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Thread: If You Were in Charge of the Anime (*POTENTIAL SPOILERS*)

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    I liked everything in XY, just Ash would capture the Skrelp which appeared in XY024 which would evovle into Dragalge, Goodra released midway as happened (so that Ash doesn't have more than six Pokemon on his team), but later on joins Ash's team when Ash and co visited the wetlands, with Florges convincing Goodra that it can protect the wetlands itself. Ash wins the Kalos League defeating Alain and Serena confesses her love to Ash then and Ash acknowledging it. Oh yes, and Serena would become the Kalos Queen, and Greninja won't be released!

    The Kalos League in my book would happen like this-

        Spoiler:- Spoiler:
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    I would have kept Ash's team the same with a few more wins for Noivern and a few move changes.

    Greninja - Cut > Night Slash
    Talonflame - Razor Wind > Heat Wave
    Goodra - Bide/Ice Beam > Power Whip

    Round 1 (1 on 1)

    Ash vs ??
    Pikachu vs Furfrou (that random trainer he battled at the beginning, short battle)

    Round 2 (3 on 3)

    Ash vs Titus
    Talonflame vs Espeon -Talonflame
    Hawlucha vs Mienshao -Hawlucha
    Hawlucha vs Altaria -Altaria
    Talonflame vs Mega Altaria -Altaria
    Ash Greninja vs Mega Altaria - Greninja

    Trevor vs Alain
    Aerodactyl vs Metagross -Metagross
    Florges vs Metagross -Metagross
    Charizard vs Metagross -Charizard
    Charizard Y vs Charizard X -Charizard X

    Round 3 - Skipped

    Round 4

    Ash vs Astrid
    Pikachu vs Meowstic - Pikachu
    Pikachu vs Chesnaught - Chesnaught
    Noivern vs Chesnaught - Noivern
    Noivern vs Absol - Absol
    Hawlucha vs Mega Absol- Hawlucha

    Tierno vs Sawyer (Pretty much same as it was)

    Round 5

    Ash vs Sawyer (Slightly different to what it was)
    Hawlucha vs Slaking - Slaking
    Talonflame vs Slaking - Talonflame
    Talonflame vs Clawitzer - Clawitzer
    Pikachu vs Aegislash - Pikachu
    Goodra vs Clawitzer - Goodra
    Goodra vs Salamence - Goodra
    Goodra vs Slurpuff - Slurpuff
    Noivern vs Slurpuff - Noivern
    Noivern vs Sceptile - Sceptile
    Pikachu vs Sceptile - Sceptile
    Ash Greninja vs Mega Sceptile

    Alain vs Remo (same as how it was)

    Round 6

    Ash vs Alain

    Pikachu vs Tyranitar -Pikachu
    Pikachu vs Metagross - Pikachu recalled
    Noivern vs Metagross - Noivern
    Noivern vs Weavile - Weavile
    Talonflame vs Unfezant -Draw
    Hawlucha vs Weavile - Hawlucha
    Hawlucha vs Bisharp - Bisharp
    Pikachu vs Bisharp - Bisharp recalled
    Pikachu vs Charizard - Charizard
    Goodra vs Bisharp - Bisharp
    Greninja vs Bisharp - Greninja
    Ash Greninja vs Mega Charizard X - Greninja

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    If I was in charge of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl I would have made Monferno feel more important then was in the series. Maybe having an episode forcing on him trying to master Blaze or facing off agianst another one of Ash's rivals before Barry. Also I would have taken out the Summer camp arc because it was kinda pointless in the grand scam of things

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    Here's how I would have done the Kalos League and beyond. I'd cut at least one filler, this one being either XYZ 03(A Giga Battle With Mega Results) or XYZ 21(A Keeper for Keeps) The XYZ series will still have 47 episodes. The first league episode will now be XYZ 30.

        Spoiler:- XYZ:

    As for the Sun and Moon series...

        Spoiler:- SuMo series:
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    The executives would fire me because they are only interested in marketing and not a good story.

    * Ash would have caught a Legendary (Latias would have followed him after M05 as it was probably originally intended).
    * Ash's Pokémon wouldn't be rotting in a lab for the rest of their lives.
    * Ash would have won the Sinnoh League but lost to the E4. These guys are tough and not even Latias would be enough.
    * Ash would become Kalos Champion.
    * N would be Ash's rival in BW. He would challenge his ideals about owning Pokémon. N would see the truth in what Ash is saying and have some Pokémon at the end.
    * Dawn would stay more in Unova. At least till the Meloetta arc ends.
    * There would be more continuity. There would also be more specials and follow-ups on older characters.
    * Serena would probably be Ash's rival in XY, but that wouldn't negate AmourShipping. Maybe it would still happen. Maybe Dawn would go to Kalos for Contests. Serena could be a second Nando.
    * Iris would still be able to understand what Dragons are feeling. She would enter tournaments. Some years after becoming Gym Leader, she becomes Champion to follow the games.
    * Gary would probably not change goals. It looked like he gave up after Ash beat him. Maybe he becomes Kanto Champion when Ash becomes Kalos Champion. He would also appear more in Johto.
    * The mystery with Ho-Oh would be solved in Johto.
    * Misty would stay in Hoenn and Wallace Would take interest in her.
    * Paul would have learned his lesson or gotten his Trainer license revoked.
    (There are more stuff but I am forgetting them).
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    Quote Originally Posted by p96822 View Post
    If I was in charge of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl I would have made Monferno feel more important then was in the series.
    But he was Ash's most exposed Pokemon in DP already. He didn't need even more attention.

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    In SM Ash and Team Rocket would not exist in it. Lillie would be the protagonist taking the island challenge and the school setting would still exist but get more focus.

    Don't get me wrong. I like Ash but I feel like his entire character is making the fanbase hate SM for certain reasons.

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    For SM, I would have followed closer to the games. Ash would still remain, except his personality would not be like what it is now, and instead closer to a combination of AG and XY, where he's still funny and has a bit of a sharp tongue, but as cool and composed as XY. There would not be this school, and Trial Captains would be around, making the Trials actually mean something.

    Hau would exist, and probably Ash, Hau, and Lillie travel, with Nebby. The main story would be that Ash is in Alola for a vacation like now, but instead he meets Kukui who tells him about the island challenge. To further interest him, Hala shows off Z Moves in Iki Town, and this motivates Ash to want to take part and use Z Moves himself. He meets Lillie who wants to travel with him for safety and support.

    Oh and Team Rocket, as much as I dislike them, would probably still be in the anime. Luckily, so far they've not been interrupting that much, so I'd write them similar to what they are now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokegirl Fan~ View Post
    Don't get me wrong. I like Ash but I feel like his entire character is making the fanbase hate SM for certain reasons.
    I don't know, like I loathe Ash's SM self a lot, but my main issues with SM stem from the school and how it's hindered the saga's pace.

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        Spoiler:- spoiler:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokegirl Fan~ View Post
    In SM Ash and Team Rocket would not exist in it. Lillie would be the protagonist taking the island challenge and the school setting would still exist but get more focus.

    Don't get me wrong. I like Ash but I feel like his entire character is making the fanbase hate SM for certain reasons.
    It's the whiny fanbase that hates hwoAsh is "dumb" even tough he's pretty much just more vivid now, but still retains his usuaknwodlege in areas hes familair with (battling)
    Quote Originally Posted by Soniman View Post
    Serena gave Ash a kiss, Lillie gave him a child.
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    OK, I know posted in this section a couple of times in the past, mostly because its a fun section

    I'll keep this one short and sweet: I would make it so that she show grows with the fans, as in adding in more mature stuff (without going overboard) as the audience aged and grew
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    If I were charge of SM:
    1. Keep school setting for 1 year, but would make other classes and make Ash battle people from other classes.
    2. Aside from Gladion would make one cocky, rich guy who is famous with girls and boys, who is from other classroom a rival for Ash, so Ash would battle him.
    3. Would make battles every episode.
    4. After some Akala island, I would make Ash travel to other island without being under school activity( So Ash would graduate under 1 RL year).
    5. I would already make Litten and Rowlet evolve.
    6. Remove comedy in making-funny-face and add roast-disses that were in OS( Although those were 4kids edits, still better than making funny-faces). Sitcom>>slapstick.

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    I would had evolved gible vs tobias into a gabite
    Given ash's torterra a good moveset like stone edge and frenzy plant
    Evolved cyndaquil into a typhlosion back in johto and made it an official ace of ash's johto team
    Given bagon to ash in AG and evolve it at least into shelgon in AG and later into a salamence in XY and show sawyer what a true badass salamance can be.
    I would have given serena a 4th capture like a meowistic
    In XY instead os noivern I would have given him an aegislash
    I would have given chespin to someone like ash or serena (particularly serena) so that they could do something important with it instead of being annoying
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    Ash would have been given a key stone, a Sceptilite, and a Charizardite (X or Y)
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    I would have made Ash and Greninja be the world savers they where told to be with that giant water shuriken.

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    For XY/XYZ, I was mostly happy with everything even the fillers were limited and good. I'd probably improve the pacing of Serena's story, give her and Ash a different goodbye moment even after the kiss and he'd have definitely beaten Alain. Also felt that Ash should have had a bond phenomenon with Pikachu which could have continued throughout the remaining series added on to the rest of powers (Z moves etc). I'd also have Serena return and become a permanent companion to Ash by the next gen or halfway through it. Finally whenever Pokemon is finally coming to an end, I'd create 3-4 seasons of Ash revisiting each league and re-qualifying for them and winning them with a mixture of his old Pokemon for each battle. He'd also capture new ones along the way. The aging process will also be put into effect for Ash and his companions at said time so by the time it finished he'd become maybe 18-19.

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    Tobias would have actual build-up and character. He would get legendaries due to skill. We would see him use non-legendaries like Primeape and Wobbufett, and he would have Darkrai and Cresselia. And Ash would beat him
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    Here's my way how I want everything happen on the Pokémon series and generation and arc (with a ? on it) to happen to keep everything organize and detail happening. And if you see a (*) on one of the arcs theres a very good reason and that would evolve with generation 7 for a reason.Look at Wikipedia Pokémon list then look at my.I'll explain more later about this if any of you did figure this out on yourself.Chat with you again later.

    Generation 1 (Series 1) Misty
    Indigo League
    Orange Island

    Generation 2 (Series 2) Marina
    Johto Journey
    Johto League Champions
    Master Quest

    Generation 3 (Series 3 ) May
    Advanced Challenge
    Advanced Battle
    Battle Frontier

    Generation 4 (Series 4 ) Dawn
    Diamond Pearl
    Diamond Pearl: Battle Dimension
    Diamond Pearl: Galactic Battles - (Marina cameo appearance)
    Diamond Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors

    Generation 5 (Series 5 ) Iris
    Black & White / Best Wishes
    BW: Rival Destinies - ( Misty cameo appearance)
    BW:Part 1 Adventures in Unova
    *BW:Part 2 Adventures in Unova and Beyond

    Generation 6 (Series 6 ) Serena
    XY:Kalos Quest
    XYZ - (May cameo appearance and also having Marina and Dawn making a few appearance episodes and something else it)

    Generation 7 (Series 7 ) Lillie
    Sun & Moon

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    These rival templates of mine would have been actual rivals at some point.

    1. Male, Ash's final saga rival. Like Paul, he has been to other regions.... only he's actually beaten the Leagues and some Champions..... He has a bit of an ego problem, loves girls, and doesn't deem weaker trainers as worthy opponents. His Lucario(Ace) curbstomps a non-nerfed Pikachu for the first half of the series, and his regional team beats Ash with ease as well. But he starts to grow respect for Ash after he actually starts to get closer and closer to beating Lucario. Ash finally does beat Lucario in the finals and the two depart as good friends, the rival having finally found what he was searching for it wasn't Champion level of status he wanted... but friends. He ends up becoming Champion of the next generation and gets a good ending. And also a girlfriend, like Ash got Serena.

    2. Female, a main rival but not rival #1 level of power.She first meets Ash during an encounter with the main villain group of that saga.... and he saves her life, making her start to develop feelings for him... but not knowing how to respond to it, she acts like a complete jerk to him to hide her true feelings. She does tell him after he finally beats her in the quarter finals, but the dense Ash doesn't reply the way she hoped resulting in her pushing him into the water and not leaving on good terms.... cause not all rivalries should.

    3. Male, a strategist. He's watched Ash in every League, including the Orange Islands and knows his specialty in tactics. Allowing him to abuse that and makes him hard to fight cause he counters by fighting in the exact same style. Making him a deadly opponent and an equal on the battlefield. Most of their fights end in draws and Ash only overcomes him at the League due to having caught a Pokemon right beforehand that the rival never met, and avoided using it during his previous matches to take him by surprise.

    4. Female, the villain. A rival's needed to be truly aligned with the villains for far too long. And I say female cause we don't get that many female villains outside of Team Rocket.
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