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Thread: If You Were in Charge of the Anime (*POTENTIAL SPOILERS*)

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    I liked everything in XY, just Ash would capture the Skrelp which appeared in XY024 which would evovle into Dragalge, Goodra released midway as happened (so that Ash doesn't have more than six Pokemon on his team), but later on joins Ash's team when Ash and co visited the wetlands, with Florges convincing Goodra that it can protect the wetlands itself. Ash wins the Kalos League defeating Alain and Serena confesses her love to Ash then and Ash acknowledging it. Oh yes, and Serena would become the Kalos Queen, and Greninja won't be released!

    The Kalos League in my book would happen like this-

        Spoiler:- Spoiler:
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    I would have kept Ash's team the same with a few more wins for Noivern and a few move changes.

    Greninja - Cut > Night Slash
    Talonflame - Razor Wind > Heat Wave
    Goodra - Bide/Ice Beam > Power Whip

    Round 1 (1 on 1)

    Ash vs ??
    Pikachu vs Furfrou (that random trainer he battled at the beginning, short battle)

    Round 2 (3 on 3)

    Ash vs Titus
    Talonflame vs Espeon -Talonflame
    Hawlucha vs Mienshao -Hawlucha
    Hawlucha vs Altaria -Altaria
    Talonflame vs Mega Altaria -Altaria
    Ash Greninja vs Mega Altaria - Greninja

    Trevor vs Alain
    Aerodactyl vs Metagross -Metagross
    Florges vs Metagross -Metagross
    Charizard vs Metagross -Charizard
    Charizard Y vs Charizard X -Charizard X

    Round 3 - Skipped

    Round 4

    Ash vs Astrid
    Pikachu vs Meowstic - Pikachu
    Pikachu vs Chesnaught - Chesnaught
    Noivern vs Chesnaught - Noivern
    Noivern vs Absol - Absol
    Hawlucha vs Mega Absol- Hawlucha

    Tierno vs Sawyer (Pretty much same as it was)

    Round 5

    Ash vs Sawyer (Slightly different to what it was)
    Hawlucha vs Slaking - Slaking
    Talonflame vs Slaking - Talonflame
    Talonflame vs Clawitzer - Clawitzer
    Pikachu vs Aegislash - Pikachu
    Goodra vs Clawitzer - Goodra
    Goodra vs Salamence - Goodra
    Goodra vs Slurpuff - Slurpuff
    Noivern vs Slurpuff - Noivern
    Noivern vs Sceptile - Sceptile
    Pikachu vs Sceptile - Sceptile
    Ash Greninja vs Mega Sceptile

    Alain vs Remo (same as how it was)

    Round 6

    Ash vs Alain

    Pikachu vs Tyranitar -Pikachu
    Pikachu vs Metagross - Pikachu recalled
    Noivern vs Metagross - Noivern
    Noivern vs Weavile - Weavile
    Talonflame vs Unfezant -Draw
    Hawlucha vs Weavile - Hawlucha
    Hawlucha vs Bisharp - Bisharp
    Pikachu vs Bisharp - Bisharp recalled
    Pikachu vs Charizard - Charizard
    Goodra vs Bisharp - Bisharp
    Greninja vs Bisharp - Greninja
    Ash Greninja vs Mega Charizard X - Greninja

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    If I was in charge of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl I would have made Monferno feel more important then was in the series. Maybe having an episode forcing on him trying to master Blaze or facing off agianst another one of Ash's rivals before Barry. Also I would have taken out the Summer camp arc because it was kinda pointless in the grand scam of things

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