juniper says she wants to study some Kanto Pokémon first. Oak & Juniper go to the backyard, where everyone of Ash's & Blue's Pokémon are resting. They both call out their remaining Pokémon. Juniper is thrilled to see so many differend kinds of Pokémon. The next episode, we see the same scene we saw in BW1, in Ash's room and him getting ready for Unova. Ash asks Blue if she wants to join him on his Quest in Unova, but she declines because she have got enough experience now, and wants to stay home with her little brother, who will be a pokémon trainer next year and want to mentor him and teach him everything she knows. So after Ash & Blue say goodbye, they head to Unova where the same shananigans with Zekrom happen.
    In Numeva Town, Ash meet up with Trip (who gets his first Pokémon just like the anime) and Cheren and Bianca. Those last two are very surprised to see a Pikachu, and ask all sorts of questions about him. Trip is less excited, and challenges Ash for a battle. Same stuff like the anime, Pikachu can't use his Electric attacks. But, Ash will win because of his experience as a trainer. Trip thanks Ash for his battle, and leaves. Same stuff pretty much happen, such as the Don Tournaments. And as the last Gym, Ash will be batteling Drayden, instead of Roxie.
    During the series, the Team Plasma Plot will be used from the games, introducing N and Getsis. During the League, Team Plasma will interfere, but during the Finale against Ash, N will get a change of heart. Dispite this, he will still defeat Ash and will win the Unova League, but afterwards N takes on Getsis in front of everyone and wine, thus disbanding Plasma (for now) After the league, the gang meets up with Cynthia, and takes them to Eastern Unova, where they will meet Blue (instead of Dawn like in the anime) and she will tell them about the World Tournament Saga. Ash will get a wildcard, because he was victorious in 2 Battle Frontiers and because of his victory in the Orange League.
    To be Continued ...(when I have inspiration for this Champions League saga But the Neo Team Plasma plot will be used)
        Spoiler:- Unova Team:

        Spoiler:- Unova Team:

        Spoiler:- Unova Team:

    These Pokémon will be used in the League.
        Spoiler:- Unova Team:

    These Pokémon will be used in the League.
        Spoiler:- Unova Team:

    These Pokémon will be used in the League.
        Spoiler:- Unova Team:

        Spoiler:- Unova Team:

    This is it for my Unova saga. Here are my other sagas:
    Kanto & Orange Islands:
    Kanto Rivals:
    Hoenn and Kanto Battle Frontier Saga:
    Sinnoh saga & Sinnoh Battle Frontier
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    If I was in charge of the anime:

    #1) I'd fix their damn voices before anything. Seriously. Now. Or get better replacements, please. I can think of a few easily.

    #2) Next, I'd make Ash WIN an actual regional league that is not the OI League or something completely pointless like BF, and remove the "Champion League" BS Sinnoh introduced.

    #3) Then the series would stop being milked like a cash cow and come to an end.
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    If I were in charge of the Anime, there are quite a few things that I would change. For example, Gary would be a proper rival who is both seen and battled more. Ash would also have rivals in the other two trainers who started on the same day as he and Gary. Ash would actually train hard from the beginning and earn his badges. He would catch a better variety of pokemon, and release far fewer. Brock would retain his mentor/comic relief role, but I would actually give Misty a goal to aim for.


    The Main Gang

    Ash Ketchum
    Ash is pretty much the same guy as in the show, but actually learns lessons rather than constantly making the same stupid mistakes. He treats his Pokemon better, trains them more evenly, and actually works had to gain the trust of his more powerful pokemon, rather than just expecting it. He reaches the top 8 in the league.

    Pretty much the same as in the show, stater pokemon that refuses to obey Ash at the begining. His weakness to ground types will be an issue, with no Setting off the sprinklers/Aim for the horn moments. Develops a crush on girl rival Robyn's Clefairy. Moves by the time of the league are Thunder, Thunderbolt, Quick Attack and Swift.

    > >
    Nidoran > Nidorino > Nidoking
    After blowing up the pokemon centre in Viridian City, Ash, Misty and Pikachu take a trip into Route 22 where they meet the trainer who started with Bulbasaur. She's called Robyn and is looking for a new pokemon, and she and Ash work together to catch a Nidoran each. Evolves into Nidorino againt Lt. Surge when Ash demands a full six-on-six battle for his rematch. Ash and Robyn leave Nidorino and her Nidorina in Butch and Cassidy's breeding centre, where they are rapidly powered up and evolved. When they get them back, Ash and Robyn find their Pokemon to be too strong for them to control, and Prof. Oak takes them in, telling them that they'll probably be experianced enough after beating their sixth gym. Later this happens, with Ash and Robyn working together to gain the trust of their respective pokemon. Nidoking becomes a loyal powerhouse, doing very well against Blaine and Giovanni, as well as the league. Also helps Ash control Charizard when he rampages, and has a soft spot for Robyn's Nido. Final moves are Double Kick, Mega Punch, Toxic and Rock Slide.

    Mankey > Primeape
    Also on Route 22, Ash bumps into a Mankey. Essentially this is the same guy as he gets anyway, just met earlier and gets caught unevolved. Teams up with Nidoran to use their fighting moves to beat Brock rather than Pikachu. Evolves between Lavender Town and Saffron City. Also disobeys for a time. It learns to trust Ash in the same way as before, but instead decides to stay with Ash, as their bond in closer in this version than in the show. Does especially well later on against Giovanni's Rhydon. Moves upon entering the League are Seismic Toss, Mega Kick, Submission and Body Slam.

    > >
    Caterpie > Metapod > Butterfree
    Pretty much the same as in the anime already, but learns Confusion and Ash reunites with it on the bug-inhabited island in the Orange Islands. The trainer of the Pink Butterfree it leaves with is changed to be Robyn.

    Pidgeotto > Pidgeot
    Caught under the same circumstances, and allowed to shine more (especially against Erika and Koga). It evolves sooner (alongside Charmeleon to fight Aerodactyl) and helps keep Charizard in line (sort of). Not left behind, it instead develops a rivalry with Gary's Fearow, which was the leader of the Spearow that attacks Ash and Pikachu in episode 1.
    Moves at the time of the league are Razor Wind, Double-Edge, Agility and Mirror Move (the last move turning the tables in more than one important battle).

    Krabby > Kingler
    Caught earlier, but in the same place, Krabby is Ash's sixth pokemon (rounding out his initial team). Krabby appears a lot more and gains a bit of a running gag by snapping his pincers onto the finger or nose of someone who laughs at it and calls it puny (this would happen more than once to Gary). Though it is used more, its evolution takes place in the same circumstances, proving to everyone that Ash is right to trust it.
    Moves at the time of the league are Crab Hammer, Vice Grip, Hyper Beam and Harden.

    Bulbasaur > Ivysaur
    Caught in the same circumstances, Bulbasaur comes in as Ash's seventh Pokemon. Following this Ash begins to rotate his pokemon, like in Unova, but more evenly. Bulbasaur is essentially the same, except it does evolve in the episode "Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden" though only after proving itself in its Bulbasaur form by learning Solar Beam to blast away Jessie and James.
    He develops a bit of a soft spot for Robyn's Bulbasaur/Ivysaur, resulting in much mirth on Brock's part, what with the Nido's being much the same.
    Moves at the time of the league are Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Solar Beam and Take Down.

    > >
    Charmander > Charmeleon > Charizard
    Caught in the same way. Evolves sooner, in battle against Erika, where it begins to disobey. Prof. Oak says that its because it originally belonged to another trainer. Evolves to fight Aerodactyl, alongside Pidgeotto, but still disobeys. Ash employs Pidgeot and Nidoking to help keep Charizard in line. Charizard does learn to obey Ash sooner, the temporary loyalty displayed fighting Blaine's Magmar is permanent. He does well in the league, but loses to Gary's Blastoise in battle, after beating two of his other pokemon.
    Moves at the league are Flamethrower, Seismic Toss, Slash and Dragon Rage.

    Again, caught in the same way. Also serves as a prime battler on Ash's team. Battles well against Blaine, Giovanni and Koga. Helps Misty's Psyduck learn Water Gun. Moves at the time of the League are Water Gun, Skull Bash, BubbleBeam and Bite.

    Caught after Ash's first loss against Lt Surge, when Pikachu decides not to evolve. Following Nidoking's departure from the team, Sandshrew becomes a more common battler. It does very well against Lt. Surge, Koga and later Blaine's Growlithe. Moves at the time of the League are Slash, Dig, Swift and Sand Attack.

    Eevee > Jolteon
    Ash gets Eevee in Celadon City after clearing out Team Rocket. After losing a battle to Gary, Ash realises that he cannot rely on so few pokemon. Eevee's evolution into Jolteon is an accident, it rummages in Ash's bag looking for food, and instead finds the Thunderstone that Ash almost used to evolve Pikachu. Jolteon is Ash's backup electric type, much like Kingler becomes the backup water type and Sandshrew the backup ground type. Moves at the time of the league include Thunder, Pin Missile, Agility and Take Down.

    When the group go to Lavender Town, they find that Team Rocket (the whole group, not the trio) is causing problems at the haunted tower, just like in the games. Ash befriends a whole group of many Gasty, Haunter and Gengar, and helps them out to get the Marowak ghost to depart to the afterlife. Once this is done, one Gastly, one Haunter and one Gengar follows Ash to Saffron City where the Gastly and Haunter remain with Sabrina, and the Gengar stays with Ash, serving as a surprise trump card in a battle with Gary. Moves at the time of the league are Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Night Shade and Thunderbolt.

    Muk is caught in the same way, and is used a little more often, but not as much as others. Muk beats several pokemon in the League. Moves at the time of the league are Poison Gas, Sludge, Body Slam and Mega Drain.

    Tauros, Tangela, Venonat, Slowpoke, Dratini
    Ash catches these Pokemon in the Safari Zone. He doesn't really use them until the Orange Islands, but Tauros is revealed to know Take Down, and Dratini knows Slam and Thunder Wave.

    Misty Waterflower
    Misty is not a Gym Leader, but her older sister Daisy (who is much more responsible in this version) runs the Cerulean Gym. Misty still desires to become a water pokemon expert, and does a lot more to achieve that goal, including competing in regularly held tournaments, not unlike the Whirl Cup, against other water pokemon trainers.

    Staryu > Starmie
    Rather than have both, Misty starts out with a Staryu that later evolves. Staryu is caught before Misty and Ash meet, and is the first of her pokemon to be introduced (to fight Team Rocket in the Viridian City Pokemon Center). Staryu proves to be a very able battler on many occasions, even beating opponents that it really should not. Misty evolves Staryu into a Starmie inside the caves of Seafoam Islands to help them escape powerful water currents. Moves at the end of the Kanto journey are BubbleBeam, Psychic, Recover and Thunderbolt.

    Poliwag > Poliwhirl
    Poliwag is also caught before Misty meets Ash and is the second of her pokemon to be revealed. As a Poliwag he is obviously young and inexperianced as a battler, and developing his strength is an important story arc for Misty. Poliwag evolved into a Poliwhirl in a fight against the TR trio. At the Seafoam Islands, Misty considers evolving Poliwhirl into Poliwrath, but instead evolves Staryu. As a Poliwhirl he is a fairly strong battler, with the moves Water Gun, Mega Punch, Body Slam and Strength at his disposal.

    Gyarados is also caught before Misty meets Ash, and is the last of those pokemon to be revealed. When Daisy says that her pokemon are currently too weak to face Ash in a battle, Misty steps up. Once Ash defeats the other two, Misty goes for Gyarados. Unfortunately for her, Gyarados is not prepared to listen to her. Luckily in his rage, he sends the TR trio blasting off. Misty has to work hard to get Gyarados to listen to her, but one he does he's one of her strongest Pokemon. At the end of the Kanto Arc it knows Hyper Beam, Hydro Pump, Dragon Rage and Skull Bash.

    Horsea > Seadra
    Same Pokemon and caught in the same way, Horsea is Misty's first capture witnessed in the series. However, Horsea is actually allowed to be seen in episodes following his capture, and does participate in battles (just because its a fish doesn't mean it can't be used away from the sea: the group passed loads of lakes, ponds, fountains and rivers in the anime). Horsea evolves at Seafoam Islands after witnessing Staryu doing so. His moves at the end of the Kanto journey are BubbleBeam, Smokescreen, Double-Edge and Hydro Pump.

    Psyduck is the same Pokemon and is caught in the same way: completely by accident. However, Misty works hard to make it somewhat useful in battle (even if he still cannot swim). He is till there maily for comic relief though. Eventual attacks are Water Gun, Confusion, Disable and Scratch.

    Eevee > Vaporeon
    When Ash gets his Eevee in Celadon City, Misty gets one as well. Naturally she evolves hers into Vaporeon. When Daisy learns of this, the older sister gets very jealous of her younger sister's luck. Vaporeon is highly loyal to Misty and often takes and attack-dog-like stance in front of her whenever she is threatened, especially by Team Rocket, whom she particularly hates. Seems to have a crush on Ash's Jolteon, who doesn't notice. Moves are Hydro Pump, Aurora Beam, Take Down and Acid Armor.

    In the Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon episode, Misty catches the Omanyte, rather than get Togepi's egg. She rarely makes use of it in the Kanto Saga, instread choosing to let Professor Oak study it (as it has been extinct for millions of years). When she does use it, it knows Water Gun, Withdraw, Toxic and Take Down.

    At Seafoam Islands, Misty discovers that an ill-tempered Slowbro is causing the churning currents with his Psychic abilities. Misty battles and captures it, and them frequently points out to Ash that he only caught a Slowpoke, whereas she got Slowbro. Despite his initial bad mood, Slowbro is quick to warm up to Misty (well, quick for a Slowbro) and his psychic powers serve her very well in battle. Its moves at the end of the Kanto arc are Psychic, Headbutt, Surf and Fire Blast.

    Brock Therock
    (Couldn't think of a better last name for him)
    Brock is pretty much the same guy, doing the cooking, the cleaning, carrying the map and the potions, and falling in love with every pretty girl he sees. This time though he has more to do, with there being actual contests for breeders to enter (with Suzy, who gave in Vulpix in the series, being a friendly rival to him).

    Geodude > Graveler
    Brock's Geodude is the same but actually gets used. In fact, he is used enough to allow him to evolve into a Graveler in the Rock Tunnel. Whenever the Twerp Trio and the Rocket Trio are on friendly terms, Geodude/Graveler likes to have competitions with James's Weezing to see who can make the biggest explosion.
    Moves: Rock Throw, Body Slam, Dig, Explosion

    Brock actually uses this guy more often as well. Onix learns to get on reasonably well with Misty's Gyarados (once the latter calms down) and the two often lie near each other enjoying the sun. Moves: Rock Slide, Bind, Dig, Slam.

    I've seen others give Ash a Cubone, but I think Brock would be better. Its the one whose mother died in the game. After the gang help the mother depart tot he afterlife, Mr Fuji asks Brock to take care of it. Cubone is slowly brought out of his shell thanks to the group's Pokemon and becomes very strong, knowing Bone Club, Bonemerang, Headbutt and Ice Beam. He considers evolving at one point, but decides not to.

    Eevee > Flareon
    As an alternative to Vulpix, Brock gets and Eevee at the same time as Ash and Misty get theirs. He evolves his into the fire-type Flareon, which is his most used Pokemon in breeding shows, where Suzy's Vulpix is her main rival. She is not a fan of Brock's Graveler, and would sooner spend her time with Misty's Vaporeon (although she does not share the same interest in Ash's Jolteon). She also likes to sleep on Onix's back, once he's warmed himself up by lying in the sun, of course. Might seem a bit snobbish, but more than capable of battling and doesn't mind that using Dig gets her fur dirty. Moves are Flamethrower, Take Down, Dig and Sand Attack.

    Hoping that some day a Nurse Joy will be impressed by him having one, Brock catches a Chansey in the Safari Zone. His plan fails, but Chansey is a big help to the group and loves playing doctor to the other Pokemon, and she becomes very motherly. Moves are Sing, Softboiled, Egg Bomb and Double-Edge.

    At the same time as Misty capturing Omanyte, Brock captured Kabuto. He uses it more often than Misty uses Omanyte, but also lets Prof Oak study the rare Pokemon. Kabuto often catches opponents off guard by being a Rock type that knows Water Gun and Absorb, as well as Harden and Take Down.

    The Rivals

    Ash's Rivals

    Gary Oak
    Gary is pretty much the same, but is seen far more often. Ash's first battle is against him on Route 22, which Ash narrowly wins. Following battles prove much tougher, and their rivalry is fierce by the time of the League. Gary's first battle is seen by Ash before he gets Pikachu. Gary uses his Squirtle to battle Ritchie's Charmander. Gary gets to the Top 16 in the league, rather than get beaten in the preliminaries.

    > >
    Squirtle > Wartortle > Blastoise
    Unlike in the anime, Gary's starter is seen and battled in all three evolutionary stages. Gary rotates most of his Pokemon, but Blastoise is usually on whatever team he puts together. It's a big rival of Ash's Charizard. Moves: Hydro Pump, Skull Bash, Ice Beam, Mega Punch.

    Spearow > Fearow
    Present in Ash's first battle against Gary, Spearow proves to be a tough opponent for Ash. And so it should: its the leader of the flock that attacked Ash. This pokemon is tough, stubborn, and had a fierce rivalry with Ash's Pidgeotto/Pidgeot that comes to a head in the league battle. Moves: Drill Peck, Sky Attack, Mirror Move, Swift.

    Rattata > Raticate
    Also present in Ash's first battle against Gary, Rattata proves to be a tricky foe for both Pikachu and Nidoran. After this battle, Rattata/Raticate becomes Pikachu's main rival on Gary's team, though he uses it less and less often (much to Pikachu's irritation). Moves: Hyper Fang, Quick Attack, Thunderbolt, Dig.

    Magikarp > Gyarados
    The last of Gary's Pokemon to take part in Ash's first battle against Gary, Magikarp never forgets its defeat at the hands of Mankey. He remembers it as a Gyarados, and the results are always interesting when Gyarados and Primeape encounter one another. Terrifyingly, Gary's Gyarados seems to have grown much larger than Misty's. Moves: Hyper Beam, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, Body Slam.

    Kadabra > Alakazam
    This guy proves to be a devastating addition to Gary's team the first few times Ash battles it. Then Ash gets Gengar and suddenly things are not quite so easy, especially when Gengar's Hypnosis stops Alakazam from using Recover quite as often as Gary would like. In response, Gary teaches it Thunder Wave, just to make it more annoying. Moves: Psychic, Psybeam, Recover, Thunder Wave.

    > >
    Machop > Machoke > Machamp
    Another devastating foe for Ash to face, Ash's Mankey suffers a humiliating defeat in its first fight against Gary's Machop. Again it is Gengar who turns the tide against this powerful fighter; as a Ghost type, Machoke's fighting moves cannot hurt it, and Gengar's Dream Eater devastates it. This provides a perfect power boost to the ghost pokemon after a gruelling showdon against the then Kadabra. Machamp still beats down plenty of Ash's pokemon, however. Used in the P1 Grand Prix as a Machoke. Moves: Submission, Seismic Toss, Rock Slide, Karate Chop.

    Growlithe > Arcanine
    Fast, strong and a fire type, Arcanine is capable of taking out many opponents before the get a chance to move. It's not really a rival of Jolteon's, but it always gets interesting when the two fast Pokemon battle. Moves: Fire Blast, Take Down, Bite, Body Slam

    Rhyhorn > Rhydon
    Caught in the Safari Zone, Rhyhorn quickly becomes a powerhouse on Gary's team and soon develops a rivalry with Ash's Nidoking (which only becomes more intense should Robyn's Nidoqueen ever be present). Rhydon can be a devastating opponent, and can single-handedly take out entire teams of other trainers. Moves: Take Down, Horn Drill, Rock Slide, Earthquake.

    Exeggcute > Exeggutor
    Also caught in the Safari Zone, Ash is not quite sure what to make of this odd addition to Gary's Team. Then it evolves. That it is, essentially, a palm tree makes no difference to Gary, and it becomes a powerful opponent in battle. Moves: Solar Beam, Psychic, Sleep Powder, Egg Bomb.

    Another Safari Zone Capture, Gary's Pinsir comes to present a problem to all who oppose it; how to get around its pincers. For Ash there is only one answer: fight pincers with pincers (use Kingler, in other words!) Moves: ViceGrip, Slash, Submission, Harden.

    Gary also has many other pokemon, but most of them only make cameos.

    Ritchie Ketchum
    Look, this guy is pretty much a clone of Ash, so I'm gonna have him be his cousin. Only this time, he is not so much of a clone. Their only similar Pokemon are Charizard and their electric mouse (although Ritchie will evolve his). I know some people don't like him, but that's mostly because of the way he was originally written.

    > >
    Charmander > Charmeleon > Charizard
    Unlike in the anime, Ritchie evolves his Charmander all the way up to Charizard. It is also confirmed that this really is his starter pokemon; Ash sees him use it in battle against Gary's Squirtle. The two Charizards always put on a show against each other. Moves: Fire Blast, Skull Bash, Fire Spin, Slash.

    Pikachu > Raichu
    Ritchie catches a Pikachu in Viridian Forest without knowing that Ash started with one. The two Chus are always happy to see each other, and this does not change when Ritchie evolves his shortly before the League. Moves: Thunderbolt, Take Down, Swift, Mega Kick.

    Instead of a Butterfree, Ritchie gets a Beedrill, which he catches in Viridian Forest. For a time its a rival of Ash's Butterfree, but once Butterfree leaves, the closest thing to a rival on Ash's team for Beedrill is Sandshrew.
    Moves: Twineedle, Pin Missile, Focus Energy, Mega Drain

    This guy serves as Squirtle's rival. Also it develops a rivalry with Misty's Poliwhirl. Its combined water and fighting skills make it a tough opponent for Ash to face. Moves: Water Gun, Body Slam, Mega Punch, Submission

    Mr. Mime
    Ash never learns just where Ritchie got Mr. Mime, and is a bit creeped out by it when he first sees it. Its defensive moves often cause problems for its opponents. Moves: Psywave, Reflect, Light Screen, Mimic

    Graveler > Golem
    Its always a surprise when a rival uses a Pokemon that your friend has, and Ritchie getting a Geodude is no exception. Essentially is the same Golem as Gary owns in the anime (though moves are different). Moves: Rock Slide, Explosion, Fissure, Seismic Toss.

    Obtained in Saffron City. A surprise fighter that uses surprising athletic capabilities to catch foes off guard. Used in the P1 Grand Prix. A rival of Robyn's Hitmonchan. Moves: Hi Jump Kick, Meditate, Double Kick, Strength.

    Robyn Bluewater
    I've got no idea why I called her this, but I kinda like it. Anyway she's based on the unused female trainer from the Red/Blue games and serves as Ash's rival, friend and occassional travelling companion. Robyn likes the idea of all getting all her Pokemon to have boyfriends, although she pursues no such thing herself (at least not of purpose). Interestingly a number of Ash and Robyn's Pokemon develop crushes on each other (their Ivysaurs, their Nidos, Pikachu and Clefairy, and their Butterfrees leave to mate together.) She has little time for Gary, whom she calls an "Obnoxious Knucklehead". Gary and Ritchie have little time for her, seeing each other and Ash as their main rivals. They underestimate her. She is also a kind of rival to Misty, but in a way that neither girl is prepared to discuss, and poor Ash will probably never understand...

    Bulbasaur > Ivysaur
    Bulbasaur is Robyn's starter Pokemon, and it proves itself to be strong right from the start. In its debut, it participates in the series first double battle against wild Pokemon, teaming up with Pikachu to battle the Nidos that Ash and Robyn eventually capture. Its a lot like the Bulbasaur May gets in the anime much much later. She is more than interested in Ash's Bulbasaur/Ivysaur, and they both evolve in the "Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden" episode. Moves: Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Mega Drain, Take Down.

    > >
    Nidoran > Nidorina > Nidoqueen
    Caught at the same time as Ash caught his male one, the story of Robyn's Nido runs almost paralell to Ash's; they differ only in moves and how they first evolve. Robyns Nidoran evolves offscreen against a trainer's Raticate. From then on, they follow similar paths (forced evolution by Butch and Cassidy, stored at Oak's until each trainer has their sixthth badge, learn to listen to their trainers together). Nnidoqueen is certainly the love interest of Ash's Nidoking, so much so that Nidoking hates Gary's Rhydon. Not that Nidoking needs to worry. Much like Robyn having little time for Gary, Nidoqueen has little time for Rhydon. Moves: Double Kick, Body Slam, Hyper Beam, Mega Punch.

    During an adventure in Mt. Moon, Ash and co run into Robyn, who has a surprising new capture: a pink Butterfree. Ash introduces his to it, and Brock is quick to point out that Ash's is male and Robyn's is female. Robyn's Butterfree knows Tackle and Whirlwind. It is released alongside Ash's Butterfree so that the pair can go overseas and mate. Robyn reunites with her Butterfree when Ash reunites with his.

    Robyn catches Clefairy inside Mt Moon, and it becomes sort of a counterpart to Ash's Pikachu, being an "Out of ball" Pokemon. She catches Pikachu's interest too, causing Brock to later point out that Robyn's first four pokemon all have their admirers on Ash's team, much to Robyn's embarassment and Ash's bewilderment. Like Pikachu, Clefairy's cuteness catches many opponents off guard; the pink Pokemon is more than capable of holding her own in battle, as Gary's Rhydon finds out one day..... Moves: Sing, Metronome, Psychic, Thunderbolt. (Metronome moves include Teleport, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Ember, Mega Punch, Swift, Barrier, Bubble and Splash. That last one's a story all on its own, and not a particularly high point in Robyn's training career.)

    Vulpix > Ninetales
    Robyn decides she needs a fire type and decides that a Vulpix would be perfect. So she drags Ash and co into looking for one. Like Clefairy, her small size and cuteness are misleading and many people and Pokemon, Gary included, get on the wrong end of her Flamethrower. Robyn decides to evolve her just before the League begins. Depsite her trainer's dislike for Gary, Ninetales cannot help keeping an eye on Gary's Arcanine, something that infuriates Robyn, who instead tries to get Ash's Jolteon to impress her. It doesn't work though, as Jolteon is much more like Ash than some of his other Pokemon.
    Ninetales' moves are Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, Take Down, Fire Spin.

    Robyn catches this Pokemon in the Sarfari Zone purely because it has a cute little baby in its pouch. Robyn always removes this baby from the pouch before sending Kangaskhan into battle. Kangaskhan, like Ninetales, infuriates Robyn by showing interest in one of Gary's Pokemon, in this case Rhydon. Not that Rhydon notices, being too fixated on Nidoqueen. This actually causes Robyn to state something that foreshadows future events to Ash "Can't you catch a Snorlax or something?"
    Kangaskhan actually is not too different from Nidoqueen in terms of attacks, and Robyn often uses them together when in a double battle. Moves: Dizzy Punch, Take Down, Submission, Ice Beam

    Shellder > Cloyster
    Shellder is caught by Robyn for reasons that even she is unsure of. To use her words "It doesn't really do anything." Then she gets treated to the sight of Gary running around with Ash's Krabby Vicegripping his finger and Shellder Clamping his head. Now she appreciates Shellder. She evolves Shellder into Cloyster in order for it to be able to put up more of a fight against Blaine's Gym. As a Shellder, it loved using Clamp on people's heads. As a Cloyster it learns to be a bit more selective. Meowth's tail becomes a favourite, for example. Moves are Clamp, BubbleBeam, Ice Beam and Spike Cannon.

    The first of only two male Pokemon that Robyn gets in Kanto, Hitmonchan was won in the Dojo in Saffron City. She enters it in the P1 Grand Prix, alongside Ash's Primeape, Ritchie's Hitmonlee and Gary's Machoke. Its punches come hard, fast, and in several types. Moves: Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Comet Punch.

    It may well be Ash's Pidgeot and Charizard that fight Aerodactyl, and it may well be the stalker Jigglypuff that puts it to sleep, but its Robyn who fights the power of the lullaby to capture the thing. The second male Pokemon she gets, Robyn keeps its place on her team very quiet. Then she unleashes it at the League, especially to face Ash's Charizard. The resulting fight is widely reviewed as one of the greatest aerial battles ever witnessed at the Indigo Plateau, and dramatically increses the respect others have for her, including Gary and Ritchie, who previously dismissed her as middle-rank at best. Moves: Hyper Beam, Wing Attack, Razor Wind, Dragon Rage.

    Misty's Rivals
    As Misty goes around trying to become a better water pokemon trainer, she develops two rivalries with two characters who were mere characters of the day in the anime.

    This is the girl the group met in the Orange Islands when they thought Misty's Psyduck had evolved

    A rival to Misty's Gyarados

    More intelligent than Misty's

    Always beats Misty's Staryu until it evolves.

    This is a woman who took part in the Whirl Islands tournament. Obviously she does not have her Chinchou yet.

    Her strongest Pokemon

    Rival of Misty's Poliwhirl. Possibly her starter pokemon

    Brock's Rival

    Rather than give Brock her Vulpix, she keeps it and she becomes his rival in breeding shows.

    Her main Pokemon, and a rival to Brock's Flareon

    Meowth (Meowsie)
    The former love interest of Team Rocket's Meowth

    The Villains

    Jessie is exactly the same as in the anime, but also likes to enter the breeding competitions that Brock enters. Jessie is the leader of the trio, much to the annoyance of Meowth, and also hates Cassidy.

    Ekans > Arbok
    Same as the anime, but stronger. Moves: Bite, Poison Sting, Wrap, Dig

    Same as the anime, but used more. Moves: Slam, Wrap, Disable, Hyper Beam

    Jessie is given Gloom by Giovanni at the same time James gets Weepinbell, who expects its incapacitating pollen to aid Jessie in catching many Pokemon. Gloom turns out to be as inept and unlucky as the rest of the Rocket trio's Pokemon, though Jessie likes her Petal Dance, convincing her to keep it. Moves: Petal Dance, Stun Spore, Mega Drain, Cut.

    James is the same as in the show. Hates Butch.

    Koffing > Weezing
    Same as the anime, learns to be friendly with Brock's Graveler. Moves: Smokescreen, Sludge, Explosion, Fire Blast.

    James catches Parasect because he learned of its Spore attack that can put opponents to sleep. Unfortunately for him, this Parasect doesn't look like its gonna learn that move any time soon. Moves: Slash, Mega Drain, Toxic, Dig.

    Giovanni sends James Weepinbell at the same time he sends Gloom to Jessie. Weepinbell proves as inept and unlucky as James is himself. James likes it though, and doesn't evolve it yet. Often latches onto his head. Moves: Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Stun Spore, Acid.

    Again the same, but a little more capable in battle. Starts out with Fury Swipes and Bite, later learns Pay Day and Thunderbolt out of sheer determination.

    I'll do Orange Islands and others later.
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    Misty will return with an evolved Marill, she and Ash will have a double battle


    Water types are awesome, without them we would lose

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    *This is continuing on from my earlier post on the Kanto series.

    Orange Islands
    When Ash, Misty and Brock go to the Orange Islands, Robyn tags along too. As with the Anime, Brock stays with Professor Ivy and is replaced by Tracey.

    For the most part Ash's Pokemon do not change much, however there are two captures, one trade, one reunion and two evolutions. Ash also begins to use his Tauros.

    Ash catches Lapras under the same circumstances as in the Anime. Confirmed female this time, Lapras is actually allowed to grow under Ash's care. Both Misty and Robyn are highly jealous of Ash's capture. Moves: Ice Beam, Surf, Sing and Body Slam.

    Another female, Ponyta originally belongs to Tracey. When Tracey learns that Ash has a Venonat that he hardly uses, he offers to trade. Remembering what is felt like to ride on Lara Laramie's Ponyta in the race he competed in, Ash accepts. Subsequently he uses Ponyta frequently to travel across land, usually in pursuit of Team Rocket as either Misty or Robyn cling on for dear life behind him. Attacks: Fire Spin, Take Down, Agility, Fire Blast.

    On the island that contains many bug type pokemon (can't remember its name, but it's where Ash wanted to catch a new Caterpie in the show) Ash and Robyn reunite with their respective Butterfree, both of whom agree to travel with their trainers again, now that their babies have all evolved from Caterpies, through Metapods and into Butterfrees themselves. Ash's Butterfree now knows Psybeam and earns itself a well earned reputation as a tricky foe for anyone who fights against it, as he frequently leaves foes confused and paralyzed. Moves: Psybeam, Stun Spore, Double Team and Solar Beam.

    Again caught in the same way as in the Anime, Ash's Snorlax is revealed to be a prime battler much sooner than it originally did, rather than serving as a constant "weight joke". Moves: Rest, Body Slam, Hyper Beam, Mega Punch.

    Squirtle > Wartortle
    During Ash's battle with Rudy, Squirtle not only learns Hydro Pump, but evolves as well. No longer being the only unevolved of Ash's "starters" serves as a real confidence boost for the turtle Pokemon. Moves: Hydro Pump, BubbleBeam, Skull Bash and Bite

    Ash realised that he had failed to use a couple of his pokemon effectively, and so begins using Tauros and Dratini a bit more. Tauros proves to be a very powerful Pokemon, fully capable of successfully taking on foes that are larger than itself. Moves: Take Down, Earthquake, Strength and Thrash.

    Dratini > Dragonair
    Ash's training with Dratini proves so successful that she soon evolves into a Dragonair, much to the envy of Robyn and Misty, who are already jealous over Lapras. Dragonair soon rivals Charizard in power and proves a formidable opponent to Drake's Dragonite. Moves: Thunder Wave, Slam, Ice Beam and BubbleBeam.

    Misty's team also changes very little. However, the two evolutions and one capture are significant.

    Rather than Tracey have it, Misty catches a Marill a few episodes into the Orange Islands Arc. He serves as a replacement for both Tracey's Marill (although much stronger) and Misty's Togepi (which someone else will get in the future). Marill, like Ash's Pikachu and Robyn's Clefairy is and "out of ball" Pokemon and happily plays around with the other two. Moves: Water Gun, Whirlpool, Ice Punch (somehow) and a strange "new" move called Rollout.

    Omanyte > Omastar
    Misty's Omanyte evolves into and Omastar in order to use its Spike Cannon attack to burst Jessie and James' balloon when they try to steal the group's pokemon. Misty is very happy with Omastar's power, despite Robyn's thoughts with reguards to how creepy it looks. Moves: Spike Cannon, Hydro Pump, Withdraw and Toxic.

    Seadra > Kingdra
    Right near the end of the journey through the Orange Islands, they meet a pokemon researcher who is examining the effects of several items on pokemon evolution. Once he learns that Misty has a Seadra (the very pokemon he has been looking for) he insists on trying to evolve it. Misty is reluctant at first, but is more than happy with teh effect that the Dragon Scale had on her Seadra. She immediately challenges Ash to a battle, saying that he might use his Dragonair. The battle ends in a draw, and Kingdra's real battle prowess are not really seen until the Johto Saga and, despite the evolution, her moves remain the same: Hydro Pump, BubbleBeam, Double-Edge and Smokescreen.

    Tracey Sketchit
    Following Brock's departure, Tracey again joins the group. To begin with he has three Pokemon, but trades one with Ash and catches a fourth.

    Rather and have a Marill that can hear things far away, Tracey has a Growlithe that acts like a sniffer-dog; he picks up the scents of the Pokemon that Tracey wants to study. Growlithe is very loyal and serves as Tracey's "Out of Pokeball" Pokemon. Moves: Take Down, Ember, Dig and Reflect.

    Dodrio is the Pokemon that Tracey uses to travel across open ground at high speed, he usually uses it to travel alongside Ash when he is on Ponyta. All of Dodrio's heads are shown to have a different personality. Moves: Fury Attack, Tri Attack, Whirlwind and Agility.

    This Pokemon is the same one as he has in the Anime anyway, just received in a trade with Ash in exchange for Ponyta. Venonat uses his radar to track down others. Moves: Stun Spore, Confusion, Take Down and Mega Drain.

    Rather than obtain Scyther, Tracey obtains a Farfetch'd, though in similar circumstances. He uses this Pokemon maily and an aerial scout, searching the landscape from high above. Moves: Peck, Swords Dance, Slash and Razor Wind.

    The biggest change reguarding Robyn is that she becomes a main character who travells with the group rather than being a re-occurring rival.

    On the island that contains many bug type pokemon (can't remember its name, but it's where Ash wanted to catch a new Caterpie in the show) Ash and Robyn reunite with their respective Butterfree, both of whom agree to travel with their trainers again, now that their babies have all evolved from Caterpies, through Metapods and into Butterfrees themselves. A strong battler in her own right, Robyn's Butterfree now knows Whirlwind, Sleep Powder, Supersonic and Psychic.

    Egg > Smoochum
    The first Pokemon egg seen in the show actually comes to Robyn instead of Misty, and its not a Togepi that hatches. The egg is a gift from Lorelei, when they meet her on Mandarin Island. Despite being frightened of the Pokemon Jynx the last time she saw one, Robyn adores her new Smoochum and carried her around in her arms. Smoochum becomes the baby of the group and frequently wanders off. Her moves are not really understood, though Pound and Confusion are the identafiable ones. She only has one other move, one than looks like a very weak version of Blizzard (actually Powder Snow, not that anyone knows that yet).
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    the changes I have in mind are too numerous(I even sometimes forget about them) so I shall keep it short sweet and simple.
    for starters ash would actually GO THROUGH CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and get a decent iq boost and I would try and retire him at the end of johto(there would also be a lot of changes to his roster of pokemon such a more pokemon entering their final forms as well as more captures and he would be constantly rotating his pokemon)
    I would also create a genesect plot in which genesect goes on a rampage and gets caught by ash(or whoever replaces him) calm the pokemon down and discover that not even genesect remembers why it was rampaging only that it was hurt once and that would create a plot which bring ash and his genesect into conflict with the people who turned it into a cyborg one who is just glad to see it is all right(this scientist is also a good friend of genesect and he only turned it into a cyborg to save its life) and the other a monster who wants to create other cyborg pokemon against their will he also wants to use genesect as a super weapon using a device that not only forces genesect to obey his every command but also give it a massive and extremely painful power boost. Forcing ash(or whoever replaces him) to fight this monster and eventually win with genesect happily deciding to stay with its trainer.
    so what do you think?
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    I would of given the main characters more personalty and character development. Ash would also had another reason of starting his journey instead of just becoming a Pokemon master such as finding his father, who he hasn't seen in years, during his travels he would hear more bout his father and the places he visited giving him an excuse to travel to many of the towns in kanto which don't have a gym.

    I would change the role of the rocket trio and kept the personalty they first had in their debut episode with them making master plans only to be spoiled in the end by ash or their own failings. Rocket would be after Ash due to his Pokemon but have it early on Ash stop a major rocket plan and the trio would be assigned to make Ash pay.

    Brock would get more to his character. His dead mum ( I think that's how they interested it in the anime the first time) would have been made a bigger deal off. He would be a Pokemon breeder because he wanted to be like his mum who was a famous breeder, it can be linked that she was killed by rocket after she refused to help them.

    Misty would get more battles. She would get more chances to show of her Pokemon and can be used by the anime to show of the water Pokemon.

    Gray and Richie would appear more often and much sooner in Richie's case. Gray would be shown to have a great team of Pokemon except his starter so as to leave drama until he battles Ash.

    And the league would be changed too. After the 8th gym Ash could have a giant show down with Rocket and beats them. Giovanna would be after revenge and join the league too. He would beat Gray in one semi with Ash beating Richie in the other semi. Ash would lose to Giovanni who would then attempt to kill Ash but before he could would be stopped by the champ who was Ash's father. The reason why Ash wouldn't know who the champ will be because the Champ remains a secret until he is defeated or decides to reveal himself. This would allow Ash to battle the Elite 4 as the top 4 get this chance but would lose to Lance who would use a Johto Pokemon to win. This would give Ash a reason to go to Johto.

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    I remember during gen II thinking it'd be cool to see Koga now as an Elite Four member, but that was silly of me because Ash doesn't battle the E4 like we do in the games.

    Also, during the Diamond and Pearl series, I was really hoping for their introduction of togekiss, they'd somehow bring back Misty and her togetic. I know it's protecting the Togepi Paradise, but thought it would have been nice to see. That was sad when she released it.

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    Make Team Rocket appear less frequently, maybe once per place or something, but being a bit more competent in their execution of plans, and give them more varied send offs, instead of blasting off again every time!

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    Actually Team Rocket has drastically changed. Hardly in the show anymore and never blast off like they did, but rather with jetpacks.

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    I would let Ash's rivals appear more in and out of tournaments. I would have let all the rivals use more then just the same two Pokemon as well.

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    Dawn would be traveling with Ash, Iris, and Cilan for the entire BW2 series and for the rest of the gen. 5.
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    Ash's skills would be used more to capture pokemon, not friendship.

    Quote Originally Posted by _Taidow_ View Post
    Venonat, like Marill, had a radar ability to help Tracey find pokemon. Would Farfetch'd ability to fly be used to search for pokemon?

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    i'd keep the original trio forever

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    All of Ash pokemon ending their journey fully evolved.
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    Battles would be more game accurate. I don't know what copy of the game the writers played.

    "What, YOU never grabbed Stone Edge and flung it back at the opponent?! I do it all the time!"

    Also, Ash would not be an idiot i.e. he wouldn't try to barge his way out of a cage/energy field because 1. 99% of the time, you get hurt and 2. If it didn't work the first time, it sure isn't going to work now!
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    I would scrap the entire, current series and make one based on the manga.
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    Unova League(my version)


    Hugh(Ash's Main Rival)

    Nate(Ash's Secondary Rival)


    Stephan(Same as Current Stephan)


    Yup. Hugh would replace Trip.. Rosa would replace Bianca..Nate would replace Kotetsu and Luke would replace Virgil.
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    I would make a tournament post-league in which everyone appeared and did decently. There is a total of 32 participants.

        Spoiler:- Round 1:

        Spoiler:- Round 2:

        Spoiler:- Round 3:

        Spoiler:- Round 4:

        Spoiler:- Finals:

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